Culmstock Shaddocks

To find where this branch of the Shattocke tree sits in relation to other Shattockes, click on this link to the Experimental Shattocke Phylogenetic Tree.

The following tree shows the current status of the research into the family's history. I should caution that the diagram has not been validated by DNA testing and constructs the tree from records that may not be complete. If the image is bleeding off the right edge, click on the image to see it in its entirety.

Notice the "End of Family Name" indications. I suspect that other branches of the family will emerge from obscurity over time.

I would like to thank Chris Tweed and Penny Shaddock for their contributions to this page.

Culmstock, the Village

CULMSTOCK, a parish in the hundred of Hemyock, in the county of Devon, 6½ miles N.E. of Cullompton, and the same distance from Wellington, its post town. It is situated on the river Culme, about 4 miles distant from the Tiverton Junction station of the Great Western railway. The village is considerable, and many of the inhabitants are engaged in the woollen mills. The living is a vicarage in the diocese of Exeter, value £250, in the patronage of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter. The church is dedicated to All Saints, and contains a stone screen. The charities amount to £13 per annum. Fairs are held on the 21st May and 1st October.

The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland (1868)

Culmstock is a particularly important Shattocke village in Devon because records show it has been occupied by Shattockes since the early part of the 17th century. It is also located near the boundary between the counties of Somerset and Devon in the Culm Valley. This makes it a natural juncture point between the Shattocks of Somerset and the Shaddocks and Shaddicks of north Devon. In fact in some cases Shaddocks born in Culmstock moved to Somerset and became Shattocks and vice versa.

Culmstock Shaddocks regularly moved from Culmstock in Devon to Wellington in Somerset almost due north on the map.

If you would like to take a virtual tour of this pretty little east Devon village, I'll drop you off at All Saint's Church, which was undergoing renovation when Google passed through. If you look carefully at the bell tower you will see a tree growing out of the top of the tower. That Yew tree has been there over 200 years, which means it was there when Shaddocks were married in the church. See if you can find the narrow stone bridge that unites the two halves of the village across the Culm river.

Virtual tour

The descendants of William Comstock (born 1595) believe he emigrated to the colonies from Culmstock, mostly I gather based on the similarity of the names. He arrived around 1637 and bought land in Connecticut. If it is true he was from Culmstock, then this is a first record of the immigration of Culmstock residents to the English colonies. I suspect many of the people dangling off of the tree I constructed from the village records might have followed the Comstocks.

The earliest Shattocke record in the Culmstock parish was the marriage of William Shatocke (sic) to Mary of unknown last name in 1631. We can be pretty confident that William and his family are the founders of the Culmstock Shattockes because the Protestation Return of 1641 shows that the sole Shattocke adult male living in Culmstock was "William Shattocke."

The Protestation Return records the oaths allegiances of males over the age of 18 "to live and die for the true Protestant religion, the liberties and rights of subjects and the privilege of Parliaments." It was devised at a time when there was a great deal of unrest in the kingdom, threatening the Protestant Reformation. Long before census records were first adopted in England, the Protestation Return acted as a kind of census.

A Culmstock wedding in 1912 between Eveline Simmons (1886-1970) the daughter of Sarah "Kate" Shaddock (born 1865) and Fred Rowe (1886-1968).

Although you cannot rely on parish records to accurately account for the people living in a village, especially as early as the 17th century, other Shattocke families are scarce in Culmstock early in its history. The one or two families I cannot trace back to William and Mary may just be missing a record link to them.

The genealogy of William and Mary Shattocke can be found at the bottom of this page. What you see is a lot of Shaddocks of Culmstock leaving the village, mostly moving to Somerset or London.

The connection to London might have something to do with the fact that before the industrial revolution Culmstock was a center for weaving and woolen mills. There would have been commercial ties between London and Culmstock that go back at least as far as the 13th century when England was exporting woolen textiles to the continent through London. The mill and the service industries associated with it would have produced trades people who would find a market for their skills in London. Family ties might have formed between the city and the village.

The industrial revolution had a devastating effect on the village, essentially destroying weaving and woolen trade in the village. In 1891 it had 957 residents. In 2011 the village had only 554 people left living in it. In the 1939 Register there were only 3 Shaddocks and 4 Shaddicks living in the district of Tiverton, that includes Culmstock.

Culmstock Branches

These are the branches that I have discovered so far. I expect this to expand in the future.

Wellington, Somerset Shaddocks

David J. Shaddock (1935-), a Culmstock descendant, was born in Wellington, Somerset, only 8 km (5 mi) from Culmstock. His father George F. Shaddock was born there in 1911. His great grandfather, John James Shaddock 1876, was born in Uffculme, 4.5 km (2 mi) from Culmstock and moved to Wellington. His great, great grandfather, Robert Shaddock (1842-1926) was born in Culmstock.

London Shaddocks

An example of the migration out of the village is James Shaddock, born in 1767 in Culmstock to Robert Shaddock (1726--) and Ann Andrews. At some point he moved to London because we find he married Mary Minard or Maynard in London on May 27, 1800 in St. Marylebone when he was 33 years old. He was a carpenter, perhaps a skill he picked up working in a woolen mill in Culmstock. This would have made it easier for him to make the transition to London. This is research conducted by his descendant Chris Tweed who provides a family genealogy of the Culmstock Shaddocks in London. The genealogy you see associated with James Shaddock below was carefully reconstructed from the records by her. If you have any additional information about this family, please contact me and I will pass your message on to Chris.

The South African Shaddocks

A branch of the Culmstock Shaddocks migrated to London and then on to South Africa. Their story is told in a sub-page off of this one.

The Saltash Shaddocks

A branch of the Culmstock Shaddocks migrated to the Plymouth, Devon area. They became a very prominent family. Their story is told in a sub-page off of this one.

DNA Testing

I have only been able to examine the results of DNA testing for one Shaddock descendant. As it turns out it was a descendant of John Shaddock, born in 1830, who moved from Culmstock to London.

The test examines the male Y-chromosome, so it is used to trace paternity back through time. When the test results came back the descendant did not match any Shattockes! It took me some time to sort out why it did not.

After looking through the records I realized that an ancestor of John Shaddock, who some researchers had thought was named Edward Thomas Shaddock, was in fact named Edward Thomas, i.e. last name Thomas. He was born about 1680. At that time middle names were very rare, especially in rural Devon. The mother of his child was Jane Shattick, born 1683, daughter of Robert Shaddocke (b. 1635) and granddaughter of the Culmstock patriarch, William Shattocke (ca. 1610). Her son Edward Shaddock, born in 1704, was born out of wedlock.

Another clue was the Christian name of the father and son. "Edward" was a very uncommon Christian name for North Devon Shattockes.

A check of the records indicated that there were a lot of people with the last name of "Thomas" living in Culmstock at this time. There is a will of Edward Thomas of 1767 where he is described as a "yeoman," a man of property. Edward was a very common name in Thomas families. There is an Edward Thomas whose will is dated 1656. He was a weaver. There is no record I found for a son or grandson, but an Edward Thomas is married in 1742 in Culmstock. I would bet that the Edward Thomas, the father of Edward Shaddock, is related to these individuals.

So why would the child's baptism be recorded with Edward Thomas named as the father, while christened with the mother's surname? The local parish authorities would have conducted an inquiry to determine the unborn child's father, because they did not want the cost of her care and her child's care to drain the parish charity coffers. Edward Thomas would be obligated to support the child, who by custom was given the mother's name, not the father's name.

A single test of a Edward Thomas descendant is not conclusive because the NPE (non-parental event) could have occurred in subsequent generations. So I am hoping another descendant of Edward Thomas and Jane Shaddock will agree to be tested. The actual odds of any given sample coming back negative is 3%, so a second test from a different line of descent from Edward Thomas would be pretty convincing.

As it turns out, the Edward Thomas lineage of Culmstock Shattockes appears to be one of the most prolific branches. One of the ways I measure that is to see how many descendants of any particular line can be found building trees on Not many for Culmstock Shaddocks! And you will notice in the Genealogy section below that a lot of individuals seem to be missing spouses or they have spouses but no children. I wonder if the loss of the livelihood of many Culmstock residents in the woolen trade might have caused young people to move some distance from the village, perhaps overseas. If you are descendant of a Culmstock family not represented in the following genealogy, I would certainly like to hear from you.

Culmstock Shattocke Genealogy

This genealogy has been pieced together from the parish records found at Culmstock and some other sources. I may have placed some descendants in the wrong place or there may be some people that moved to Culmstock and are descendants of more distant common ancestors. Caveat emptor!

