William Albert Shaddock (1856-1939) and the Macon County, Illinois Brothers

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William Albert "Willie" Shaddock (1855-1939) was born in Sparta, Caroline County, Virginia, the second son of James Archibald Larkin Shaddock (1825-1901). The Virginia Shaddocks page details the history of his ancestors. On the page is a family tree. You will also see that I have documented two main Virginia Shaddock lineages, one that descends from Mordecai Shaddock (1795-1823), and the other that descends from his older brother Larkin Shaddock (1793-1826). Willie's ancestor is Larkin.

The prairie outside of Decatur, Illinois

It is all about brothers. Willie's older brother James Marshall "Jimmy" Shaddock (1848-1931) left the family farm when he was twenty-one and heeded the call to go west to found his family at the frontier. (See the page devoted to him here.) In those days it was Macon County, Illinois. I am not sure exactly where Jimmy Shaddock made his farm, but you can get a pretty good idea of the country from the above view just outside of Decatur, Illinois.

Willie and his wife Mollie. This is a wedding photo so the year is probably 1888. He probably took this picture to send to his relatives back east. He looks like a respectable young man who had the example and success of his older brother to emulate.

We don't know when Willie followed his brother out to Illinois but it was sometime before 1888, because that is the year he married Mary Elizabeth Steele (1863-1937). My guess is that he worked on his brother's farm until he got enough money together to start his own family. So he was probably in Illinois in his early twenties. In the 1900 census he is living on his own farm, but it appears to be a rented farm. In the census forms he filled out up until his retirement, he always worked a rented farm.

Willie and Mary had seven children. The first born, Edna Shaddock, tragically died when she was was five years old.

These are their children and the spouses:

Edna Shaddock 1888–1893

Elva Anna Shaddock 1889–1928

James Archibald "Archie" Shaddock 1891–1981 (Mary Abigail Cutter 1889-1985)

Edwin Harlan Shaddock 1894–1977 (Virginia Edit "Vergie" Davidson 1892-1968)

Nina S Shaddock 1896–1980 (Ellis White 1892-1966)

Lillian "Lillie" Shaddock 1899–1980 (Fred Eugene Knowles 1897-1943)

Paul Steele Shaddock 1902–1988 (Elsie Kiziah Atkinson 1900–1990)

The sophomore class at Illinois State University in 1909 when Elva was 20. She studied to be a teacher. I am not sure which student she is in the picture.

Elva Anna Shaddock 1889–1928

Tragedy was to strike again when their second daughter, Elva, died at the age of 38. She was a school teacher. She was attending a school conference when she came down with a flu. Then she developed pneumonia, was rushed to the hospital and died. She was really well loved by her students and their parents. They cancelled classes at her school in Decatur on the day of the funeral so that her fellow teachers could attend her funeral. Her obituary described her as having "a lovable disposition." It must have been difficult for Willie and Mary to lose a second child that was capable of so much love and care.

In 1934 the Chambers Motor Co. was a new Ford dealer in Des Moines Iowa.

James Archibald "Archie" Shaddock 1891–1981

We find Arch Shaddock in Des Moines, Iowa at age 22 working as a bookkeeper at D M Electric Co. (Des Moines Electric?). He may have gone to college or university in Des Moines as he had two years of college, possibly in accountancy. In the 1920 census he was rooming at the house of Benjamin Van Dyke, owner of a local theater. On Aug. 12 of 1922, at the age of 31, he married Mary Abigail Cutter (1889-1985), who was a stenographer at the D M Electric Co. Looks like an office romance, doesn't it? Abigail had a year of college. There was a thriving automobile industry in Des Moines at this time, and it is possible that it was job opportunities that drew Arch Shaddock and the Cutter family there. There was even electric cars manufactured there. Abigail did well at the electric company, rising to manager. In the 1930 census we find Arch working as a credit manager at a hardware company and Abigail working as a private secretary at a hardware company. Abigail's brother Robert (age 33) was living with them and they had a servant. Arch's salary was $3000, about $41,000 in today's dollars. Abigail was earning $2400 ($33,000 in today's dollars). They had no children. In 1950, at the age of 59, Arch is working for the Chambers Motor Co. Abigail is not listed as employed. Chambers was at 1215 Locust and sold Fords, Mercurys and Lincoln-Zephyrs. Arch died at the age of 89 in 1981. Abigail died four years later at the age of 95.

