Fremington Shaddicks

To find where this branch of the Shattocke tree sits in relation to other Shattockes, click on this link to the Experimental Shattocke Phylogenetic Tree.

The Fremington Shaddicks are a branch of the North Molton Shattockes.

Every branch of the Shaddock family has its champion who has tirelessly and patiently pieced together his or her ancestral tree from scattered and obscure records. This is certainly true of the branch that I call the Fremington Shaddicks. That tireless family genealogist is Philip Mustoe, a Shaddick descendant. The genealogy on this page is almost entirely due to his efforts. Clive Shaddick contributed to the research by having his YDNA tested. My thanks to his contribution.

Charlotte Grace Shaddick (born 1814) was a granddaughter of John Shaddick. She was born in Plymouth, Devon. She was sister to the "Scottish Giant."

DNA studies have revealed the close family ties between the North Devon Shattockes, and this is the case with the Fremington Shaddicks. Philip Mustoe already suspected this from the fact there were a lot of Thomas' and Philips' in both lineages, suggesting recent family ties. He has been working on the Fremington Shaddick lineage for 20 years. When Philip Mustoe at long last discovered the birthplace of the founder of this family, John Shaddick (1851-1827), it opened up a paper trail all the way back to North Molton, which is the founding village for Shattockes in Devon. (See the North Molton Shattockes page.) The DNA studies certainly indicate a close family heritage among Devon Shattockes. But in the end it was old fashioned genealogical detective work that found the link. It was a witness to a Instow marriage who provided the compelling evidence that John Shaddick was born in Fremington.

The common ancestor of Yarnscombe Shattockes and Fremington Shaddicks is Thomas Shattick, who married Syblie Thorne in 1567 in North Molton. The DNA results show that both Yarnscombe and Fremington Shattockes belong to the same family tree branch called FGC43713. That formed about 1570, so the DNA results offer solid confirmation of the paper trails.

Additional evidence is that North Molton is the only village in early parish records where "Shattick" or "Shatticke" is found. And the genealogies of people with the subsequent spelling, "Shaddick," all seem to trace back to North Molton.

The founder of the Fremington family is John Shaddick (1751-1827), who who died in the village of Westleigh. But it is the record of his marriage to Mary Knill (1749-1826) in 1775 in Instow that is the thread that binds John Shaddick of Instow to a birth in Fremington. A William Slocombe is witness to the marriage. According to Philip Mustoe, William Slocombe also witnessed the marriage of Mary Knill's sister Susannah in 1781 (which is how he finally determined which Mary knill was the right one, out of a choice of 3!) And William Slocombe is probably the same William Slocombe who married Mary Shaddock, spinster, in 1763 in Fremington. This suggests he was close member of the family that threads John Shaddick back to his birth in Fremington. His wife Mary Shaddock was probably born in Yarnscombe in 1738, the daughter of Charles and Elizabeth.

You get a very good idea of how close together the villages Shattockes lived in from this map. The distance between Fremington and Yarnscombe is 10 km or 6 miles.

Fremington was historically a bustling port before the trade and the Newfoundland fishery faded and the Taw river silted up and ships became too big to navigate up the river from the Channel. It is only 3 miles from Instow. It happens also to be the village where Shattockes from Yarnscombe settled. Thomas Shattocke was born about 1680 to Richard and Agnes Shattocke of Yarnscombe, and married in Alverdiscott, but his marriage record states that he was from Fremington. In fact he was quite mobile, having four children in Alverdiscott between 1704 and 1711, then twin sons in Yarnscombe in 1715, then two sons in Instow between 1718 and 1722, a son in Fremington in 1724 and finally a daughter Agnes in Horwood in 1728.

We need some perspective to understand why Shattockes gravitated to the coast in the late 17th century and early 18th century. We have an eye witness of the state of north Devon at that time. The author of Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Dafoe, a London-born merchant and writer, published an account of a tour through Devon in 1724 and 1727. South Devon impressed him but be thought that north Devon was wild, barren and poor. Those are the eyes of an urbanite whose nightmare scenario was a man stuck on a barren island with just a ripped shirt on his back.

Frederick William Rendell Shaddick (1813-1854) might be the most famous Fremington Shaddick who has ever lived. In the U.S. he was known as "Randall the Scottish Giant," although his name was Frederick Shaddick and he was born in Instow, Devon not Scotland. He was a giant among men. He is said to have been seven feet four inches and weighed around 400 pounds. He and his equally tall wife Jane Gray (1812-1854) were stars in P.T. Barnum's Barnum and Bailey Circus. His story is told under the famous menu.

The merchants along the coast of Devon in such towns as Bideford, Instow, Fremington, and Barnstaple, were involved in trade with the English Massachusetts Bay colony and the fishery at Newfoundland. In the 17th century it was a migratory fishery, meaning fishing boats crossed the Atlantic in the spring to fish, salted and dried them to preserve them, and then came back in the fall with their catch to the ports along the north Devon coast. This created jobs in ship-building, supplying ships with food, beverages, fittings and other supplies. In the last decade of the 17th century, the war between the Massachusetts Bay colony and New France (modern Quebec and Nova Scotia), including the Battle of Quebec, damaged the economy of north Devon. The English navy demand for seamen had depleted the fishing fleet's labor force, trade was disrupted and the French damaged the Newfoundland fishery.

The War of the Spanish Succession between 1702 and 1713 brought the English fishery at Newfoundland to its lowest point, killing the largest market for English salt cod in Spain, Italy and other countries under Spanish domination. At sea enemy privateers, trade embargoes, and seamen impressed into the navy reduced fishing ships sailing between England and American from 170 ships in 1700 to 20 or 30 a year by 1713. This reduction in trade with the colonies had a massive effect on ship-building, supplies and the export or import of agricultural products.

After the war, the sudden release of labor and credit created new challenges for north Devon coastal merchants. Many of their pre-war sailors became residents of Newfoundland and worked for wages for local fishing interests. North Devon merchants faced new competition from other English coastal towns. London, which had only four vessels at Newfoundland in 1684, now had 73 in 1698. North Devon merchants tried to revive the fishery. But when the French were forced to leave Newfoundland, more settlement arose there, threatening the hold the merchants had over the fishery. The north Devon merchants adapted by gradually reducing their dependence on the migratory fishery in favor of the supplying the permanent residents in Newfoundland with goods and services. By 1725 fishing on the Grand Banks off of Newfoundland revived the fishing industry in north Devon coastal reports to some extent.

After the wars, English farmers faced fresh competition from New England farmers who had become more efficient in their farming practices. North Devon farmers lost a portion of their export market and laid off agricultural workers or gave up farm leases. And people supplying farmers lost business as well. Since Shattockes were largely involved in agricultural industries at this time, they would feel the impact of these changes.

There does not appear to be many Shattockes on the north Devon coasts previous to the 18th century. Some of them appear to have moved to the coast where some became fishermen. There is a John Shaddick born in 1750 who was a fisherman and had descendants that were fishermen that lived in Barnstaple, just up river from Fremington. I haven't been able to connect him and his descendants to a branch of the Shattockes, but he may be related to the Fremington or Yarnscombe Shattockes. Other Shattockes remained in agriculture. John Shaddick, Fremington patriarch, was a husbandman, meaning he had the care of farm animals in his hands. An important duty was to protect them from others, as we see in this court record.

Devon Court Records

John Shaddick of Instow Labourer No367/25 - 20th September 11 George 3 -

For unlawfully rescuing Four Horses belonging to John Adams which had been Distrained by Humphry Sibthorp M.D. for Damage Faisant and for assaulting him. Traversed Easter 1775. Bill found Michaelmas 1775. Tried Midsummer 1775 -

Not Guilty.

There was a celebration that night in the John Shaddick household.

John Shaddick may have been in the agricultural business but some of his relatives seem to have diversified out of agriculture into coastal industries. In fact there are records of Shattockes aboard His Majesty's ships at this time.

Reference: PROB 11/541/322, Description: Will of George Shaddock or Shaddocke, Marine belonging to Captain Loyls Company under the Honorable Lieutenant General Holts Regiment, Date: 24 August 1714

Reference: PROB 11/846/452, Description: Will of Joseph Shaddock, Mariner belonging to His Majesty's Ship Richmond, Date: 28 May 1759, Held by: The National Archives, Kew

Reference: PROB 11/888/196, Description: Will of John Shaddock, Mariner belonging to His Majesty's Ship Duke, Date: 28 May 1763, Held by: The National Archives, Kew (See entry about sick John Shaddock below in 1807)

In the case of John Shaddock's will (in the England & Wales, Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858 dated 28 May 1763), he gives all his worldly possessions to his wife Mary Shaddock.


Another indication of Shattocke mobility and the economic realities of the time is found in the sad case of George Shaddick (1715-1810), son of Thomas Shattocke, born in Yarnscombe. He married Ann Pall (b. 1716) in Instow in 1737. At some point she died and he re-marries to Elisabeth Weber (1723-1751) in Paignton. She was born in Paignton, which is on the east coast, 70 miles from Bideford. How did he find himself so far from home? But he is not there long. There is a removal order from officials at St John's Parish, Paignton. The order is to return George Shaddock, his wife and his daughter to Bideford. George was on parish welfare and St John's Parish wanted to return him to his own parish and let them bear the costs. So the question becomes how did he come to marry and live on the opposite coast? The answer is he must have got there aboard a ship. Bideford was a major ship building port and around 1700 its trade with Newfoundland in Canada was "second only to London." (Lewis' Topographical Dictionary of England 1844). Timber was a major import product. And there was a large migratory fishery at Newfoundland.

The fact that there are no Shaddocks or Shattockes born in the 17th or early 18th century in Fremington or Instow, with the exception of Philip Shaddock in 1724, son of Thomas Shattocke, indicates that the Shattockes in Fremington must have moved there from someplace else. The exception of Philip Shaddock's birth proves the rule because it means parish records were kept there at the time. As I said it was the economic activity, around the ports on the coast that drew Shattockes there. Timber and fish merchants in the coastal towns were getting rich and could afford servants. It may be that John Shaddick worked for one, as the court case I quoted above suggests.

There are no records of Shattocke or Shaddick births in Newfoundland until George Clifford Boyd Shaddick, who was born in St. John's, Newfoundland in 1900. His father, Stanley Boyd Shaddick (1873-1954) was born in Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales. He was a ship broker. He must have lived in Newfoundland for only a short time because he died in Kent, England and his son died in Surrey England. It is an indication that the Shattocke move to the coast of north Devon would eventually lead to Fremington Shaddick success in a maritime industry. These Shaddicks were in fact not Fremington Shaddicks, but rather Tawstock Shaddicks.

Ice Cream Story

Be careful what you are remembered for.

Frederick John Shaddick was born 1898 in Fremington. He came from a large family. He was the second oldest of 11 children! No wonder he ate so much so fast! Philip Mustoe, another Fremington Shattocke descendant, writes: "I believe the family left Fremington about February 1906, as Freddie and his elder brother Edward were admitted to the Blue Coat School in Barnstaple. Their home address was given as 10 Clifton Street, Barnstaple. They left that school on 1st May 1908, with a withdrawal reason of "Gone to Wales". They settled at Llanbradach (near Caerphilly) , about 10 miles north of Cardiff. This area employed thousands in the coal mines, whilst the coal fields and other industries of South Wales drew thousands of families from the West Country. Freddie married Alice May Cooper (1898-1992) in 1920, and I believe that he had 4 children - Bertha (1921), Violet (1925), Olive (1931) and Terence (1933)."

John Shaddick's Ancestors

This brings us to another Shattocke that appears to have moved to Fremington from Yarnscombe. It appears that the father of John Shaddick was also named John. His birth name was John Shaddock, born in 1718. In 1842 he married Mary Alford, who was probably born in High Bickington, close to Fremington since her father George Alford (1685--) and mother Joan Damarell (1685--) were from that town and she died there. He appears to have died relatively young in 1748. (We actually do find Shaddicks living in High Bickington in the next century, and they are Yarnscombe Shattockes.)

In fact, Philip Mustoe's research leading to the identification of John Shaddick's birthplace opens up a paper trail all the way back to North Molton, the probable original landing place for all north Devon Shattockes.

Here is what the North Molton ancestry for John Shaddick looks like.

John Shattick (ca. 1510) North Molton

Robert Shattick (ca. 1529) + Gillion Mathewe North Molton

Thomas Shattick (ca. 1556) + Syblie Thorne North Molton

Robarte Shattick (ca. 1580) + Joan North Molton

John Shatticke (ca. 1604--) + Elizabeth North Molton

John Shatticke (1636--) + Dorothy Jacob North Molton

John Shattocke (ca. 1661) + Grace Reed North Molton to Yarnscombe ?

Charles Shattocke (1694--) + Sarah Boynes Yarnscombe

John Shaddock (1718-1769) + Mary Alford (1720--) Yarnscombe

For a detail genealogy for John Shaddick's ancestor, please visit the North Molton Shattockes page. The genealogy is at the bottom of the page.

According to the research I have done, the common ancestor between Clive Shattick and me (Yarnscombe Shattockes) is Thomas Shattick born about 1545 who married Syblie Thorne. The estimate for the common ancestor between Clive and me according to our DNA tests is 1570. That puts the two dates within two decades of each other, well within the margin for error. Our DNA tests support the genealogy.

Relationship by Marriage

Philip Mustoe's direct connection to the Shaddick family is his 3rd great grandmother Maria Ellen Shaddick (1851-1893) who was born in Swimbridge, Devon and died in Wales. She was John Shaddick's great granddaughter. She is Phil's 3rd great grandmother.

Anna Burnett on the left and her husband Dick Shaddick on the right.

The Fremington Shaddicks that Philip is descended from have an indirect relationship with the Yarnscombe Shattockes. Anna Burnett (1845-1914) of Landkey, Devon in 1877 married Richard Mounce (Dick) Shaddick (1857-1937) in Weare Gifford, Devon. Dick Shaddick was the grandson of William Shaddock (1766-1856) of Burrington, Devon, who is my direct ancestor. William Shaddock is in turn the great great grandson of Richard Shattocke (circa 1640-1706) the patriarch of the Yarnscomber Shattockes.

Anna and her husband emigrated to Canada and then Paw Paw, Illinois. You can read about the Illinois Shaddicks here.

What is Anna Burnett's relationship with the Fremington Shaddick's? This diagram will help visualize the way the two Shaddick trees are connected through marriage.

Dick Shaddick married Anna Burnett, who is the great granddaughter of John Burnett. And James Trott, great great grandson of John Burnett, married Maria Ellen Shaddick, great granddaughter of John Shaddick.

It is a tenuous connection between the two families, but it will have to do until we find the connection further up the two family trees.

Ann Marry Sophia Shaddick 1859, 1954. This is the mother of Sophia Mary Ann Allman. She lived a very long life, dying at age 94. She was married three times.

Sophia Mary Ann Allman: British Home Child

On the Diaspora page I write about the economic imperative that caused so many Shaddocks and Shaddicks to flee poverty and hunger in England for literal green pastures in the British colonies. For most, leaving the English motherland was a choice under duress. For some, their journey far from home was entirely involuntary. Such was the case for Sophia Mary Ann Allman born in 1875 in the London that Charles Dickens wrote about. Her mother was a Shaddick: Ann Mary Sophia Shaddick (1859–1954). Her family was impoverished. In 1880 her father died. A year later, at the age of 6, she was placed by the authorities in a workhouse called St. George's in the East Industrial School. Imagine a workhouse scene out of a Dickens nightmare, something this ad confirms about the fate of an impoverished child in the publication (Public Ledger and Daily Advertiser):

  • PARISH APPRENTICES. A Number of strong healthy Boys and Girls are now in the Workhouse of the Parish of St George in the East, Old Gravel Lane, Ratcliff Highway, ready to be apprenticed. For particulars apply the Master of the Workhouse. Ratcliff Highway, May 24. R. TOWNSON. Vestry Clerk.

Sophia Mary Ann Allman 1875-1957. She would only outlive her mother by three years. She looks a lot like her mother.

For the word "apprentice" think "cheap labour," or as some critics have said, "slavery." Such children were sold and taken off the public books. Such was the hard life for Sophia Shaddick. At the age of 9, in June 1885, she was put on a ship leaving Liverpool bound for Canada. This was under a program called "British Home Children," which sent about 100,000 alleged orphans as indentured farm labourers and domestic servants to homes in Canada. But Sophia was not an orphan. She was separated from her mother Ann Mary and younger brother Michael George (1877- ). There is no record of why she was separated from her mother. When she arrived in Canada, she traveled over the primitive roads, deep into the rural Canadian settlement in the Bothwell area, Ontario, on the Niagara Peninsula. She was placed with the Philip Facey family, where she probably worked as a domestic servant. She was indentured to them until her eighteenth birthday. At the age of 24 in 1899, she married George Frederick Cudmore. Her labours were not over. She was in labour eleven times, producing 5 boys and 6 girls. And she laboured to help support her family. But her family was very important to her. She would exchange letters with her mother until her mother died in 1954. According to her descendants her family gave her much joy. She was loved and respected by her children and grandchildren.

She wears the signs of a hard life in the lines of her face. But in her eyes I think you can see determination and strength. And the way she has done her hair and worn her jewellery speaks of the quiet dignity of a survivor. She may have died poor and unnoticed in the annals of history, but the love she felt for her children and the strength she passed on to them lives on. Witness this message I received from her great great grandson Tony Allman:

I found your website this week. Sophia Mary Ann senior is my great great grandmother who married Michael John Allman, Sophia and Michael being the parents of Michael George and Sophia Mary.

Like yourself I, and my cousin in Canada, do not fully understand the reason why Sophia junior should be sent to Canada and her brother remain in England. Sophia senior and Michael John Allman were married in November 1874 at the age of 18 and 21 respectively. Michael John died in February 1880 at home the age of 28 the family fell on hard times. Sophia then married a second time to Philip Connell in September 1885. Sophia junior, according to the 1881 census was in the St Georges in the East Industrial School. Her mother, occupation shown as a Tailoress, and son, Michael George, were living at 32 John St, St George in the East. The census also shows them sharing the address with George Shaddock who is the brother of Sophia senior. Minutes from St George in the East Union state:

27th June 1884 Emigration of Deserted Children: The clerk read a letter from the Local Government Board, dated the 21st instant enclosing a copy of an Order which they issued authorising the proposed expenditure by the Guardians of the sum of £10 in each of the cases listed. One was Sophia Allman.

26th June 1885 The Clerk read a letter stating he had taken a list of children, including Sophia Allman, to the Children's Emigration Homes Birmingham.

So for a reason we cannot understand Sophia appears to have 'deserted' her daughter who was shipped to Canada whilst she married later the same year. Philip Connell died around 1886 and Sophia senior married for the last time to James Thomas Miles in May 1898.

I hope this information is of help.


Tony Allman

In a sub-page there is a story told of a branch of the Fremington Shaddicks who immigrated to America, Pennsylvania at first, then Alabama and Florida. It is a classic immigrant success story that has a tragedy at the end. Illustrated with family photos courtesy of Ashley Armstrong, a descendant.

Fremington Shaddick Genealogy

Fremington Shaddicks are one of the most widely dispersed branches of the family. Descendants are found east, west, and north of Devon, and Devon itself. They are found on both coasts of North America, north and south, with some in Ohio as well. They are found in Australia. A particularly large number moved to Wales, giving rise to the legend that Shaddocks or Shaddicks found in ancient Devon were originally from Wales, whereas the opposite is the case.

This is the genealogy of the family from the birth of John Shaddick, the founder. For his ancestors, see the earlier part of this page.

Note that the Fremington Shaddicks followed the same general pattern of immigration, which as due to the same common factors, as I outline on the Diaspora page of this site. This information is particularly helpful when you come across Shaddicks in other parts of the world and do not know how they connect back to the motherland, England.

John Shaddick 1751-1827 (Mary Knill 1749–1826) born in Fremington, died in Westleigh

1. Susannah Shaddick 1776–1786 Instow

2. John Shaddick 1779--

3. Abraham Shaddick 1781–1862 (Mary Ann King 1781–1855, Ann Farley –1812) Greenwich, London

4. Mary Shaddick 1783–1797 Instow

5. Grace Shaddick 1785–1805 Instow

6. Charlotte Shaddick 1785–1865 (Robert Taylor 1782-) Fremington, Devon

7. Thomas Shaddick 1788–1870 (Mary Body 1792–1876) Fremington, Devon

7.1 Thomas Shaddick 1814–1879 (Ann Rottenbury 1816–1886) Fremington, Devon

7.1.1 George Shaddick 1838–1924 (Elizabeth Easton 1843–1924) Fremington, Devon George Shaddick 1864–1953 (Sarah Ann Taylor 1866-1939) Fremington, Devon

George Henry Taylor Shaddick 1887–1966 (Ethel F. L. Gardner 1864-1964)

Edith Mary Shaddick 1889– (Reuben Harris)

Thomas Harold Shaddick 1891-1970 (Alice Monica Roberts 1898-1971)

Ernest Edward Shaddick 1895–1958 (Rosalie May Kingdon 1895-1963)

Inez May Shaddick 1920-1999 (Sydney George Davie 1914-1986)

Roy James Shaddick 1897–1967 (Ethel Gladys Kingdon 1897-1966)

Walter Shaddick 1900–1912

Reginald Claude Shaddick 1901–1983 (Elsie Matilda Dieker 1908-1996)

Colin E. Shaddick 1947-

Percy Shaddick 1904–1986 (Doris Knill 1908-1969)

Ruby B. Shaddick 1929- (Thomas Featherstone 1925-)

Phyllis R. Shaddick (William P. Manning)

Ronald Octavius Shaddick 1907–1980 (Elsie May Joslin 1909-1983)

Frederick R Shaddick 1931–

Raymond I Shaddick 1936– (Delia M Braunton 1947–)

Gordon R Shaddick 1940– (Patricia A. A. Adam)

David E. Shaddick 1944– (Denise M Cumes, Elizabeth S Wickwar)

Kenneth H Shaddick 1946– (Victoria A. Smith)

Inez Lucy May Shaddick 1912-1914 Mary Ann Shaddick 1865– Fremington, Devon Thomas Shaddick 1868– (Elizabeth Harvey 1868–) Bickington, Devon Lucy Shaddick 1870–1893 (William Charles Harvey 1865–) Edmonton, Middlesex Edward Shaddick 1872–1955 (Bertha Bailey 1874–1955) East Glamorgan, Wales

Edward Shaddick 1896–1917 (died in WW1)

Frederick John Shaddick 1899–1967 (Alice May Cooper 1898-1992)

Bertha M Shaddick 1921–

Violet M Shaddick 1925–

Olive Shaddick 1931–

Terrence Edward Shaddick 1933–2011

Charles Henry Shaddick 1900–1943 (Doris May Hibbard 1901-1973)

Hilda Lucy Shaddick 1902–1934 (Enoch Greenaway 1895-)

Alfred Eric Shaddick 1904–1925

Stanley George Shaddick 1906–1954 (Lily M. Higgins)

David Thomas Shaddick 1908–1912

William J. Shaddick 1911-12 (twin)

Elizabeth M Shaddick 1911–1912 (twin)

Arthur Norman Shaddick 1912–1990 (Edna M. Watts 1914-1990)

Walter V. E. Shaddick 1916--

7.1.2 Mary Ann Shaddick 1839–1864 Fremington, Devon

7.1.3 Dinah Shaddick 1841–1916 (Thomas James Mayne 1844–1896) Plymouth, Devon

7.1.4 Edward Shaddick 1842–1883 (Catherine Ann Todd 1847–1886) Marylebone, London Walter Edward Shaddick 1871– St. Pancras, London Thomas Edward Shaddick 1871–1947 (Alice Eliza Barry 1881–1917) Cobble Hill, B.C.

Annie Shaddick 1900–

Walter Edward Shaddick 1902–1971

Thomas William Shaddick 1905–1905

Arthur Thomas Shaddick 1910–1988 (Grace ) Julia Shaddick 1875–1875 St. Pancras, London Annie Elizabeth Shaddick 1876–1959 (John D Gilfilan 1870–) Santa Clara, California Eleanor Shaddick 1878-1946 (Robert Cecil Jennings 1879- ) St. Pancras, Middlesex, England

7.1.5 Eliza Shaddick 1844–1926 (Thomas Stubbington 1844–1886) Fremington, Devon

7.1.6 Thomas Shaddick 1846–1846 Fremington, Devon

7.1.7 Sarah Ann Shaddick 1848– (1st husband John Russell 1828–1870, 2nd Charles Ayres 1849–1907)

7.1.8 Thomas Shaddick 1850– (Eliza Symons West 1850–1912) Fremington, Devon

7.1.9 Prudence Shaddick 1854–1901 (Thomas James Joy 1856– ) Medway, Kent

7.1.10 Agnes Shaddick 1857– (Samuel Throne 1857– ) Fremington, Devon

7.2 Samuel Shaddick 1815–1877 (Mary Jane Gabriel 1822–1906) Cleveland, Ohio

7.2.3 Eliza Shaddick 1841–1909 (Henry Basden 1837-1881) Cleveland, Ohio

7.2.4 Jane "Jennie" Shaddick 1842– (Colonel B. Cook 1836-) Cleveland, Ohio

7.2.5 Samuel Shaddick 1845–1845

7.3 Charlotte Shaddick 1817– (John White 1819– ) Instow, Devon

7.4 George Shaddick 1819–1876 (Sophia Coulson 1819–1865) St. George East, Middlesex

7.4.1 George Daniel Shaddick 1856–1896 Whitechapel, Middlesex

7.4.2 Ann Mary Sophia Shaddick 1859–1954 (Michael George Allman 1852–1954, James Thomas Miles 1865-) Surrey, England Michael George Allman 1877- London, England Sophia Mary Ann Allman 1875-1957 (George Frederick Cudmore) Thamesville, Kent, Ontario

