Shattock Family History

I lost the original website I built chronicling the Shattock, Shattuck, Shaddock, Shaddick, Shadduck family history. But it had fallen behind the updates I did for the Shattock family history book, availalble for downloading at my Google Drive cloud. The book was built from the foundations of the website and much expanded from there.

I also maintain a tree with over 25,000 ancestors for the Shattock, Shaddock and Shaddick families at Ancestry.

I maintain a tree for the Shattuck branch of the family also at Ancestry.

I have a project at Family Tree DNA with over 150 Shattocks (and variants) who have joined my search for our most ancient ancestors. Only people who have tested with us can see a special spreadsheet which is the secret sauce that unites us and provides a cookie crumble trail back to our common ancestor, born about 1300. But a simpler, less detailed version of that can be found at FTDNA.

My focus has shifted from chasing genealogical paper trails to envisioning my ancestors at their point of origin in Somerset, England and a specific time frame circa 1630. I have a portfolio of these images at Flickr and on Facebook.

If you would like to contact me, use the messaging service of either Flickr or Facebook, Reddit, Discord or Instagram.