Shoemakers of Bishop's Lydeard

Albert Shattock b. 1877 and his niece Rhona. Albert was a grandson of Francis and Mary Shattock. Picture courtesy Denise Smith, also a Bishop's Lydeard Shattock descendant.

The Francis and Mary Shattock lineage out of Bishop's Lydeard may be part of an older lineage in the village. See the master page to this one that covers the history of Shattocks in Bishop's Lydeard. I suspect that the name "Francis" is carried down from an earlier founder of the family. This "Francis" founder is apparently the male heir to the family business in Bishop's Lydeard. Francis Shattock (1781-1853) and his wife Mary Clement (1775-). Because Francis Shattock owned land in Bishop's Lydeard, and the rights to land was passed down from one generation to another depending on the nature of the lease, we can be reasonably sure Francis Shattock was descended from long term Shattock residents of the area.

The listing in the Electoral Register for 1832 shows that Francis Shattock owned property over the legal value; he was at least the age of 21 and a male, the requisite qualifications for voting in England at the time. He is probably the surviving male heir to the property among Bishop's Lydeard Shattocks. It is also known that he was also a shoemaker, which raises the possibility he owned a property in the village where he conducted the family business.

Most of the Ancestry trees I have looked at have Francis marry Mary Hawkins not Mary Clements. However there were two Francis Shattocks in the area at the time, one born in Staplegrove in 1781 and the other born about 1778. Staplegrove is only three miles away from Bishop's Lydeard. Francis Shattock born in Bishop's Lydeard married Mary Clement in Bedminster. She was born to William and Sarah Clement 19 Feb 1775. It is a mystery why they married in Bedminster 58 km (36 miles) away. However subsequent generations move back and forth between Bedminster or Bristol and Bishop's Lydeard so there may have been a family connection between these two areas. Certainly it appears that Mary came from a long term family in Bishop's Lydeard as there is a Clements listed on a property document in the period 1678-1751. This might have been a marriage between long established property owners in Bishop Lydeards.

Daisy Alice Shattock (1884-1963), a great granddaughter of Francis and Mary Shattock, through their son Samuel and grandson Isaac. You can tell a lot about the ambitions and self image of successful Victorians by how they pose for photographs and what they choose as props.

In any event it is the marriage dates that seal the deal for me. Francis of Staplegrove marries Mary Hawkins in 1806 in Norton Fitzwarren. Francis of Bishop's Lydeard marries Mary Clement in Bedminster on the 28 of January in 1799. Ten months later Francis and Mary née Clement of Bishop's Lydeard baptize their first child, John Shattock. Mary Hawkins could not be the mother of that child because she was not married for another seven years.

Francis and Mary Hawkins married in Norton Fitzwarren, just over a kilometer west of Staplegrove. Francis Shattock of Staplegrove appears to have a rough life. He was tried and acquitted of possession of stolen property in 1825. On the same criminal register a George Hawkins was tried and acquitted of larceny. Was he a relative of Mary Hawkins? Unlike Francis of Bishop's Lydeard he did not own property. He would die a pauper.

Francis and Mary had six children. Mary named her first born daughter, Sarah, after her mother.

John Shattock 1799–

Samuel Shattock 1802–1847

Sarah Shattock 1804–

William Shattock 1806–

George Shattock 1808–1888

Francis Shattock 1810–

In the 1851 census, at age 63, he is a master shoemaker with two employees, one of whom appears to be his grandson Samuel.

On a subpage to this one there is an account of the descendants of two of them: John and Ann Shattock Descendants

Denise Smith of England is a descendant of Francis and Mary's eldest son. She has provided remarkable pictures of her ancestors.

Francis and Mary Shattock Genealogy

Francis and Mary founded a very large and widespread lineage emanating to places around the world. Here is what I found.

At this point I have not found Francis Shattock's birth record, so I do not know the names of his parents. He and his wife Mary named their first female child "Sarah," which happens to be Mary's mother's name. So if they were following this rule, you would expect the first born son, John, was named after Francis' father. Confirmation of this will have to wait for a document to surface or a DNA test to point to the father.

Mary Clements Shattock lived a very long life, 98 years, from late in the 18th century to late in the 19th century. She would have seen her family flourish and spread, and pass through good times and bad. Some became successful business tycoons, others were in and out of jail. The world dramatically changed from a largely rural, pastoral world to a mobile, industrial world, with many of her children and grandchildren living in cities or overseas.

