Fremington Florida Shaddicks

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Thanks to Ashley Armstrong for family history and treasure trove of family pictures.

The Fremington Florida Shaddicks are a branch of the North Molton Shaddocks and Shaddicks.

They belong to a sub-branch of the North Molton Shaddicks called the Fremington Shaddicks. To read about their ancestors in Devon, click on Fremington Shaddicks.

The Fremington Shaddicks are named after the village the founder John Shaddick (1751-1827) was born in, before he moved to Instow, Devon. His son Philip Shaddick (1794-1869) was born in Instow and moved to Landkey, Devon, villages in the north-west corner of Devon. He was an agricultural laborer.

William Shaddick (b. 1827), founder of the Fremington Florida Shaddicks.

Philip Shaddick's son William, baptized 22 July, 1827 in Landkey, worked as an agricultural laborer, then around 1857 joined family members in Wales and worked their for the rest of his life. His son Sidney is shown in the family gallery at the end of this page.

In the 1881 Wales census, William is listed as being an electrical and mechanical fitter, so he had acquired a trade. I believe he eventually joined his children in Pennsylvania, where he died.

John Philip Shaddick Sr. (1858-1932)

It is William's son John Philip Shaddick Sr. (1858-1932), born in Landore, Swansea, Wales, who moved to Pennsylvania in the United States at the age of 22 (1880). In the 1900 U.S. census he is listed as a machinist, which must mean he was following in his father's footsteps as a skilled trades person. He was educated, because he could read and write. By the age of 62, in 1920, he had risen to become the superintendent of a steel mill. Then years later he was retired to Lady Lake, Florida.

John P. and his wife Catherine in Florida.

I think this picture of John P. and his wife Catherine in a staged shot in St. Petersburg Florida captures more than a whimsical moment. He is has arrived after a long life journey from Wales, a very respectable and successful immigrant in the land of opportunity.

In 1881 Swansea, Wales, he married Catherine E. Jones, born 1858 in Wales. They had six children, including Richard Harrison Shaddick (1890-1972).

John P. Shaddick must have given his son both the education and the entrepreneurial spirit, because Richard Harrison Shaddick (1890-1972) was listed as a manufacturer in the "flour and feed" industry and an employer. A 1940 census shows that he went to "college" at the five year level or more. It was probably a law degree.

He had lived in Alabama for awhile, where he met his wife Anna Louise Spencer (1900-1985). The clipping you see on the left from the Miami Times, dated May 31, 1946 speaks volumes about the status of the family by 1946.

John Philip Shaddick (1927-1954) was awarded the Purple Heart in the Korean War.

His great granddaughter Ashley Armstrong picks up the story here:

"My Great Grand Father R.H. Shaddick was a State judge in Alabama when they moved to Coral Gables where he owned his own Real Estate law firm which is how my grandparents met.

Richard Harrison Sr and Anna had 3 children: my grandmother Catherine Emily Shaddick Tilton (1926-1996), John Philip Shaddick, aka "Sonny" (1928-1953) and Richard Harrison JR (“JR”) 1930-1953."

John Philip Shaddick was a war hero. According to the Korean War Veterans Honor Roll: "First Lieutenant Shaddick was a crew member of a B-29A Superfortress Bomber with the 28th Bomber Squadron, 19th Bomber Group. On January 29, 1953, the aircraft was shot down by MiGs eleven miles south of Pyongyang and eighteen miles east of Sariwon. He was listed as Missing in Action and was presumed dead on January 30, 1954. First Lieutenant Shaddick was awarded the Air Medal, the Purple Heart, the Korean Service Medal, the United Nations Service Medal, the National Defense Service Medal and the Republic of Korea War Service Medal."

According to Ashley he died in a Korean POW camp. Ashley comes from a military family. "RH. SR served in WWI in the Army. My dad also was a Marine like my grandfather."

Catherine Emily Shaddick about 1947.

Catherine Emily Shaddick (1926-1996) graduated in 1946 from the University of Miami with a BA, specializing in journalism. Ashley: "At that time she worked as R.H.’s secretary where she met my grandfather, Edwin John Tilton Jr. (1923-2010). His father Edwin J. Tilton Sr, had owned several business up and down the coast from Savannah to Miami. The majority of them were marinas, plus a laundry service located on Bull St in Savannah Georgia. "

Catherine and Edwin had an unusual start in their married life. They eloped. According to The Miami News Sun (Aug. 24,1947) in an article titled "The Richard H. Shaddick's Reveal Daughter's Storybook Elopement" Catherine was shopping in downtown Miami when she met her acquaintance Edwin. They had known each other at the University of Miami for two years but had never had a formal date. When Edwin proposed Catherine was surprised but immediately accepted, and they rushed off to his car, eloping without stopping to eat or packing their bags. When the speeding couple were stopped by a state trooper, and told their story, the policeman not only tore up the ticket he advised him where to marry and with what judge. It turns out the trooper had eloped himself only a few months before.