7.5 Mary Ann Shaddick 1822–1899 (John Easterbrook 1824–1897) St. Marychurch, Devon

7.6 Elizabeth Shaddick 1825– (James Norman 1819– ) Fremington, Devon

7.7 Edmund Shaddick 1827–1828 Fremington, Devon

7.8 Eliza Shaddick 1829–1904 (William Ridge 1822–1870) Barnstaple, Devon

7.9 Sarah Ann Shaddick 1832– (John Isaac 1833– ) Fremington, Devon

8. Peter Shaddick 1791–1820 (Elizabeth Rendell 1793–1868) Instow, Devon

8.1 Charlotte Grace Shaddick 1814 - (George Hael Hammett 1811–1869) Plymouth, Devon

8.2 Frederick William Rendell Shaddick 1813–1854 (Jane Gray 1812-1854) Instow, Devon

8.3 Elizabeth Shaddick 1818–1895 (James Gorvin 1800–1888) Cardiff, Wales

8.4 Edmund Shadwick 1820–1905 Liverpool, England

1st wife: Mary Ann Fishwick 1827–1871

8.4.1 Edmund Thomas Shadwick 1848–1882

8.4.2 Elizabeth Shadwick 1850– (Thomas Taylor 1851-1905)

8.4.3 William Philip Shadwick 1852–1901 (Sarah Smith 1859--) Liverpool, England Stirling Smith Shadwick 1884–1946 (Lily Frances Howard 1894–1984) Liverpool

Stirling Howard Shadwick 1929- (Elizabeth Rose Haylock 1929-1999) Mary Fishwick Shadwick 1885–1971 (Thomas Collett) Vancouver, B.C., Canada William Ernest Shadwick 1886–1912 Davenport, Iowa, USA Louis Bossance Shadwick 1889–1889 Rush, Dublin, Ireland Grace Bossance Shadwick 1889–1911 Toxteth Par, Lancashire, England Norreys Dorothy Shadwick 1893–1984 (Thomas C. McCulloch) Liverpool, England Tom Plunkett Shadwick 1893–1969 Surrey North Western, Surrey, England Norah Shadwick 1895–1919 Toxteth Park, Lancashire, England

8.4.4 Ellen Shadwick 1855–

8.4.5 Mary Ann Shadwick 1857–

2nd wife of Edmund Shadwick: Margaret Gordon 1842–1905

9. Philip Shaddick 1794–1869 (Margaret Darch 1792–1871) Landkey, Devon

9.1 James Shaddick 1815–1875 (Maria Charlotte Hill 1825–1906) Swansea, Wales

9.1.1 Mary Jane "Marcy" Shaddock 1847–1914 (John Hodge 1849–1923) Barnstaple, Devon

9.1.2 Hannah Shaddock 1850– Barnstaple, Devon

9.1.3 Faith Shaddick 1850–1913 (Francis Coose 1847–1910) Swimbridge, Devon

9.1.4 John Shaddick 1857–1857 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire, Wales

9.1.5 William George Shaddick 1858–1916 (Hannah Luce 1859–1942) South Shields, Durham Margaret Ann Shaddick 1879–1954 (Henry Downs 1876- ) Gateshead, Durham William Shaddick 1881–1932 (Catherine "Kate" Johnston 1883–1918) Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland

William Alexander Shaddick 1911–1977 (Dorothy Chapman)

Winifred J. Shaddick 1914–1916

Eva M. Shaddick 1917 (James W.D. Marven) Daniel James Shaddick 1883–1973 (Isobel L. Heppelwhite 1889–1982) Northumberland West, Northumberland

Muriel E. Shaddick 1912- (Henry Paul) Charlotte Maria "Lottie" Shaddick 1885–1968 (Stanley Augustus Crooks 1884–1939) Swansea Wales John Shaddick 1887–1938 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland Sidney Shaddick 1889–1936 (Ursula) Sailor, buried in San Francisco

Danny Shaddick 1911–1935 Eva Shaddick 1891–1979 (Albert Sexton 1891–) Jarrow-On-Tyne, Durham Fred Shaddick 1894–1933 (Margaret Thompson "Maggie" Finnie 1900–1996) Jarrow-On-Tyne, Durham

Walter Finnie Shaddick 1923–1976 (Jean May Coleman 1925-1999) Ottawa, Ontario, Ca Albert Shaddick 1896–1976 (Jennie Mcmanus Moffatt 1909– )Prince George, British Columbia

