Burrington, Devon Shaddocks

This page tells the story of the Burrington, Devon Shaddocks, who are part of what I have dubbed the Yarnscombe Shaddock lineage, which began with the marriage of Richard Shattocke (ca. 1640-1706) in Yarnscombe. You can see a family three for all Shattockes here. The Burrington family branch in the Yarnscombe tree is: (click to enlarge)

Here is the Yarnscombe line of descent:

Richard Shattocke ca. 1640-1706 (Agnes Strellin ABT 1640-1710) Yarnscombe

Thomas Shattocke (Shaddock) b. 1681 (Joan Stabledon b. 1685) Fremington

George Shaddick 1715-1810 (Ann Paul b. 1716) (Elisabeth Weber 1723-) Bideford

Thomas Shaddock 1740-1786 (Ann Podger 1740-1810) Warkleigh

William Shaddock 1766-1856 (Sarah Hammett 1771-1854) Burrington

The descendants of Richard Shattocke lived in Fremington, Bideford and Warkleigh where William Shaddock (1766-1856) was born before moving to Burrington after marrying Sarah (nee Hammet) (1771-1854). The following diagram shows William at the top of the Burrington Shaddock family tree and the three sons who became the patriarch of their own family trees. This diagram will provide a reference that you can go back to when you read this page.

St. Mary's in Taunton. This is a view looking down Hammet street about the time that William Shaddock and Sarah Hammet married. The image is from the cover of a biography written about Sir Benjamin Hammet (1736-1800), who according to his biography rose from the status of a barber's son to a member of parliament through a fortuitous marriage and the dint of his own hard work. If he was a relation to Sarah Hammet, it was a very distant one.

William Shaddock moved to Burrington sometime before 1795, the year of his marriage to Sarah Hammet. They were married forty five miles from Burrington, in a church in Taunton, Somerset. The Church of St Mary Magdalene in Taunton, Somerset, England, was completed in 1508, in Early Tudor Perpendicular Gothic style. It is an impressive church.

But why a church 45 miles away from Burrington, Sarah Hammett's birth place? Part of the answer is that roads were improving at this time. A toll road called "Tiverton Trust for Turnpikes" was extended in 1794 from Barnstaple to Taunton, with a stop in South Molton, where the groom and bride may have caught the coach. It was a distance of about 50 miles and took 24 hours. The trip would have been exciting for farmers who had probably never been more than 10 miles from their birthplace. But how could they have afforded the trip and why did they choose to get married in Taunton? I think they had relatives there. I wondered if they were related to Hammets in Taunton. There was a Richard Hammet of Taunton St. Mary, a tallow chandler whose will is dated Dec. 3, 1722. He was engaged in the manufacturer of tallow candles or in the trade of oils. There were Hammett merchants in Taunton.

When I investigated Sarah's Hammet background, I discovered that the Hammets in Burrington can be reliably traced back to George Hammott or Hammet born 1726 in Burrington. His father Richard married Avis Blackmore (born 1695) in Burrington, where she was born. I found a Richard Hamet born in Widecome in the Moor (in Dartmoor), son of Thomas Hamet. So if Sarah Hammet was related to Sir Benjamin Hammet, it was a very distant relationship. This assumes my genealogy for the Burrington Hammets are correct. The fact the marriage was conducted in Taunton might be evidence I have the paper trail wrong, and Sarah is descended more recently from the Hammets of Taunton.

On the marriage certificate for William Shattock and Sarah Hammet in Taunton, the record says they were both "of this parish." Were William Shaddock and Sarah Hammet who married in Taunton not related to the William Shaddock and Sarah Hammet who married in the same year and had their first child in Burrington? Or did Richard Hammet of Taunton, Sarah Hammet's grandfather, move from Taunton to Burrington when he married a local woman, Avis Blackmore in Burrington? I am tempted to believe the latter. William and Sarah got married in Taunton because they had relatives there who might have been related to Sir Benjamin Hammet. And they may have got permission to marry at the lovely St. Mary Magdalene church because they were relatives of the prominent local Hammet. As a matter of fact the street that leads up to the church is called Hammet Street.

