Dennington, Australia Shaddocks

Look how tiny the clipper "Electra" was that transported Shaddocks from Liverpool in England to Melbourne in Australia. The Shaddock family actually got off at Point Henry, now Geelong. The ship left Liverpool on Nov. 13, 1855 and arrived at Port Henry on Feb. 1, 1856. The ship was tossed about on the seas for almost three months.On the passengers list there was a declaration of the captain that he had enough provisions on board for 100 passengers traveling 140 days. Thankfully the trip only took 82 days.

I would like to thank Dale Shaddock, one of the Australian descendants and contributor to the family history "Fruits of the Shaddock Tree" (1987), for permitting me to use the book as a source in putting this page together. He has also contributed by doing advanced DNA testing. I would also like to thank Jenny Shaddock from Australia for her contributions to this page and for helping me correct the information. She has an excellent Ancestry tree devoted to the Australian Shaddocks that has helped flesh out my research.

The Dennington Shaddocks are descended from Birmingham and Bristol Shaddocks. For a history of the Birmingham Shaddocks see the parent of this page. On that page I present John Shattock's research on the Birmingham and Dorset area Chaddocks, which the Dennington Shaddocks are most likely descended from.

The Dennington, Australia Shaddocks have a history that spans a great distance, from their origins in Birmingham in the midlands of England to Dennington in the south east corner of Australia, a distance of 17,000 km (10,500 miles). The history of the family in Australia is one of the best researched and detailed family histories, encapsulated in a book published in 1987, called "Fruits of the Shaddock Tree." I am not going to try to duplicate that book here. It is 99 pages of family genealogy, liberally illustrated with family pictures that go all the way back to the founding of the family in Australia. It has many interesting stories of this intrepid family's journey to the wilderness of Australia to start a new life.

Dennington is in the state of Victoria. The Shaddocks were dropped at Geelong and had to make it overland to Dennington, near Warrambool. There were tracks through the wilderness and no roads.

The Australian branch of the Birmingham Shaddocks are descended from a family that settled first in Dennington in 1855. Dennington is located in the City of Warrnambool local government area, 270 km (170 mi) south west of the state capital, Melbourne and 5 km (3.1 mi) north west of the regional centre of Warrnambool. In the 2011 census, Dennington had a population of 1,557. In 1855 it was a newly surveyed area of wilderness.

John Shaddock, founder of the Dennington Australia Shaddocks (1807-1878). He has the look of a respectable gentleman with a very determined and confident look. He would have needed those qualities in establishing his business and large family in the Australian wilderness.

The patriarch was John Shaddock (1807-1878), born in Bristol, England. The matriarch was Ann Shaddock née Whittel (1809-1901), born in Birminghan, England. Before emigrating, they had been living in Redditch, 12 miles south of Birmingham, where John Shaddick had a boot making shop. He was a cordwainer, an old term for a shoe and boot maker.

Many Dennington Shaddock family researchers believe Dennington Shaddocks were descended from Shaddock or Chaddock ancestors in Dorset. I have not been able to find evidence to support this theory. But I think they might be right. If it was true that the Australian Shaddocks are descended from Chaddocks, the would be a nice irony because the book "Fruits of the Shaddock Tree" actually should be titled "Fruits of the Chaddock Tree." As research has proven, it was not Captain Shaddock who brought the Shaddock fruit to the West Indies. It was Captain Chaddock. (See The Myth of Captain Shaddock and the Forbidden Fruit.) If it is true that the Dennington Shaddocks are descended from Chaddocks, that would be supported by the genetic evidence, which shows that the Birmingham-Dennington Shaddocks are not genetically related to Shattockes. In fact they appear to be related to the Chaddocks.

Migration to Australia

John Shaddock sailed for Australia in 1855. Are these two incidents related? Probably not. It may have simply been there was a decline in the handmade shoe and boot business in England as a result of the burgeoning industrial revolution that made prospects for a shoemaker brighter in distant Australia. He probably saw a market for handmade shoes in a newly developed region of distant Australia. Handmade shoes would be an advantage in a location that had local needs not served by mass market shoes from England.

