Nathan Byars

  • ID: I03978
  • Name: Drucilla HARRELSON
  • Sex: F
  • Birth: ABT. 1746 in Orange Factory, Orange County, North Carolina
  • Death: 1816 in Rutherfordton, Rutherford County, North Carolina
  • Note:

    NOTE ! ".mother Drucilla Byars died at her home (Nancy Byars, the third child) in 1816." (U MB p.49 -2)

    ! 1991-0028, ltr Clovis Byars Herring, p.1, -5. "We descend (known but not proven) from Nathan Byars and Drucilla Harrelson. Old Nathan was a Revolutionary War Soldier, a slave trader, and a not too great husband. Drucilla received a legal separation from the North Carolina Assembly in 1808. That was not very common in those days . After Drucilla's death he remarried, [to] Delphy Logan who had a son by him before they married.

    ! 1991-0084 Franke Affidavit, p.12 -5: Affiant further avers that it appears that Nathan BYAR S and his first wife, Drucilla, were probably separated or divorced some time prior to July 1809.

    ! 1991-0084 Franke Affidavit, p. 13 -1-7: That Nathan BYARS and wife Drucilla were living together in 1800 in Rutherford County, and apparently not living together in 1810 would seem to be proved by reference to Census Records as set out below:

    !That 1790 Federal Census Rutherford County, N.C. shows: "Nathan BYARS (BIAS) - 2m under 16 6 females 4m over 16"

    !That 1800 Federal Census Rutherford County, N.C. shows: "Nathan BYARS -1 male under 101 fema le 10-16 2 males 16-261 female over 45 1 male over 45"

    !That 1810 Federal Census Rutherford County, N.C., shows: "Nathan BYARS - 1 male over 451 fem ale under 10 1 female 26-46 Affiant does not have 1820 Census of either Rutherford or Spartan burg, S.C., before him.

    !That 1830 Federal Census of Spartanburg District, S.C. shows: "Nathan BYARS - 1 male 15-20 1 female 30-40 1 male 70-801 female 40-50*

    !*Since he married his second wife in 1819 and she was 74 in 1853, she would have been 51 i n 1830, and since both the boy 15-20 and the girl 30-40 were born before 1819, neither of them would have been her children by BYARS. They may have been children of first marriage of BYERS [sic] or hers by a former marriage.

    ! NAME-BIR-DTH-MAR. 1993-0001, Pedigree Chart from Ancestral File, FHC.

    ! NAME-BIR-BPL-DTH-DPL-MPL-FAT-MOT-19CHI-AFN. 1992-0003 FGR from Ancestral File.

    ! SEE ALSO: Drucilla HARALLSON-1050.

    ! NAM-SEX-13BOR6-BIR-FAT-MOT-SPO-MAR-MPL-AFN. 1993-0005.2 FGR, Burgess HARRELSON, from LDS An cestral File 21NOV1992.


    CHAN DATE 14 MAY 1996

    NOTE ! NAM-SEX-SPO-MPL-AFN. 1992-0003.1 FGR from LDS Ancestral File,

    BIRTH PLACE and DEATH PLACE; Bremer Cond.of Historical Sources show there was a Hanover tow n in Hanover County, Virginia
    a Orange Factory town in Orange,North Carolina
    and a Rutherfordton(c.h.) town in Rutherford County inNorth Carolina

    DEAT NOTE ! Nathan Byars second married Drucilla Harrelson, daughter of Burges Harrelson, w ho['s?] will listed his daughter Drucilla." (UMB p.48)

    NOTE ! ".mother Drucilla Byars died at her home (Nancy Byars, the third child) in 1816." (U MB p.49 -2)

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