Bishop's Lydeard Shattocks

Bishop's Lydeard is located only three miles north west of Staplegrove. It lies at a crossroads between Staplegrove, Milverton and West Bagborough. I have DNA tested two Bishop's Lydeard living descendants of Bishop's Lydeard Shattocks, Gordon Shattock who lives in Somerset and was born in the Bishop's Lydeard area, and Michael Shattock, who lives in London but whose ancestors have a long history in Bishop's Lydeard. There is evidence that they descend from a common ancestor with the Staplegrove Shattocks. The Bishop's Lydeard Shattocks and Staplegrove Shattocks share a very rare mutation (FTY14=9) that is good evidence of that common ancestor.

John Shattock, born about 1580 in the Milverton area, appears to have moved to Bishop's Lydeard at some point. The evidence is he was an agricultural servant on the Conquares farm on the manor of Wyke. His master was James Clarke, senior. He died in 1622.

The Bishop's Lydeard Shattocks have a long history of being farm servants, laborers and trades people. That seems to be in keeping with John Shattock as their founder, who was an agricultural servant.

There is also evidence that Alexander Shattock, born about 1579 in West Bagborough, moved to Bishop's Lydeard and raised a family there. The surname appears to have died out as he is recorded as having two daughters.

The Bishop's Lydeard Shattocks are 36-38 for the CDY marker, just like the Staplegrove Shattocks.

Bishop's Lydeard is a very small village 8 km (5 miles) north-west of Taunton. In 1848 it had a population of about 1300 people.

John Shattock's comment on the photo: "This is an old photo of Church Street, looking North. The large tree on the left of the picture is in the churchyard but opposite that and just beyond on the corner of a lane on the right is a property that was occupied by Francis Shattock in 1837." John adds an old tythe (church tax) map from 1837. It can be downloaded from here. On the map, he comments further: "The church is plot number 1 in the village centre. Plots 76, 77, and 78 on the corner opposite are Francis Shattock's farm house, barn, Barton office, garden and orchard. All the property he occupies is owned by Sir Thomas Buckler Lethridge baronet, so he just leases it. I don't know what the Barton office would be, except perhaps just the farm office, but on a modern map there is a road with some new housing called The Bartons and I guess there is a connection."

The village lies half-way between the major Shattock villages of Stogumber and Staplegrove on the outskirts of Taunton and only two miles from West Bagborough. It is also half-way between West Bagborough and Milverton, making it a kind of crossroads between these Shattock major multi-generation families. We would therefore expect the Shattocks we find in Bishop's Lydeard to come from more than one branch of the Shattocke family. There is, however, a very large multi-generational that have owned land and had descendants in the village for centuries. I call this lineage "Bishop's Lydeard Shattocks."

Parish records were first kept in Bishop's Lydeard in 1594. The first record of a Shattock in the records is 1598, when Joan "Shattick" married Ralph Sully. Rose Shattick gave birth to John Shattick Jun. 9, 1599. It is not until 1635 that there is another birth recorded, Christofer (sic) Shattock to William and Joane Shattock. Then John and Joane Shattock have William Shattocke Nov. 3, 1639. William marries Margaret and the birth of two sons, Richard and Thomas, are recorded.

It is not until 1676 that we find a multi-generational family of Shattocks living in Bishop's Lydeard and the founder is Richard not John, Alexander, or William. In fact you find among Richard and Elizabeth's children and grandchildren the names William and John. John is in fact Richard's first born son, which suggests his father or grandfather was named John. And it was usual to name the fourth male child (William in this case) after the paternal uncle. So there is a plausible case for making John Shattocke, servant to J. Clarke in the manor of Wyke, the founder of Bishop's Lydeard Shattocks, defined as a multi-generational family living in Bishop's Lydeard for centuries. The key is the Protestation return in 1641 which identifies male Shattocks over the age of eighteen living in Bishop's Lydeard.