The matriarch of the Dennington Australia Shaddocks, Ann Shaddock née Whittel (1809-1901). She has a book in her lap, probably signifying her love of education. She opened a private school in Dennington

We know who John Shaddick's parents were from his death certificate. His father's name was Richard and his mother's Ann Badcock. They were married in 1806 in Stapleton, now a suburb of Bristol. For additional details we have to thank Donald Shaddick (1918-1994) whose first hand research of parish records and bishop's transcripts over thirty years until his death fill in some of the missing details.

Donald Shaddick was born and raised in Bristol and spent over 30 years trying to identify his ancestors. One of them he did identify was Richard Shaddock and Ann Badcock, married in Stapleton in 1806. What makes this interesting is that "Fruits of the Shaddock Tree" recounts this marriage in the opening paragraphs of the book. The author states that "John may have had seven brothers and sisters and it is possible that his mother was his father's second wife." Indeed that is exactly what we find in Donald Shaddick's letter written to Rev. A. J. Robinson 2nd March, 1987. (Download a scan of page 1 and page 2.) Richard Shaddock born in 1779 married Elizabeth Lipscombe (born 1775) on the 2nd of March 1795 and had three children by her. She must have died after the birth of her child Rebecca in 1803. Richard then married Ann Badcock in 1806. They lived in the St. Philip and Jacob parish, the same parish Richard Shaddock and his wife Hannah Pring lived in when they married in 1818. Was Donald Shaddick researching a family story about emigration to Australia? His letter is written to an Australian correspondent. Is Donald Shaddick's letter the source of the information about the second marriage in the Fruits book? Or is there a family story that has come down through time among the Dennington Shaddocks of Australia?

Donald Shaddick believed that the Birmingham Shaddocks were related to what I call the South Molton - Bristol Shaddicks through marriage. But the DNA test of the two Dennington Shaddocks and a descendant of the South Molton - Bristol Shaddicks rules this out. They are not a YDNA match. Dale Shaddock's DNA test places him in the north of England where the Chaddocks are from. The Captain Chaddock who visited the West Indies was a mariner and I have long thought there was a least a branch of the Chaddocks who were mariners. So the path of the Chaddock mariners might have been from the north of England by sea to Dorset, and then by the sea to Bristol. From there the founder of the Australian Shaddocks crossed the seas to Australia.

Lives of the Dennington, Australia Shaddocks

As I said earlier, I am not going to try to document all John and Ann's Shaddock's children and all of the descendants of the children who I do document. The Fruits of the Shaddock Tree is a thorough repository for that information. I am just going to try to give you a flavor of the life of the Dennington, Australia Shaddocks. A complete genealogy of the family is at the bottom of this page.

The pictures in the copy of the book I have are faded and have a lot of noise. I have done my best to clean them up.

Early Warrnambool, the nearest town to Dennington.

John and Ann Shaddock did not take their family down to Australia without some knowledge about what to expect. Their first born son Edward Whittel Shaddock (1828-1914) had preceded them to Australia by several years. Vera A. Muller provides an account of the family's arrival at Port Henry near Geelong, Victoria. Her grandmother was a daughter of John Shaddock, Susannah (1869-1933). She tells the family story. Apparently they sailed into Port Philip Bay on the clipper "Electra" on Feb. 1, 1856 but there was no dock for them to disembark on. They had to wade ashore.

"Then Father went and bought drays and made ready to travel to Dennington."

Victoria was so new, no made roads, only winding tracks, gullies, creeks and rivers to be crossed, no bridges often no ferries. So many dangers to be faced.

The family: Father was 48 years old, he had a birthday while at sea; Mother was 46, John was 26 and Ann his bride, 24. Ambrose 23, Selina 18, Horatio 14; Suaannah 11 and the youngest child, Elizabeth 7.

Edward, his wife Margaret and their four daughters would be there to greet them.

p. 10 "Fruits of the Shaddock Tree"

Edward Whittel Shaddock's shop, possibly in Wangoom. The sign overhead reads: Saddle and Harness Maker. Over the door is Edward's name: "E W Shaddock." Apparently Edward Shaddock is standing by the door.