Fred Shaddick 1931 - 2005 (Elsie Margaret ? 1931) Ontario

Barbara Ann Shaddick 1956- (Duane William Laye 1954, Alex McKenzie)

Bradley Albert John Shaddick 1960- (Susan Francis 1959-, Angie Deyannis 1960-)

Joe Shaddick 1935- Joseph Shaddick 1898–1955 (Edith I Johnson 1901–1985) San Francisco, California

Shirley Jean Shaddick 1934–1992 (George S. Circo 1935-2012) Mary Hannah Shaddick 1900–1989 Tyne and Wear, England Philip Shaddick 1902–1902 Yarrow, Durham

9.1.6 James Shaddick 1863–1914 Plasmarl, Swansea, Wales

1st wife: Ann John 1856–

2nd: Catherine Thomas 1864–1896 John "Jack" Shaddick 1887–1945 (Elizabeth Coates 1900–1985) Swansea

Robert James Shaddick 1918-1977 (Eva Young) Swansea

William J. Shaddick 1919–

Faith Helen Shaddick 1919–1977 (James G. Oliver, James M. Mooney) Swansea James Shaddick 1890–1970 (Agnes A. Watkins 1891–1963) Sketty, Wales

Hugh Cecil Shaddick 1918–1981 (Joan E. Comley) Swansea Martha Shaddick 1892–1897 Swansea Faith Shaddick 1894–1962 (James Roland Erasmus 1896-1965) Swansea

9.1.7 Margaret Anne Shaddick 1867–1904 (John Elias Lewis 1864– ) Merthyr Tydfil, Wales

9.1.8 Sarah Shaddick 1871–1905 (Benjamin Nicholas 1867– ) Swansea, Wales

9.2 Abraham Shaddick 1817–1900 (Mary Barrow 1816–1896) Swansea, Wales

9.2.1 William Shaddick 1838–1887 (Mary Ann Rumbelow 1844– ) Swansea, Wales John Shaddick 1863–1889 Swansea, Wales

9.2.2 Ann Shaddick 1841–1918 (John Davie Pope 1843–1885) Swansea, Wales

9.2.3 Thomas Shaddick 1844–1923 (Emma Sanders 1848–1939) Swimbridge, Devon William Henry Shaddick 1869–1938 (Maud Agnes Muxworthy 1872–1919) Swimbridge, Devon

Albert Thomas Shaddick 1893– Thomas Shaddick 1871–1941 (Emma Helena Matthews 1870–1956) Bishops Tawton, Devon

Arthur John Shaddick 1899–1983

Reuben William Shaddick 1908–1983 Frederick Henry Shaddick 1878–1968 (Elizabeth Battishill 1873–1930) Exeter, Devon

9.2.4 Elizabeth Shaddick 1847– (William Rowe) Landkey, Devon

9.2.5 Joseph Shaddick 1850–1883 (Lucy Tucker 1847– ) Swansea, Wales James Tucker Shaddick 1871– Frederick Ernest Shaddick 1873–1952 (Lily Beatrice Cook 1878-1935) Pontypridd William Thomas Shaddick 1876–1916 France and Flanders

9.3 Mary Shaddick 1820– Landkey, Devon

9.4 Thomas Shaddick 1822–1848 Swimbridge, Devon

9.5 John Shaddick 1824–1903 (Elizabeth Body 1822–1911) Skewen, Wales

9.5.1 Sarah Ann Shaddick 1850–1883 (Francis Trott 1848– ) Skewen, Wales

9.5.2 Maria Ellen Shaddick 1851–1893 (James Trott 1851–1934) Skewen, Wales

9.5.3 Mary Elizabeth Shaddick 1854–1916 (William Henry Evans 1862– ) Landkey, Devon

9.5.4 Samuel Henry Shaddick 1856–1892 (Mary Thomas 1860– ) Skewen, Wales Daniel John Shaddock 1879– Pentreffynon, Wales Philip Shaddick 1881–1939 (Catherine Davies 1885-1965) Swansea, Wales Sarah Ann Shaddick 1884–1892 (Richard John Balsdon) Coedfrank, Wales Samuel Henry Shaddick 1885–1948 Coedfrank, Wales David Shaddock 1887–1971 (Margaret Davies 1885-) Coedfrank, Wales Mary Elizabeth Shaddock 1890–1901 Coedfrank, Wales

9.5.5 Selina Shaddick 1860–1884 (William Jones) Skewen, Wales

9.6 William Shaddick 1827– (Elizabeth Davey 1829–1902) Pennsylvania ?

9.6.1 William Henry Shaddick 1852–1911 (Anna Bourne) New Castle, Pennsylvania, USA Mary Caroline Shaddick 1875–1944 New Castle, PA Elizabeth Jane Shaddick 1877–1942 (John H Jevon 1866– ) New Castle, PA William Henry Shaddick 1878–1952 (Mary Belle Speer 1888–1970 ) Pennsylvania, USA

Mary E. Shaddick 1925- Eva L. Shaddick 1883-1943 (Clarence C. Newell 18881) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