Gordon Shattock commented about the origins of Shattocks in Bishop's Lydeard after I wrote the above passage: "The part that I find rather exciting is the mention of a John Shattocke, servant of J Clarke snr. Is it coincidence that my father worked at Conquest Farm in Bishops Lydeard Parish? It had a postal address of Norton Fitzwarren. When you exit the farm on to the main Taunton to Minehead road, there is a lane opposite which we always knew as Wick Lane. This lane met the Taunton to Wiveliscombe Road on the Wiveliscombe side of Norton Fitzwarren at WICK HOUSE. CONQUARES and CONQUEST could be interchangeable knowing the corruption of the language. WICK and WYKE definitely are. Wick or Wyke is the anglo-saxon word for a large farm holding. Around Somerset there are perhaps a dozen 'Wicks'. Not very helpful, but the only other Wick that I know of near Bishops Lydeard is near Halse."

Unfortunately there is no good paper trail between Francis Shattock, common ancestor with Mike Shattock and Gordon Shattock, and the multi-generational family I just outlined. This murky bit needs further investigation.

The name "Francis" is a signature name in Bishop's Lydeard Shattocks. Perhaps it traces back to its founding ancestor.

Troy New York Branch

The Troy Shattocks were founded by William Shattock (1814-1884) who left Somerset for Canada when he was a teenager, possibly as an indentured servant. Working as a blacksmith, he moved to the burgeoning industrial city of Troy. But a combination of war, an industrial accident and the birth of daughters was to bring his surname lineage to an end.

Francis and Mary Shattock Branch

Louis Christopher Shattuck (1887-1968) was the son of the larcenous Christopher Shattock. He worked as a hotel hall porter.

There is a very large line of descent of Shattocks in Bishop's Lydeard founded by Francis Shattock (1781-1853). The founder is apparently the male heir to the family business in Bishop's Lydeard. The founder is Francis Shattock (1781-1853) and his wife Mary Clement (1775-). Because Francis Shattock owned land in Bishop's Lydeard, and the rights to land was passed down from one generation to another depending on the nature of the lease, we can be reasonably sure Francis Shattock was descended from long term Shattock residents of the area. I have told his story in a sub-page of this one: Francis and Mary Shattock of Bishop's Lydeard.

Francis and Mary: Shoemakers of Bishop's Lydeard

John Shattock Branch

There is also a lineage descending from Francis and Mary: John Shattock (1799-1893) Shoemaker.

Bishop's Lydeard Genealogy

Here is a possible genealogy for the Shattocke inhabitants of Bishop's Lydeard. Because Shattockes were property owners or tenants, it is safe to assume there were multiple generations of Shattockes here. Creating this genealogy was a bit like trying to make sense of a manuscript torn and missing chunks of the page. Inevitably I had to make assumptions to fill the gaps. Hopefully in the future DNA testing of the descendants will confirm or rule out some of the choices I have made.

Richard Shattocke born c1590

John and Joan Shattocke born c1615

1. William Shattock 3 Nov 1639 marries Margaret

1.1 Richard Shattock 1674 -

1.1.1 Richard Shattock 24 Jul 1700

1.1.2 John Shattock 22 Feb 1702

1.1.3 Elizabeth Shattock 31 Oct 1703 (married Joseph Wascotte 28 Mar 1733)

1.1.4 Mary Shattock 10 Feb 1706 (married Joseph Jones 2 Dec 1742)

1.1.5 William and Ann Shattock 26 Oct 1707 (married Anne Cookesley 31 Oct 1735)

Ann Shaddock Mar 9 1739 or 1740

William Shattock 13 Feb 1743 died 20 Jul 1777 of consumption

Francis Shattock Aug 25 1745 (born in Combe Florey)

Betty Shattock Oct 8 1749 (married John Upham husbandman Jun 1 1769)