Edward Whittel Shaddock (1828-1914)

Edward Whittel Shaddock (1828-1914), oldest son of John and Ann Shaddock

Edward Shaddock had been in Australia at least six years because he married Margaret Moore (1833-1909) in Sydney in early 1850 at the age of twenty-two. He settled in Wangoom, not far from the future town of Dennington. He was a saddler by trade. There was an Australian gold rush at this time. In Fruits we read that Edward took his family to the Goldfields and sold his services as a saddler to miners and neighboring farmers (p. 19).

Where did he learn to make saddles and harness? He would have grown up helping his father in his footwear shop, learning to shape pieces of leather and sew them into the appropriate form. And he would have inherited his Birmingham family's predilection for entrepreneurial risk taking.

He must have made enough money to open his own shop as we see in the picture above.

He was a lay Methodist preacher.

Margaret Shaddock née Moore (1833-1909)

He and his wife had thirteen children, two of which died tragically in the big flood of 1870 while crossing the Merri River. Fannie Amelia was fourteen and died trying to save her brother Edward aged 12. Of the thirteen children, six died before leaving childhood. It was a rough life on the frontier.

Apparently Edward and Margaret named their children after aunts and uncles (p. 19). This makes the middle name of their daughter Clara Rebecca Shaddock (1855-1935) interesting because their aunt Rebecca (born 1803) would be born to her grandfather Richard's first wife Elizabeth Lipscombe. That adds credence to Donald Shaddick's connection of the South Molton - Bristol Shaddicks to the Birmingham - Dennington Shaddocks.

For a complete listing of Edward and Margaret's descendants, see the genealogy at the bottom of this page.

James Albert Shaddock and Elizabeth née Best

John Alfred Shaddock 1829-1900

The second son of John Shaddock was born in Birmingham and christened in St. John's the church where many Shaddocks had attended ceremonies. He married Ann Cook (1828-1909) only twenty-two days before the newlyweds climbed aboard the Electra with his parents and the family. I wonder how quickly the honeymoon ended on that clipper in the two and half months it blew down to Australia. The marriage took place at St. Martin's in Birmingham, again a church where many Birmingham Shaddocks had witnessed family events. In fact that was the church in which his aunt Rebecca had married Thomas Taylor in 1821.

Ann had worked at a factory before marrying John and moving to Australia. The factory made the James Hand Sewing Machine, which had just come to market. Ann carried this new sewing machine to Australia.

John took up farming in Australia and is said (p. 35) to have built one of the first houses in Warrnambool. He had three sons and they "were handsome young men, tall, very alike with curly hair and deep set blue eyes."

James Hand Sewing Machine, very like the one brought to Australia by Ann Shaddock. This model probably came out in the 1880s. It is hand cranked. Useful when there is no electricity.

John and Ann's son James Albert Shaddock (1857-1916) worked with his uncles in their footwear business. John's other sons seem to have learned their craft from their mother, as Ambrose Ormon Shaddock (1859-1887) was a draper and Horatio Thomas Shaddock (1861-1919) was a tailor. Ambrose Ormon had a delicate constitution that led to his early death in his late twenties.

See the genealogy at the bottom of this page for their descendants.

Wedding of Alma Nellie Shaddock (1897-1974) and John Robinson (1896-1966) in 1925. Alma Nellie was a granddaughter of John and Ann Shaddock.

Ambrose Edgar Shaddock (1832-1902) and Jane Hamilton (1844-1918). The child has not been identified.

Ambrose Edgar Shaddock (1832-1902)

Ambrose Shaddock literally followed in his father's footsteps, from Birmingham where he was born to Australia, and right into the trade of shoe and boot making. He married Jane Hamilton in 1867.

When his father died in 1878, Ambrose sold the footwear business and moved to Singleton. He took up farming in Glendenbrook. From Fruits: "It sees that the family moved to more fertile property at Combo, on the river at Singleton. Here disaster struck. The Hunter River turned against the people who prospered by it. The Singleton Argus of March 15, 1893 reported that amongst those who suffered in the Great Flood it "may be noted Mr. Shaddock and his family. A flood boat took away Mrs. Shaddock and five children from their house early on Thursday, but Mr. Shaddock and his son remained in the barn on the farm. The house soon afterwards collapsed." (p. 47)

The next story belongs in the category of "do not try this at home." "Jean Walter remembers that if Grandma caught a cold she would pray for rain. When it fell she dressed in old clothes and walked around until she was wet through to the skin. Back inside she would dress in warm clothes after taking a hot bath. She would not go outside again that day. Next day the cold would be completely gone." (p. 48)

These are the wonderful little stories that breathe life into the faint images of our ancestors.

