Free DNA Testing

There is funding available for those Shattocke descendants who cannot afford or do not want to invest in our DNA research.

The primary goal of this funding is to test family tree members who are outside the branches we have already tested.

There is a special and separate fund for testing Shattucks, courtesy William Pomeroy, a direct male Shattuck descendant. We are specifically interested in descendants of Philip Shattuck (1648-1722). If you do not know if you are a descendant of that son of William Shattuck (1621-1672), we will help you find out. See the page devoted to Shattucks.

Contact me for eligibility. 

This is a surname project so only Y-DNA testing (males) will be done. The results will contain no medical information or information about your maternal ancestors. In fact the test initially involves inspecting only 37 markers that have a direct bearing on ancestry.  The test is swab test. You scrape the side of your inner cheek with a plastic stick. You send it back to the testing company. That is all there is to it!  Subsequently we will provide you with the results and an analysis of where you fit into the global family tree I am building on this site. 

If you are interested or have further questions, please contact me.  Or query me on the Shattocke DNA facebook pageI have a short description of genetic testing and how I use it here: