Hurleyville, NY Shaddocks

The founder of this branch of the Shaddock family, Thomas Shaddock, a farmer, provided information to a census taker in 1920 that the was born in Austria in 1880 and arrived in America in 1908, when he was 28 years old. Thomas Shaddock apparently arrived with his wife "Helen" born 1888, and child "Siga" born in 1908 in Austria. In two subsequent census records his birthplace is entered as Poland. Since the ancient Shattocke family has been traced back to the south west of England and DNA studies indicate a late medieval common ancestor, we must speculate that Thomas Shaddock actually had Polish surname when he arrived that an immigration official rendered as "Shaddock." This needs to be confirmed by a DNA test because it is still possible that a member of our family came off a ship in Poland and had a descendant born there in 1880 called Thomas Shaddock.

The first born child's name provides a possible clue to the family's origin. When you examine the actual 1920 census form, you see that the transcription to "Siga" is incorrect. The first letter of the name is "L." But cannot be "Liga" since that name does not appear to exist. Apparently it was an unsuccessful attempt to record a Polish name. By the 1925 New York census Thomas and Helen had renamed their child "Elijah."

Further evidence of the Polish origin of the family is the fact Elijah had a son Donald E. Shaddock that would apparently lose his mother when he was young because in the 1940 census he is found living with his father and grandparents and no mother. Then he is found living with the Thieczorck family and identified as a grandson. Were Thomas and Helen Shaddock part of a local Polish community?

Whatever the case may be, "Liga" is not an English name, which probably rules out the possibility that the Shaddock family arriving on a ship in 1908 in New York was from England via Poland or Austria. A DNA test of a descendant will help clear up the mystery of the origins of the family. My best guess was that the family had a Polish last name that was anglicized to Shaddock, since there were a lot of Shaddocks in New York state.

Here is the family genealogy.

Thomas Shaddock 1880- (Helen 1888- )

Elijah W Shaddock 1908–1958 (Thieczorck)

Donald E. Shaddock (1931-2013)

Roy W. Shaddock 1909–1981 (Treva R. Rutledge 1910–1979)

John Thomas Shaddock 1910–1988 (Beatrice Leona Space 1913–1966)

John Thomas Shaddock 1933–1933

Dorothy Shaddock 1936–

Mary Lou Shaddick 1940–

John Thomas Shaddock Jr 1948–1975 (Jane A Lawrence 1948–)

Paige E. Shaddock 1966–

Leigh Shaddock 1970–