South Molton - Bristol Shaddicks

The South Molton - Bristol Shaddicks are a branch of the North Molton Shattockes, seen on the far right of the family tree.

One of the people who kindly agreed to participate in the Shattocke DNA research project is named Donald Bernard Shaddick, born in 1926 in Bristol, England. I was excited by his participation because he was born and raised in England, as were his ancestors as far back as I could trace before the paper trail ran out. I would like to acknowledge his daughter Lauren's contribution to this research and thank her for the pictures she shared of her family.

There is a discussion of Donald Shaddick and the South Molton - Bristol Shaddicks on the Yarnscombe Shattockes page. It places this branch of the family into the context of the North Molton Shattockes.

There is another Donald Shaddick who is a distant relation to Donald Bernard Shaddick who contributed to this page. He was born in 1918 in Bristol and died there in 1994. In the 1939 register he is living with his parents, Alfred Shaddick (1879-1947) and Lily Deborah Simons (1886-1959). He had a brother Robert Cecil Shaddick born in 1820 in Bristol.

Donald Shaddick was an engineer, just like another long time family researcher, Clifford Ramiro Shaddick (1887-1956), who belongs to a different branch of the Shattocke family, the Tawstock Shaddicks.

Donald married Kathleen D. M. Jones. I don't know if he had any children. Donald Bernard Shaddick's great grandfather William Shaddick (1820-1864) was a brother to Donald Shaddick's grandfather James Shaddick (1828-1915).

Donald Shaddick had a deep and abiding interest in his ancestry. I have letter he wrote to Rev. A. J. Robinson in Queensland, Australia, another Shattocke family researcher, dated 2nd March, 1987. In it he updates a part of the family tree he had been working on for "over 30 years" that effectively unites the two branches of the Shattocke family I call the South Molton - Bristol Shaddicks and the Birmingham - Dennington, Australian Shaddocks. However his speculation turns out to be contradicted by DNA evidence. DNA testing of two Dennington, Australian Shaddock descendants show that the South Molton - Bristol Shaddicks and Birmingham - Dennington, Australian Shaddocks are unrelated. In fact the Australian Shaddocks appear to be not genetically related to Shattockes at all. This does not preclude that a Shaddock family adopted a child and gave it the Shaddock surname, a Shaddock wife had a baby by a man with another surname or other happenstances.

Bristol, England, 1787. View of the harbour, showing Redcliff Church.

Painting by Nicholas Pocock. From Stanley Hutton, Bristol and its Famous Associations (Bristol: J.W. Arrowsmith, 1907) 21.

Donald Shaddick's oldest documented ancestor was Richard Shaddock (1799-1859) and his wife Hannah Pring (1798-1856). They were married in Bristol July 5, 1818. I call this branch of the family the "South Molton - Bristol Shaddicks," but this is a working title. This hesitation arises from the paper records. In the 1841 census Richard gives his birth place as Gloucestershire, Somerset whereas in the 1851 census he gives his birthplace as "Southmolton, Devon" (either the village of South Molton or the district).

Richard Shaddock was a carpenter. Was his father a carpenter before him? Does that explain how and why is father moved from north Devon to bustling Bristol? So many questions.

After an exhaustive search of both Devon and Somerset parishs, the only record of a Richard Shaddock born in 1799 is a Richard Shaddick baptized Apr. 21, 1799 in St Phillip and St Jacobs, Bristol, Gloucester. Is it possible that Richard was born in South Molton and baptized in Bristol? But it seems more likely his parents were born in Somerset. On the 1799 baptism certificate in Bristol, Richard Shaddick's father is "Richard" and his mother "Elizabeth." We do not find records for this couple in South Molton.

The only record we find for Richard and Elizabeth in Devon or Somerset at this time is Richard Shaddick and Elizabeth Lipscombe who married in High Ham, Somerset, 21 km (13 miles) north east of Taunton. Indeed Donald Shaddick, the family researcher, believed these were Richard Shaddick's parents in his letter dated March 2, 1987. I also have his correspondence from the late 1950's where he states this. It is likely that Richard Shaddick married Elizabeth Lipscombe in High Ham because his wife was born in High Ham. The marriage was Mar 2, 1795. That is pretty close to the birth date of Richard Shaddick. Elizabeth Lipscombe was born 1775 to Simon and Mary Lipscombe and had two sisters, Mary and Sarah, and possibly a brother James. We know where Elizabeth Lipscombe came from, but where did Richard Shaddick come from? There is no record of the birth of a Richard Shaddick in this time frame in Bristol or the surrounding area.

Note that the 1841 and 1851 census records enter his name as "Shaddock" rather than "Shaddick." There were a lot of Shaddicks in Bristol at this time, so the Shaddock spelling is unusual. This is interesting because there was in fact a Richard Shaddock born in West Hatch in West Hatch, Somerset, 7 km (5 miles) from south and east of Taunton. That puts him 17 km (11 miles) north and east of Richard Shaddock's birth place. His parents were John and Jane Shaddock. What is interesting here is that their names are entered in the parish records as "Shaddock" not "Shaddick." Their first son John Shaddock died in the same year as he was born, 1796. There is a Richard Shaddick who died in the parish on 29 Aug 1773, suggesting there was at least one other family member there.

As it turns out this is the same John and Jane Shaddock who moved to West Hatch from Nether Stowey. John Shaddock of Nether Stowey married Jane Warre Jun. 5, 1762 in Cannington 19 km or 12 miles north of West Hatch. They had their first four children in Nether Stowey. It is less clear where their next three children were born because they have duplicate baptism records both in Nether Stowey and West Hatch on the same day, including Richard "Shadack" Jun. 4, 1774. This suggests to me that Richard's father was a skilled tradesman who found work in Nether Stowey and West Hatch, 21 km or 13 miles apart. Nether Stowey is north and little west of West Hatch, not far from the coast.

In Nether Stowey we find a Richard and Sarah Shaddick (sic) who were married in Nether Stowey Jan. 6, 1744. Sarah's maiden name was Perkins. That makes them a generation older than John and Jane Shaddock. They baptized their first child Richard Shaddicke (sic) Dec. 31, 1745. So if John Shaddock was their child, he would have to have been born in late 1745 at the earliest. That would make him 17 when he married Jane Warre, not impossible, especially if the birth date for Richard Shaddick's first child was early than his baptism date. Was the Richard Shaddock buried in West Hatch his father or brother?

There is another possibility. In the Nether Stowey parish records, there is a Richard and Margaret Shadwick who have a child John Shadwick June 17, 1737. Shaddick and Shadwick are often confused in the records. John Shadwick would be age 22 in 1762 when John Shaddock married Jane Warre.

There is some indication Shaddicks were in Nether Stowey for some time as Mary Shaddick married John Weech in Nether Stowey in 1711. But where did the Shaddicks of Nether Stowey come from? The most likely place is South Molton. I believe they came from South Molton early in the 18th century for three reasons. One is that Richard Shaddock (1799-1859) tells a census taker he was born in South Molton. I think we have established he was not, but what if he meant his family was from South Molton? If his grandfather or great grandfather migrated from South Molton to Nether Stowey in Somerset, the story of the family's origin would still be fresh. The second reason I think Richard's ancestors migrated from South Molton in the early 18th century is the spelling of the name: Shaddock. The vicar recording names in the Nether Stowey parish records would possibly have heard a Devon accent pronouncing the family name. The Shaddocks could not have been in Nether Stowey long enough to have their names pronounced "Shattock," spelled according to the Somerset local dialect. Usually the second generation of an immigrant family have adopted the local dialect. The third reason why I think the migration happened in the early 18th century is that there are no Shaddocks or Shattocks in the Nether Stowey records previous to 1711. (Records began there in 1630).

So if the family came from South Molton in the early 18th century, can we find them in the South Molton records. In the 1642 Protestation Return for Devon there were no Shattockes in North Molton, just two in South Molton: Henry and Jonathan. It is likely both were actually born in North Molton, as Henry had a son George in North Molton in 1635 and then the rest of his children in South Molton. And there was a Jonathan Shatticke born in North Molton Feb. 25, 1623 to John and Elizabeth Shatticke. These are the two patriarchs of the two founding Shatticke families in South Molton. Notice the spelling of the surname, Shatticke, is found in North Molton. There were other Shaddocks in towns not far away. But the reason I focus on North and South Molton is the DNA evidence. It ultimately traces the Bristol - South Molton Shaddicks back to the North Molton Shattockes.