1.2 Thomas Shattock 1677-1686

1.3 Robert Shattock Jan 30 1680 marries Elizabeth Chedsey aka Chedzoy in 1715

1.3.1 Robert Shattock Aug 29 1716

1.3.2 Jane Shattock May 10 1719

1.3.3 William Shattock Feb 4 1722

1.3.4 Richard Shattock Oct 15 1724

1.4 Joan Shattock Apr 28 1685

1.5 Thomas Shattock Jun 28 1691

2. Richard Shattock c.1650 marries Ebet

2.1 Isott or Isatt Shattock Apr 16 1676- c. 1763 (marries Robert Bryer 2 Dec 1704)

2.2 John Shattock Sep 15 1678 (marries Mary Brawn 24 Jun 1702)

2.3 Thomas Shattock Mar 14 1680

2.4 William Shattock Apr 6 1683

2.5 Francis Shattock Oct 24 1686-1742 (Mary Rossiter 1694-1763 married Oct 5 1713 in Bishop’s Lydeard)

2.5.1 Frances Shattock Sep 12 1714

2.5.2 William and Ann Shattock Dec 13 1719 (married Ann Priest in Bishop’s Lydeard Dec 10 1744) Francis Shattock 1745-1770 Combe Florey - Bishop's Lydeard Joseph Shattock 1752-1777 Norton Fitzwarren - Bishop's Lydeard William Shattock c. 1755 (Anne Furse 1754-) Francis Shattock 1781–1853 (Mary Hawkins 1784–)

William Shattock 1807–1881(Mary Salter 1804–)

Francis Shattock 1831–1882

Mary Ann Shattock 1833–1839

Rose Hannah Shattock 1835–1861

George Shattock 1838–1915 (Mary Ann Stubbs 1831–)

Charles Shattock 1843–1844

William Shattock 1845– (Elizabeth Fowler 1847–)

Bessie Sarah Ann Shattock 1874– (Charles Edward Tarvill 1876–)

William Noah Shattock 1875–1914

Isabella Shattock 1878–1961

Agnes Emily Shattock 1879–1971 (George Patrick Dinneen 1880–1971

Alice Shattock 1881–

Elizabeth Shattock 1883–

Sidney Shattock 1884–1974 (Florence Lyndye May 1886–1963)

William Stanley Shattock 1918–1990 (Kathleen E. Dibble)

Geoffrey Francis Shattock 1921–2002 (Peggy N. Jackson 1927–1974)

Gladys Clara Hannah Shattock 1886–1980

John Shattock 1809–1873 (Mary Ann Bridge 1810–1892)

Mary Shattock 1813–1878 (Henry Potter 1818-)

Ann Shattock 1818– James Shattock 1783–1852 (Elizabeth "Betty" 1781–)

Sarah Shattock 1814–1814

Charles Shattock 1819– (Elizabeth Welshford 1815–)

Mary Jane Shattock 1843–1900

Maria Shattock 1845–1846

Louisa Shattock 1847–1921 Mary Shattock 1786– (Thomas Penny 1781-) William Shattock 1787–1871 (Sarah Knight 1790–)

William Shattock 1814–1884 (Rebecca Banfield 1811–1886) Troy, N.Y. Shattocks

Frederick B. Shattock 1834–1900 (Elizabeth Allen 1838–1899)

William Shattock 1856–1903 (Anna Richards 1859–1906)

Edith E Shattock 1882–1947 (Wilmont D Curtis 1880–1972)

Maud R Shattock 1887– (William Johnson 1889–1922)

William Shattock Jr. 1839–1860

John B Shattock 1841– (Fanny ? 1852-)

Rebecca E Shattock 1843–1884 (Joseph H Kelley 1839–1908)

Samuel J Shattock 1845–1883

Sarah A Shattock 1847–1919 (Joseph H Kelley 1839–1908 sister's husband)

Harriet Shattock 1850–1927 (Stephen Atlee Hopkins 1845–1945)

Mary S Shattock 1854–

George Shattock 1816–

James Shattock 1818–1891 (Elizabeth "Betsy" Turner 1818–1892)

Ellen Shattock 1847–1847

Mary Shattock 1850–

Emily Shattock 1851–

William Shattock 1853–

Henry Shattock 1861–1923 (Sarah Ann Spiller 1863–)

Thomas Henry Shattock 1886–1908

Emma Elizabeth Shattock 1888–1944 (Elbert Thomas Pinchard 1886–1967)

Albert James Shattock 1892–1960 (Laura Annie Adams 1884–1970)

John Henry Shattock 1916–1999 (Dorothy May Palmer 1917–1980)

Winifred R. Shattock 1919– (James Bryson)

Frederick A Shattock 1927–2008 (Dorothy Clarke) Arthur Frederick Shattock 1893–1970 (Edith Alice Laban 1892–1970)