Francis Shattock c. 1778-1853 (Mary Clements 1775-1873) Bishop's Lydeard

1. John Shattock 1799–1893 Ann Martin 1800– Bishop's Lydeard

1.1 Charlotte Shattock 1826–1827

1.2 Charlotte Shattock 1828–1832

1.3 John Shattock 1832–1900 (Jane Ward 1852–1920) Barry, Glamorgan, Wales

1.3.1 Charles Shattock 1871–1953 Helsdon, Cornwall

First wife: Emma Garner Skipp 1874–1922 Harriet Jane Shattock 1897–1967

Unmarried and unknown father

Doris Amelia Shattock 1920–1994 (1st husband: John Anthony Davies 1920–1990

2nd husband: Ernest Charles Cottrell 1923–1996)

William Frederick Newman Shattock 1922–1998 (Marjory Leask Johnson 1928–1995)

Kenneth Charles Shattock 1923–1976 (1st wife: Ruth Elizabeth Prince 1921–2002

2nd wife: Eileen Minnie 1920–1983)

1st husband: John H Pengelly 1900–1965

2nd husband: John Verbest Harte 1900–1954 Helsdon, Cornwall Florence Victoria Garner Shattock 1900–1983 (John Thomas "Jack" Barker 1898–1985) Burnley, Lancashire Charles Christopher Garner Shattock 1902–1902 Cardiff, Wales Martha Catherine Garner Shattock 1902–1902 Cardiff, Wales Gladys May Garner Shattock 1903–1989

1st husband: Richard Edward "Ted" Fitzgerald 1905–

2nd husband: John Hicks Norwich, Norfolk, England Isaac John Skipp Shattock 1904–1980 (Ada Pollit 1898–1974) Chorley, Lancashire, England

Allan Shattock 1928–1996 (Jessie Latham 1924–2012)

Fred Shattock 1932–1932 Charles Francis Skip Shattock 1906–1982

1st wife: Elizabeth May Fitzgerald 1909–1996) London, England

Joan Resina Shattock 1932–1985 (Donovan Thomas Roberts 1929–1998)

June Patricia Shattock 1936–1983 (Albert F Napier 1936–)

Doreen May Shattock 1939–1939

Second wife: Lilian J James 1883–1953

1.3.2 Ann Martin Shattock 1872–1872 Batty Green, Yorkshire

1.3.3 John Shattock 1873–1939 (Rose Alice Louisa Batchelor 1885–1932) Woolwich, London

1.3.4 Albert Thomas Shattock 1878–1956 (Martha Lane 1880–1949) East Glamorgan, Wales

Gladys May Shattock 1903–1978

1.3.5 Henry Francis Shattock 1879–1971 East Glamorgan, Wales

1st wife: Theresa Beer 1879– Doris Ellen Beer 1900–1989 (Arthur Edward Thomas 1901–2001) Henry Francis Shattock 1903–1985 1st wife: Florence Elsie M Burge 1908–1955

2nd wife: Doreen M Chiplen 1922–1996 West Super Mare, Somerset Edward Charles Shattock 1911–1999 (Nancy D Burt 1911–2004) North Somerset

1.3.6 Martha Catherine Shattock 1881–1902 Barry, Wales

1.4 George Shattock 1836–

2. Samuel Shattock 1802–1847 (Elizabeth Parkman 1804–) Bishop's Lydeard

2.1 William Shattock 1824– (Teresa)

Elizabeth Shattock 1852–

2.2 Mary Shattock 1826–1908 (Joseph Ford 1829–1909) Bridgwater, Somerset

2.3 Charlotte Shattock 1829–1832 Bishop's Lydeard

2.4 Jemima Jane Shattock 1830–1896 (Job Herniman 1826–1914) Bridgwater, Somerset

2.5 Francis Shattock 1833–1910 (Charlotte Davis 1835–1894) Avon, Gloucestershire

2.5.1 Francis Shattock 1856–1933 (Emily Payne 1859–1932) Bristol

Edmund Frank Shattock 1880–1952 (May Sarah Milton 1883–1959) Bristol

Herbert Sidney Shattock 1881–1933 Bristol

Elsie Shattock 1884–1964 (Arthur John Tilley) Bristol

Edward Shattock 1886–1929 (Jane Annie Clarkson 1882–1963) Bristol

Charles Percival Shattock 1893–1962 (Jane Annie Clarkson 1882–1963) Hendon, Middlesex

2.5.2 Sidney Shattock 1860–1940 (Harriet Houghton 1863–1943) Bristol

Lillian May Shattock 1885–

Alice Louisa Shattock 1886–

Ellen Frances Shattock 1889–1942 (William John Ellis 1872–1958) Stallingborough, Lincolnshire

Sidney Oliver Shattock 1891–1940 Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

