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Milverton Shattocks

by Philip Shaddock

Milverton is a large parish, with a relatively small population of about 1400. It is on the river Tone, 8 km (5 miles) west of Taunton, and 5.5 km (3.5 miles) north of Wellington, Somerset.

 The town website describes the town's history as follows:

"Its name was perhaps taken from the old Town Mill to the north of the village. The woollen industry became, for centuries, the mainstay of the population. It was a cottage industry, with many spinning wheels and looms being worked throughout the village. The weavers of Milverton came to be renowned for their serges, druggets and baizes. As there were no textile mills in Milverton the products of the cottagers were sent to the mills of the Were (later Fox) family at Wellington for finishing and distribution.These were prosperous times again, and the resulting houses now grace the streets of the village, the best of which is North Street."

Milverton parish records  began in 1538. They are difficult to read. 

The first record we find of a Shattocke in the Milverton parish records occurs in 1549, eleven years after parish records began. John Shattocke married Joan Richards or Rivers in Milverton in 1549. It is difficult to make out her name in the parish record. They had a son William baptized in Milverton on Oct. 14, 1549. Joan (Johan) died 30 March 1588 in Milverton. They may have had a daughter or granddaughter Johan who had a child "John" out of wedlock in 1592.

It looks like John Shattocke came from another village, marrying a local woman and having a child in Milverton. The dirth of Shattocke entries in the Milverton parish records in the 16th century suggests this may be the only Shattocke family living there at the time. However, John and Joan may not have lived in Milverton for very long. The fact there is only one child baptized in Milverton may suggest John may have been a farm laborer, moving from one parish to another. However I have not found any more children born to John and Joan elsewhere in Somerset.

There is entry in the parish record for Thomas Shattocke who had a son "Henrie" Aug. 31, 1572 in Milverton. The name "Henrie" may be wrong as the record is very difficult to read.

James Shattocke was buried in Milverton on Mar. 3, 1593. He may be the James Shattock who witnessed the will dated 4 Jan 1562/3 of John Bowcher of Milverton.   He may have been the father of James Shattocke, who married Agnes Howe in Milverton Apr. 28,1606. They had a child Mary, baptized in Milverton in 1607.

Anthony Shattocke was married in Milverton in 1606 to an unknown wife.

A Henry Shattocke is shown to have a deed to property in the village as early as 1639. This Henry may have been born to Thomas Shattock in 1572.Does the name tie him to the Taunton - Staplegrove - Norton Fitzwarren Shattocks? Nearby Langford Budville (2 miles south of Milverton) was the home of Thomas Shattick, a weaver, with a name also found among the Taunton - Staplegrove - Norton Fitzwarren Shattocks. He had tenancy in a cottage, for which he paid 7s 4d "for lives" as of April 20, 1641. The lease included a garden. (There are apparently two houses in the village called "Shattocks.") James Shattocke, also a weaver, was wealthy enough to leave property in a will in 1657. There were other Shattockes who had property and large families in Langford Budville in subsequent years. The village of Runnington was just one mile south of Langford Budville, and it shows a Shattocke family living there as early as 1633. Thomas Shattocke of East Runnington was a sergeweaver, who also had a cottage and a garden, half of which he sublet out in 1686. There were generations of Shattocks who followed, including a William Shattock who left property in a will in 1807. Wellington shows some Shattock presence from 1654, but we do not have definite confirmation of a Shattock family living there until 1788, when William Shattock married Mary Stevens on July 2, 1788. He was a baker. I write about the Wellington Shattocks here.  There has been continuous Shattock habitation of Wiveliscombe at least since 1582, with the birth of Sara Shattock in that year to Thomas Shattocke. The village is only three miles from north west of Milverton. 

It is not until the marriage of Nicholas and Joan Aishcombe in Milverton on Jul. 1, 1605, that we find a large number of baptisms for a Shattocke family in Milverton. Seven Nicholas and Joan's children are baptized in the Milverton church between 1613 and 1622. It appears Nicholas died in 1626 and Joan might have lived as a widow until 1664.

Nicholas and Joan named their first child "Joan," presumably after her mother. Their first born son was named "Thomas." This suggests that the Thomas who had a son in 1572 might have been Nicholas' father. It was a custom to name the first born son after his grandfather. He named his second son James. "James" Shattocke shows up often in the Milverton parish records.  This suggests that there was a Shattocke family in the 16th century in Milverton. He names his third son "Nicholas." 