Standing looking up modern day Hammet Street to the church.

Their first child, Honor, born in October 1695, seven months after the marriage, in Burrington. She was named Honor, after Sarah's mother. They had six children, three boys and three girls, from which the Yorkshire, Western Ontario, Toronto, Illinois and Rochester, New York branches emanate, to name a few. My ancestor was Thomas Mitchell Shaddock, William's grandson.

Note that there were no Protestation Returns for Burrington under any from of the name Shattocke for 1641, so nobody from our family was living there in that year.


There is a joke about Burrington, the village that the Shaddock brothers grew up in. You can never find Burrington, except when you are lost.

You can get an idea of how small the village was this Thomas grew up in with this bird's eye view.

Burrington is right in the middle of many farms and it probably has not changed much in size in hundreds of years. It is a village whose main export crop is people. Here is a link to the Google satellite map: https://www.google.com/maps/@50.9340537,-3.9403214,1626m/data=!3m1!1e3

In 1841 the village had a population of 1244 people, but that included 196 people attending a fair on Trinity Monday. According to White's Devonshire Directory of 1890, the population had dwindled down to 776. According to Kelly' Directory in 1923, a fair was still held in the village on Trinity Monday for cattle and sheep. The population had declined to 662 and "The chief crops are wheat, oats and land in pasture." And in 1923 there was a William Shaddock, farmer, living in Burrington. He was not born in Burrington, however.

The chief Burrington export is, and continues to be, people. In 2001 the population declined further to 538, a third of the population when Thomas Shaddock lived there.

Notice in the picture above the agricultural fields surrounding the village to this day. What is remarkable is that the town appears to be suspended in time as if the steady flow of people out had mummified it. It has probably not changed in size much since Thomas Shaddock's birth. Here is the Burrington equivalent "Times Square."

Notice the church in the background. Holy Trinity was the center of village social life.

Click on this link and you will land right in the middle of the village:


Right in front of you is a five hundred year old oak tree. Imagine that is the tree that your ancestor passed by almost every day of their daily lives in Burrington. That grey stone church in the background is Holy Trinity, the local parish church, where your ancestors were baptized, where they attended church and participated in family events. This tree is a fitting symbol of the Shaddock family tree.

Here is a photo of the Holy Trinity Church (Anglican) in Burrington. The church dominates the village. Ceremonies here were solemnized by the local vicar, Joseph Buckingham.

Modern day view of the ancient church. Thomas Shaddock was an Anglican so it is likely he attended many events here, including his mother's funeral. It may have been the church where James Shaddock married his first and second wives.

And here is a postcard image of the interior.

Our Shaddock ancestors went to church on Sunday here and attended baptisms, marriage ceremonies and funerals here.

More pictures of the church: http://www.tylcoat.co.uk/chchcard.htm

The floor plan of the church: http://www.tylcoat.co.uk/chchplan.htm

From early in the 19th century, to mid-century, you find on family documents, so clear and elegant, the handwriting of the local vicar Rev. James Buckingham. He knew the Burrington Shaddocks very well. He had watched them grow up and officiated at major events in his life.

Rev. Buckingham's signature on an 1811 baptism record when he was a young minister.

The elaborate signature communicates his essence as an educated man that came from higher social class. And that turns out to be true. His full title was "Rev Jas. Buckingham , B.C.L. vicar." B.C.L. is the designation for bachelor of canon law. He had been educated at St. Mary hall, Oxford (graduated 1792) and instituted as vicar in Burrington in 1814 at the age of 44.

Here is where the good reverend lived all his life. The picture was taken sometime before 1918.

The Burrington vicarage. Vicar James Buckingham lived here with seven other people, including a doctor and his wife. Is that a greenhouse we see at the front of the house? What makes me think that is the door from the outside. I am sure if it was there in his day.

