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Shattuck Inn, Jaffrey, New Hampshire

by Philip Shaddock

Shattuck Inn, architect's conceptual drawing abt. 1910

The American writer of pioneer life Willa Cather made the Shattuck Inn in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, famous when she found solace and rejuvenation there in 1917. The Inn was built in 1910 after the original inn, converted from a large home once owned by the town physician, burnt to the ground. You can see the architect's drawing in the group of photos attached. The Inn was operated by Ed Shattuck and his wife and had a reputation for excellence throughout New England. Jaffery was a resort town described as "an elongated dot of a place, curved along mapled hills." It accommodated up to 500 guests seeking rest and relaxation. Willa Cather was given rooms of her choice on the top floor, accommodating her desire for strict solitude and privacy. The Inn does not survive, but its golf course does, called the Shattuck Golf Course. The following are post card images. The winter scene reminds me of the movie "Holiday Inn."