Henry Shattock is recorded in a land document in 1639. He may have been Henry from Staplegrove or Taunton.  

In Milverton in 1687 William Shattocke is a witness to a violent argument between two neighbors over a tree in "Butts Way." Ewens threatened to blow up the house of George Ferris. 

West Buckland Shattockes and New Zealand Shattocks

There is a branch of the Milverton Shattocks that was formed when a descendant founded a family dynasty in West Buckland, 8 km (5 miles) south east. See West Buckland Shattocks. The New Zealand Shattocks are descended from the West Buckland Shattocks.

Wellington Shattocks and Virginia Shaddocks

DNA testing has shown the Milverton Shattocks to share a common ancestor with the Wellington Shattocks and the Virginia Shaddocks. They share the terminal SNP Y29590 mutation. The Milverton Shattocks share an even more recent common ancestor with the Wellington Shattocks.

Milverton Shattock Genealogy

The parish records for Milverton began in 1538. In 1549 John Shattocke and Joan Richards were married in Milverton. William Shattocke was born to them in the same year. There is nothing more in the parish record until 1562, when James Shattocke is mentioned in the will of John Bowcher, a Milverton resident. Thomas Shattocke of Milverton is the father of Henrie Shattocke born in 1572. In the Protestation Return of 1641-2, the two names, James and Thomas come up again. Thomas Shattocke is in nearby Langford Budville and James Shattocke is in Runnington.  These two names appear to be Milverton and area common Christian names.

James Shattocke in the 1641-2 Protestation Return must be the James who was a weaver and left a will probated in 1657:

Reference: PROB 11/261/593. Description: Will of James Shattocke, Weaver of Langford Budville, Somerset. Date: 25 February 1657. Held by: The National Archives, Kew

James in the 1641-2 Protestation Return swears his oath in Langford Budville, but James the weaver lives in Runnington, one mile away.

Thomas Shattocke ? 
                    1. Nicholas Shattock abt. 1580– (Joan Aisecombe 1584–)

                                    1.1 Joan Shattock 1606–

                                    1.2 Agnes Shattock 1609–

                                    1.3 Thomas Shattocke 1610–1689 (Dorothy Britt)

                                                        1.3.1 Mary Shattock 1634–

                                                        1.3.2 James Shattock 1639–

                                                        1.3.3 Thomas Shattocke 1641–1706 (Elizabeth Stone 1644–)

                                                                       Grace Shattock 1671– (Jogn Sweat)

                                                                       James Shattock 1673–

                                                                       Thomas Shattock 1675– (Mary Seaman)

                                                                       Elizabeth Shattock 1679– (Roger Bennett)

                                                                       Nicholas Shattocke 1681– (Eleanour Clatworthy –1720)
                                                                                                Thomas Shattock 1712–1713
                                                                                                Thomas Shattock 1714–1720
                                                                                                John Shattock 1715–1717
                                                                                                Nicholas Shattock 1718-1779 (Mary Bond 1720–1808)
                                                                                                                    Mary Shattock 1745–1760
                                                                                                                    Sarah Shattock 1748–1801 (Thomas Martin 1742-)
                                                                                                                    Nicholas Shattock 1751–
                                                                                                                    Eleanour Shattock 1753–1760
                                                                                                                    Simon Shattock 1758–1822

                                                                       Malachi Shattock 1684– (Susanna Briffet)  (see his descendants here: West Buckland Shattocks)

                                                        1.3.4 Roger Shattocke 1643–

                                                        1.3.5 John Shattocke 1646–

                                                        1.3.6 Robert Shattocke 1648– (Elizabeth Snook)
                                                                                Roger Shattock 1673– (Mary Savory)
                                                                                William Shattock 1700– (Catherine Auto)
                                                                                Mary Shattock 1702– 
                                                                                Thomas Shattock 1704–
                                                                                Elizabeth Shattock 1705–
                                                                                Susanna Shattock 1709–

                                    1.4 Edith Shattock 1612– (William Rugg)

                                    1.5 James Shattock 1615–1656

                                    1.6 Amie Shattock 1617– (Thomas Dunman)

                                    1.7 Ann Shattock 1618–

                                    1.8 Nicholas Shattock 1621–

                                    1.9 Ellen Shattock 1622–

                    2. Anthony Shattocke 1581–

                    3. James Shattocke 1582–

                    4. Joan Shattocke 1585–

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