Bishops Lydeard Shattocks

Bishops Lydeard main street. The Church is on the left, behind the trees. Francis Shattock lived on this street.

The Village

Bishops Lydeard is a very small village 8 km (5 miles) north-west of Taunton. In 1848 it had a population of about 1300 people. It lies at a crossroads between major Shattock villages. The villages shown on the map were heavily involved in the wool and cloth trades.

The area where the first Bishops Lydeard families are found shares a boundary with the farmlands of Norton Fitzwarren and Staplegrove. Later generations of Bishops Lydeard Shattocks would find homes in the Langford area of Norton Fitzwarren, initially where a fulling mill is recorded as located on the Back Stream that divides Norton Fitzwarren and Staplegrove. The Langford area would continue to be home to Shattocks when the fulling mill faded away. They found work as agricultural laborers in the Staplegrove Burland agricultural fields nearby. Because of the number of Shattocks living in Langford, it can be described as a Shattock village.

Early in the 17th century Shattocks are found in an area between Bishops Lydeard and Norton Fitzwarren / Staplegrove. Given these areas are only a short walk from each other (one mile), you would expect Shattocks from Norton Fitzwarren and Staplegrove to have lived in both areas. And this appears to be the case because the Bishop's Lydeard and Norton Fitzwarren parish records the movement of Shattocks between the two parishs in the late 18th and the 19th centuries.

Unfortunately the Bishops Lydeard parrishes records are incomplete and there are many shared names, like John, Richard and Thomas.

Let's try to untangle family records. We begin with the first family found in the records, that headed by "Alexander."

Alexander Shattick

The oldest resident we discover in Bishops Lydeard is Alexander "Shatoke" who baptized his child Christian in 1611 in St. Mary's church in Bishops Lydeard. Alexander Shattock was born in 1577 or 1579 in West Bagborough. He was a West Bagborough Shattock and I tell his story in the page devoted to the family. He may have moved his family to Bishops Lydeard because the occupation that had sustained his ancestors in West Bagborough, weaving and other cloth handicrafts, was in steep decline. However, according to the Bishops Lydeard Mill and Rural Life Museum there was a second wheel at the mill in Bishops Lydeard devoted to the conditioning of cloth by fulling (shrinking, thickening and cleaning it). It is shown on the map below with a large "M" within the boundaries of Bishops Lydeard.

One of the reasons I think Alexander was a weaver is because West Bagborough was on the slopes of the Quantock Hills and did not provide much work for the alternative occupation of farmer or farm laborer. There is not much evidence that Alexander had descendants who lived in Bishop's Lydeard. Besides Alexander, the 1642 Protestation Return shows John and William as males over the age of 18 living in Bishops Lydeard.

William is a name found among Shattocks of West Bagborough and Stogumber and other villages at the opposite end of the Tone Valley from Bishops Lydeard. It is possible William was a son of Alexander, or perhaps came from the West Bagborough Shattocks like Alexander. But there is no paper trail that leads to William in the Bishops Lydeard or Staplegrove and Norton Fitzwarren parish records.

John Shattock Senior and Junior

In Bishops Lydeard "John," is the name of the founder of the first multi-generational Shattock family in Bishop's Lydeard. He was not Alexander's son because the John who shows up in the 1642 Protestation return along with Alexander and William was probably born sometime around 1585 or sooner, too young to be Alexander's son.

We must turn to the Bishops Lydeard parish records to follow the lineage of the John who appears in the 1642 Protestation Return.

We can determine this from a 1601 Bishops Lydeard land document that describes a "John junior." This is probably the John that shows up alongside the name of Alexander in the Protestation Return in 1642. He is described as a "servant" of J. Clarke, senior at a very large and old farm called Conquares.

  • Title: Bishops Lydeard. Reference: DD\SAS\C/795/BL/39. Description: Conveyance to uses: (i)Jas.Clarke sen., of Norton Fitzwarren, esq., and wife Ebbott, and Robt.Cuffe of Creech St.Michael, esq.; (ii)Jas.Clarke, jun., s. and heir app. Of J.C.sen.; (ii) John Clarke, gent., 2nd.s. of Jas.C.sen., and wife Grace, Chris.Maye, esq., son-in-law of J.C. Sen., and John Shattocke, jun., servant of J.Clarke.,sen. The manor of Wyke: farm called Conquares: and close called Deane: in B.L. 14 Oct. 43 Eliz. 1601. Date: 1601. Held by: Somerset Heritage Centre (South West Heritage Trust)

Bishops Lydeard Shattocks are found in the rich farmland around the Conquest and Wick farms Later generations would find work in the agricultural fields of Burlands, an area of Staplegrove largely owned by Staplegrove Shattocks. They are also found living in the Langford area of Norton Fitzwarren. Staplegrove and Norton Fitzwarren are now suburbs of Taunton. The red "M" in the village of Bishops Lydeard is where the mill with the fulling wheel was located.

Gordon Shattock, a Bishops Lydeard descendant, comments on the Conquest farm, right on the boundary between Norton Fitzwarren and Bishops Lydeard, and today the location of an equestrian centre and charity:

  • "The part that I find rather exciting is the mention of a John Shattocke, servant of J Clarke snr. Is it coincidence that my father worked at Conquest Farm in Bishops Lydeard Parish? It had a postal address of Norton Fitzwarren. When you exit the farm on to the main Taunton to Minehead road, there is a lane opposite which we always knew as Wick Lane. This lane met the Taunton to Wiveliscombe Road on the Wiveliscombe side of Norton Fitzwarren at WICK HOUSE. CONQUARES and CONQUEST could be interchangeable knowing the corruption of the language. WICK and WYKE definitely are. Wick or Wyke is the anglo-saxon word for a large farm holding. Around Somerset there are perhaps a dozen 'Wicks'. Not very helpful, but the only other Wick that I know of near Bishops Lydeard is near Halse."