Here we come up against a brick wall. If Richard Shaddock was the immigrant to Nether Stowey from South Molton, there is no record of his birth in South or North Molton. All we can say at this point is that either Henry or Jonathan of South Molton are the likely ancestors of the Bristol - South Molton Shaddicks.

We can only define the genealogy from a starting point in Nether Stowey:

Richard and Sarah Shaddick: Richard married Sarah Perkins in Nether Stowey Jan 6 1744

Richard Shaddicke Dec 31 1745

John and Jane Shaddick: John ca. 1746 married Jane Warre in Cannington Jun. 5, 1762

Betty Shaddock Apr 4 1763

Rebecca Shaddock May 2 1764

Mary Shaddock Jan 1 1766

Martha Shaddock Dec 28 1767-1800 (married Joseph Frampton 1870-1911 of Walton, Somerset)

John Shaddock Oct 13 1769 died

Jane Shaddock Jul 27 1771

Richard Shadack Jun 4 1774 married Elizabeth Lipscombe in High Ham on Mar 2 1795

John Shaddock 1796-1796 (died)

Richard Shaddock 1799-1859 married Hannah Pring 1798–1856

John Shaddock b. ca. 1802 baptized 12 Jun. 1803

Rebecca Shaddock baptized Apr. 3, 1803

Richard and Elizabeth Lipscombe appear to have moved to Bristol sometime before the birth of Richard in 1799. We find records of further children of Richard and Elizabeth. There is a John Shaddock born 1802 and baptized in 1803. This suggests a determination on the part of his father to preserve the Christian name of his father, John. And there is a Rebecca Shaddock baptized Apr. 3, 1803 in Bristol. This makes the case stronger for the parents of Richard Shaddock to be Richard Shaddock and Elizabeth Liscombe. It appears that Rebecca Shaddock was named after her aunt.

Notice the way the names John and Richard are passed down through the generations. John and Richard show up as Richard of Bristol's second and third children.

The DNA Evidence

An advanced YDNA SNP test shows that Donald Shaddick is a close relative of other north Devon Shattocke families. Specifically he is R-Y19716*, a branch of the family that has a common ancestor with other northern Devon Shattockes. R-Y19716* lived about the middle of the 16th century. That places that ancestor in North Molton in northern Devon. Since all Shattockes we have tested so far with ancestors in north Devon have paper trails going back to North Molton, and North Molton is only three miles from South Molton, the DNA evidence does not contradict Richard Shaddock's assertion of his South Molton origins. The question becomes "when did his family leave South Molton?" That cannot be answered unless at some future time we either discover a paper trail or a descendant who has the "missing link" comes along.

The Shaddick Name

The spelling of Richard's surname was Shaddick on his baptism record, Shaddock on census records and Shaddock on his death record in 1859. But beginning with his first born, William, it appears that record keepers favored "Shaddick." It is probably because there were other Shaddicks in Bristol at this time. Perhaps he thought at the time that his name could be spelled either way.

Richard's wife, Hannah Pring (1798-1856) was born in Milverton, Somerset. They married in July, 1818 in Bristol. They had four boys, William Shaddick (1820-1864), John Shaddick (1822-1864), and the twins Richard Shaddick (1828-) and James Shaddick (1828-1915). Two of the sons, William and James, would have large families, while the other two have no records of marriages, children or death. I am always suspicious when records are missing. Often times I find they emigrated to Australia, New Zealand or North America. I was not able to find them there.

The descendants of Richard Shaddock are found in the genealogical tree at the bottom of this page.

Donald Bernard Shaddick (born 1926). This might have been taken in Burma during the Second World War.

The Kingston, Ontario, Shaddicks

This brings us back to Donald Bernard Shaddick. He is descended from Richard Shaddock's first born son William Shaddick (1820-1864), who married Ann Whiteman (1820-1880) from Berkshire in 1842 at the age of 21. In the previous year he was described on a census form as a sailor. In the following census, in 1851, he had become a skilled tradesman, an "engine fitter," somebody who potentially assembled, maintained and fixed steam engines. Ann was a dress maker. They were a busy family, which makes me wonder how they found time to make nine children! In the 1861 his occupation is "engine smith" and their children are all in school. Unfortunately three years later he died, in 1864. Ann probably remarried in 1866.

