Eggesford - Chulmleigh Shaddicks

Drawn by R. Brown, engraved by M.Bevan, published 1833

"Eggesford House, Devonshire, the seat of the Honourable Newton Wallop Fellows (sic) MP to whom this plate is most respectfully inscribed by the proprietors, London, R Jennings W. Chaplin, 1833". This is the new Eggesford House, built c. 1830 in the adjacent Wembworthy parish, whilst the old Eggesford House was situated next to Eggesford Church in Eggesford parish.

A good example of the spread of Shaddicks from North Molton to other areas is that of the descendants of Robert Shaddick, born sometime before 1690 in North Molton, who settled in Eggesford and nearby Chulmleigh.

Eggesford is a manor and does not have a village associated with it. In 1850 it had only 168 inhabitants and comprised 1216 acres. Nearly all the property was owned by the lord of the manor, Newton Fellowes.

Robert Shaddick bef. 1690 (Elizabeth Tepper 1690–) North Molton

1.1 Anne Shaddick 1713–

1.2 John Shaddick 1718–

1.3 Robert Shaddick 1722-1790 (Mary Davy 1735–) South Molton

1.3.1 Robert Shaddick 1758–1758

1.3.2 Robert Shaddick 1759– (Agnes Tucker 1760–) North Molton William Shaddick 1781– (Elizabeth Woolway 1818–) Eggesford

Lewis W Shaddick 1838– Mary Shaddick 1783–1854 Ann Shaddick 1784–1787 Elizabeth Shaddick 1785–1791 Ann Shaddick 1787– Robert Shaddick 1789–1862 (Mary Ann Richards 1791–1852) Chawleigh - Eggesford Eliza Shaddick 1814– (Richard Ponsford 1814–) Chulmleigh Ann Shaddock 1816–1820 Elizabeth Shaddick 1817–1900 Chulmleigh - Eggesford

First husband: Thomas Mist 1794–1853

Second husband: George Sloman 1810–1894 Ann Shaddock 1820– Robert Shaddick 1823– (Elizabeth Sharland 1828–) Chulmleigh Mary Shaddick 1826– (John Ware 1824–) Chulmleigh John Shaddick 1830– Sarah Shaddick 1835– (Richard Badcock 1828–1887) Eggesford Elizabeth Shaddick 1791– Agnes Shaddick 1793– Maria Shaddick 1794– Susanna Shaddick 1797–1873 Eggesford (William Pike 1797–1844, John Philips 1804–1868)

1.3.3 Mary Shaddick 1761–

1.3.4 Philip Shaddick 1763– (Elizabeth Hill 1770–) North Molton

Philip Shaddick 1805–1887 (Mary Smith Ridge 1813–) South Molton - Barnstaple

1.3.5 Anne Shaddick 1765– (William Brayley 1765–1836)

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