Indeed in the second volume of the "Histories and Antiquities of Somersetshire," by Rev. W. Phelps (1836, London) on page 494, he comments on the Manor of Weeke :

  • Another manor in this parish, called Week, is the property of Richard Cross, of Broomfield, esq. Several small hamlets, unnoticed in hisory, are likewise included within its limits.

Broomfield is only three miles northeast of the Conquest and Wick farms. Was Richard Cross a relative of John Crosse?

In a footnote to the Week manor Phelps ties together hamlets associated with Bishops Lydeard:

  • For the neighbouring manors of East-Bagborough, and East-Combe, fee under West-Bagborough, and Combe-Flory, in the adjoining hundred of Taunton-Dean.

On the previous page he tells us that Bishops Lydeard was "in former times much more considerable and populous than at present, having the advantage of a market and fairs obtained to it of the Kings of England..."

Phelps makes specific reference to Conquest farm: "There is within its precincts a place called Conquest, or Conquest-Farm, near which, in the year 1666, a very large urn was dug up by a labouring person, containing no less than fourscore pounds weight of Roman coins, of the Emperors Claudius, Nero, Domitian, Nerva, Trajan, Antonine, Scptimius-Severus, Tacitus, Gallienus, Tetricus, and a great number of others." Then he gives us a possible origin for the name of the farm. "The common tradition however is, that Conquest had its name from a signal victory obtained there over the Danes by the Saxons, under the command of King Alfred; which might have been the case...".

The Shattocks were digging into ancient English history if they toiled on Conquest farm, even if they were not present in England when these events occurred.

Old picture of Bishops Lydeard.

John senior died in 1622 at the Weeke or Wyke abode, which is the reason why there is only one John Shattocke who shows up in the 1642 Protestation return, i.e. John junior. Gordon's statement and Rev. Phelps research helps link John senior and John junior, since if Gordon is right about the Wick Lane, and I think he is, then John Senior lived on or near the Conquares (Conquest) farm: walking distance.

I am assuming John junior was at least fifteen in 1601, so if his father was about 22 when he had John, John senior would be born somewhere between 1550 or 1560. The question becomes where was he born? In Bishops Lydeard? In West Bagborough? In Norton Fitzwarren, which borders on Bishops Lydeard on its eastern boundary? This is a tough one because there are a lot of John Shattocks in west Somerset parish records at this time.

There are John senior and junior born in Norton Fitzwarren born about 1540. Another set in Staplegrove. There is yet another set in Milverton. Or some of these sets could be the same pair, moving around as opportunities arose for tradespeople in the cloth market.

There are three generations of Johns in West Bagborough during this time. First generation John was the son of Alexander, born about 1520 and dies 1565 in West Bagborough. He raises his family there. Second generation John was born about 1540 and died in 1615 in West Bagborough. Third generation John is born in 1561. He marries Johanne. There is no record of children in the West Bagborough parish records. John Sr. would have been 81 by the 1642 Protestation Return. Is he in fact John senior found in the Bishop's Lydeard records, dying at the age of sixty-one in Bishop's Lydeard? That would make him a cousin or uncle of the Alexander who also moved to Bishops Lydeard.

We can probably eliminate Stogumber and Milverton as possible origin points for the Johns because DNA results from descendants of the Johns (which I discuss later on this page) point to West Bagborough and Staplegrove as origin points of the Johns. I favor a birth place for John of Bishops Lydeard as West Bagborough because of the approximate 1540 birth date of John of Staplegrove. From my study of the Staplegrove Shattocks, it appears that the Staplegrove John would have been the grandson of the wealthy John Shattock whose will in 1533 in Staplgrove names John and Thomas as his sons. It seems more likely that a John living on the Conquest or Wick farms in Bishops Lydeard as servants are descended from West Bagborough Shatticks. But this cannot be definitely stated.

John Jr. would likely not be a household servant. The term has a broader definition at the time. He might have working for Clarke as a weaver or in some other cloth trade, or perhaps as a "husbandman," looking after his livestock, including sheep. The fact that land was sold or otherwise transferred to him suggests that he was more than an agricultural laborer. Clearly the wording of the document, "conveyance to uses" means that John Jr. was delivering a service to J. Clarke, senior. Widipedia provides this definition of "use" in real estate legal documents: "Use, as a term in real property of common law countries, amounts to a recognition of the duty of a person to whom property has been conveyed for certain purposes, to carry out those purposes." It would be highly unusual for a man to be granted land for agricultural labor, so John Jr. probably provided J. Clarke with a more highly valued service. And that is more likely to be weaving than any other form of labor at the time. To my mind, this skill connects John back to the weavers and other cloth trades of the West Bagborough Shatticks.

So what does the line of descent look like at this point? It begins with Alexander of Bishops Lydeard's great grandfather in West Bagborough, Alexander Shattick abt. 1495-1546 (the surname is spelled this way in West Bagborough at this time). I have bolded the names of the Bishops Lydeard Shattocks I have discussed so far, plus William, John Shattock senior's brother:

1st gen. Alexander Shattick (ca. 1495 - 1546)

2nd gen. John (ca. 1520-1565) and Agnes Shattick West Bagborough

3rd gen. John Shattock (ca. 1540-1615) moves to Bishops' Lydeard

4th gen. John Shattock Sr. and Joan (1561-1622) moves to Bishop's Lydeard, works at Wicks farm

5th gen. John Shattock Jr. (ca. 1585) servant to J. Clarke on Conquest Farm Bishops Lydeard

3rd gen. Alexander (ca. 1552-1588) and Susan Shattick

4th gen Alexander Shattick (ca. 1579-aft. 1641) and Agnes Sealey moves to Bishops' Lydeard

If the paper trail is correct, than John Jr.'s father John Sr. moved to Bishops Lydeard from West Bagborough along with his cousin Alexander Shattick.