Clement Horace "Clem" Shaddock (1898-1955) expressed the Birmington - Dennington Shaddock's entrepreneurial spirit and engineering prowsess. He was Ambrose's grandson, son of Walter Allison Shaddock (1871-1947). He served in the Australian Infantry Forces during the First World War in Egypt, Belgium and France in the 13th Battalion. Of 1000 members of the battalion that entered the trenches only 140 came out walking. I wonder if he marched past my grandfather, Frederick Shaddock, who also fought in the trenches in France.

After the war he took an accountants course. After rising to the position of manager of the St. George Lime and Cement company during the depression, he formed his own company in 1937, Cement Linings Pty. Ltd. "to market a patented system of cement lining cast iron water mains insitu and triple their useful life for a third of the replacement cost." (p. 49) The company grew into a large building supply company, Monier Ltd. had an international business. That company has descendants that still operate today (2016).

Horatio Allison Shaddock 1841

Horatio was born half-way between Redditch and Birmingham in the village of King's Norton. He traveled at the age of fourteen with his parents to their new home in Australia. That seems to have given him wanderlust because Fruits tells us (p. 75) that he is found in Tasmania when he was 31. Four years later he married Louisa Brandon Beddome (1843-1917) in Victoria. Their first son, Charlie Allison Shaddock was born at sea in waters off of India. "Horatio seems to have been keen on working with horses and it is thought he may have been taking horses to the British Army in India."

Three years later he settled in Warrnambool and took up the family business as a boot maker.

Charlie Allison Shaddock (1873-1941) was officially given Tasmania citizenship because that was the first port the ship arrived at after his birth at sea. His father's love of horses was passed on to him as he was a cross country jockey in his early years.

Charlie Allison Shaddock in the picture on the left. The picture on the right has Christina (partially hidden), son Charlie Allison II (hands in front), and Charlie Allison Jr. at 36 Newry Street, North Fitzroy. C.1923

He worked for an undertaker, no doubt because caskets were transported on horse-drawn wagons. Later he worked for a "furniture removalist," never that far from horses in his lifetime.

He married Christina Le Nepveu (1869-1939) in 1906. They had four boys.

Stan and Muriel Shaddock

Charlie's son Stanley Gordon Shaddock (1908-1989) was born in Euroa, Victoria. Fruits: "During 1929-1930 Stan held the title as the world's champion marathon skater and won £60 and £80, which during the depression years was regarded as a fortune. He worked for a time with Bruce Small (later Sir Bruce Small) making and re-possessing Malvern Star push bikes." (p. 75)

Stanley Vincent John Shaddock (1875-1936) was Horatio Allison's second son. Like his father he loved horses and was a drover early in his life. He worked as a jockey, using a different name, then worked as a baker, a seaman, a "carnival rouseabout" and a truck driver. He did find time to get married to Mary Brown and have children!

Charlie Allison II and Elva May Shaddock c. 1940

Jenny Shaddock: "Charlie Allison II was Charlie and Christina’s eldest son (1906–1989) Charlie volunteered to join the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) in the 2nd World War. He enlisted on the 12th June 1940. Charlie was sent to Egypt in the Middle East where he was a petrol tanker diver. His regiment was “Corps Petrol Park.” It was here his petrol tanker exploded and Charlie was sent home with burns. He was later discharged on the 8th January 1942. He married Elva May Allen and had one son, Charlie Allison III."

Susannah Cole Shaddock (1844-1942)

Susannah Shaddock was baptized in Aston not far from where Robert Shaddock Sr. and Jr. lived. As a child she had delicate health, and her parents were advised to take her to a dairy farm where breathing the air would improve her health. The family believed it was that wonder cure that resulted in a healthy long life, as she lived to 98 years. She was only eleven years old when her family emigrated to Australia. A story is told in Fruits that her classmates at school gave her a tiny ink-well as a parting gift. She treasured it for the rest of her life. Her memory of landing in Australia endured over the years. We are told she often returned to the spot in the bay at Port Henry where the family waded ashore.