Rev. Buckingham lives in some comfort as the above pictures shows. He even had a couple of servants and visitors.

Here is his record in the list of Oxford University alumni. Despite how busy he was tending to the needs of his congregation, he found time to study theology, attaining an M.A. in 1828 when the James Shaddock children were coming into the world.

A country gentleman! His vicarage might have been purchased by wealthy parents. How lucky we Shaddock descendants are to have had the studious vicar documenting our family, written in his clear and emphatic script. He had a son James, who also became a vicar at Doddiscombleigh, Devon, about 60km south of Burrington. The elder Buckingham died there at the ripe old age of 85, in 1855. But they transported his body back to Burrington and his grave can be found in the cemetery at Holy Trinity in Burrington. I hope to visit his grave some day.

I am possibly related to vicar Buckingham through marriage. He was a witness at the marriage of James Shaddick (b. 1793) to Sarah Hulland (b. 1785) in Kings Nympton, a village 13 miles from Burrington. It would not be a trip by foot, but rather by carriage. The marriage occurred on a Sunday, March 29, 1818, which means the vicar was away from his own church on the most important day of the week. What would have drawn him away. Jennifer Shaddick Trapnell, a descendant from that marriage told me that Sarah Hulland had Buckinghams in her family tree.

The Family Patriarch: William Shaddock (1766-1856) and his wife Sarah Hammet (1771-1854)

So let's take a closer look at the Shaddock family in Burrington, beginning with the founder, William Shaddock.

The first time I encountered William Shaddock's name was on the marriage record for James Shaddock, his son, and Ann Snell.

Marriage between James and Ann Snell (nee Stediford).Click on the image to see the entire record.

Recorded is the name of James Shaddock's father, Wm Shaddock.

Thanks to the longevity of the Shaddock male and female lineage, we know the name of the wife of William. They were still alive during the 1851 census, living with their son-in-law William Isaac. And we know the name of his daughter, Honor.

William actually signed his daughter Honor's baptism certificate, which means he was literate. And Honor signed her own marriage certificate. She married William Isaac in 1820. And who conducted the ceremony in Holy Trinity church? Why vicar Buckingham of course. Honor was obviously industrious as she was a skilled weaver of a type of woolen fabric called serge. She obviously came from the better side of my family! She lived her entire life in Burrington, dying in 1874 at the ripe old age of 79.

There is a piece of evidence that indicates William's parents may not have been as wealthy as we might assume. It is in the form of a record found at the North Devon Record Office (South West Heritage Trust) :

Reference: 1710A/PO 16/28; Description: William Shaddock apprenticed to George Thorne for Warkleigh Barton; Date: 1776

William was 10 years old when he was sent off to work for George Thorne, presumably as a field worker. His father did not die until 1786, so we have to assume he went to school until the age of 10 and then something happened which forced him out into the fields and away from his father's meal table.

In the 1851 census record William Shaddock is 84, which means he was born in 1766. Sarah, his wife, was born in 1771. We know that William actually started out in life higher up the social scale then at the end of his life. There is additional evidence that William was not poor at this stage of his life. The baptism record of his daughter in 1813 J. Buckingham, minister, has indicated his rank of "yeoman." We know the name of his farm: Baggaford.

Typical "cottage" where people lived in North Devon between 1700 and 1850.

The term "yeoman" described gentlemen farmers in the medieval times, one step below landed gentry. By the time of Thomas' birth it came to mean any farmer who owned land and could keep one or more agricultural servants. Early in their life William and Sarah probably lived in better farm houses then their tenant farmer neighbours. The fact that William could write his own name indicates that he grew up in a home which was sufficiently well off to afford to have their children in school. (The only record that casts doubt on this is an indenture record from 1776 in the town he was from, Warkleigh. The record states: William Shaddock apprenticed to George Thorne for Warkleigh Barton. He would be ten years old, a likely age for this kind of indenture. But there is no corroborative evidence.) Some of his children could also sign their own names. However by the 1851 census the fortunes of the family can gone downhill. William and Sarah are described as paupers, too old to work in the fields. And his son James, could not sign his own name. This tells us that by the time James Shaddock was old enough to go to school (about 1805) his father was too poor to send him to school, while his older siblings, William and Honor, could read and write. They could sign their own names. And the fact William the father could sign his own name means he grew up better off than his children, including James. It must have been embarrassing for the family to slide down the social scale from yeoman to agricultural worker (servant status).