Frederick Stephen Shattock 1894–1917 France WW1

Victor William Shattock 1897–1975 (Edith Harding –1983) Bristol

Arthur V S Shattock 1924– (Phyllis Irene Todd 1916–1999)

Gillian Shattock 1954–1954

Kenneth Frederick Shattock 1928–1992 (Jane J Tyler 1933–)

Margaret D. Shattock 1934– (Barrington John E Bullen 1934–2001)

Winifred Kathleen Shattock 1905– (Elcoksore)

2.5.3 Edwin Shattock 1861–1908 Bristol

2.6 Samuel Shattock 1837–1875 (Mary Ann Rexworthy 1838–) Taunton, Somerset

2.6.1 Anna Maria Shattock 1857–

2.6.2 Samuel George Shattock 1861–1863 East Stonehouse, Devon (military base?)

2.6.3 Eliza Shattock 1863– Stonehouse, Devon (military base?)

2.6.4 William H Shattock 1866–

2.6.5 Adelaide Shattock 1869–

2.6.6 Albert Samuel Shattock 1870–1929 (Emily Perry 1871–1939) Taunton, Somerset

William Henry Shattock 1899–1918 France WW1

Ivy Adelaide Shattock 1902–1972 Tiverton, Devon

Samuel George Shattock 1904–1984 Taunton, Somerset

Ernest Edward Shattock 1904–1976 (Edith Annie Durbin 1889–1964) Taunton, Somerset

Stanley Albert Shattock 1907–1964 (Dorothy Pearl Wyatt) Taunton, Somerset

Clifford Frederick Shattock 1909–1997 (Edith M Kinglake) Taunton, Somerset

Winifred G Shattock 1913–1994 (Francis Jelfs) Worcester, Worcestershire

2.7 Isaac Shattock 1840–1898 (Mary Stone 1836–1922) Taunton, Somerset

2.7.1 Lewis Shattock 1858–1889 (Alice Sarah Barton 1861–1897) Bishop's Lydeard

Daisy Alice Shattock 1884–1963 (1st: Joseph R Winter 1894–1971, 2nd: Norman Arthur Glenton 1906–1981)

2.7.2 Mary Jane Shattock 1860–

2.7.3 William Shattock 1863–

2.7.4 Charles Shattock 1866–

First wife: Jane Harriet Humble 1861– Charles Shattock 1887– Frederick Mark Shattock 1889–1961

Second wife: Elizabeth Horler 1862– Herbert Shattock 1895–1970 (Florence Emma Hodder 1900–1954) New Forest, Hampshire

Esme Joyce Shattock 1922–1995 (James Montgomery 1923–2008)

Ernest Beven Shattock 1925–1998 Mary Elizabeth Shattock 1901–1979 Weston-super-Mare, Avon

2.7.5 Fred Shattock 1868–

2.7.6 Mark Shattock 1870–

2.7.7 James Shattock 1873–1943 (Sarah Jane Edwards 1873–1954) Bristol Harold James Shattock 1898–1972 (Hilda Maude Manning 1899–1987) Bristol

Doreen Shattock 1926– Gladys Violet Emily Shattock 1900– (George Norton) Percival Charles Shattock 1903–1965 Bristol William Francis Shattock 1906–1986 Bristol Dorothy May Shattock 1910–1987 (Percival Hamilton Bachelor 1906–1961) Bristol

2.7.8 Levina Elizabeth Shattock 1875–

2.7.9 Samuel Shattock 1878–1962 (Bertha Elizabeth ? 1874–) Taunton

Beatrice Lily Shattock 1901–1992 (Herbert James Waddon 1914–1960) Taunton

Frederick Mark Shattock 1902–1961 (Gladys Elsie May Shattock 1901–1963) Taunton

Samuel Shattock 1905–1976 (Edith Phyllis Larway 1906–1982) Taunton

Bertha Dorothy Shattock 1910–

2.8 Charles Shattock 1843–1898 (Elizabeth D Mitchell 1842–1933) Bridgwater

2.9 Charlotte Shattock 1845–1875 Taunton

3. Sarah Shattock 1804– (James Hembrew 1804–1854)

4. William Shattock 1806–

5. George Shattock 1808–1888 (Rahel Hearn 1808–1900) Taunton

5.1 Lewis Shattock 1831–1910 Gloucester, Gloucestershire

First wife: Elizabeth Cocks 1832–1871

5.1.1 John Shattock 1853-1913\ (Annie Maria Shattock 1850–1919) Woolwich, London George F. Shattock 1877– (Emily Carter 1878–1975)

Joan Marion Shattock 1913–1999 Christopher H. Shattock 1880– (Edith Laband Mason 1882–1966)

