Birmingham - Michigan Shattocks

Mary Gower provided many of the pictures and information to this page. Carole Wray provided information and arranged to have her uncle Leslie Shattock conduct DNA tests.

Agricultural worker's pants from the early 19th century. The story of a hard life in the fields is told in these pants and its patches. The material looks very tough and strong. Pants are at Norfolk Museum.

When we conducted a DNA test of Leslie Shattock's lineage it came back as a surprise. We were expecting it would show he was a Staplegrove Shattock descendant. Instead the test showed that Leslie Shattock belonged to the major Shattocke branch Y29591, which includes the Virginia Shaddocks, the Milverton - New Zealand Shattocks and the Wellington - Australian Shattocks. Ken Shattock, who has a well-documented Staplegrove Shattock genealogy, is a very distant relative.

This branch of the Milvertons separated early from the other branches, around about 1610. It is an outlier as all the other branches have the Y29589 SNP, indicating the other branches had a common male ancestor not shared by the Birmingham Michigan Shattocks. We have to go back a couple of generations to find common ancestor of Milverton Shattocks so far tested. That common ancestor is Thomas Shattock (b. 1610) and his wife Dorothy Britt.

The paper trail for this branch runs reliably back to Robert Shattock (1771-1842). He was born in Runnington, and he married Rachel Ashford (1781-1858) in Milverton, another longtime Shattocke village. All six of their children were born in Milverton. Robert was an agricultural laborer. The fact he lived in Milverton is interesting because he is genetically closely related to the Milverton and Wellington Shattocks.

One of Robert's sons, James Shattock (1823-1880), had five sons who emigrated to America, four to Detroit and one to Fall River in Massachusetts. Another son, James Shattock 1851-1924, moved away from Somerset to Birmingham. A granddaughter, Florence "Florrie" Shattock 1887–1979, married and emigrated to Australia. They part of the exodus of Shattockes from Devon and Somerset in the 18th century, scattering to the former and contemporary British colonies.

Mary's direct ancestor among the children is Robert Shattock (1814-1884). In 1838 Robert married Sarah King (1814-1910) in nearby Milton. They had eight children, all born in Milverton. In the 1841 census Robert describes his occupation as agricultural laborer. Their children are in school. In the 1861 census he describes his occupation as "stone carrier." His 19 year old son Levi is a carpenter and his namesake, Robert, 14, is a carpenter's apprentice. His other children are in school. He describes his occupation as "lime burner" in the 1871 census at age 57. Lime is used for a variety of purposes, including in masonry and lime lights in theaters, and as fertilizer in agriculture.

Robert dies in 1884. Sarah lives to age 95, living on her own means in the 1901 census. She died in 1914.

Julia Henrietta Shattock (1866-1949) was Robert's first born. She was living with her mother and grandparents when she was five. Her father was moving between London and Clifton at this time, working as a carpenter. In the 1881 census, at age 15, she was working in an urban industry: she was a book folder. She married John William Stoner (1866-1949) when she was 21 at St. Olave's in Southwark, London. I wonder if she knew the Taunton Shattocks who had settled there?

Mary's direct ancestor in this lineage is again a son called "Robert," who lived between 1844 and 1909. We first encounter him as a carpenter's apprentice in the 1861 census. Four years later, at the age of 20 in 1865 he marries Matilda Jane Palfrey (1844-1899), who was born in nearby Bishop's Lydeard to a father whose occupation was "laborer." The place of marriage is Clifton, now a suburb of Bristol. That is a long way from their home towns. Since their first child's birth was registered in Taunton, Somerset, the family was based in Milverton. In fact my studies of other Shattock lineages indicates Bristol and nearby villages attracted a lot of west Somerset Shattocks to live and work their. Possibly they were among relatives when they married in Clifton.

Sometime between the birth of their first child in 1866 and the second child in 1868, Robert Shattock moved to London. He must have been doing job work, because his third son, Walter Shattock (1872-1897), was born in Clifton.

In the 1881 census he is back in London, living in Paddington. If you look down this alley, you will see where he was living with his family. His job was "joiner." A joiner is an artisan who builds things by joining pieces of wood, particularly lighter and more ornamental work than that done by a carpenter, including furniture and the "fittings" of a house, ship, etc. A joiner usually produces items such as interior and exterior doors, windows, stairs, tables, bookshelves, cabinets, furniture, etc. Robert Shattock had made the transition from his father's occupation of agricultural worker in the fields of Somerset to an urban worker in industrialized London.

