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Stogumber Area Shattocks

The descendants of the Shattucks in America and the descendants of the Southwark, London Shattocks share a common ancestor who most likely lived in Stogumber or a nearby village. Recent research has revealed that Shattocks lived in Stogumber as far back as 1454 and possibly earlier. 

Branches of the American Shattucks

Notable American Shattuck places and peoples are found under the Famous menu.
                    a) John Shattuck (1647-1675) of Watertown
John Shattuck is the first born son of William Shattuck (1622-1675), founder of the Massachusetts Bay Shattucks. He died very young in King Philip's War, at the age of twenty-five. So far I have discovered John's living descendants are the most numerous of William Shattuck. Even Lemuel Shattuck, the family historian, was a descendant of John. In fact, his descendants are well represented in my DNA research because they are so numerous. Hopefully descendants of William's other sons will contact me and participate in our DNA research. 

i) Elder Pepperell Shattucks
John Shattuck (1666-1709) moved from Watertown to Pepperell and founded the Elder Pepperell Shattucks. He lost his life in the struggle between Native Americans and the Puritan settlers in southern New England.

ii) Groton Shattucks
John Shattuck's son William Shattuck (1670-1743) moved to Groton, Massachusetts and founded a Shattuck dynasty. 

West Bloomfield, NY Shaddocks
The family just south of Rochester, New York has a documented ancestor in David Shaddock (1809-1886), who died in West Bloomfield, but who variously called the New York Genesee and Onondaga counties as his birthplace. He also said his father was born in Spain and his native tongue was Spanish. But DNA evidence shows he is in fact descended from Massachusetts Shattucks. We have a very colorful record of his descendants lives.

Ticonderoga, NY Shattucks
Arthur Bennett Shattuck is descended from William's son John Shattuck (1647-1675). Lemuel's book provides a biography of John's descendants up to 1850. Using census records and Arthur Shattuck's notes, I tell the story of this remarkable family down to the present.

Pennsylvania Shadducks
This branch of the Shattuck family descends from a common ancestor with the Ticonderoga, NY Shattucks, William Shattuck (1670-1743). There were three early Shadduck settlers in Pennsylvania, although two were brothers. They have since followed the cry to "go west" and can now be found throughout the U.S. There are now about 900 Shadducks in the U.S. I bet most of them are descended from those three settlers.

The Pepperell Shattucks are named after the town of Pepperell in Middlesex, Massachusetts where their founders originated. Pepperell was originally part of Groton. Samuel Shattuck (1672-1758) and his wife Elizabeth Longley Blood (1675-1759) had a large family of ten children who in turn produced numerous offspring. 

Colorado Shattucks
A descendant the Pepperell Shattucks, Joseph Cummings Shattuck (1835-1921), settled in Colorado and became a teacher there. He would become a member of the legislature and play a key role in the Colorado educational system. His son and grandson became a lawyer and a physician. 

Dr. Philip Shattuck was William Shattuck's fourth child. We do not know how he acquired his skills and knowledge as a physician as there were no medical schools this early in the Massachusetts colony. He was an eminent citizen much loved by his neighbours. 

The Shattucks of Pomeroy, New York: unraveling the tale of an NPE
I discovered Bill Pomeroy among my matches when I got my results back from the DNA testing company at the very beginning of my genetic genealogy studies several years ago. I was curious why Bill was showing up near the top of my list of matches, given his last name. Thus began a two year journey of discovery to uncover the mystery presented by his genetic results. Susan Hughes of the American Pomeroy Historic Genealogical Association tells us the story so far... 

North Dakota Shattucks
This branch of the Massachusetts Shattuck pioneered their way to the far reaches of the west, leaving their familial footprint wherever there were new lands to wrestle out of the wilderness.

The Town That Grew Up Around George Clinton Shattuck (1786-1876)
George Clinton Shattuck is recognized as one of the true American pioneers in the Old West. He was a restless explorer of the American frontier. And when he did plant his log cabin on the open prairies, a town grew up around him.

c) William Shattuck (1653-1732)
This is the third son of the founder. He inherited half the family farm, a horse and its livery, two acres and a pond, plus the family business in the form of a loom and its accessories. He was a prominent member of his community, participating in much of the business of the town and extended his own family business with such endeavors as brick making. Although his descendants are not as numerous as other Shattucks, many of them achieved the same success in life was William Shattuck, Jr. 

The Law and Order Shattucks of San Francisco
A pioneering judge arrived in San Franciso in 1850, the spring after the 49ers had turned the once sleepy little town into a chaotic, crime ridden metropolis. His name was Judge David Olcott Shattuck (1800-1889). He would be credited with helping to put the wild west city back on the path to law and order and would found a prominent, well-respected family.

A son of Judge D. O. Shattuck went home to Mississippi and got caught up in the Civil War. He became a teacher in Texas, moved his family to New Mexico and became the superintendent of schools for Eddy County. Both of his sons were ranchers. One became a sheriff, than judge.

Clearwater, Minnesota 1888 - Where Shattucks Were Related to Everybody Else
There is an article written in 1888 in the local county newspaper, The Wright County Times, that may ring a loud bell for anybody who has gotten their autosomal DNA results and discovered that they are related somehow to their wife's cousin. Well this article shows you how that happened. This article prompted me to look into the family history. I discovered that the brothers father, John Shattuck (1786-1867) had served in the War of 1812. After the war he settled in Brandon, Franklin County, New York.

Jared Shattuck, Merchant of the West Indies (Meadville Pennsylvania Shattucks)
It may have been the father of Jared Shattuck (1773-1837) who drew him as a young man to the West Indies. He married very well, the daughter of the governor of Haiti, and would eventually get caught up in the Quasi-War between the USA and France. When his ship and cargo was seized by American naval ships he fought the case all the way to the Supreme Court and won. His case is part of the case law of the United States Supreme Court. 

Shattuck Barons of Arizona Ranching, Mining, Banking and Beer
The steady march of the Shattucks from their first foray into the virgin land of North America is encapsulated by the story of the Arizona Shattucks, whose ancestors moved from Massachusetts, to Connecticut and then all the way to Arizona. The Shattuck story becomes entangled with Butch Cassidy and the Hole-in-the-Wall gang. A Shattuck son rises from ranch hand to a mining and banking baron. This is stuff Hollywood movies are made from.

AR Shattuck and the Sensational New York Robbery
A descendant of the Littleton Shattucks, and its famous American Revolutionary war hero, William Shattuck, AR Shattuck was a banker and a member of the New York elite in the early 20th Century who married the mayor's daughter. But it was not his fabulous wealth and social status that put made him and his wife Mary a legend in New York. It was a robbery at this New York residence. After the robbery he preferred his Massachusetts retreat. Nothing less than the famous "The Mount" estate, former home of Edith Wharton.
DNA testing and genealogical studies have revealed that the Shaddock branch of the family is the long lost descendants of one of the Massachusetts Shattucks founder's son, Samuel Shattuck (born 1666). They may have migrated from the Massachusetts bay colony to North Carolina first, then moved on to Charles Town (Charleston) South Carolina around 1700. The other scenario is that they went directly from New England to Charleston (then Charlestown) because there is evidence of family already there. The South Carolina Shaddocks in subsequent generations moved west and throughout the U.S. south.  To see the history and genealogy of the South Carolina Shaddocks click here.