The presence of old William and his wife Sarah in the Isaacs (in-laws) household explains why in 1841 their son James' household includes two Isaacs, Susanna (30), and Mary (10). Susanna Isaac was making gloves to help put food on the table. The elderly Shaddocks may have been on parish welfare. "The poor have £2. 10s. yearly from Pyncombe's and Tossel's charities." (White's Devonshire Directory (1850)) The poor also formed extended family networks for mutual support. This kind of support would prove to be vital for those emigrating to the Americas or Australia.

When the elder Shaddocks were about 70 years old they still worked in the fields and lived on their own, in a place just a few doors from James' family. William was incredibly long-lived for his time. He outlived many of his descendants, dying in 1856 at the age of 90. His wife Sarah (nee Hammet) died the previous year at age 84. There must have been a great number of his family at the funeral.


There are links to his descendants in the following tree.

William Shaddock, sr. (1766-1856) (Sarah Hammet 1771-1854)

He was born in Warkleigh, but moved to Burrington where his wife Sarah Hammet was raised. There is considerable DNA evidence corroborating different branches of the family emanating from William Shaddock.

1 Honor Shaddock 1795-1874 (William Isaac 1795-1859)

born and died in Burrington

Grace Isaac 1829-? (Philip Trigger 1831-?)

Mary A Isaac 1831-1900

Elizabeth Isaac 1833-?

Tryphena Isaac 1836-1858

William Isaac 1839-1899 (Anne Colwill 1835-?)

2 William Shaddock, jr (1798-1865) (Grace Richards 1809-1881)

The oldest son of William Shaddock senior (1766-1856) of Burrington, Devon. He moved to High Bickington, Devon

(Click to read about William Shaddock, junior)

2.1 George Shaddick 1831-1895 (Jane Barkwill Mounce 1835-1916)

born High Bickington, died Wear Gifford. He had four children who eventually emigrated to the U.S.

Click to read about George Shaddick)

2.1.1 Mary Jane Shaddick 1863-1943 (James Elmer Barber 1866 – 1938)

born in Wear Gifford, died in Rensselaer, Jasper County, Indiana

2.1.2 Clara Shaddick 1864–1934 (Sidney Lord 1867 – 1912)

born in Wear Gifford, died in Medway, Kent

2.1.3 George Shaddick 1867 – 1940 (Alice Shaddick b. 1862 )

born in Wear Gifford, died in Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa, USA

2.1.4 Ellen Shaddick 1871 – 1885 (age 14)

born and died in Wear Gifford

2.1.5 Henry (Harry) Shaddick 1873 – 1957

born Wear Gifford, died Paw Paw, Lee, Illinois USA

2.1.6 Frederick Shaddick 1879 – 1940 (Florence Newcombe b.1888)

born Wear Gifford, Devon, England, died Barnstaple, Devon, England

2.1.7 Richard (Dick) Mounce Shaddick 1857–1937 (Ann Burnett 1845–1914)

born Wear Gifford, Devon, died Paw Paw, Lee, Illinois, USA

2.1.8 William Shaddick 1859–1949 (Amy Jewel 1878-1963)

born and died in Wear Gifford

2.2 Richard Shaddock 1837–1906 (Mary Isaac 1838–1910)

born in High Bickington, died in Torrington, Devon. He had 10 children, six of whom emigrated to Canada, and Australia.