William Shattock

The other name that appears in the 1641 Protestation Return for Bishops Lydeard is "William." He has a child Christopher in 1635, which means he was born around 1610. There is a William born in 1587 in West Bagborough, but he would have been forty-eight in 1635. The fact John junior names his son William suggests he named his son after his uncle. In any case, "William" is a common Christian name in West Bagborough, and not in the other nearby villages (Milverton, Norton Fitzwarren, Taunton) so that helps make the connection to the West Bagborough Shattocks.

A picture of the main street I took in the spring of 2017 from St. Mary's church yard. It has not changed much since the earlier picture was taken!

William and Margaret (Steevens) Shattock

William Shattock was born to John Sr. and Joan Shattock Nov. 3, 1639. He is a descendant of John Shattick of West Bagborough. He may have been the only son of John Jr. Presumably William would have inherited his father's land.

He married Margret Steevens at St. Mary Magdalene in Taunton in 1672, at the age of 33. They had five children: Richard (1674), Thomas (1677), Robert (1679), Joan (1685), and Thomas (1691). The names of his sons are a mix of Staplegrove and West Baborough, Combe Florey and West Bagborough names. His son Richard names one of his sons William (1707). Here is the genealogy that I have worked out for William and Margaret.

John Shattock Jr. ca. 1585 maybe from West Bagborough

William Shattock b. 1639 (Margaret Steevens) married in Taunton

Richard Shattocke 1674– (Joan)

Richard Shattock 1700–

John Shattock 1701–

Elizabeth Knight 1702–

John Shattock 1735–

Elizabeth Shattock 1738–

Elizabeth Shattock 1703–

Mary Shattock 1705– (Joseph Jones 1700)

William Shattock 1707– (Anna Cookesley 1707–)

Ann Shattock 1740–

William Shattock 1742–1777

Francis Shattock 1745–

Betty Shattock 1749– (John Upham)

Ann Shattock –1711

Christopher Shadock –1696

Thomas Shattock 1677–1686 (Elizabeth Barker) moves to Combe Florey where his children are born

John Shattock 1723–1795 (Mary Moses 1730–1785) married in Norton Fitzwarren, moved to Corfe and Pitminster

John Shattock 1757–

Mary Shaddock 1759–1826 (Samuel Bartlett 1757-1847)

James Shaddock 1761–

William Shaddock 1764–

Thomas Shattock 1725–1763

William Shattock 1728–

Richard Shaddock 1731–

Francis Shaddock 1734–

James Shaddock 1737–

Sarah Shattock 1741–1742

Robert Shattock 1679– (Elizabeth Chedzey 1680–)

Robert Shattock 1716–1738

Jane Shattock 1719–

William Shattock 1721–

Richard Shattock 1724–

Isott or Isatt Shattock 1730–

Joan Shattock 1685–1760 (William Sealy 1682–)

Thomas Shattock 1691–

If John Jr., born about 1585 or sooner, was a West Bagborough Shattock, then this is the end of the line for West Bagborough Shattocks in Bishops Lydeard. I suspect some of the descendants of John Jr. moved to other villages. In fact Thomas Shattock (1677–1686) who married Elizabeth Barker moved to Combe Florey and at least one of his sons, John Shattock (1723–1795) married Mary Moses in Norton Fitzwarren, then moved to Corfe and Pitminster, raising his family in those two villages. But his line ended.

There is something left to ponder. That is the name I bolded, Francis Shattock 1745--. Francis is a signature Bishops Lydeard name. This links him to the Bishops Lydeard Shattocks.

Richard and Ebet: Brick Wall

Most people who attempt to trace their Bishops Lydeard ancestry back to Richard and Ebet in the Bishops Lydeard parish records run into a brick wall. Working back from their parents, they get back as far as Richard and Ebet, whose children's baptisms are recorded in the St. Mary's parish records beginning with Isott Shattock in 1676. At that point they hit a brick wall. Richard would have been born about 1650, but his birth record cannot be found in Bishop's Lydeard or West Bagborough, in fact in any nearby village.

There is no record of his marriage to Ebet (a short form of Elizabeth) so the problem is not confined to baptisms.

Richard names his first son John (1678), second son Thomas (1679), third son William (1683), fourth son Francis (1686). If you look through the names of William and Margaret Steeven's children above, you will notice that Richard is the name of their son, who in turn had Richard, William and Thomas as names of their sons. And two of their sons had sons named Francis. So it seems plausible that Richard born about 1650 is a close relative to William and Margaret Steevens. He is not their son.

There are no Richard Shattocks in the Bishops Lydeard parish records or any other villages around the date of 1650 until Richard and Ebet. There were Richards in West Bagborough a hundred years earlier. There are several Richard Shattocks found Norton Fitzwarren parish records before Richard and Ebet. In fact a Richard Shattocke is on the tenant's list for Taunton Deane in 1598. Richard and Ann had children in Norton Fitzwarren beginning in 1692. Could this be a second marriage for Richard of Bishop's Lydeard?

There is a Richard Shattocke baptized in North Petherton to Christopher Shattocke in 1639. But he would have been 39 years old when he had his first child. Not likely at the time.

There is a Richard Shattock born 1645 in the West Bagborough family that moved to Stepney in east London. His father was Henry. I don't think it is plausible that Richard would have moved from London back to west Somerset. And Henry is not found in the immediate subsequent generations.

