Privacy Policy

by Philip Shaddock

I respect the privacy of others. I will not share any information about you or your DNA results with a third party.

It is the nature of genetic genealogy to determine paternal ancestry by comparing one person's DNA results with another. In the Google Groups discussion forum (but NOT on facebook), I publish and discuss publicly the DNA results of my genetic cousins using their names and sometimes the location of their families (town or county). As a member of the Shaddock - Shattuck DNA project at Family Tree DNA, as a member of the Shattock Shaddock Parish Byars Google Group, you express your consent to discussions of your DNA results that include your name and sometimes sample DNA kit numbers. Although your results will be discussed in general on the facebook and this site, the spreadsheet will only be distributed to trusted family members, and detailed discussion of DNA results will only be discussed on the Google Groups forum page.

The Shattocke Parrish Byars Google Group is closed to the public and requires that you be a descendant of the common ancestor Y16884 / Y16895 to join.

Anyone can have their DNA results in the spreadsheet made anonymous by removing their given names. Those who have tested under the free DNA test program can have their DNA sample destroyed at any time and their DNA results in the spreadsheet made anonymous.