As I noted earlier, Susannah married her cousin Edgar Dunn (1839-1911), was the son of Emma Whittel (1816-1879), sister to Ann's mother. He shows up on the passenger list for the good ship Electra that brought the Shaddocks to Australia. He had his 17th birthday during the voyage. Was eleven year old Susannah smitten with her older cousin? If not, then eventually. She was 26 when she married Edgar in 1870.

Susannah Shaddock

They lived on a mixed farm. Edgar was a road contractor, and apparently built the road between Port Fairy and Hamilton, lining the road with pine trees. Some trees were still standing in 1985 (p. 81).

I have told only a few of the stories of the Birmingham - Dennington, Australia Shaddocks. If you are a member of the family and have a good story to tell to your distant relations, please contact me and I will be glad to include it in the page.

Dennington Shaddocks Genealogy

Corrections to this genealogy are welcome. Contact me.

John Shaddock 1807-1878 (Ann Whittel 1809–1901)

1. Edward Whittel Shaddock 1828–1914 (Margaret Moore 1833–1909)

1.1 Louisa Jane Shaddock 1851–1917 (Edward Albert Williamson 1848– )

1.2 Eliza Ann Shaddock 1853–1872 (James Henry Walker)

1.3 Sarah Selina Shaddock 1855–1856

1.4 Clara Rebecca Shaddock 1855–1935 (Edward Griffiths 1836–1897)

1.5 Fanny Emelia Shaddock 1856–1870

1.6 William Edward Shaddock 1858–1870

1.7 Selina Alice Shaddock 1860–1931 (Isaac Bell 1866–1935)

1.8 Susannah Elizabeth Shaddock 1862–1865

1.9 Eva Moore Shaddock 1865–1941 (Edmond Alphonse Narcisse Michau 1863–1915)

1.10 Harry Francis Shaddock 1867–1953 (Lucy May Paton 1874–1953)

1.10.1 Edward Alexander Shaddock 1896–1967

1.10.2 Ivy Alice Shaddock 1897–1969

1.10.3 Eric Harry Shaddock 1900–1982 (Emily Lillian –1980)

Harold Eric Shaddock 1924–1986

1.10.4 Doris Moore Shaddock 1905–1954 (Herbert Webb 1887–1959)

1.10.5 Frederick Arthur Shaddock 1906–1984 (Julia Cecilia O'Callaghan 1908–)

1.10.6 Syliva Paton Shaddock 1908–1979 (Walter Thomas Andrew 1909–)

1.10.7 Lucy May Shaddock 1910–1951

1.11 Susannah Elizabeth Shaddock 1869–1933

1.12 Margaret Amelia Shaddock 1871–1876

1.13 Bertha Ann Shaddock 1873–1915

2. John Alfred Shaddock 1829–1900 (Ann Cook 1828–1909)

2.1 James Albert Shaddock 1856–1916 (Elizabeth Best 1862–1949)

2.1.1 Mabel Ann Shaddock 1883–1980 (Ernest Alfred Tilley)

2.1.2 William Henry Shaddock 1885–1950 (Edith May Evans 1885–1947)

Colin James Shaddock 1918– (Gwenyth Mary Cload 1921–2002)

Aileen Joyce Shaddock 1925– (Roy Francis Glover 1917–1975)

2.1.3 Ambrose Ormond Shaddock 1889–1964 (Rose Helene Melville 1885–1965)

Elaine Gwendoline Shaddock 1919– (Neil William Swinton 1922–)

2.1.4 Walter Shaddock 1891–1891

2.1.5 Roy Landon Shaddock 1893–1952 (Olive Ida 1893–1967)

Norman Shaddock 1924–

2.2 Ambrose Orman Shaddock 1859–1887 (Kate Clarke 1860–)

2.2.1 Mary Shaddock 1885–

2.3 Horatio Thomas Shaddock 1861–1919 (Ellen Minter Moloney 1863–1944)

2.3.1 Mabel Hilda Ethel Minter Shaddock 1880–1966 (John Richard Jones 1875–1929)

2.3.2 Victoria Vera Shaddock 1882–1958 (Nicholas Pascoe Penberthy 1889–1973)

2.3.3 Estella Mahala Shaddock 1883–1956 (John Adam Clarke 1880–1973)

2.3.4 Ophilia Whittle Shaddock 1887–1912 (Edgar Hattersley Donnes 1883–1949)

2.3.5 Ruby Shaddock 1889–1965 (Herbert Montgomery Plant 1885–1945)

2.3.6 Horatio John "Jack" Shaddock 1891–1973 (Florence Ethel Wheeler 1895–1980)

Lorna Shaddock 1917–2006 (George Edward Nichols 1915–1973)