William's son James Shaddick was born in October 1848, in Clifton, Gloucestershire according to his birth record. He married Lydia Crowden (also spelled Croden) (1847-1921) from Walton, Somerset. They were married in Bristol Aug 3, 1869. His stated occupation in the 1881 census speaks to the integration of the Shaddick family into the industrial revolution: he was a grease refiner, somebody who sets up and operates equipment dedicated to recovering a refined product, probably oil although dairy processing was also done by grease refiners. James and Lydia had six children. At age 55 he was a navy pensioner and a cooper in a brewery.

His son Albert William Shaddick was born May 5, 1870 in Bristol, Gloucester. On Christmas day in 1896 he married Caroline Laura Watson, born Oct. 18 1874 in Bristol. Albert was a bricklayer and Caroline was a laundress.

Some measure of how difficult life could be was that in the 1911 census Albert and Caroline reported that only four of their six children were still living. Albert died in Eton, Buckinghamshire in September of 1954 at the age of 84. His wife Caroline died five years previously, in 1949, at the age of 74.

Their son Joseph Sidney Shaddick (1899-1960) was a military man. Lauren Golding, his granddaughter, provides an account of his life:

Joseph Sydney Shaddick (1899-1960)

"Joseph Sydney Shaddick was born Sept 10, 1899 at 82 Fishponds Rd., Eastville U.D. Bristol, Gloucester and died November 15, 1960. He married Louisa Phillipps, born April 10, 1899 in Bristol, Gloucester. They were married December 25,1923 in Bristol, England. Louisa died Jan 27,1986 in Kingston, Ontario. My grandfather's rank was Leading Air Craftsman Royal Air Force.

My father said they moved every couple of years because of his father was in the military. Dad remembers living at 53 College St., College Green, at the bottom of the hill by Bristol Cathedral and going to school in Cabo Hill. They lived there with his Aunt Rose.

My parents Donald and Irene lived at 27 Hazelwood Avenue Southmead with my two sisters Irene and Veronica.

Donald and Irene came over to Canada October 17 1950 on the Empress of Canada from Liverpool to Montreal, Canada with their 2 daughters Irene and Veronica and Donald`s parents Joseph Sydney and Louisa. They were met in Montreal by a customs agent that Dad knew through racing pigeons. They then travelled by train to Kingston where his brother Cyril and wife Joan had come to Canada previously on the Empress MacDermott. Feb 16 1947.

Louisa Phillips (1899-1986)

Cyril was a radio mechanic and was in training for the Air Force. My grandparents Joseph and Louisa went back to England in April of 1951 but returned back to Canada when they heard Irene was expecting another child July 11, 1952. They remained."Lauren's father Donald Bernard Shaddick was born March 18, 1926 in Bristol. He married Irene Grace Penfold born April 29, 1928 London England. They were married May 3, 1944 St. Pancras London. Donald has four children, Veronica, Irene Grace, Lauren and Gary Bernard.

The genealogy of the family follows.

Lauren's parents.

South Molton - Bristol Shaddick Genealogy

Richard Shaddock 1799-1859 (Hannah Pring 1798–1856)

1. William Shaddick 1820–1864 (Ann Whiteman 1820–1880)

1.1 Matilda Shaddick 1843–1843

1.2 Sophia Shaddick 1844–1926 (Thomas Skeel 1847–1908)

1.3 Richard Shaddick 1846–1849

1.4 James Shaddick 1848–1888 (Lydia Crowden 1847–1921)

1.4.1 Albert William Shaddick 1870–1954 (Caroline Laura Watson 1874–1949) Albert L Shaddick 1898–1901 Joseph Sidney Shaddick 1899–1960 (Louisa Phillips 1899–1986)

Cyril "Charlie" Shaddick 1921–2003 (Joan Gardenia Philips)