William Shattocke abt. 1610 (Mary)

1. George Shaddick 1633– (unknown) Culmstock

1.1 George Shaddick 1666–

1.2 William Shaddick 1666– (Joane Searle) Culmstock

1.2.1 George Shaddock 1698–

First wife: Rachel Manning

Robin Shaddock 1723–

Second wife: Ann Richards

1.2.2 Elizabeth Shaddick 1701– (Charles Shaddock b. 1693) (married her 4th cousin, see below for children)

1.3 John Shaddick 1669–1673

1.4 Joane Shaddick 1679–

2. Robert Shattocke 1635– (Elizabeth) Culmstock

2.1 Elizabeth Shaddocke 1667– Culmstock

2.2 Robert Shaddocke 1668– Culmstock

2.3 Mary Shadock 1670–1678 Culmstock

2.4 James Shaddick 1672– (Marie) Culmstock

2.4.1 Robert Shaddick 1693– Culmstock

2.4.2 Charles Shaddock 1693– (Elizabeth Shaddick b. 1701) (married his 4th cousin, see above) Culmstock Robert Shaddock 1726– Culmstock

1st wife: Mary Milton

2nd wife: Ann Andrews Mary Shaddock 1764– Culmstock George Shaddock 1766– (Mary Potter) Culmstock Robert Shaddock 1787– Culmstock George Shaddock 1792–1871 (Sarah Cop 1792–) Culmstock Robert Shaddock 1815– Culmstock George Shaddock 1823– Culmstock Mary Shaddock 1823– Culmstock William Shaddock 1830– (Sarah Furbear 1834–) Culmstock

William Shaddock 1860–

Elizabeth Ann "Bessie" Shaddock 1862–1951 (Charles W. Salter 1860-1919)

Robert Shaddock 1864–

Sarah "Kate" Shaddock 1865– (Frederic Isaac Simmons 1864-- )

George Shaddock 1872–1942 (Mary Ann Troake b. 1877)

Dorothy May Shaddock b. 1902 (Herbert Cornish)

James Shaddock 1878– George Shaddock 1838– Culmstock

First wife: Mary Ann Veals 1845–

Herbert Shaddock 1882--

Eliza Shaddock 1871–

Frederick M Shattock 1877–

Wabert Shaddock 1884–

Second wife: Mary Ann Stubbs 1838– Elizabeth Shaddock 1797-1871 (Benjamin Hope Bidgood 1793–1886) James Shaddock 1767–1832 (Jane Mary Maynard or Minard 1777–1815) London Ann Shaddock 1804–1869

Jane Shaddock 1823-1824 Mary Jane Shaddock 1805–1843 married George Harbridge 1802–1879 Robert Shaddock 1809–1809 John Shaddock 1812–1865

1st Wife: Sarah Laurent 1810–1848

James John Shaddock 1832–

Emma Jane Shaddock 1834–1895 (Frederick Dolbear 1834) (Henry Berridge 1827)

Charles Shaddock 1835–

Mary Jane Shaddock 1836–1876 (George Drage 1845-)

Elizabeth Shaddock 1839– (Henry Moore 1840-)

Sarah Shaddock 1841–1908 (James Johnathan Linford 1840-1900)

Thomas Shaddock 1843–

Frances (Fanny) Shaddock 1844–1935 (Robert Henry Gorham 1870-)

2nd Wife: Mary Ann Taylor 1808–1889

John Alfred Shaddock 1858– Robert Shaddock 1771– (Elizabeth Manfield 1769-) Culmstock Mary Ann Shaddock 1791– Betty Shaddock 1795– James Shaddock 1799-- (Grace Moon 1799–1874)

James Shaddock 1823–

Elizabeth Shaddock 1827–

Mary Ann Shaddock 1830–1913 (Benjamin Ackland 1824-)

John Shaddock 1833–

Jane Shaddock 1836–

Emma Jane Shaddock 1845–1873 (William Loney 1843–1905 William Shaddock 1773– (Mary Otway) James Shaddick 1728– Elizabeth Shaddock 1734– William Shaddick 1738– Mary Shaddick 1740–

2.4.3 Robert Shaddick 1695–

2.4.4 Anne Shaddick 1697–

2.4.5 Elizabeth Shaddick 1701–

2.5 Charles Shaddick 1675–

2.6 Barbara Shaddick 1678– (George Hill) Culmstock

2.7 George Shaddick 1680– (Frances Davy) Culmstock

2.8 Jane Shattick 1683-- (Edward Thomas) Culmstock

2.8.1 Edward Shaddock 1704-- (Jane) Culmstock John Shaddock 1731– Mary Denman 1740– Culmstock Thomas Shaddock 1762–1765 Culmstock Mary Shaddock 1763–1844 (Matthew Luttley) Culmstock John Shaddock 1765– (Sarah Potter 1755–) Culmstock John Shaddock (1783-) (Sarah Case 1785-) Bradninch, Devon William Shaddock (1728-1799) Saltash (near Plymouth, Devon)