Rona Shaddock 1920– (Harold William Cartledge 1914–1977)

Horatio Ronald Shaddock 1927– (Marjorie Edith Tozer)

2.3.7 Thomas Horatio Shaddock 1893–1972 (Mary Beatrice Wise –1994)

Mollie Shaddock 1920– (John George Henderson)

Kathleen Shaddock 1921–2008 (Noel Treyvaud "Peter" Pullen)

Winsome Shaddock 1927–

2.3.8 Alma Nellie Shaddock 1897–1974 (Neil Buckeridge)

3. Ambrose Edgar Shaddock 1832–1902 (Jane Hamilton 1844–1918)

3.1 James Henry Shaddock 1868–1939 (Alexandrina E. Banks 1873–1953)

3.1.1 Jessie Shaddock 1894–1986 (Russell W Jones)

3.1.2 Margaret J. "Peggie" Shaddock 1896–1978 (George F. Gibson 1894–)

3.1.3 Bertha Shaddock 1897–1983 (Michael Frank Dixon)

3.1.4 Amy Shaddock 1899–1945 (William Lewis)

3.1.5 Joyce Shaddock 1916– (Stanley Roberts)

3.2 Alick Whittell Shaddock 1869–1935 (Eleanor Boyd 1885–1960)

3.2.1 Dorothy May Shaddock 1911–1987 (Oscar Burleigh Hatherley 1903–)

3.2.2 Beryl Mary Shaddock 1914–1982

3.2.3 Eric Whittell Shaddock 1917–1984 (Jenny Paget 1928–)

3.2.4 Jean Mavis Shaddock 1919–1985 (Donald William Pike) (Arthur Gordon Whitby 1922–)

3.3 Walter Allison Shaddock 1871–1947 (Amy May Madden 1872–1948)

3.3.1 Clement Horace Shaddock 1898–1955 (Winifred Mabel Moore 1901–1974)

Clement Ross Shaddock 1931–1954

Lyndsay Shaddock 1937– (Janette Marie Everitt 1941–)

Patricia Gay Shaddock 1944– (Richard Martin Schipp 1943–)

3.3.2 Alison May Shaddock 1900–1986 (Alfred William Harold Bellman 1893–1967)

3.3.3 Elsie Clare Shaddock 1902–1983

3.4 Henry Hamilton Shaddock 1873–1948 (Ellen Elizabeth Hills –1935)

3.4.1 Alick Edward Shaddock 1898–1932 (Emma Elvey McAlpin 1900–1978)

Kenneth Edgar Shaddock 1926– (Marjorie Winsome Treloar)

Evan Mervyn Shaddock 1928–2006 (Vera Myers)

Iris Elvena Shaddock 1932– (John Treloar 1919–)

3.5 Arthur John Shaddock 1875–1941 (Martha McMullen 1866–1917)

3.6 Richard Dale Shaddock 1878–1957 (Mary Ann O'Donnell 1879–1921)

3.6.1 Arthur Eric Shaddock 1901–1987

1st wife: Doreen Anne Bennett 1904–1929

Rae Doreen Shaddock 1928– (Cliff Whitehead)

2nd wife: Eileen May French 1907–2002

Ian Mychael Shaddock 1944– (Roslyn Lane 1947–)

Peter Shaddock 1946– (Jill Lindley 1949–)

3.6.2 Keith Lyall Shaddock 1904–1969 (Pearl Webster 1908–1991)

Lyall Richard Shaddock 1931– (Marie Ellen Davis 1935–)

Christopher Paul Shaddock 1937– (Irene Peleschak 1949–)

Anthony John Shaddock 1944– (Ann Jacqueline Mulchin 1948–)