(Click to read about Richard Shaddock)

2.2.1 William Henry Shaddock1859–1939 (Helen Menhinnit 1844 – 1931)

born in Chittlehampton, Devon died in Brisbane, Australia

2.2.2 James Shaddock 1862–1935 (Elizabeth E Stranding 1866–1950)

born in Chittlehampton, Devon, died in Warwick, Queensland, Australia

2.2.3 Samuel John Shaddock 1864–1936

born in Chittlehampton, Devon, died in Cannington, Western Australia, Australia

2.2.4 Elizabeth (Lizzie) Ann Shaddock 1866–1949 (James Knight 1862–1950)

born in Atherington, Devon, died in Uxbridge, Ontario

2.2.5 Richard Shaddock 1870–1942 (Esther "Hettie" Beer 1871 – 1951)

born in Chittlehampton, Devon, died in Scarborough, Ontario

2.2.6 Benjamin Shaddock 1873–1956 (Eileen "Ellen" Taylor 1871–1931)

born in Chittlehampton, Devon, died in Toronto, Ontario

2.2.7 Jessie Shaddock 1875–1951 (John Tapp 1870–1938)

born in Bishop's Nympton, died in Devon

2.2.8 Emily Shaddock1878– (Edwin J. Rose)

born in Bishop's Nympton, died in Chislehurst, Kent, England

2.2.9 Edith Bessie Shaddock 1880–1963 (William Thomas Jenkin 1878–1969)

born in Bishop's Nympton, died in Chislehurst, Kent, England

2.2.10 Mary Jane Shaddock 1882–1945 (Charles John Smith 1881–1970)

born in Bishop's Nympton, died in Armadale, West Australia

2.3. William Shaddock 1834-1847

2.4 John Shaddock 1839–1908 (Mary Harris b. 1842)

born in High Bickington

2.4.1 William Shaddock 1865–

2.4.2 John Robert Shaddock 1868–

2.4.3 Thomas Shaddock 1870–1911 (Elizabeth Ann Brumley 1874–1906) Bishop's Nympton to Huron, Ontario, Ca.

William John Shaddock 1898– (Rachel Neilans 1893–1974)

Richard Ernest Shaddock 1900–

Elva T Shaddock 1902–

Charles Robert Shaddock 1904–1946

Albert Edward Shaddock 1906–1985

2.4.4 Ann Shaddock 1874–

2.4.5 Richard Shaddock 1876–

2.4.6 Grace Shaddock 1879–

2.5 Anne Shaddock 1846-1908

Born in High Bickington, died in Torrington

2.6. Mary Shaddock 1843-1861

2.7 William Shaddock 1849-1930 (Emma Jane Batchelor 1849–1932)

born in High Bickington

2.7.1 William Shaddock 1877–1955 (Mary Emma Wood 1878–1959)

William Shaddock 1898–1969 (Daisy Clayson 1902–1968)

Audrey Shaddock 1924–1999 (Harold Thomas R. Sharpe 1922–1996)

William Roy Shaddock 1927–1982 (Kathleen Monica Spurr 1926–2002)

Harry Alfred Shaddock 1905–1996 (Ida Gilbert 1905-1995)

Herbert Ronald Shaddock 1910–1962

2.7.2 Harry Shaddock 1879–1919

2.7.3 Alfred Shaddock 1882–1953 (Ann Elizabeth Kay 1884-1961)

2.7.4 Herbert Unwin Shaddock 1884–1942 (Elizabeth Gardner-Hulme 1891–1983)

Arthur George Shaddock 1920–1956 (Irene Myfanwy Jones 1919–1987)

John Richard Shaddock 1949– (Julie Bennett 1960–)

Anna Elizabeth Shaddock 1989–

Elinor Lucy Shaddock 1990–

Holly Jane Shaddock 1993–

Philip Arthur Shaddock 1952– (Janet F. Taylor)

John Herbert Shaddock 1925–2011 (Joan Whitaker 1928-)