I think he might have been a brother to William. William's father John Jr. must have had at least a second son with the name Richard. Why would he not be found in the Bishop's Lydeard records? That page in the parish record may be missing. Or Richard and Ebet were non-conformists. And the fact he names one of his sons "Francis" makes it almost certain he is descended from a Bishops Lydeard or Combe Florey family since the name is virtually non-existent in other Shattock or Shaddock lineages.

I have searched through the records of the surrounding villages to Bishop Lydeard, and there is no record close to the birth of Richard. In fact this branch of Shattocks is the largest in Bishops Lydeard. Hopefully in the future a DNA result from a direct descendant will solve the mystery of Richard's birth. For the time being, given the prevalence of the name 'Richard' in the Norton Fitzwarren records, and given the physical proximity, plus the DNA connection to the Staplegrove Shattocks, I would guess that Richard of Bishops Lydeard was probably born in Norton Fitzwarren or at least his ancestors came from there.

George Shattock Sr. (ca. 1791) and Mary Budd

Census records show George Shattock's birth to be about 1791 in Bishop's Lydeard, but parish record of that birth is missing. He married Mary Budd (1792-1874) in Milverton. I suspect he might be the son of George Shattock born on Dec. 26, 1761 in Norton Fitwarren married to Mary Kibbe. That would make him a descendant of Richard and Ebet (node 5.2.5 in their Genealogy below). I have added their genealogy to that of George and Mary Kibbe, but wait for further justification for doing so.

Francis: Signature Bishops Lydeard Name

Francis is as rare a Christian name in Shattock family history as Alexander.

Francis Shattock married Agnes Wall (nee Tyler) in 1619 at St. Saviour, Southwark, London. A child Theodor is recorded.

Samuel and Elizabeth's seventh male child was born in Saint Dunstan, Stepney, London in 1682. The names of their other male children were George, Samuel, Thomas and John. There is a Samuel born to Richard and Maud in West Bagborough in 1575.

The DNA Evidence: The Rare Staplegrove Genetic Marker

We have DNA tested two Bishops Lydeard descendants and they both are Richard and Ebet descendants. One is Gordon Shattock, who lives in Somerset and was born in the Bishops Lydeard area, and the second is Dr. Michael Shattock, who lives in London but whose ancestors have a long history in Bishops Lydeard. Mike and Gordon Shattock are share a common ancestor with the Staplegrove Shattocks. Gordon Shattock has a paper trail that leads to Richard and Ebet. Mike Shattock's paper trail hits a roadblock with his ancestor Thomas Shattock born around 1820 in Norton Fitzwarren. However there is good evidence that he is descended from Richard and Ebet. I have shown their names in bold in the Richard and Ebet genealogy below.

The Staplegrove Shattocks and the Bishop Lydeard Shattocks share a very rare genetic marker called FTY14=9 that links them together as descendants of a common ancestor. The fact the Staplegrove Shattocks and Bishops Lydeard Shattocks share the FTY14=9 genetic marker means that Bishops Lydeard Shattocks do not share a most recent common ancestor (MRCA) with nearby Stogumber Shattocks who are FTY14=10 or the nearby Milverton Shattocks who are FTY14=10. Nor is their most recent common ancestor found in any other Shattock or Parrish branch of the family. They share a common ancestor with the Staplegrove Shattocks.

The FTY14=9 mutation belongs to a class of genetic markers called STRs that are normally rapidly mutating, meaning they can change as often as once every three or four generations. FTY14 appears to be an STR that mutates very, very rarely. (I have written a guide to understanding genetic markers under the DNA Results menu item.) I did a survey of our more distant ancestral relatives, those who share a common ancestor that goes back to the Alpine Celts over four and a half thousand years ago. I asked them to report what value their DNA tests returned for the FTY14 STR marker. All fourteen reported that they had a value of "10" for FTY14. This means that FTY14=10 is the ancestral value for the marker and that it is extremely slow moving. In fact of the 40 Shattocks who have been Big Y tested only Gordon, Mike, Ken and Simon have this mutation, proof positive that the Bishops Lydeards are a branch of the Staplegrove Shattocks.

Gordon and Mike Shattock also share the BY31487 / Y83405 SNP genetic marker, while Ken Shattock and Simon Shattock share the BY32358 / Y107098 genetic marker. This means that Mike and Gordon's common ancestor split off from the Staplegrove branch at some point in the past. My study of the parish records shows that the common ancestor is Francis and Mary Shattock. Francis was born Oct. 24, 1686. He married Mary Rossiter in Bishop’s Lydeard Oct. 5, 1713. Frank and Mary are Gordon's 5th great grandparents. They are Mike's 6th great grandparents. The genetic marker they share will be useful in future DNA tests of male direct descendants of Richard of Richard and Ebet.

Here is a little snippet of Richard's life. In 1677, a year before Richard's first child was born, there is an incident recorded in court papers at the Quarter Session.

QUARTER SESSIONS RECORDS FOR THE COUNTY OF SOMERSET Sessions rolls Sessions roll for 1677 Information. 30 May 1677 Repository Somerset Heritage Centre Reference number Q/SR/133/31 Description Evidence given by John Gard of Bishops Lydeard concerning the theft of cabbage plants belonging to Richard Shattock of Bishops Lydeard, that he saw William Govier in the garden of Richard Shattock, and that he saw William Govier and William Palmer in the highway with 4 horses shortly after. JP: John Turberville. Date 30 May 1677 1 document Related material Q/SR/133/24, Q/SR/133/25

This places Richard Shattock on his own property in Bishops Lydeard. Was Richard a tenant farmer? There is no Richard Shattock on the Taunton Deane Tenant list.

How Richard connects to the Staplegrove tree remains a mystery at this point. If no records exist of his birth or marriage, hopefully at some point in the future a new DNA test will reveal the point of attachment.