Leda M. Shattock 1919–2009 (Frederick W. Granger)

Mary Shattock 1926– Wilfred Harold Shattock 1896–1968 (Gladys M. Perry)

Gladys Elsie May Shattock 1901–1963 (Frederick M Shattock 1902–1961)

Charles Shattock 1819–1903 (Sarah Turner 1820–)

Frederick Charles Shattock 1849–

William Shattock 1851– (Mary Bale 1848–)

Henry James Shattock 1876–1960 (Florence Mary Robinson 1892–1985)

Emma Elizabeth Shattock 1879–1971 (William George Fox 1881–)

William Edward Shattock 1881–1965 (Clara May Aplin 1887–)

William Robert Shattock 1911–1971(Grace May Marshall 1912–1983

Arthur Herbert Shattock 1882–1973 (Rose Annie Stovell 1883–1965)

Louisa Gertrude Shattock 1884–

Ellen Shattock 1854–

Charles Robert Shattock 1855–

James Shattock 1858–

Richard Shattock 1823–1893 (Sarah Goss 1821–1884)

Harriet Shattock 1845–1905 (Thomas Cornish 1846-1901)

John William Shattock 1847– (Elizabeth Yandell 1843–)

Ada Shattock 1872–1946

Bertha Mary Shattock 1874–1976 (Sidney Gould Hutchings 1874–1947)

Florence Addicott Shattock 1881–1938

George Shattock 1881–1953

Mabel Alice A Shattock 1882–1934 (William Breach 1868–1927)

William A Shattock 1885–

Susan Shattock 1851–

Frederick Shattock 1853–

George Shattock 1855– (Emily Saunders 1861-)

Richard Shattock 1858–

William Shattock 1861–1926 (Laura Saunders 1860–1941)

Laura May Shattock 1888– (Robert Edward Stock 1892–1947)

Robert Shattock 1825–1895 (Mary Ann Chamberlain 1835–)

Elizabeth Sarah Shattock 1856–1901 (Albert George Golesworthy 1853–1923)

Clara Alice Shattock 1860–1889 (William Billett 1860–1931)

William Robert Shattock 1862–1951 (Jane Elizabeth Taylor 1862–1951)

Robert Charles Shattock 1885–1974 (Mary Ann Fox 1886–1961)

Robert Samuel Shattock 1911–1986 (Marj. Lancaster 1914–1999)

Robert Henry Shattock 1939–

Reginald William Shattock 1913–1975 (Dorothy Ayres 1919–1972)

Sidney Herbert Shattock 1888–1979 (Elizabeth Irons 1893-)

Ethel Alice Shattock 1891–1972

Frederick Ernest Shattock 1867– (Elizabeth Bealing 1864–)

Ellen Mary Shattock 1888–

Elsie Clara Shattock 1890–1906

William Ernest Shattock 1893–1916

Henry Samuel "Harry" Shattock 1870–1956 (Florence Alice "Florrie" Welch 1870–1938)

William Henry Shattock 1890–1986 (May Pretoria Rust 1900–1986)

Edith M. Shattock 1923–1940

John F. Shattock 1931–1931

Frederick Arthur Shattock 1892–

Florence Alice Shattock 1893–1972 (Henry Edward Thomas 1897–1969)

Henry Samuel Shattock 1895–1917

Emily Shattock 1898–1985 (Leonard George Gow 1897–1955)

Edith May Shattock 1907

Alfred James Shattock 1873–

Nellie Shattock 1878–1895

Samuel Knight Shattock 1827–1899

1st wife: Mary Attwell 1829–1854

Robert Shattock 1852–1916 (Mary Jane Sparks 1856–1921)

Henry Shattock 1875–

Lotty Shattock 1876–1941 (James Atkinson Stubbe 1873–1953)

Ida Shattock 1877–

Cecil Herbert Shattock 1881–1970 (Lucy Jane 1880–1956)

Carl Wilfred Shattock 1883–1960 (Flora Kate Anning 1889–1935)

Harold Shattock 1884–

Wilfred Shattock 1884–

Eva Shattock 1886–

Charles Shattock 1854 (Thirza Trevillian 1851–)

