Hartland Shaddicks and Shadricks

The village of Hartland, whose parish incorporates the hamlet of Stoke to the west and the village of Meddon in the south, is the most north-westerly settlement in the county of Devon, England. Now a large village which acts as a centre for a rural neighbourhood and has minor tourist traffic, until Tudor times Hartland was an important port. It lies close to the promontory of Hartland Point, where the coast of Devon turns from facing north into the Bristol Channel to face west into the Atlantic Ocean. There is an important lighthouse on the point. The town's harbour, Hartland Quay, is to the south of the point: the quay was originally built in the late 16th century but was swept away in 1887. The high tower of the Church of Saint Nectan in Stoke remains a significant landmark for ships in the Bristol Channel. The appropriate electoral ward is called Hartland and Bradworthy. Its population at the 2011 census was 3,019. (Wikipedia)

Hartland Abbey

The Hartland Shaddicks and Shadricks are a branch of the Yarnscombe Shattockes, which is in turn a branch of the North Molton Shattockes. This diagram shows where the Hartland branch sprouts from the Yarnscombe tree (far left branch) Click on the tree to enlarge it.

To learn more about the Yarnscombe family, see the page devoted to it.

Finding the Hartland Ancestors

I have yet to find a definitive exception to the rule in Shaddock genealogy that says if your ancestors are found in Devon before 1800 and they spell their name with a double "d," then they belong to the North Molton Shattocke branch of the family. In other words they descend from a common ancestor who is found living in North Molton, on the border between Devon and Somerset, when parish records began in 1538.

The oldest records of Shattockes in Hartland shows that a single family settled in the port in the late 18th century, the most southern of the North Molton and Yarnscombe Shattockes and the most westerly. The Shaddicks and Shadricks of Hartland represent the leading edge of the expansion of Shattockes south from North Molton down the coast of Devon in the early 17th century. They were most likely the fourth or fifth generation of Shattockes out of North Molton. This Shattocke family tree shows how the North Molton Shattockes branched out of the common ancestor in North Molton.

As you can see, there is really only two alternatives for which branch the Hartland Shaddicks and Shadricks descend from, the Yarnscombe Shattockes or the Fremington Shaddicks.

The founder of the Fremington Shaddicks, John Shaddick (1751-1826) cannot have fathered the founder of the Hartland Shaddicks and Shadricks. It is not possible because the founder of the Hartland Shaddicks and Shadricks was born in 1761. So the Hartland Shaddicks and Shadricks are definitely descended from the Yarnscombe Shattockes. Let's see if we can find the Yarnscombe ancestor.

The first entry in the Hartland parish record is John Shaddock, born to Thomas Shaddock and his wife Grace, baptized on Dec. 28,1788. In subsequent records the name is commonly spelled "Shaddick," although there is a branch with the spelling of "Shadrick."

I have not found a record of Thomas Shaddock's place of birth or his father and mother's names. It was the name of Thomas' first child, John, born 1788, that provided a clue to the identity of his father. It was common to name the first born male after his father in Devon.

Thomas named his second born son "Thomas," born in 1789. Naming your second son after yourself was also common practice.

Why am I so sure Thomas's father was named John? His first born son "John" died an infant, probably shortly after his third son William was born in 1791. Thomas named his fourth son "John," born in 1793. That shows how determined he was to have a surviving son named John.

The practice was repeated in the case of his Thomas' son John. John named his first son Thomas.

Four generations of Shaddick descendants. Mary Shaddock is seated at left. The picture was taken in 1887.

In the 1841 census we find the approximate date of Thomas' birth. It was 1761. So Thomas' father "John" was probably born sometime before 1741. There are no Shattockes south of Hartland at this time, the ocean is to the north and west, so he probably was born in a nearby village to the east. This means there was only one possible candidate. On Jan. 18, 1736 John Shaddock was born to John Shaddock (1711-1790) and Eleanour Tanner (1710-1781) in Alverdiscott, Devon. Who was the grandfather? John Shaddock's father was Thomas Shattocke (1680-). Works perfectly. His mother was Joan Stabledon (1685-).