Catherine at time when she was married.

Her new husband, Edwin John Tilton Jr. (1923-2010) was very special. He had a doctorate in nuclear physics. His father was a pilot and pioneer in aviation. Edwin John Tiltton, Jr. followed his father into the sky, right into a wasp's nest of trouble. His obituary tells the story.

"Dr. Edwin J. Tilton, Jr. 86, of Lake City passed away on Friday, January 22, 2010 at the VA Hospital in Gainesville. A resident of Lake City for nearly 30 years, he was a 32 Degree Mason and a member of the Knights Templar.

Born in Savannah, GA on Sept. 13, 1923, Ed was a licensed Professional Engineer in both the State of Florida and New York. At the age of 17, with the permission of his father, he entered the Armed Forces as a pilot and pulled into Pearl Harbor on Dec., 8, 1941. During his time in the military, he was awarded the Navy Cross which is the second highest honor for valor. He was attached to the famed "Black Sheep" VMF 214 Squadron in the Solomon Island Fighter Command.

He also was awarded the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross with 2 Gold Stars, Combat Air Medal with six Gold Stars and two Presidential Unit Citations. The Second Star in Lieu of a Third Distinguished Flying Cross was awarded for "extreme valor in attacking a squadron of 40 Japanese Zeros, and downing 3 during the engagement, on two separate occasions in August 1943 over Vella LaVella." He also held the Golden Gloves in the featherweight class while in the service.

Following the War, he returned home and remained a reservist while earning multiple degrees and serving as an executive with Florida Power and Light for over 25 years. His degrees include BS Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Miami, MS in Mathematics and Chemical Engineering, as well as an ScD from Cal Western University. He served as chairman emeritus of the licensing committee of the IAEA and was active in the Republican Party, and various aircraft associations such as the EAA and Silver Wings."

Ashley adds this: "Edwin Tilton originally joined the Navy before the Marines. When the Navy said no to his flying he re-enlisted with the Marines. He retired a colonel in 1954. The had two children, Catherine Louise Kononoff, retired school teacher, born 1951; and my father Edwin Richard Tilton, retired criminal defense attorney, born in 1954. My aunt had only one child Kelly Ann Mcgann ( Restagano) of New York City, NY born 1980. My father had just me Ashley Nicole Tilton ( Armstrong) born 1987. My grandmother was Valedictorian at Ponce De Leon High School . "

Ashley tells us that "cousin Tom," William Thomas Shaddick (1909-1997) "was a well known artist he has a gallery of art hanging on the University of Florida." Further investigation showed he graduated from the University of Florida in 1934 with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture. He was a grandson of John Philip Shaddick Sr. His father was William Henry Shaddick (1882-1954). Cousin Tom was State Director of Farmers Home Administration for Florida. In the second world war he was in the Navy. After the war he had a citrus and truck farm. Talented family!

Anna Louise Spencer (1898-1983)

This is a family of great achievement and great tragedy. Sixteen days after Richard Harrison Shaddick and his wife Anna heard that their son John Philip Shaddick was missing in action, their second son Richard Harrison Shaddick, jr., who was also in the Air Force and stationed in Texas, went down in the Gulf of Mexico. His distraught mother Anna published a $1000 reward for the return of his body. She became a prominent POW activist until her death in 1983. Apparently the reward was never collected. It was the end of the line for the Shaddick name in Florida...but not the memory of an amazing Welsh Shaddick family who had made the ultimate sacrifice for their adopted country.

Family Gallery

Sidney Joseph Shaddick (1868-1947). Son of William Shaddick and Elizabeth Davey. He was born in Wales but moved with his parents to Pennsylvania. He never married. On his death certificate he is listed as being a retired foreman fro the Carnegie Steel Company.

William Henry Shaddick born 1850 in the Swimbridge district of Devon, England.

Catherine E. Jones born in 1858. She would have been about age twenty in this picture.

Ashley titled this picture "Shaddick children."

From top to bottom, left to right:

Top: Dave Jones, John Philip Shaddick, John J

Second: William Henry and Elizabeth Reese

Bottom: Catherine and Maggie