Donald Bernard Shaddick 1926– (Irene Grace Penfold 1928- ) Albert William Shaddick 1903– Hilda May Shaddick 1907– (Harry Ivor Noyes 1897–1988) Violet Lydia Victoria Shaddick 1908– (William H Smith 1905–)

1.4.2 Arthur Edward Shaddick 1872–1916 (Selina Jennings 1871–1947) Arthur Henry Shaddick 1893–1979 (Florence Avery 1893–1974)

Donald Henry Shaddick 1914–1971(Dorothy Muriel Wooldridge 1918–2006)

Desmond Henry Shaddick 1942–2009 (Marjorie J. Heard)

William Henry Shaddick 1921–1942 (died WWII at sea - gunner)

Gladys B. Shaddick 1922– (Donald K. Collins)

Thomas A. Shaddick 1925– (Ellen Isaacs) Selina Maude Shaddick 1894–1967 (Frederick W. Brenchley 1873–) Florence Gladys Shaddick 1896– Lillian Edith Shaddick 1899–1977 (Edward Charles Langley 1899–1982)

1.4.3 Alfred James Shaddick 1874–1945 (Isabella Hoare 1874–1950) Edith Shaddick 1901– Alfred James Shaddick 1904–1978 Joseph Thomas Shaddick 1906–1941 (Bessie Beatrice Rosa Veal 1908–1985) Lydia May Shaddick 1909– (Timothy C. Wictome)

1.4.4 Sidney Herbert Shaddick 1877–1934 (Alice Beatrice Cox 1883–1937) Dennis Lewis Shaddick 1916–1971 (Olive Derham 1919–1963)

Jean Elizabeth Shaddick 1947–2007

1.4.5 Edith Annie Shaddick 1881–1944 (Frederick Welshman 1872–1952)

1.4.6 Lillian Phoebe Shaddick 1884–1968 (Charles Perry 1881–1941, Frederick Welshman 1872–1952 sister's husband)

1.5 John William Shaddick 1852–1888 (Laura Rose King 1856–1893)

1.5.1 Evelyn Matilda Shaddick 1876– (Robert Cane Dallinger 1868–)

1.6 Matilda Shaddick 1852– (Edward Wilcox 1854– )

1.7 Elizabeth Ann Shaddick 1854–

1.8 Eliza Shaddick 1856– (Samuel Parker 1846–)

1.9 Phoebe Ann Shaddick 1858–1947

2. John Shaddick 1822–1864

3. Richard Shaddick 1828–

4. James Shaddick 1828–1915 (Hannah Davis 1836–)

4.1 Emily Shaddick 1854– (Walter Biss)

4.2 James Shaddick 1855–

4.3 Elizabeth Shaddick 1856– (Samuel Griffiths 1851–)

4.4 Hannah Shaddick 1858–1947 (Albert H. Notton 1857-)

4.5 Ada Maria Shaddick 1860–

4.6 John Shaddick 1863–

4.7 William Shaddick 1865–

4.8 Frederick George Shaddick 1867–1927 (Harriet Kate Clark 1873–1932)

Frederick James Shaddick 1895–1968 (Sarah Jane Hughes 1892-1967)

Frederick Albert Charles Shaddick 1918-1991 (Emily Joyce Blackmore 1923-2001)

Philip Frederick Shaddick 1944-- (Renate Brodel 1949-)

Lee Shaddick 1972-- (Eliane Thomi 1975--)

Damon Lee Shaddick 2005--

Mary J. Shaddick 1946- (Christopher Wood 1946-2004)

Irene Grace Shaddick 1897–1974 (Eduard Laridon 1894–1965)

Edwin George Shaddick 1900–1968 (Amelia Sarah Elizabeth Gardner 1901–1975)

Charles Edwin Shaddick 1931-1994

Kate Shaddick (1905--)

Sidney Shaddick 1907-1986 (Gladys Violet Maniford 1905-1994)

4.9 Ada Jane Shaddick 1869–1940 (Tom Glanville 1867-1931)

4.10 Florence Ellen Shaddick 1872–1956 (Thomas Hicks 1871-)

4.11 Charles Edwin Shaddick 1874–

4.12 Alfred Shaddick 1879–1947 (Lily D. Simons)

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