3.6.3 Norman Richard Shaddock 1906–1973 (Alice Gould 1904–1972)

Perry Shaddock 1931– (Barbara June Shearer 1933–)

Boyd Shaddock 1933–1999 (Mary Gibbons) (Janice Rawlinson 1936–1974)

3.6.4 Marjorie Jean Shaddock 1909–1990 (Basil "Jack" Walter 1906–1969)

3.6.5 Mervyn Ambrose Shaddock (1913-2006) (Mary Margaret McLeod 1918–2002)

Phillip Richard Shaddock 1948–

Linda Margaret Shaddock 1954–2007

3.6.6 Joyce Edith Shaddock 1916–1974 (John Frederick McMullen 1921–)

3.6.7 Constance Lorna Shaddock 1920–2005 (Kevin Sidney Tame 1920–2001) (Allen Seagrim 1917–2004)

3.7 Ann Jane Shaddock 1880–1936 (Arthur Ernest Stewart 1873–1928)

3.8 Elizabeth Selina Shaddock 1882–1958 (Robert Matthew Stewart 1883–1946)

3.9 Amy Sophia Shaddock 1887–1965 (Edwin Thomas Sattler 1885–1949)

3.10 Edith Cole Shaddock 1890–1964 (William J. Burnett 1895–1979)

4. William Henry Shaddock 1834–1834

5. Louisa Jane Shaddock 1835–1901 (Mark Ladbury 1828–1918)

6. Selina Ann Shaddock 1837–1860 (Orman Elliot 1830–)

7. Amelia Alison Shaddock 1839–1840

8. Horatio Allison Shaddock 1841–1899

1st wife: Mary Ann Boseley 1847–1904 married 17 Feb 1868

2nd wife: Louisa Brandon Beddome 1843–1917 married 27 Dec 1879

8.1 Charlie Allison Shaddock 1873–1941(Christina Le Nepveu 1869–1939)

8.1.1 Charlie Allison Shaddock Jr. 1906–1989 (Elva May Allen 1908–1999)

Charlie Allison Shaddock III 1929– (Marina Eva Elizabeth Bannon 1936-)

8.1.2 Stanley Gordon Shaddock 1908–1989

1st wife: Doris Muriel Wilson 1911–1934

Stanley Douglas Shaddock 1930–1996 (Elizabeth Maria James 1932–2012)

2nd wife: Muriel Dugdale Myers 1923–

Kenneth Richard Shaddock 1947– (Jean Valerie Dutton 1945-)

Christine Muriel Shaddock 1949– (Rex Boler 1930–1994)

Lee David Shaddock 1956– (Louise Alison Atkin 1957–)

Jan Rosyln Shaddock 1959–2011 (David Schofield 1948 -)

8.1.3 Edward Louis Shaddock 1910–1960 (Beryl Ellen Hore)

Edward Charles Thomas Shaddock 1933

Brian Leslie Shaddock 1938

Jennifer Ann Shaddock 1950

8.1.4 Errol Herbert Shaddock 1912–1930

8.2 Sydney Vincent John Ambrose Shaddock 1875–1936

1st wife: Adelaide Olive Harvey 1881–

2nd wife: Rose Ellen Nellie Brogan 1871–1946

8.2.1 John Allison Brogan Shaddock 1900–1964 (Mary Elizabeth Brown)

George Allison Shaddock 1941–2010

Annie Rose Ellen Shaddock 1942– (John Allen Ball)

8.3 Errol Herbert Shaddock 1878–1953 (Victoria Adelaide Shaw 1887–1967)

8.4 Cora May Shaddock 1880–1881

8.5 Alice Maude May Shaddock 1882–1962 (John Henry Porter 1878–1916)

8.6 John Whittel Shaddock 1885–1885

8.7 Amy Claudia Shaddock 1887–1965 (Frederick John Smith 1868–1937)

9. Susannah Cole Shaddock 1844–1942 (Edgar Dunn 1839–1911)

10. James Cole Shaddock 1846–1850

11. Elizabeth Rebecca Shaddock 1848–1937 (Thomas Samuel Wilson 1848–1937)

12. Richard Henry Shaddock 1851–1852

13. Walter Nicholas Shaddock 1853–1854

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