Branches of the Bishops Lydeard Shattocks

Troy New York Branch

This is a sub-branch of Richard and Ebet. The Troy Shattocks were founded by William Shattock (1814-1884) who left Somerset for Canada when he was a teenager, possibly as an indentured servant. Working as a blacksmith, he moved to the burgeoning industrial city of Troy. But a combination of war, an industrial accident and the birth of daughters was to bring his surname lineage to an end. See node in the Richard and Ebet Genealogy below from which the branch the Troy Shattocks are descended.

Francis and Mary Shattock Branch

There is a very large line of descent of Shattocks in Bishops Lydeard founded by Francis Shattock (1781-1853). The founder is apparently the male heir to a family business in Bishops Lydeard. The founder is Francis Shattock (1781-1853) and his wife Mary Clement (1775-). But he does not have a baptism record that tells us if he is a Richard and Ebet descendant or comes from a different branch of Shattocks altogether.

Because Francis Shattock owned land in Bishops Lydeard, and the rights to land was passed down from one generation to another depending on the nature of the lease, we can be reasonably sure Francis Shattock was descended from long term Shattock residents of the area. I have told his story in a sub-page of this one: Francis and Mary Shattock of Bishops Lydeard.

John Shattock Sub-Branch

There is also a sub-branch descending from Francis and Mary Clements: John Shattock (1799-1893) Shoemaker.

Richard and Ebet Genealogy

Richard may have been the son of John Jr.

John Shattock Jr. ca. 1585 maybe from West Bagborough

Richard Shattock c.1650 marries Ebet


1. Isott or Isatt Shattock 1676- c. 1763 (marries Robert Bryer 2 Dec 1704)

2. John Shattock Sep 15 1678 (marries Mary Brawn 24 Jun 1702)

3. Thomas Shattock Mar 14 1679

4. William Shattock Apr 6 1683

5. Francis Shattock Oct 24 1686-1742 (Mary Rossiter 1694-1763 married Oct 5 1713 in Bishop’s Lydeard)

5.1 Frances Shattock Sep 12 1714

5.2 William and Ann Shattock Dec 13 1719 (married Ann Priest in Bishop’s Lydeard Dec 10 1744)

5.2.1 Francis Shattock 1745-1770 Combe Florey - Bishop's Lydeard

5.2.2 Joseph Shattock 1752-1777 Norton Fitzwarren - Bishop's Lydeard

5.2.3 William Shattock c. 1755 (Anne Furse 1754-) Francis Shattock 1781–1853 (Mary Hawkins 1784–) William Shattock 1807–1881(Mary Salter 1804–)

Francis Shattock 1831–1882

Mary Ann Shattock 1833–1839

Rose Hannah Shattock 1835–1861

George Shattock 1838–1915 (Mary Ann Stubbs 1831–)

Charles Shattock 1843–1844

William Shattock 1845– (Elizabeth Fowler 1847–)

Bessie Sarah Ann Shattock 1874– (Charles Edward Tarvill 1876–)

William Noah Shattock 1875–1914

Isabella Shattock 1878–1961

Agnes Emily Shattock 1879–1971 (George Patrick Dinneen 1880–1971

Alice Shattock 1881–

Elizabeth Shattock 1883–

Sidney Shattock 1884–1974 (Florence Lyndye May 1886–1963)

William Stanley Shattock 1918–1990 (Kathleen E. Dibble)

Geoffrey Francis Shattock 1921–2002 (Peggy N. Jackson 1927–1974)

Gladys Clara Hannah Shattock 1886–1980 John Shattock 1809–1873 (Mary Ann Bridge 1810–1892) Mary Shattock 1813–1878 (Henry Potter 1818-) Ann Shattock 1818– James Shattock 1783–1852 (Elizabeth "Betty" 1781–) Sarah Shattock 1814–1814 Charles Shattock 1819– (Elizabeth Welshford 1815–)

Mary Jane Shattock 1843–1900

Maria Shattock 1845–1846

Louisa Shattock 1847–1921 Mary Shattock 1786– (Thomas Penny 1781-) William Shattock 1787–1871 (Sarah Knight 1790–) William Shattock 1814–1884 (Rebecca Banfield 1811–1886) Troy, N.Y. Shattocks

Frederick B. Shattock 1834–1900 (Elizabeth Allen 1838–1899)

William Shattock 1856–1903 (Anna Richards 1859–1906)

Edith E Shattock 1882–1947 (Wilmont D Curtis 1880–1972)

Maud R Shattock 1887– (William Johnson 1889–1922)

William Shattock Jr. 1839–1860

John B Shattock 1841– (Fanny ? 1852-)

Rebecca E Shattock 1843–1884 (Joseph H Kelley 1839–1908)

Samuel J Shattock 1845–1883

Sarah A Shattock 1847–1919 (Joseph H Kelley 1839–1908 sister's husband)

Harriet Shattock 1850–1927 (Stephen Atlee Hopkins 1845–1945)

Mary S Shattock 1854– George Shattock 1816– James Shattock 1818–1891 (Elizabeth "Betsy" Turner 1818–1892)

Ellen Shattock 1847–1847

Mary Shattock 1850–

Emily Shattock 1851–

William Shattock 1853–

Henry Shattock 1861–1923 (Sarah Ann Spiller 1863–)

Thomas Henry Shattock 1886–1908

Emma Elizabeth Shattock 1888–1944 (Elbert Thomas Pinchard 1886–1967)

Albert James Shattock 1892–1960 (Laura Annie Adams 1884–1970)

John Henry Shattock 1916–1999 (Dorothy May Palmer 1917–1980)

Winifred R. Shattock 1919– (James Bryson)

Frederick A Shattock 1927–2008 (Dorothy Clarke)