Sarah Jane Shattock (1877-1945) worked as a servant. She was a cook. She is sitting in the picture. The woman standing and the child on the bicycle are unknown. She married Henry Dodd in June of 1918 in Paddington.

Ethel Alice Shattock (1881-1958) married Daniel Lewelyn Laing (1860–1942) at the age of 29 in Paddington. He was born in Scotland. In the 1901 census we learn he was working as a house painter and she was working at home as a dressmaker "on her own account." She may have married comparatively late for her time, but she made up for lost time. She and Daniel had 11 children.

Robert and Matilda lost their son Walter, who had been working as a general laborer, to "circulatory thrombosis," a blood clot, when he was 25.

At age 56 Robert Shattock is still living in Paddington and tells the 1901 census taker he works as a carpenter. His son Frederick Shattock (1887-1952) is living at home and working as a news agent's assistant.

Ethel's husband Dan Laing with his daughter Ivy and his daughter-in-law May. He was twenty-one years older than Ethel but he does not look it, does he?

Florence Shattock's husband Edward Jones during his stint in Malta in the first World War.

Carole's direct ancestor was Florence Shattock (1885-1979). At the age of 20, in 1905, she married Edward Jones (1883-1937), a printer (his father was also a printer). They had Robert, Ethel, Walter, Albert, Doris, Jim, Harry, Christopher, Fred and Sydney Jones. He had served briefly in the Royal Field Artillery in 1904-1905, before he bought his way out of the army. Is it because he had married Florence in 1905?

Edward re-enlisted in 1913. Bad luck. The next year the first World War started at the end of July in 1914. By 1914 they had had a child every two years and when the war broke out, he and Florence had five children. He was shipped to Malta at one point. Nervous times for a woman with five children. When he returned in 1918 there was another child and four more to come.

Florence Shattock and her five children in 1915.

Florence with her daughters Ethel (left) and Doris (right) in 1945. Doris is Mary's mother.

Doris Louise Jones (1914-1998) at age 17 in 1931.

Doris married Harry Barber (1907-1998) on the 28 of November in 1931.

They had six children. Mary was one of them.

Wedding of Doris and Harry Barber 1931.

New Years Eve many years later. Six children later...


This family branch has been shown to descend from a common ancestor designated by the shared mutation, Y29590, Thomas Shattock born about 1610. The genealogical paper train above Robert Shattock (1767-1842) is not certain, but the DNA evidence and the birthdate of 1771 of Robert Shattock in Runnington, makes it the suggested paper trail highly likely. The descendants of Robert Shattock appear to have scattered to various places in Somerset, north to Birmingham and over the sea to Michigan. I have provisionally named the family Birmingham - Michigan Shattocks, reflecting where a large segment of the descendants moved to.

Robert Shattock 1771–1842 (Rachel Ashford 1781–1858) (b. Runnington - d. Milverton)