Edwin and his wife Vergie are on the left and right side of the picture. The bald man in the middle is Albert Warner. He married their daughter Mary seen kneeling on the ground. The man standing beside Edwin is Emmet Hardwick who married their daughter Kitty. The young man with the glasses is Eugene Warner.

Edwin Harlan Shaddock 1894–1977

Edwin Shaddock was working for his father on his farm when he was 16 in 1910. Around five years later we find him in the 1920 census living 25 km (16 mi) due south in Prairieton, married to Virginia Edit "Vergie" Davidson (1892-1968). They had a three year old child. Edwin was living in rented accommodation working as a farmer. Ten years later he is living in Cerro Gordo, just east of Decatur, in rented accommodation on a farm. He apparently remains in Cerro Gordo farming for the rest of his life. Vergie dies at age 74 in 1968 and Edwin dies at age 83 in Pana, Illinois, probably at the home of one of his children. He had two girls and a boy.

The three children from the left: Mary, Kitty and Rolland.

Mary Elizabeth Shaddock 1916–1995 (Elbert Seth Warner 1910–1994)Kathleen J "Kitty" Shaddock 1923–(Emmitt Taylor Hardwick Sr. 1928–2002)

Rolland Edwin Shaddock 1925–2011 (Joan "Jo" Burns) (Bebe)

Kitty grew up to face difficult times in her life when her husband abandoned her. He was convicted and imprisoned for doing so.

Rolland "Shad" Shaddock

Rolland Shaddock

Edwin's son Rolland was a talented inventor and very successful businessman. We have this obituary of his life:

On Oct. 1, Roland "Shad" Shaddock celebrated his 86th birthday at Saddleback Memorial Hospital with wife, Bebe, and friends. On Oct. 2, surrounded by his pastor and family, he joined his parents, Virginia (Davidson) and Edwin Shaddock, and his sister, Mary (Shaddock) Warner, in their heavenly home.

Born and raised on a farm near Cerro Gordo, Ill., Shad served in the Army Air Corps as a radio operator on Santa Maria Island in the Azores. After World War II, he attended the University of Illinois, graduating in 1951 with his degree in mechanical engineering.

He began his career at Dunbar Kapple in Batavia before Myers-Sherman Company in Streator hired him. While there, he designed the Vactor 2100, a machine noted for its pneumatic and hydraulic technology and featured on The Discovery Channel's "Incredible Machines." A version of it is still produced at Vactor Manufacturing, a subsidiary of Federal Signal Corporation. Shad held 12 patents for a variety of innovations developed throughout his career.

On business, he traveled worldwide, spending much time in India. He advised government and grain industry officials, assisting them with modernization programs. He trained operators to use equipment he invented. When Peabody bought Myers-Sherman, he was promoted to corporate vice president of engineering. He shared ownership in and operated VIP International, a service company for heavy equipment.

In 1994, he and wife, Bebe, moved from Illinois into their Laguna Woods home in California. He remained interested in Vactor Manufacturing and served as an expert witness in cases related to the Vactor.

Nina S Shaddock 1896–1980

Nina married a farmer (Ellis White 1892-1966) and stayed in Illinois. She had a son, Bernard (1931--).

Lillian "Lillie" Shaddock 1899–1980

Like her sister Elva, Lillian became a teacher after attending college for two years. In 1925 she married Fred Eugene Knowles (1897-1943) who was a local farmer. The marriage produced no children. Apparently the marriage ended, because in the 1940 census we find Fred living in a rented house with his parents. Lillian is living with her brother, uses her maiden name and states her status is "single." She never remarried.

Robert Lee Shaddock in a class photo at the University of Illinois

Paul Steele Shaddock 1902–1988

Paul left school after grade 7 and worked on his father's farm. He married Elsie Kiziah Atkinson (1900–1990) in 1931. He was a farmer all his life. He and Elsie had two children: Arline Shaddock (1934–) and Robert Lee Shaddock (1936–1992). The picture at left shows Robert Lee in a class photo at the university of Illinois. He was continuing a tradition of education in his family, as he had two teachers as aunts, an uncle with an engineering degree and an uncle with a degree in accounting.

Edwin Shaddock and his grandchildren, Janet and Eugene Warner

Edwin Shaddock

I think this is the family we like to think helps form the backbone of early America. They were born of pioneers to a new country in Virginia. They went west to seek new land and new opportunities. They lived in small town America, went through wars and a devastating recession, and when industrialization threatened their traditional occupation as farmers they sent their children to school to acquire the new skills required by a changing world.

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