Alice Muriel Shattock 1874–1936 (Albert Edward Whiting)

William H Shattuck 1877–

Samuel Charles Shattock 1877–1955 (Elizabeth Jane Jenkins 1878–1945)

William Charles Shattock 1898–1975

Evelyn May Shattock 1901–1971 (Charles R.L. Hill)

Francis Edwin "Frank" Shattock 1885–1956 (Florence Isabel Shattock 1884–1957)

Frederick Stephen Shattock 1888–1964 (Mabel Coles 1887–1955)

Herbert Shattock 1910–

Clifford Stephen Shattock 1911–1983

Ronald Frederick Shattock 1914–1984

Gordon Shattock 1915–

Gertrude V Shattuck 1890–1977 (William W. Langford 1891-1957)

Eva Annie Shattock 1893–1939

2nd wife of Samuel Knight Shattock: Jane Attwell 1831–1905

Amy Jane Shattock 1866– (John Williams 1862-)

Catherine Mary Shattock 1867– (Francis William Bond 1866-)

Gertrude Alice Shattock 1870-1909

Ernest William Shattock 1873–1955 (Emily Mary Avery) New Zealand

Sidney Knight Shattock 1875– Elizabeth Burrough 1874–

Sidney Harold Shattock 1898–1979 (Bessie Brown)

Ernest William Shattock 1899–1981 (Ethel W. Hayward)

Clifford Burrough Shattock 1902–1954 (Elsie M. Skinner)

Ivor Cecil Shattock 1904–1995 (Mary L.S. Morgan, Hazel M. Grinter)

Queenie Elizabeth G J Shattock 1906–

Violet Mary Shattock 1909–1994

Elizabeth Knight Shattock 1829–1898 (Richard Jones Radnidge 1821-1883) Joseph Shattock 1790– (Mary Martin 1784–)

Sarah Shattock 1821– Ann Shattock 1795- John Shattock 1758-1838 Norton Fitzwarren George Shattock 26 Dec 1761 Norton Fitzwarren

2.5.3 John and Grace Shattock Nov 23 1733 (married Grace Stooke in Bishop’s Lydeard Jun 11 1752) Susanna Shattock Dec 27 1753 John Shattock May 19 1755 died 06 Mar 1780 (same year as siblings) Francis Shattock Jun 16 1757 died 14 Feb 1780 (same year as siblings) Thomas and Mary Shattock Nov 19 1758 (married Mary Baker 5 Nov 1781 )

George Shattock Aug 11 1782

Martha Shattock Jan 5 1785

Thomas Shattock Sep 23 1787-1857 William and Betty Shattock Sep 26 1760 (marriedElizabeth "Betty" Knill 1761-)

Richard Shattock Jan 18 1784 (Deborah 1785–)

William Richard Shattock 1818–1873 (Sophia Ship 1823–1856)

William Shattock 1842–1843

Susanna Shattock 1844–1908

George William Shattock 1849–

Julia Grace Shattock 1854–1932 (John William Hayward 1857–1929)

William Richard Shattock 1856– John Nelson Shattock 1820–1907 (Sarah Ann Clarke 1825–)

Elizabeth Ann Shattock 1847–

Sarah Grace Shattock 1849–

Richard James Shattock 1852-

William G Shattock 1855–

Alfred John Shattock 1857–

Julia M A Shattock 1860–

Henry H. Shattock 1865–

Arthur C. Shattock 1868–

Susannah Shattock 1827–1911(Edwin Austin Pomphrey 1826–1882)

Susanna Shattock Nov 31 1786 married Phineas Write 8 Apr 1807

Grace Shattock July 12 1789

William Shattock Apr 10 1791

John Shattock 19 Nov 1794

Mary Shattock Apr 17 1796 Richard Shattock June 6 1762 died 28 Feb 1780 (same year as siblings) Martha Shattock Dec 27 1763 Rachel Shattock Nov 20 1765 (twin) (same year as siblings) Leah Shattock Nov 20 1765 (twin) (William Dent) Mary Shattock Sep 14 1767 (same year as siblings)

3. Elizabeth Shattock Nov 14 1689

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