John Shattock (1799-1893) Shoemaker

I would like to thank Denise Smith for permission to use the photos on this page.

John Shattock (1799-1893) was the first born son of Francis Shattock (1778-1853) and Mary Shattock (1775-1873) née Clements.

There is a baptism record of John Shattock born about 1799 to Francis and Mary Shattock in Bishop's Lydeard. But there is also a death of a John Shattock in 1831 at the age of 32. This cannot be the John Shattock who died in 1893 in nearby Bridgwater. (Again, his death date and place is not certain.) So why have I made John born in 1799 the son of Francis and Mary? Because he was a cordwainer (shoemaker). He was the first born son of Francis, who owned a shoemaking business and property in Bishop's Lydeard. He would pass on his property to his first born son. It was the law. Francis' second son Samuel was a blacksmith.

These are not sufficient grounds for declaring absolutely John Shattock (1799-1893) was the son of Francis. But I think I must have the right John Shattock because the small village of Bishop's Lydeard was too small to sustain two shoemakers. There is still the possibility the John was a relative and not a son of Francis. It was common practice for shoemakers to provide apprenticeship opportunities to their young relatives.

John Shattock married Ann Martin, a local woman, in Bishop's Lydeard in 1826. Both of them could sign their own names, which suggests they came from families who could afford to send them to school.

They had four children. The first child, Charlotte was born 24 Dec 1826 and died 8 months later. They named their second child Charlotte as well. She was born in 1828. She is probably named after a relative, perhaps Ann's maternal grandmother. If that is the case then the naming of their third child John (1832-1900) is significant, because the convention was to name the first male child after the paternal grandfather. There are numerous Johns in the Bishop's Lydeard parish registers. That strengthens the case for making John the son of Francis, who also named his own first born son John.

Sadly the second Charlotte only lived four years. The fourth and final child was born in 1836. He was named George. This is another very common name in the Bishop Lydeard parish records. Perhaps he was named after John's uncle George (1808-1888) who was also a shoemaker. Certainly John would have worked beside his uncle in his father Francis' shop. I have outlined George's genealogy at the bottom of the Bishop's Lydeard page, lineage 1.4. His descendants appear to have stayed in and around Bishop's Lydeard, with a few moving to Devon.

John Shaddock Jr.

I will focus on John Shattock (1832-), son of John and Ann. That's because we have wonderful family pictures from Denise Smith, who is a descendant of John Shattock, Jr. Denise has studied her family genealogy for several decades. Her tree shows the same line of descent as I have shown from Francis and Mary.

Jane Ward, wife of John Shattock. The picture was taken in Cardiff, Wales.

John Jr., even though he was the first born male, did not enter the family business of making shoes. By the middle of the 19th century when John came of age, shoes were beginning to be made in factories and individual shoemakers could not compete. Significantly in the case of other Shattockes who made shoes, they seem all to have left the trade about this time, or left England to pursue the trade in the colonies.

John Jr.'s carpentry skills seemed to have led him to work all over England. That might explain why he married a woman from Llangatock, Wales, Jane Ward (1852-1920).

One can get an idea of how much he moved around from where his children were born. Charles, born in 1871 was born in Ormside, Westmorland England. Ormside is in the north west of England. Ann Martin was born the next year in Batty Green in Yorkshire. She died at one month of age. John was born in Ormside the next year. Albert Thomas was born in Newport, Wales in 1878. Henry Francis was born in West Hoathley, Sussex the next year. Martha Catherine was born in 1881 in Thringwell, Leicestershire.

On the left is Charles Shattock (1871-1953), son of John Jr., who worked for the railroad all his life.

Charles Shattock in his finest.

I do not have any evidence for it, but I think John Jr. might have worked for the railroad. That is based on the fact that a couple of his sons worked for the railroad. These jobs tended to be hereditary.

There is no death record for John Shattock Jr. but I am pretty sure he died in 1881. His last child was born in that year. And Jane Ward remarried to James Beer (1854-). The Shattock children would grow up with four half siblings, three boys and a girl.

Denise Smith is descended from Charles Shattock (1871-1953), John Jr.'s first born son. You see him in the picture proudly standing in front of a train (he is on the left). In the next picture you see a man of dignity who has done well in life. He was part of the burgeoning middle class.

Harriet Jane Shattock (1897-1967) was Denise Smith's grandmother. She married twice.

He married Emma Garner Skipp (1874-1922) Dec. 26. 1892 in Cadoxton-Juxta-Barry, Wales.

They had seven children. (They and their descendants are listed under 1.3 at the bottom of the Bishop's Lydeard page.)

Here they are, out for a walk.

Gladys May Shattock (1903-1989) was married twice, first to a soldier, Richard Edward Fitzgerald (1902-), then to John Hicks, who she had a child by, Henry Charles Edwin "Harry" Shattock (1920-2002).

Isaac John Skipp Shattock (1904-1980), Ada Shattock née Pollitt (1898-1974), Charles Frances Skip Shattock (1906-1982), and Irene Proudfoot née Barker. Isaac John and Charles Frances were the two youngest children of John Jr.

John Jr. had a son he also named John (1873-1939). He was born in Ormside, Westmorland and died in Woolich London. He is seated on the left beside his friend. He married Rose Alice Louisa Batchelor (1885–1932).

I don't know why I like this picture so much. This is Albert Thomas Shattock and his niece Rhona. They appear to be enjoying a walk and a talk. He must have been a good talker because he was a publican. He owned a pub in Weston super Mare, Somerset.

He married Martha Lane (1880-1949) in Cardiff, Wales. They had a daughter Gladys May Shattock (1903-1978).

Thank you Denise Smith for sharing this visit with your family.

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