William Cane Shaddock 1852–1933 (Mary "Grace" Lander 1853–1924) Guildford, Surrey

Grace Aurora Shaddock 1876–1891

William Henry Shaddock 1877–1956

Sydney Shaddock 1878–1921

Flora Prideaux Shaddock 1880–1880

John Prideaux Shaddock 1881–1956

Thomas Lander Shaddock 1883–1964

George Ewart Shaddock 1885–1943

Robert Benwell Shaddock 1890–1971

Clifford Gladstone Shaddock 1894–1949

Florence Shaddock 1855– (Joseph Pryor 1853--) Plymouth

John Prideaux Shaddock 1856–1939 (Lavinia Radden 1861-) Plymouth

Thomas Shaddock 1857–1929 (Augusta Mary Fair Underhay 1856–1920) Plymouth

Sarah Cane Shaddock 1859–1946 Saltash

Elizabeth Prideaux Shaddock 1861–1948 (Edmund H. Martin 1859–1945) (Guildford, Surrey) James Shaddock 1792–1879 (Jane Pennington 1804–1877) Culmstock Mary Jane Shaddock 1827–1916 John Shaddock 1830– (Louisa Stacey 1829–) London

William Oliver Shaddock 1858–1937 (Mary Ann Graham 1860-1929) Surrey

Louisa Alice SHADDOCK 1878–1927

James William SHADDOCK 1880–

Rose Mary Shaddock 1887–1968

Elsey SHADDOCK 1890–

Frederick John Shaddock 1891–1951

Alice Louisa Shaddock 1893–1972

Lydia Violet SHADDOCK 1897–99

Walter Cyril SHADDOCK 1899–1974

William Oliver Shaddock 1900–

Oliver Charles Shaddock 1860–

Alice M. Shaddock 1863–1907

Emily Jane Shaddock 1864–1893 Sarah Shaddock 1834– William Shaddock 1837– (Anne Cross 1839–) Wimbledon, Surrey

Emma Cross 1871–

Matilda Jane Shaddock 1874–1954 (Fred Stanborough 1875–1920)

Louisa Susan Shaddock 1876–

William Albert Shaddock 1881– (Kathleen ? b. 1877) Wimbledon Robert Shaddock 1842–1926 (Elizabeth Jones 1846–) Wellington, Somerset

John James Shaddock 1876– (Hannah Mills b. 1878)

George F. Shaddock 1911-1960 (Dorothy Mary Bond 1911-1999)

David J. Shaddock 1935- (Margaret Jean Matthews 1938-)

Sandra R. Shaddock 1936-

Michael D. J. Shaddock 1938--

Mary Ann Shaddock 1877–

Maria Shaddock 1877–1968 (John Chilcott b. 1910)

Sarah Jane Shaddock 1880– Edward Shaddock 1768– Simon Shaddock 1775–1847 (Susanna Jones 1771–1847) Culmstock

John Shaddock 1798–1878 (Hannah Glass 1793-1870)

Mary Shaddock 1829–1889

Robert Shaddock 1832–

Elizabeth Shaddock 1834–

Jane Shaddock 1836

Robert Shaddock 1805–1874 (Mary Ann Radford 1809-1891)

Sarah Shaddock 1844-1916 (Charles William Alford 1858-1915)

Elizabeth Shaddock 1811–1831 Jane Shaddock 1775– Sarah Shaddock 1775– (Isaac Pennington) Samuel Shaddock 1736– Martha Smith 1737– Mary Shaddock 1760– (James Dyer 1756–1835) James Shaddock 1763– (Mary Lock)

Jane Shaddock 1790– (John Tooze)

Mary Shaddock 1791–

Thomas Shaddock 1794– (Ann Perry 1788–)

Susanna Shaddock 1815–

Mary Shaddock 1819–

James Shaddock 1821-

(1st wife Harriet Coleman 1815–1880)

Isabella Shaddock 1849–

Edwin Shaddock 1851–

Harriet Lydia Shaddock 1853–1922

(2nd wife Eliza Townsend 1853–1937)

James Shaddock 1882–1962

Stuart John Shaddock 1884–1961

John Shaddock 1823–1896 (Harriet Milton 1827-1889)

Ann Shaddock 1824–

Jane Shaddock 1830– Elizabeth Shaddock 1764– Samuel Shaddock 1768– Nicholas Shaddock 1774– Robert Shaddock 1774– Jane Shaddock 1741–

3. William Shaddick 1640–(Jane Charland)

3.1 George Shaddick 1674–

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