These are names that are very familiar to me. I am the direct descendant of Thomas Shattocke (1680-). It appears that Thomas Shaddock (1761-1846) is a Yarnscombe Shattocke. How sure am I that Thomas Shaddock is a Yarnscombe Shattocke? Sons of Thomas Shaddock were given the names of principal Yarnscombe Shattockes: Thomas, John, William, Richard. The only exception is his last born son Henry. His fourth son Richard carries his 4th great grandfather's name, Richard Shattocke, the founder of the Yarnscombe Shattockes. See the Hartland Genealogy below.

John Shaddock's namesake, John, born in 1828, would not pass on the name. He appears to have died when he was about twenty-five.

This is a very strong circumstantial case but lacks solid proof. That would come if a descendant of Thomas Shaddock of Hartland would do a DNA test. If you are a direct male descendant of the Hartland Shattockes, contact me.

Mary Shaddock: Canada's Oldest Person

Mary Shaddock (1800-1903), daughter of Thomas Shaddock of Hartland, was known as the oldest person in Canada before she died in 1903. In the Toronto Globe May 26, 1900 she told the reporter of her memory of the great victory at Waterloo. "Yes I remember Waterloo too. That was where Boney [Bonaparte] was tooken. There were great rejoices in England then. There was a procession in our village, in which each man carried the tools of his trade. The plowman carried his plowshare, the miller his toll dish, and so on. A figure was carried in front to represent Boney, and another behind him to represent the devil. As the procession moved along, the devil was made to cuff Boney on one side and then on another, while his Satanic Majesty bore on his back the words:

'Oh Boney, ye son of a gun,

Is all your fighting really done?' "

Mary Shaddock married Richard Hopper (1799-1885) and emigrated to Oshawa in Ontario, Canada. Did she know that she had relatives in the form of Yarnscombe Shattocke descendants living in Western Ontario? She was part of the great diaspora of Shaddocks and Shaddicks from Devon to Canada and Australia.

John Shaddock and Elizabeth Gay

Although I had known about the Hartland Shaddicks and Shadricks for some time, it was an inquiry about the wife of John Shaddock (1793-1879), son of Thomas Shaddock of Hartland, that drew my attention to this Shattocke lineage. Jim Bowen, from Ontario, contacted me and asked what I knew about John's wife Elizabeth Gay (1792-1867). He suspected that Elizabeth Gay was an itinerant preacher for Bible Christians in Devon and Cornwall. She was born in Moorwinstow, Cornwall, England in 1792 to William and Elizabeth Gay (née Adams). Between 1817-1819 she preached on a circuit that probably took her through Hartland. She "desisted" in 1819. On the 29th of April, 1820, she married John Shaddock in Hartland. Did John Shaddock fall in love with the preacher? Jim Bowen, in a genealogical seminar about the female itinerant preachers, uses this newspaper account to illustrate a conservative Anglican attitude to female Bible Christian preachers, who stood on a corner of a street in a village preaching.

In the neighbourhood of Greenwich and Deptford there has appeared within the last few weeks a set of female fanatics (who assume the name of Brianites) holding forth in the most public of thoroughfare. Their novelty as female ranters generally attracts a multitude of lookers on, chiefly from the motive of curiosity.

Morning Post, July 26, 1824

John and Elizabeth were married 29 April, 1820. They had a son William Shaddick, baptized in Hartland on July 23, 1820. There is a document that either eliminates Elizabeth Gay, wife of John Shaddock, as the itinerant preacher, or suggests a reason why she left the circuit and settled down to become a farm labourers wife. Elizabeth would have been at least six months pregnant when she married John Shaddock. She was 27. The baptism of their first child in 1820 took place in an Anglican church in Hartland.

At least some of their children were baptized in Shebbear, Devon, so we know she either was accepted back into the faith or later turned to the faith for the first time.