2.7.5 Grace Mary Shaddock 1886–1968

2.7.6 Frederick Shaddock 1890–1959 (Grace Lillian Peck 1894–1964)

Joan Lillian Shaddock 1929–2012 (Kenneth G. Colton)

2.8 James Shaddock 1853-1906 (Sarah Ann Stedeford 1845–1931)

born in High Bickington, died in Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia

(Click to read about James Shaddock)

2.8.1 Ilbert John Stedeford Shaddock 1878–1955 (Laura Francesca Caroline Bornholm1881–1939)

born in Barton Regis (Bristol), Gloucestershire, died in New South Wales, Australia

2.8.2 William Shaddock 1879–1963 (Charlotte Maria Stocker 1876–1967)

born in Glanville, South Australia, died in south Australia

2.8.3 Elizabeth Ann Shaddock 1881–1958

born in Glanville, South Australia, died in south Australia

2.8.4 Winifred Grace Honor Stedeford Shaddock 1883–1950 (George John Peterson 1880–1949)

born in Glanville, South Australia, died in south Australia

2.8.5 Lilly Shaddock 1884–1974 (John Andrew Gibson 1879–1970)

born in Glanville, South Australia, died in Mildura, Victoria, Australia

2.8.6 Agnes Shaddock 1885–1887

Port Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, died in Glanville, South Australia

2.8.7 Francis (Frank) Carlisle Montague Shaddock 1889–1962

born in Glanville, South Australia, died in south Australia

2.8.8 Harold James Shaddock 1891–1916

born in Glanville, South Australia, died in Bradford, Yorkshire West Riding, England

2.8.9 Roy George Shaddock 1894–1983 (Hilda May Brealey 1895–1986)

born in Glanville, South Australia, died in south Australia

3 Sarah Shaddock 1803-1854 (John Thomas b.1803)

born in Burrington

4 Richard Shaddock 1807-1875 (Ann Cole 1809-1885)

born in Burrington, Devon. He emigrated to Canada where he worked in the new town of London, Ontario. His sons moved south to the United States.

(Click to read Richard Shaddock's story.)

4.1 Mary Jane Shaddock b. 1835

born in Burrington

4.2 Melissa Shaddock b. 1838

born in Burrington

4.3 Emley Shaddock b. 1840

born in Burrington

4.4 Samuel Cole Shaddock 1844-1906 (Rachel Anne Etherington 1855 – 1931)

born in London, Ontario, died in Detroit

4.5 Ellen Shaddock b. 1853

born in London, Ontario

5 Ann Shaddock 1810-1878 (John Comer 1808-1874)

born in Burrington, Devon; died in Barnstable, Devon

6 James Shaddock, sr 1801-1865 (Mary Mitchell 1794-1838)

born and died in Burrington, Devon

(Click to read about James Shaddock)

6.1 Eliza Shaddock b. 1825

born in Burrington, Devon

6.2 William Shaddock b. 1826

born in Burrington, Devon

6.3 Elizabeth Shaddock 1828-1897 (James Husk 1827-1903)

born in Burrington, died in Kincardine, Bruce South, Ontario

6.3.1 Elizabeth Husk 1859-1950

6.3.2 Leah Tryphinia Husk 1862-1934 (died in USA)

6.3.3 Mary Husk b. 1868

6.3.4 Immanuel James Husk 1870-1961

6.4 John Shaddock 1830-1909 (Delilah Allen 1833-1890)

born in Burrington, Devon; died in Cruwys Morchard, Tiverton, Devon

6.5 James Shaddock, jr 1832-1913 (Maria Richards 1838-1922)

born in Burrington, Devon; Devon; died in New Marske, Yorkshire, England

(Click here for James Shaddock jr's family history.)