Arthur Frederick Shattock 1893–1970 (Edith Alice Laban 1892–1970)

Leda M. Shattock 1919–2009 (Frederick W. Granger)

Mary Shattock 1926–

Arthur Frederick Shattock 1893-1970 (Edith Alice Laban 1892–1979)

Leda M. Shattock 1919–2009 (Frederick W. Granger)

Mary Shattock 1926–

Wilfred Harold Shattock 1896–1968 (Gladys M. Perry)

Gladys Elsie May Shattock 1901–1963 (Frederick M Shattock 1902–1961) Charles Shattock 1819–1903 (Sarah Turner 1820–)

Frederick Charles Shattock 1849–

William Shattock 1851–

Ellen Shattock 1854–

Charles Robert Shattock 1855–

James Shattock 1858– Richard Shattock 1823–1893 (Sarah Goss 1821–1884)

Harriet Shattock 1845–1905 (Thomas Cornish 1846-1901)

John William Shattock 1847– (Elizabeth Yandell 1843–)

Ada Shattock 1872–1946

Bertha Mary Shattock 1874–1976 (Sidney Gould Hutchings 1874–1947)

Florence Addicott Shattock 1881–1938

George Shattock 1881–1953

Mabel Alice A Shattock 1882–1934 (William Breach 1868–1927)

William A Shattock 1885–

Susan Shattock 1851–

Frederick Shattock 1853–

George Shattock 1855– (Emily Saunders 1861-)

Richard Shattock 1858–

William Shattock 1861–1926 (Laura Saunders 1860–1941)

Laura May Shattock 1888– (Robert Edward Stock 1892–1947) Robert Shattock 1825–1895 (Mary Ann Chamberlain 1835–)

Elizabeth Sarah Shattock 1856–1901 (Albert George Golesworthy 1853–1923)

Clara Alice Shattock 1860–1889 (William Billett 1860–1931)

William Robert Shattock 1862–1951 (Jane Elizabeth Taylor 1862–1951)

Robert Charles Shattock 1885–1974 (Mary Ann Fox 1886–1961)

Robert Samuel Shattock 1911–1986 (Marj. Lancaster 1914–1999)

Robert Henry Shattock 1939–

Reginald William Shattock 1913–1975 (Dorothy Ayres 1919–1972)

Sidney Herbert Shattock 1888–1979 (Elizabeth Irons 1893-)

Ethel Alice Shattock 1891–1972

Frederick Ernest Shattock 1867– (Elizabeth Bealing 1864–)

Ellen Mary Shattock 1888–

Elsie Clara Shattock 1890–1906

William Ernest Shattock 1893–1916

Henry Samuel "Harry" Shattock 1870–1956 (Florence Alice "Florrie" Welch 1870–1938)

William Henry Shattock 1890–1986 (May Pretoria Rust 1900–1986)

Edith M. Shattock 1923–1940

John F. Shattock 1931–1931

Frederick Arthur Shattock 1892–

Florence Alice Shattock 1893–1972 (Henry Edward Thomas 1897–1969)

Henry Samuel Shattock 1895–1917

Emily Shattock 1898–1985 (Leonard George Gow 1897–1955)

Edith May Shattock 1907

Alfred James Shattock 1873–

Nellie Shattock 1878–1895 Samuel Knight Shattock 1827–1899

1st wife: Mary Attwell 1829–1854

Robert Shattock 1852–1916 (Mary Jane Sparks 1856–1921)

Henry Shattock 1875–

Lotty Shattock 1876–1941 (James Atkinson Stubbe 1873–1953)

Ida Shattock 1877–

Cecil Herbert Shattock 1881–1970 (Lucy Jane 1880–1956)

Carl Wilfred Shattock 1883–1960 (Flora Kate Anning 1889–1935)

Harold Shattock 1884–

Wilfred Shattock 1884–

Eva Shattock 1886–

Charles Shattock 1854 (Thirza Trevillian 1851–)

Alice Muriel Shattock 1874–1936 (Albert Edward Whiting)

William H Shattuck 1877–

Samuel Charles Shattock 1877–1955 (Elizabeth Jane Jenkins 1878–1945)

William Charles Shattock 1898–1975

Evelyn May Shattock 1901–1971 (Charles R.L. Hill)

Francis Edwin "Frank" Shattock 1885–1956 (Florence Isabel Shattock 1884–1957)

Frederick Stephen Shattock 1888–1964 (Mabel Coles 1887–1955)

Herbert Shattock 1910–

Clifford Stephen Shattock 1911–1983

Ronald Frederick Shattock 1914–1984

Gordon Shattock 1915–

Gertrude V Shattuck 1890–1977 (William W. Langford 1891-1957)

Eva Annie Shattock 1893–1939

2nd wife of Samuel Knight Shattock: Jane Attwell 1831–1905

Amy Jane Shattock 1866– (John Williams 1862-)

Catherine Mary Shattock 1867– (Francis William Bond 1866-)

Gertrude Alice Shattock 1870-1909

Ernest William Shattock 1873–1955 (Emily Mary Avery) New Zealand

Sidney Knight Shattock 1875– (Elizabeth Burrough 1874–)

Sidney Harold Shattock 1898–1979 (Bessie Brown)

Ernest William Shattock 1899–1981 (Ethel W. Hayward)

Clifford Burrough Shattock 1902–1954 (Elsie M. Skinner)

Ivor Cecil Shattock 1904–1995 (Mary L.S. Morgan, Hazel M. Grinter)

Queenie Elizabeth G J Shattock 1906–

Violet Mary Shattock 1909–1994 Elizabeth Knight Shattock 1829–1898 (Richard Jones Radnidge 1821-1883) Joseph Shattock 1790– (Mary Martin 1784–)