9.6.2 Emma Catherine Shaddick 1852–1914 (Charles Parr 1852–1925) Hartlepool, Durham, England

9.6.3 Frederick William Shaddick 1854–1916 Swimbridge, Devon

1st wife: Sarah Evans 1851– Margaret Ann Shadwick 1875–1904 Swansea, Wales Elizabeth Shadwick 1877– Swansea, Wales Annie Shadwick 1880– Swansea, Wales

2nd: Katherine Christine Ella Guiselman 1863–1942 Margaret "Maggie" Shaddick 1882– Pennsylvania, USA Albert Marcus Shaddick 1886–1955 (Martha Virginia Riddle 1890–1969) Brooke County, West Virginia

Mary Martha Shaddick 1913– Jessie Shaddick 1888– Pennsylvania Eva Mae Shaddick 1890– (Elsworth O. Bennett 1887–) Braddock, Pennsylvania Irene Florence Shaddick 1894–1961 (Richard Banfield, 1887–1955) Hancock County, West Virginia Frederick William Shaddick jr. 1896– (Anna Kirschke 1905-) Pennsylvania Gail Shaddick 1900–1988 (Gabriel Szitas 1891– ) New Castle, PA

9.6.4 Bessie Shaddick 1856–1936 (James Killa 1860–1926) Brooke County, West Virginia

9.6.5 John Philip Shaddick Sr. 1858–1933 (Catherine Jones 1858– ) Marion, Florida William Henry Shaddick 1882–1954 (Annie Thomas 1884–1923) Lady Lake, Florida

William Thomas Shaddick 1909–1997

Myrtle Louise Shaddick 1911–2000 (Thomas Benson Jr. 1914-) John Philip Shaddick, Jr. 1884– (1st wife: Pearl Jones Trice 1880–1933, 2nd Gerda 1901– ) Richard Harrison Shaddick 1890–1972 (Anna Louise Spencer 1906–1985 )Dade, Florida, USA

Catherine Emily Shaddick 1926–1996

John Phillip Shaddick III 1927–1953

Richard Harrison Shaddick Jr. 1931– Clifford Shaddick 1892–1914 Birmingham, Alabama Myrtle Shaddick 1894–1915 Birmingham, Alabama

9.6.6 Eva Shaddick 1862–1925 (John Holland 1858–1925) Steubenville, Ohio

9.6.7 Thomas Shaddick 1864– Llangyfelach, Wales

9.6.8 Henry Howard Shaddick 1866–1932 (Minnie Maria Davies 1866– ) E. Chicago, Indiana Mabel V. Shaddick 1891– Graham Henry Shaddick 1894–1963 (Nola Buttermore 1895–1979) Homestead, Pennyslvania

Graham K. Shaddick 1916–2000 Harry Howard Shaddick 1895- (Ethel Mae Barnett 1895- ) Kentucky, USA

Rebel Walker Shaddick 1919--1977 Shelby, Kentucky Wilber Hayden Shaddick 1905-1967 (Hazel E. Campbell) Indiana

Nancy Shaddick 1937- (Carroll Eugene Lancaster 1937-)

9.6.9 Sidney Joseph Shaddick 1868–1947 Newcastle, Pennsylvania

9.6.10 Albert Edward Shaddick 1873–1956 Dade County, Florida

1st wife: Charlotte Rogers 1872–1904 Violet Mae Shaddick 1895–1972 (John R. Broach 1894– ) El Paso, Texas Leona M Shaddick 1898– (Edward "Eddie" Aulick 1901– ) Ohio Lillian G Shaddick 1900–1959 (Jessie J. Knight 1894– ) Tampa, Florida

2nd wife: Joanna Moelter 1881–1946 Tillie Shadock 1901– Ohio Albert Edward Shaddick Jr 1910–1920 Pennsylvania Myrtle Evelyn Shaddick 1917–1994 (Jack Keith Law, Robert J. Marquis Robert J. Gibson) Florida

9.7 Elizabeth Shaddick 1828–1832 Landkey, Devon

9.8 Faith Shaddick 1830–1849 Swimbridge, Devon

9.9 Joseph Shadwick 1833–1905 (Matilda Davis 1834–1913) Swansea, Wales

9.9.1 Philip Shadwick 1862– (Minnie Colverston 1863– ) Landkey, Devon

9.9.2 Margaret Maria Shadwick 1864- (William Reevers Millard 1866–1937) South Molton, Devon

9.9.3 Alfred Charles Shadwick 1868– South Molton, Devon Phillip Brinley Shadwick 1892–1908 Annie Louise Shadwick 1894– (Rosser Everall Whitney 1891–1971) Violet Shadwick 1896–1960 (Jeremiah Triplett) Eva Matilda Shadwick 1898– (Hezekiah Jones) Alfred Charles Shadwick 1906

9.9.4 Louisa Elizabeth Shadwick 1870–1879 Swansea, Wales

10. James Shaddick 1797– (Susanna Bowden) Instow, Devon

10.1 John Shaddick 1822–1866 Braunton, Devon

10.2 William Shaddick 1824– Landkey, Devon

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9.9.4 Louisa Elizabeth Shadwick 1870–1879 Swansea, Wales

10. James Shaddick 1797– (Susanna Bowden) Instow, Devon

10.1 John Shaddick 1822–1866 Braunton, Devon

10.2 William Shaddick 1824– Landkey, Devon

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