Wacomb, Michigan Shattucks

by Philip Shaddock

I would like to thank Priscilla Acres and her brother Paul Michael Shattuck for their participation in our Shattuck family research. Priscilla provided the pictures on this page and shared her family research. Paul Michael provided his DNA for testing his ancestry.

The Macomb, Michigan Shattucks are Massachusetts Shattucks, descendants of the pilgrim founder, William Shattuck (ca. 1622-1672). The place of the Massachusetts Shattucks in the worldwide Shattocke tree is pictured in this graphic

The Macomb Shattucks belong to the John Shattuck (1647-1672) branch of the Shattucks. John was William Shattuck's first born son. The first few generations of John Shattuck's descendants is shown here. It will be helpful to consult this graphic as your read this page. The page also contains a biography of John Shattuck. 

I have added to the graphic the line of descent for the Macomb Shattucks. Look for Paul Michael Shattuck's name. You will see that his ancestral line from John Shattuck is from his middle son, William Shattuck (1670-1743), then William's middle son John Shattuck (1745-1813),  then to John's last born son Ephraim (1728-1817) and down from there until we get to Paul.  Here is the line of descent.

William Shattuck (ca 1622-1672) married Susanna Norcross (1621-1686)
            John Shattuck (1647-1675) married Ruth Whitney (1645-1744)      
                        William Shattuck (1670-1743) married Hannah Underwood (1670-1717)
                                    John Shattuck (1696-1759) married Silence Allen (1698-1754)
                                                Ephraim Shattuck (1728-1817) married Elizabeth Jackson (1729-)
                                                            John Shattuck (1752-1821) married Polly Cranson 
                                                                        Daniel Shattuck (1792-1867) married Chloe Crittenden (1794–1879)
                                                                                        Leonard W. Shattuck (1824–1895) married Mary Briggs (1823–1907)
                                                                                                    Daniel Bert Shattuck (1866–1923) married Anna "Annie" Bentley (1867–1964)
                                                                                                                Carl Leonard Shattuck (1889–1971) married Jessie L Lowell (1895–1989)
                                                                                                                            Lowell Everett Shattuck (1915–1986) married Edith Mae Charbeneau (1922–2000)
                                                                                                                                            Paul Michael Shattuck

William Shattuck (ca 1622-1672)

You can read about William Shattuck (ca 1622-1672) here

John Shattuck (1647-1675) 

You can read about John Shattuck (1647-1675) here

William Shattuck 1670-1743 (Groton Shattucks)

William Shattuck, the middle son of John Shattuck, was the grandson and namesake of William Shattuck, founder of the Massachusetts Shattucks. 

Lemuel Shattuck describes descendants of William Shattuck (1670-1743) as the "Groton Shattucks." You can read about William Shattuck here.

William and his wife Hannah Underwood had five children, William, Hannah, Daniel, Ruth and John. Paul Michael is descended from his last born child, John.

John Shattuck (1696-1759) (Marlborough Shattucks)

Here is what Lemuel Shattuck says of John Shattuck, who he introduces under the heading "Origin of the Marlborough Shattucks."

"John Shattuck was b. in Watertown in 1696. He was a mason and farmer, and first settled in Shrewsbury, but exchanged places in 1723, with John Bigelow of Marlborough, and removed to the latter town and occupied the "Farms," where he died about 1759. He administered on his father's estate in Groton, and was a highly intelligent man.

He married 1, Dec. 24, 1716, Silence Allen of Marlborough.

He married 2, Oct. 23, 1754, Mary Newton, widow, of Southborough.

She died June 4, 1760, bequeathing her property to her ten children by her first husband."

John and Abigail had six children: Abigail, John, Thomas, Samuel, Ephraim and Silas. Paul is descended from Ephraim.

Ephraim Shattuck (1728-1817)

Lemuel: " Ephraim Shattuck was born in Marlborough, April 8, 1728 ; first settled in Framingham, but, in 1755, removed to Petersham ; and, in 1763, to Templeton, now Phillipston, (called Gerry until 1812,) where he died May 5, 1817.

His estate was divided in 1818 between 9 children, names not given. (Worcester Records, Vol. XLIX., p. 604.)

He married 1, in Marlborough, May 15, 1747, Elizabeth Jackson, born Aug. 21, 1729, daughter of Jonathan Jackson and Martha Frizzel.
She and her husband covenanted with the church in Framingham, where her two eldest children were baptized.

He married 2, Jan. 15, 1784, widow Hannah Jordan of Barre."

He and Elizabeth had ten children: Ephraim, Samuel, John, Daniel, Abigail, Betsey, Polly, Patty, Lucy, and Sarah. Paul is descended from John.

John Shattuck (1752-1821)

Lemuel: "John Shattuck, was born in Framingham, and died about 1821, in Phelps, Ontario Co., N. Y.

He married 1, June 29, 1775, Ruth Phelps of Phillipston, born about 1758. She died of consumption in Conway, April 26, 1788,  about age 30.
He married about 1788, a 2nd wife, but her name is unknown to us."

Priscilla believes that second wife's name was Polly Cranson. And this marriage produced her ancestor Daniel Shattuck (1792-1867). Her paper trail is supported by evidence from DNA tests. Her brother Paul Michael Shattuck's advanced SNP test showed he had the Y24059 mutation that is shared with a Pennsylvania Shadduck descendant, Terry Lee Shadduck. The mutation Y24059 puts Paul  in the same branch of the family as Terry Lee Shadduck, who has a very good paper trail. The common ancestor between Terry and Paul is John Shattuck (1696-1759). When I checked all the possible descendants of John Shattuck (1696-1759), his grandson John Shattuck (1752-1851) is the only one that fits the genealogical paper trail for Paul and Priscilla.

Daniel Shattuck (1792-1867)

Daniel Shattuck was born in Ashby, Massachusetts in 1792. It is likely he moved with his father to Phelps, Ontario County, New York.