5.1.2 George Shattock 1862–1916 (Ada Wright 1872–1956)

Second wife: Sophia Thomas 1825–1886

5.1.3 Lewis Shattock 1861–

5.1.4 Walter Shattock 1865– (Mary ? 1872–)

5.1.5 Christopher Shattuck 1868–1930 (Mary Jane Beekes 1870–1905) Dover, Kent Louis Christopher Shattock 1887–1968 Ada Kate Seath 1884–1970

Edith Dorothy Shattock 1909–1978 Oxford

Evelyn Barbara Shattock 1912–1992 (George Edward Charter 1913–1976) Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

Gladys Margaret Shattock 1913–2000 (Ian Blackshaw) Teignmouth, Devon

George Christopher Shattock 1920–1969 (Betty E Smith) Surrey Mid eastern, Surrey Eveline Edith Shattock 1890–1978 (George Walter Codd 1883–1937) Torbay, Devon Elsie Eliza Shattock 1891–1972 (Thomas William Miller 1888–1960) Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

Third wife: Alice Sarah Reeve 1852–1929

5.2 Elizabeth Shattock 1833–

5.3 Henry Shattock 1839–1915 Charlotte Knapper 1833–1914 Whitney, Oxfordshire

5.3.1 Henry Charles Shattock 1866–1937 (Mary J Savings 1863–1927) Ploughley, Oxfordshire Oscar Henry Harold Shattock 1893–1938 (Ivy Susannah Bateman 1890–1966) Northampton William Gilbert George Shattock 1894– (Reginald T James) Victoria Vida Shattock 1897–1983 Sandford On Thames, Oxford Victor Lionel Shattock 1897–1962 (Kathleen E Prince) Oxford

5.3.2 George Shattock 1867–1941 Whitney, Oxfordshire

5.3.3 Ellen Elizabeth Shattock 1870–1955 (John Burgin 1860–1911) Whitney, Oxfordshire

5.3.4 Charlotte Shattock 1873–1952 (John William Hedges 1873–1921) Whitney, Oxfordshire

5.3.5 Hannah Maria Shattock 1877–1970 (Frank Morris 1877-) Tiverton, Devon

5.4 Walter Shattock 1842– Mary Ann Snow 1843–1880

5.4.1 Emily Anna Shattock 1865–1941 Totnes, Devon

5.4.2 Francis Shattock 1867–1950 San Bernardino County, California (Asylum)

5.4.3 Hannah Shattock 1871–

5.4.4 George Shattock 1871–1947 (Mathilda Lousia Galay 1863–) Cardiff, Wales

Francis Charles Shattock 1897–

George Edward Shattock 1898–

Stanley Maurice Shattock 1900–1972 (Florence V Mercy) Cardiff, Wales

Matilda Shattock 1903–

Christopher Shattock 1906–

5.4.5 Herbert Henry Shattock 1873–1908

5.4.6 Edward Shattock 1877– (Elizabeth Forbes 1893–1981) New York

Isabella Taylor Shattock 1914–

5.4.7 Frederick M Shattock 1878–

5.5 Hannah Hearn Shattock 1845–1925 (John Shortt 1857–) Eton, Buckinghamshire

5.6 Rahel Hearn Shattock 1849–1934 Taunton

5.7 Christopher Shattock 1851–1918 (Hannah Maria Roulan 1851–) Swansea, Wales

5.7.1 Henry Walter Shattock 1871–1948 (Margaret Pentland 1870–1955) Swansea, Wales

Christopher Augustus Shattock 1893–1949 (Eleanor Thomas)

Henry Walter Shattock Jr. 1897–1972 (Doris K Davies)

William Stanley Shattock 1905–1991

5.7.2 Florence Mary Shattock 1874–1961 (Herbert Price 1867–1931) Neath, Wales

5.7.3 Christopher John Shattock 1876–1976 (Louisa Higgs 1877–1956) Merthyr Tydfil, Wales

Esther Maria Shattock 1900–

Horace Christopher Shattock 1902–1988 (Florence E Counsell) Cirenchester, Wiltshire

Stanley James Shattock 1903–1981(Alice Williams) Cirenchester, Wiltshire

Mabel Louise Shattock 1906–1969 (William Price) Caerleon, Wales

Doris Irene Shattock 1909–1990 (Dudley D Knight) Pontypridd, Wales

5.7.4 Gertrude Annie Shattock 1878–1965 (John George Howell 1885–1970) Llanelly, Wales

5.7.5 Catherine Louise Shattock 1884–1976 (Edward Dendle 1884–1959) Cardiff, Wales

5.7.6 Lilian Maud Shattock 1884–1967 Cardiff, Wales

6. Francis Shattock 1810–