6.5.1 Lucy Ann Shaddock b. 1865 (John James Townsend 1860-1937)

born in Nymet Rowlonad, Devon; probably died in Yorkshire

6.5.2 Mary Maria Shaddock 1867-1946 (John Flowers 1864 – 1951)

born in Nymet Rowland, Devon; Marske by the Sea, Yorkshire

6.5.3 Henry Shaddock 1869-1922

born in Nymet Rowland, Devon; North Riding, Yorkshire, England

6.5.4 William Shaddock 1870-1913 (Sarah Jane Vincent 1876 – 1946)

born in Nymet Rowland, Devon; North Riding, Yorkshire, England

6.5.5 Frederick J. Shaddock 1873-1964

born in New Marske, Yorkshire, England; died in Cleveland, Yorkshire North Riding

6.5.6 Alice Maud Shaddock 1878-1937 (Charles Sill 1875 – 1954)

born in Nymet Rowland, Devon; Redcar, Yorkshire, England

6.6 Thomas Shaddock 1834-1912 (Catherine Nichols 1844-1931)

born in Burrington, Devon; died in Parkhill, Ontario, Canada. His story is told as part of the Burrington Shaddocks page.

(Click here for Thomas Shaddock's family history.)

6.6.1 James K. Shaddock 1862-1933 (Margaret Watson 1868-1930)

born MacGillivray Township, Middlesex, Ontario; died London, Ontario

(Click here for James Shaddock's family history.)

Frederick Earle Shaddock 1896-1957 (Annie Capitola Procunier 1893-1972)

Conrad Watson (Ted) Shaddock 1922-1969 (Lyla Ruth Gendron 1926-)

Donald T Shaddock 1923-1991 (Eleanor Elizabeth Whittle 1926)

Eva May Shaddock 1893-1936 (Thomas Day McMullen 1893-1925)

6.6.2 Malissa Shaddock 1864-1896 (William H. Conner b. 1857)

born and died in MacGillivray Township, Middlesex, Ontario

6.6.3 William Shaddock 1866-1949 (Margaret Ellen Thomson 1879-1933)

Inez Jean Shaddock 1905-1923

Gladys Edith Edna Shaddock 1911-1989 (Hugh Richard Hodgins 1907-1962)

Ivan Richards Hodgins 1935-1999

Anna Margaret Hodgins 1937-1998

Mary Ellen Hodgins 1948-1948

6.6.4 Thomas Shaddock 1868-1927 (Mary Elizabeth Fenton 1869 - 1951)

Austin Laverne Shaddock 1893-1976 (Lola Ray Barclay 1893-1966)

Kenneth Reed Shaddock 1922-2007

Helen Shaddock ??-1979

Rose Shaddock ??-2006

Olive Annie Shaddock 1899-1943 (Earle Mervin Walls 1900-1983)

6.6.5 Enoch Wood Shaddock 1870-1933 (Rose Ellen Low 1874-1934)

Bertha Ann Shaddock 1897-1983 (Charles Bruce Harmer 1894-1985)

B Edward Harmer 1920-2002

Leslie Earl Shaddock 1898-1984 (Evelyn Ruth Young 1908-2006)

Alma Maxine Shaddock (Charles Albert Thompson)

Earl Shaddock (Abbie Eleanor Nichol)

Sadie Shaddock

Ralph Shaddock (Catherine Ida Hughes)

Norman Shaddock (Shirley Lightfoot)

Eileen Shaddock (Eric Scott)

Alberta J. Shaddock (Ralph Steeper 1916-1995)

6.6.6 Cynthee Beatta Shaddock 1874-1946 (William John Hamilton 1869 - 1948)

Roy Hamilton 1900-1968 (Della Elizabeth Dundas 1910-?)

Vera Hamilton 1896-

William Erle Hamilton 1914-1961 (Abigail Flynn 1918-1972)

Elaine Hamilton (William Yearley 1933-1991)

Erle Hamilton (Mona Schade)

John Douglas Hamilton 1948-1993

Elaine Hamilton 1903-1923

6.7 Ann Shaddock 1838-1881 (John Lorenzo Hickey) born in Burrington, Devon; died in Hastings, Ontario

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