1. Elizabeth Shattock 1804–1871 (John Burston 1803–1874)

2. Mary Shattock 1807– (Joseph Phillpot)

3. Charlotte Shattock 1810–1859 (Robert Wyatt 1817–1883)

4. Frances Shattock 1810–1812

5. John Shattock 1812–1886 (Jane (Wright) Morphet 1809–1882)

5.1 Jane Shattock 1845–

6. Robert Shattock 1814–1884 Sarah King 1814–1910 (Milverton)

6.1 Frances "Fanny" Shattock 1834–1874 (Henry Lock 1845–; Henry Musgrove 1836–1864)

6.2 Thomas Shattock 1835–1842

6.3 Levi Shattock 1841–1909 (Mary Jane Addicott 1836–1922) (Milverton)

6.3.1 Lillie Shattock 1864–1946 (Benjamin R Slape 1866–)

6.3.2 Tom Shattock 1866–1936 (Eliza Jane Palmer 1863–1937; Jane Hutchinson Lusty 1866–)

6.3.3 Kate Shattock 1868–

6.3.4 Frank Shattock 1870–1953 (Minnie More 1880-)

6.3.5 Emma Jane Shattock 1876–1957 (Frederick Joseph Hawkins 1876–1936)

6.3.6 Richard Addicott Shattock 1877–1958 (Catherine Annie Ware 1880–)

Hilda Eileen Shattock 1908–1982

6.3.7 Florence Addicott Shattock 1881–1972 (Ernest Cornelius Jowling 1883–1949)

6.4 Robert Shattock 1844–1909 (Matilda Jane Palfrey 1844–1899) (Milverton - London)

6.4.1 Julia Henrietta Shattock 1866–1949 (John William Stoner 1865–; Thomas Cook 1865–)

6.4.2 Minnie Alice Shattock 1868–1871

6.4.3 Walter Shattock 1872–1897

6.4.4 Sarah Jane Shattock 1877–1945 (Henry Dodd)

6.4.5 Ada Frances Shattock 1879–1883

6.4.6 Ethel Alice Shattock 1881–1958 (Daniel Lewelyn Laing 1860–1942)

6.4.7 Florence Shattock 1885–1979 (Edward Jones 1883–1937)

6.4.8 Frederick Shattock 1887–1952 (Edith Louise James 1882–1966)

Fredrick Norman Shattock 1910–1999 (Phyllis Agnes Watts 1915–1990)

6.5 Frederick Shattock 1847–1883 (Harriet Penny 1850–) (Milverton - Wellington)

6.5.1 Margaret Helena Shattock 1870–1940 (Henry King 1873-)

6.5.2 Samuel Shattock 1872– (Elizabeth Coles 1868-1907) not married

Ernest George Coles 1893-1974 (Shattock NPE)

6.5.3 Harriet Shattock 1874– (Henry Pugsley 1871–)

6.5.4 Louisa Shattock 1876–1884

6.5.5 Robert Shattock 1879–1922 (Bessie Raffill 1879–)

6.6 Emily Shattock 1851–1943 (Thomas Reed 1855–1931)

6.7 Lucretia Shattock 1853–1901

6.8 Walter Shattock 1854–1939 (b. Milverton - d. Taunton)

First wife: Elizabeth Chidgey Dyte 1859–

6.8.1 Frederick Shattock 1890–1979 (Sarah Annie Dyer) (Milverton - Exeter, Devon)

Vera Marjorie Shattock 1913–1994 (Leonard C. Horsford)

6.8.2 Ethel Florence Shattock 1892–1952 (Walter G. Poole)

6.8.3 Herbert Shattock 1895– (Edith Knott 1895–) (Milverton - Taunton)

William Raymond W Shattock 1922–1987 (Lilian M.R. Lynch)

6.8.4 Marjorie Shattock 1899–1963 (George Leyton)

Second Wife: Martha E. Shattock 1859–1881

6.8.5 Henry James Shattock 1880–1915 (Alice Gibbs 1883–) (b. Milverton - died in war Gallipoli, Turkey)

Walter Benjamin Shattock 1908–1997 (Alice M Akhurst 1910–) (Stonehouse, Devon - Surrey)

Alice May Shattock 1910–1993 (Kendrick George Ellis 1911–1975)

Henry James Shattock 1912–

Frederick H. Shattock 1914–1919

7. James Shattock 1817–1818

8. Fanny Shattock 1820–1

8.1 Edward Gooden Shattock 1843–1893 (Elizabeth Pipe 1837–)

8.1.2 Florence Elizabeth Shattock 1875– (Thomas Ralph 1870-)

9. James Shattock 1823-1880 Hannah Hartnell 1817–1903 (moved from Milverton, Somerset to Bridgwater, Somerset)

9.1 Sarah Jane Shattock 1847–1929 (Charles Giles 1844–1907) Milverton

9.2 William Shattock 1849–1919 (Harriet Nurse 1852–1906) Milverton - Detroit, Michigan

9.2.1 Lillian Shattock 1875–1928 (John Anderson Blackburn 1876–1951)

9.2.2 Rosa May Shattock 1877– (Carl Plambaeck 1880–1936)

9.2.3 Olive Irene Shattock 1880–1973 (Kern K Summers 1871–)

9.3 James Shattock 1851-1924 (Alice Hill 1858–1922) Bridgwater - Birmingham

9.3.1 Alice Maud Shattock 1885–1963 (Christopher Benjamin Bryan 1884–1944) Birmingham

9.3.2 Florence "Florrie" Shattock 1887–1979 (William Charles Houldey 1881–1956) Box Hill, Australia

9.3.3 James Shattock 1890–1948 (Lilian May Tittley 1891–1986) Birmingham - Smethwich, Staffordshire

James Thomas Harry "Jim" Shattock 1921–2005 (Grace Ethel Mordey 1926–2004)