This is what John Ritchings from Hartland writes about the Shebbear Bible Christians on the GENUKI genealogy website:

The Bible Christian movement was a reaction to an environment of poverty and religious hypocrisy in a remote and rural area of North Devonshire at a time of strong religious revivalism across the south west of England. Although the movement was founded in Devonshire, it was conceived in Cornwall and whilst its stronghold was in Devonshire, there was a significant following in Cornwall with about a quarter of its chapels located within Cornwall. In the 92 years of its existence, its influence spread way beyond its roots in the rural community of Shebbear. Whilst the movement was strongest in Devonshire, Cornwall and into Somerset and Dorset, there were circuits across England and Wales. Missionaries went to Australia, Bermuda, Canada, China, New Zealand and the United States. Its members emigrated in their thousands from the south west of England.

Elizabeth Gay's birthplace in Morwenstow in Cornwall is only 6.5 miles or 10 km from Hartland. Her husband John was an agricultural worker so she probably lived a life of penury after she married. Her children became servants at a young age which indicates they could not afford to educate them or keep them at home. The fact she traveled to Shebbear, Devon to baptize her children helps identify her as a practicing Bible Christian. Was her husband's aunt Mary a Bible Christian who emigrated to a Bible Christian community in Canada?

Jim Bowen found a reference "E. Gay" in James Thorne, of Shebbear : a memoir : compiled from his diary by Thorne, James, 1795-1872. I think this might eliminate Elizabeth Gay as the itinerant female preacher. On on page 126. October 26, 1819 he records that he received a letter from E. Gay, in which she wrote about the rise of a people called "Abrahamites." This could not have been John Shaddick's future bride. On the wedding record she could not sign her own name. She signs with a mark. It is likely she was a cousin.

A Shadrick wedding. Leo Shadrick (1907-1986) and his bride Mary Heard (1909-1993) in Cornwall in 1936.

The Shaddicks and Shadricks

As is so often the case, there is only one branch of the Hartland Shaddicks and Shadricks where the surname survived down to the present. It is the grandson of Thomas Shaddock (1761-1846) who produced this lineage. Thomas Shaddock (1826-) had seven boys. They passed on the "Shaddick" version of the surname, with one lineage who acquired "Shadrick" as the spelling of their name.

Hartland Genealogy

Thomas Shaddock 1761-1846 (Grace 1761-)

1. John Shaddock 1788–1789

2. Thomas Shaddock 1789– (Mary Uglow 1789–)

2.1 Mary Shaddock 1814–

2.2 Maria Shaddock 1815– (Henry Daymon 1813–1853)

2.3 Thomas Shaddock 1826– (Margaret Galsworthy 1831–)

2.3.1 Jane Shaddick 1847–

2.3.2 Cecilia Ann Shaddick 1850–1892 (James Cottle 1838-)

2.3.3 John Shaddick 1850– (Elizabeth Gifford 1849–)

Emma Jane Shaddick 1869–1960

Mary Ann Shaddick 1878– (Frederick Beer 1879-)

Amelia Shaddick 1880–

2.3.4 Mary Ann Shaddick 1852–1936 (James Elstone 1848–1932)

2.3.5 Thomas Shaddick 1854–1943 (Levinia Maynard 1858–)

Ann Shaddick 1880– (Walter Congdon 1864-)

John Thomas Shadrick 1881–1962 (Elizabeth Jane Avery 1880–1950)

Leoline Thomas Shadrick 1907–1986 (Mary Grace Cann Heard 1909–1983)

John Wesley Shadrick 1909–1987 (Iris Mary Johns 1911–1972)

Thomas Brian Shadrick 1940– (Josephine A. White)

Robert William Shadrick 1942–2016 (Eileen J. Pennington)

Percy A. Shadrick 1911–1997 (Mildred Piper)

Reginold Austin Pennington Shadrick 1913–2005

Frederick Shadrick 1882–1973 (Amelia Ann Avery 1882–)

Ivy Beatrice Shadrick 1905–1977 (Walter V. Sanders)