Sarah Shattock 1821– Ann Shattock 1795-

5.2.4 John William Shattock 1758-1838 (Jane "Joan" Dyer 1750–) Norton Fitzwarren James Shattock 1786–1856 (Ann Nethey Neathway 1794–1870 James Shattock 1823– (Martha 1822-) William Shattock 1827–1899 (Mary Ann Elward 1823–1900)

Eliza Shattock 1852– (Robert Reed 1851–1917)

Mary Ann Shattock 1854–

Emma Shattock 1856– (James Griffin 1849–)

Isaac Shattock 1858–

Alice Shattock 1866–1940 (William Hartnell 1864–1927) John Shattock 1829–1915 (Anne Quick 1840–)

Elizabeth Shaddick 1864–1906 (Daniel Woodbury 1861–1943)

John Shaddick 1865–1922 (Harriett Elizabeth Chappell 1859–1925)

Annie Shaddick 1868–

Fred Shaddick 1870–1954 (Maria Ashford 1873–1949)

Fred Shaddick 1893–1917

Alfred Henry Shaddick 1896–1931

Lily Shaddick 1898–1992 (Henry John Withers 1901–1989)

Faithful Cronje Shaddick 1900–1978 (Florence Vickery 1899–)

Raymond Fred Shaddick 1922–1941

Barbara Rosaline Shaddick 1927–2004

Dora Shaddick 1902–1943 (John Spiller 1891–1970)

Olive Phyllis Shaddick 1904– (Hector Cyrill Brookland 1906–1972)

Ethel Roslyn Shaddick 1908–1982

Ashford Shaddick 1912–1988 (Olive E Cornall 1914–)

Henrietta Shaddick 1876–1940 (Walter John Figg 1878–1963)

Beatrice Helen Shaddick 1879–

Frances Alice Shattock 1882–

Florence Emily Shattock 1884– Ann Shattock 1834– George Shattock 1836–1891 (Jane Cross 1843–1928)

James Shattock 1866–1925 (Ellen Howard 1872–1956)

Elsie Ethel Shattock 1900–1952 (Warren Lang 1898–1967)

George Edward James Shattock 1902–1962 (Ethel B Hitchcock)

Gladys J Shattock 1930– (Kenneth John Willard 1924–1995)

Valerie A Shattock 1934– (Douglas Geoffrey White 1932–2005)

Winifred Ellen Shattock 1905–1992 (Thomas Charlton)

William Ralph Shattock 1907–1982 (Edith Mary Hurley 1907–1980)

Brian Ralph Shattock 1938–2016 (Dorren E Perry, Helen M Daffin)

Gordon William Shattock 1945– (Rachel R. Trunks 1954–)

Anna Louise Shattock 1978–

George Cross Shattock 1868–1930

William Henry Shattock 1870–1956 (Rosa Booby 1874–1940)

Sarah Anne "Annie" Shattock 1873–1943 (Fredrick William Gamlin 1872–1935)

Eliza Jane Shattock 1876–1967 (Albert John Lambson 1873–)

Emma Shattock 1879–1957 (William Howard 1873–)

Percival Shattock 1882–1939 (Eva Annie Smith 1843–)

Phyllis Eva Shattock 1912–2002 Harriet Shattock 1792– Mary Shattock 1794– John Shattock 1796–

1st wife: Mary

John Shattock 1824–

Robert Shattock 1827–1916

2nd wife: Mary Bridger 1801–

5.2.5 George Shattock 26 Dec 1761 (Mary Kibbe) Norton Fitzwarren William Shattock 1786– Joseph Shattock 1788–1862 (Jemima Nation 1787–1843) George Shattock 1820– (Leah Sully 1821–)

Jemina Susan Shattock 1842–1890

Fanny Shattock 1844–1912

Sarah Shattock 1848–1901 (William Bond 1850–1934)

Matthew Shattock 1850–1912 (Mary Sparks 1848–1932)

Frances Mary Shattock 1878–1943 (Otto Venn Garland 1879–1953)

Sarah Ellen Shattock 1880–

Margaret Louise Shattock 1883– (William Price 1881–)

Edith Annie Shattock 1886–1969 (Arthur Goddard 1885–)

Ruth Shattock 1888–1983 (William Henry Cook 1893–)

Eliza Mary Shattock 1855–1938

Joseph Shattock 1858–1913 (Jemina Shattock 1851–)

William Shattock 1860–1926 (Julia Hurley 1860–1954)

Rosina Mary Shattock 1899–1919

Ellen Shattock 1865–

1st husband: Richard Charles Ellett 1867–1891

2nd husband: George Hartnell 1851–1923 Francis Shattock 1826–1871 (Ann Tarr 1824–)

Francis Shattock 1856–

Charles Shattock 1857–

Jemima Shattock 1860–1925 (Samuel Isgar 1858–1924)

Mary Ann Shattock 1861– (William Thorne 1831–) Ann Shattock 1828–1888 Mary Shattock 1789– George Shattock 1791-- (Mary Budd 1792–1874) temporary placement here Thomas Shattock 1822–1895

1st wife: Sarah Chidgey 1830–1858

Sarah Ann Shattock 1853–1931 (Benjamin Evans 1847–1891)

Selina Shattock 1856–1928 (Evan Thomas 1856–1912)

2nd wife: Fanny Tudball 1833–

Elizabeth Mary Shattock 1860–1919 (Thomas Ridgway 1863–1934)

Alice Shattock 1865–1953 (William Ridgeway 1864–1938)

Clara Fanny Shattock 1866–1938 (Richard Ridgway 1860–1904, James Bullock 1855–1923)