Walter John Shattock 1923–2003 (Lucy Mabel Stain 1933–1984)

Lilian Alice Shattock 1927–2011(Leslie James Kelly 1925–2002)

9.3.4 Walter Shaddock 1891–1933 (Violet Ruth Hopley 1888–1926) Birmingham - Detroit Michigan

Edward W Shattock 1915–

James Henry Shattock 1916–1987 (Edna May Mason 1920–1991)

9.3.5 Henry "Harry" Shattock 1898–1951 (Polly Broomfield 1898–) Birmingham

Alice E. Shattock 1925–1966 (Victor Edward Clifton 1895–1972)

Lilian Rose Shattock 1927–2002 (Leonard Maitland Stokes 1926–1992)

Henry "Harry" Shattock 1930–1981 (Clara Swingle 1930–)

Margaret Shattock 1935– (Derek A. H. Williams)

9.4 Edward John Shattock 1853–1929 (Louisa Bale 1852–1934) Milverton - Fall River, Massachusetts

9.4.1 Florence Louisa Shattock 1875–1954 (Alfred Warhurst 1863–1942) Bridgwater, Somerset

9.4.2 James Walter Shattock 1877–1940 (Molly Hendrickson 1885–1972) Bridgwater, Somerset - Fall River, MA USA

Florence Shattock 1904–

9.4.3 Bertha Idella Shattock 1884–1978 (Lester T Hathaway 1880–1952) Fall River - Dighton MA

9.4.4 Mabel J Shattuck 1884–1916 (Arthur Franklin Dean 1888–1968) Fall River, MA

9.4.5 William Henry Shattock 1889–1948 Rhode Island

9.5 Walter E Shattock 1855–1931 Milverton - Detroit, Michigan

(1st wife) Fannie Amelia Lusty 1861–1918

9.5.1 Ella Shattock 1880– England

9.5.2 James Edgar Shattock 1881–1967 ("Minnie" Szczypula 1886–1963) Bridgwater - Detroit, Michigan

Hilda Caroline Shattock 1912–2002 (Newland Bambard 1909–1975)

Ann Jane Shattock 1914–1999 (Grover C Woodruff 1911–1989) Macomb, Michigan

9.5.3 Hilda Blanche Shattock 1882–

9.5.4 Dulcie I Shattock 1884– (James Stringfellow 1876-)

9.5.5 Robert E Shattock 1886–1914 (Martha M. Podley 1884–1967) Columbus, Michigan

Ruth J Shattock 1910–1910

Henrietta F Shattuck 1913–

9.5.6 Grace Shattock 1890–

9.5.7 Frederick Woolfenden Shattock 1892–1952 (Helen M. Gove 1894–) Eloise, Michigan

Wanda Louise Shattock 1912–1991

Annabelle Gertrude Shattock 1914–

(2nd wife) Emma L Russell 1856–1932

9.6 Mary Ann Shattock 1857–1918 (Theodore Henry Hook 1853–1922) Bridgwater, Somerset

9.7 Thomas Shattock 1862–1936 (Jane Hutchinson Lusty 1858–1923) Bridgwater - Detroit, Michigan

9.7.1 Ray Evrett Shattock 1885–1948 (Catherine Kage 1886–) Detroit, Michigan

Stanley Herman Shattuck 1908–1908

George Shattock 1910–1987 (Julia L. Morna 1914–1979)

Donald T Shattock 1936–

Howard C. Shattock 1911–1996 (Grace V. Seab 1910–1985)

Sandra K Shattock 1938–

Catherine F Shattock 1915–2012 (Edward Kostin 1914-)

Earl Ray Shattock 1917–2001 (Barbara Jean Armstrong 1923–2016)

Dorothy Lee Shattock 1920–2005 (Norbert Joseph Russelit 1916–1956)

9.7.2 Winifred Shattock 1887–1948 (John Charles Armstrong 1887-)

9.7.3 Clifford Hindemill Shattock 1890–1948 (Helen Bankert 1891-) Detroit

9.7.4 Annabel Shattock 1893–

9.7.5 Florence B. Shattock 1896–1972 (Echo Hawkins Bovee 1892–1954)

9.7.6 Leland Bruce "Lee" Shattock 1897–1987 (Dorothy Gooch 1900–)

Blanche Rhoda Shattock 1921–2005

Robert Daniel Shattock 1924–1996

9.7.7 Thomas Palmer Shattock 1900–1911