Tryphosa May Shadrick 1906–1972 (Ernest A. German)

Harry Avery Shadrick 1909–1985 (Irene M. Cleave)

Beatrice Shaddick 1886–

Bessie Shadrick 1889–1922 (Charles Earnest Webber 1883–)

Louisa Shadrick 1890– (Reginald Hutchings 1890–)

Mildred Shadrick 1891– (William G. Isaac)

Claude Shadrick 1893–1966 (Vera Lucy Gardener 1900–1989)

Muriel S. Shadrick 1923–1932

William Shadrick 1895–1978 (Evelyn M Perkin)

Wesley John Shadrick 1935– (Beatrice O J Beckly)

Maud Shadrick 1896–1973 (William Littlejohns Daniel 1895–1971)

Mark Shadrick 1898–1979 (Ivy Anne Sluggett 1899–1988)

Alan Richard Thomas Shadrick 1929–2014 (Jean R. Luxton)

Edwin Shadrick 1901–1962 (Hilda M. Daniel)

2.3.6 Henry Shaddick 1856–1944 (Elizabeth Ann Jennings 1849–)

Dora Shaddick 1875–1905 (Benjamin Wade 1869–1926)

John Shaddick 1878– (Olive Mary Crews 1881–)

William Henry Shaddick 1903–1936 (Elsie Jane Tubb 1899–1990)

Dora Shaddick 1905– (John H Jones)

Elizabeth Ann Shaddick 1880– (John Jones 1873–)

William Shaddick 1885–1970 (Bessie Jeffrey 1886–)

Mary Jane Shaddick 1887–1968 (Thomas Prouse 1881–1960)

2.3.7 Richard Shaddick 1861–1942 (Elizabeth Kate Harding 1865–1949)

Richard Henry Thomas Shaddick 1895–1946 (Ethel Winnifred Smith 1895–1960)

Dorothy Gwendoline Shaddick 1921–1986 (Frank P. Seaton)

Winifred Kate Shaddick 1922–2005 (Arthur Charles Butt 1922–2011)

Henry Richard W Shaddick 1925–1989 (Patricia M. Neame)

Percy Valentine Shaddick 1928–2000 (Margaret Jenner 1931-)

Harold Arthur Shaddick 1898–1994 (Florence Gertrude McCarthy 1895–1978)

Florence Shaddick 1903–

Edith Shaddick 1908–

2.3.8 Elizabeth Shaddick 1867– (William Henry Walters 1871–)

2.3.9 Frederick Shaddick 1869–1926

2.3.10 Mark Shaddick 1872–1952 (Sarah Jane Wood 1868–1929

Annie Shaddick 1894–1947 (Charles Heard)

Mary Shaddick 1897–1979 (Charles J. Fanson)

Janie Wood Shaddick 1899–1985 (William T. Bassett)

William Thomas Shaddick 1902–1969 (Susan Heard)

Kathleen Emily Shaddick 1908–1994 (Ricard E. Selway)

2.3.11 Selina Shaddick 1873-1955 (Lewis Dayman 1874-)

2.3.12 Edwin Galsworthy Shaddick 1880– (Emily Hannah Hoare 1885-1973)

3. William Shaddock 1791–

4. John Shaddock 1793–1879 (Elizabeth Gay 1792–)

4.1 William Shaddick 1820-

4.2 Eliza Shaddock 1823–

4.3 Thomas Shaddock 1825–

4.4 John Shaddock 1828–ca. 1853

4.5 Mary Ann Shaddick 1830– (John Colwill 1833-)

4.6 Elizabeth Shaddock 1835–1907

5. Grace Shaddock 1795–

6. Mary Shaddock 1800–1903 (Richard Hopper 1799–1885)

7. Richard Shaddick 1803– (Mary Tremere)

John Shaddick 1832–1887

Mary Anne Shaddick 1838–1873 (John Bragg 1835-)

8. Henry Shaddock 1806– (Grace Most 1807-)

9. Betty Shaddock 1808–