Jane Shattock 1868–

Tom George Shattock 1870–

Florence Ella Shattock 1874–1935 (Stephen Wilkins 1875–1967) Jane Shattock 1824– George Shattock 1826– (Adelaide ? 1832–1886) William Shattock 1829–1905 (Rebecca Newick 1831–1899) Francis Shattock 1832–1893 (Hannah Howles 1825–1892) Anna Shattock 1835– Elizabeth Shattock 1839– Francis Shattock 1797– Mary Shattock 1806–

5.3 John and Grace Shattock Nov 23 1733 (married Grace Stooke in Bishop’s Lydeard Jun 11 1752)

5.3.1 Susanna Shattock Dec 27 1753

5.3.2 John Shattock May 19 1755 died 06 Mar 1780 (same year as siblings)

5.3.3 Francis Shattock Jun 16 1757 died 14 Feb 1780 (same year as siblings)

5.3.4 Thomas and Mary Shattock Nov 19 1758 (married Mary Baker 5 Nov 1781 ) George Shattock Aug 11 1782 (Mary) Thomas Shattock 1814-1893 (Mary King 1827–1875)

1. Sarah Jane Shattock 1855–1871

2. Charles Shattock 1857–1928 (Elizabeth Salter 1856–1939)

a) Herbert Charles Shattock 1883–1954 (1st wife: Olive Littlejohns 1882–1929

Herbert Shattock 1909–1909

Stanley Herbert Shattock 1911–1951

2nd wife: Marguerite Rose Amelie Delpech 1894–1978

b) Ernest Edward Shattock 1883–1961

1st wife: Rose Austen Pratt 1881–1973

2nd wife: Edith Annie Durbin 1889–1964

c) Frederick William Shattock 1886–1918

d) Matilda Mary Shattuck 1887–

e) Edwin Wallace Shattock 1889–1973 (Ivy Sweetland 1894–1979

Richard Howard Shattock 1920–2003(Joyce Irene Springthorpe 1923–)

John Richard Shattock 1947– (Mary E Jesson, Joanne M Morris)

Susan Jane Shattock 1949– (John C. Martin)

Margaret Joy Shattock 1953– (Peter G. Bodington)

Alison Joan Shattock 1960– (Mark A. Crockett)

Leonard Charles Shattock 1922–1989 (Eileen McCarthy 1925–2013)

Andrew David Shattock 1950–

Rosemary J Shattock 1953–

Michael Jonathan "Mike" Shattock 1956–

Clifford William Shattock 1925– (Elsie M. Lester

Wendy J Shattock 1952–

Geoffrey P Shattock 1955–

Gillian Elizabeth Shattock 1966–

f) Sidney Cecil Shattock 1894–1963

1st wife: Elsie Rosa Phelps 1900–1928

2nd wife: Gladys M. Perry 1903–

Vernon Cecil Shattock 1934–1984 (Christina M Izod)

g) Florence Gertrude Shattock 1897–1897

h) Clifford Howard Shattock 1901–1965

1st wife: Irene M Hazeldine 1905–

2nd: Elsie M Hooper

3rd: Dora Hicks

3. Matilda Shattock 1859–1940 (Richard William Trott 1863–1921)

4. Walter Shattock 1862–1940 (Mary Ann Gertrude Summerhayes 1873–1954)

a) Ethel Shattock 1892–1959 (John Lewis Morgan 1893–)

b) Mabel Shattock 1897–

c) Lottie Shattock 1899–1984 (Dudley William Guy-Gibbens 1890–1977)

d) Samuel Charles Shattock 1902–1947 (Rosalie Libby 1903–)

5. Frederick Shattock 1864–1944 Martha Shattock 1785– Thomas Shattock 1787–1857 Martha Shattock Jan 5 1785 Thomas Shattock Sep 23 1787-1857

5.3.5 William and Betty Shattock Sep 26 1760 (married Elizabeth "Betty" Knill 1761-) Richard Shattock Jan 18 1784 (Deborah Burgess 1785–1860) William Richard Shattock 1818–1873 (Sophia Ship 1823–1856)

William Shattock 1842–1843

Susanna Shattock 1844–1908

George William Shattock 1849– (Beatrice Allerton 1861-)

Julia Grace Shattock 1854–1932 (John William Hayward 1857–1929)

William Richard Shattock 1856–1902 John Nelson Shattock 1820-1907 (Sarah Ann Clarke 1825–)

Elizabeth Ann Shattock 1847–1906 (James Douglas Shand 1849–1934)

Sarah Grace Shattock 1849– (William Addison 1851-)

Richard James Shattock 1852–1917 (Harriet Brerton 1849–1923)

Harriett Louise Shattock 1873–1905

Richard John Edmund Shattock 1874–1919

Florence Emily Shattock 1876–1958 (Herbert Walter Mayo 1873–1954)

Alice Julia Shattock 1879–1947

Frederick Shattock 1883–

William G Shattock 1855–

Alfred John Shattock 1857–

Julia M A Shattock 1860–

Henry H. Shattock 1865–

Arthur C. Shattock 1868– Susannah Shattock 1827–1911(Edwin Austin Pomphrey 1826–1882) Susanna Shattock Nov 31 1786 married Phineas White 1779-1864 Grace Shattock July 12 1789 -1807 William Shattock Apr 10 1791 John Shattock 19 Nov 1794 -1874 Mary Shattock Apr 17 1796

5.3.6 Richard Shattock June 6 1762 died 28 Feb 1780 (same year as siblings)

5.3.7 Martha Shattock Dec 27 1763

5.3.8 Rachel Shattock Nov 20 1765 (twin) (same year as siblings)

5.3.9 Leah Shattock Nov 20 1765 (twin) (William Dent)

5.3.10 Mary Shattock Sep 14 1767 (same year as siblings)

6. Elizabeth Shattock Nov 14 1689

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