Yorkshire Shaddocks

The Yorkshire Shaddocks are descendants of Richard Shattocke (ca. 1640-1702) of the tiny town of Yarnscombe in North Devon. See a diagram of the Yarnscombe Shattocke family tree here. To see where the Yarnscombe Shattockes fit into the Shattocke family tree, click on this link to the Experimental Shattocke Phylogenetic Tree. Here is the Yarnscombe Shattocke branch and the Yorkshire place in it. Click on the image to enlarge it.

James Shaddock Jr. (1832-1913) was the grandson of the Burrington founder William Shaddock (1765-1855). In the 1851 census, we find James (age 19) living and working as a servant at #2 Twitchen Lane for widow Amy Heaman (age 67) and her twelve year old granddaughter Mary Ann H. Woolway, who was going to school. You can stand at the foot of Twitchen lane where James would have walked to and fro from old Amy Heaman's house. It was only a short walk from the church or the house where his father lived:


James (son of James, brother to Thomas) is unmarried.

James Shaddock

In 1864 Thomas' brother James got married. It was to Maria Richards on March 13 in Torrington, Devon (about 15 km west of Burrington). Maria was from a little village called High Bickington about 30 km northeast of Burrington. There were Shaddock cousins to James in High Bickington, which may explain how he met her.

The 1881 census finds the couple has moved all the way up to the north of England to Yorkshire. He may have left one daughter behind, Lucy Ann Shaddock, born in 1865 in Nymet Rowland.

Lucy Ann Townsend nee Shaddock (1865-1919)

Lucy married John James Townsend (1860-1937) and followed her family north to Yorkshire. She would have one son Guy Storey Townsend born in 1892 in Yorkshire when Lucy was 27. He was a 2nd Lieutenant in the First World War. He was in the British Yorkshire Hussars and fought in the Battle of Amiens. Wikipedia:

"The Battle of Amiens, also known as the Third Battle of Picardy (French: 3ème Bataille de Picardie), which began on 8 August 1918, was the opening phase of the Allied offensive later known as the Hundred Days Offensive that ultimately led to the end of the First World War. Allied forces advanced over 11 kilometres (7 mi) on the first day, one of the greatest advances of the war, with Henry Rawlinson's British Fourth Army playing the decisive role. The battle is also notable for its effects on both sides' morale and the large number of surrendering German forces. This led Erich Ludendorff to describe the first day of the battle as "the black day of the German Army". Amiens was one of the first major battles involving armoured warfare and marked the end of trench warfare on the Western Front; fighting becoming mobile once again until the armistice was signed on 11 November 1918."

Lucy Ann's son Guy died August 18, 1918, only three months before the war ended. Her son was 26 and as far as I can tell, never married. I don't know if Lucy Ann died of a broken heart when she got the terrible news. She died the next year at the age of 54.

The town her father moved to sometime before 1881 was Guisbrough, Yorkshire. The English industrial revolution was underway and James had been swept up in it. He has become an iron miner. He also had a family, five children. Two of them were born back in Devon in a tiny village called Nymet Rowland, about 10 km southeast of Burrington. The rest were born in Marske. So we can figure out from their ages that the James Shaddock junior family moved up to Yorkshire between 1871 and 1873. In 1881 we find James working as an iron miner in New Marske By The Sea at 109 Dale Street. All four of his children are going to school, a new generation of Shaddocks finally affluent enough to allow their children to get an education. I have entered them into the tree on ancestry. Perhaps they are the little buds on the tree that will allow us to find distant related English family members. In 1891 the census still finds James living in the area with two of his children, Frederick and Alice (still at school age 13).

In the 1901 census his occupation is listed as head, general surface labourer. His daughter Alice is listed as an assistant school mistress.

And in 1911 James is retired, age 79, still has his wife Maria at his side and still has his 33 year old daughter Alice at home, single. But she has done the family proud. She is a school teacher.

You can see a picture of Alice on the left.

The census form is written out in clear, careful and very neat handwriting. Did James' daughter fill out the form in neat school teacher handwriting?

And here is the street James and his family had been living on, at least since 1881. See if you can find his house on it. It is one of the houses on the right in this Google street view:


Mary Maria Shaddock and her husband John Flowers

It is a modest neighborhood, but think of where he came from. I wonder if a letter was ever delivered to it from his brother from so far away both in time and space? The fact pictures were exchanged suggests that they did stay in touch.

David Tetlow, who is a descendant of James Shaddock through one of his granddaughters, Lillian Shaddock, who married Albert Tetlow, has preserved a poem written by a neighbor of James. Mrs. G. E. Harrison lived only three doors away. The poem chronicles the demise of the local church and fondly remembers the people who attended it, including the Shaddocks.

Read the poem here.

The brick Primitive Methodist Chapel was built in 1874. It was closed and abandoned in 1932.

John Flowers, who is mentioned in the poem, and who attends the church with his mother, happens to have lived right next door to the Shaddocks at 108 Dale St. James' daughter Mary Maria Shaddock, who worked as a servant in a lawyers home, was to marry her next door neighbor John Flowers at the age of 42 in 1911, two years before James death.

As it often happens in family histories, James had a lot of girls and his sons had girls. His grandson John James Shaddock (1910-1987) had children, and after a few years of hunting I finally found them, living in North Tyneside, England. (You can see the genealogy of the Yorkshire Shaddocks at the bottom of this page.)

Margaret Shaddock, the wife of one of John James sons, responded to a facebook message I blasted out to all the Shaddocks, which finally allowed me to find the long lost branch of the family. Her husband, William Shaddock (1942-2000) had passed away sixteen years earlier. She told me about their children and her husband's brothers. The Christian name of the founder of the Burrington Shaddocks, William Shaddock (1766-1856) was passed to the present to his 3rd great grandson William Shaddock (1969-) who lives in North Tyneside, England with his mother Margaret. See the family gallery at the bottom of this page.

A picture Margaret found among her husband's keepsakes. Margaret says she thinks the house in the background is a thatched roof, not characteristic of the area she lives in the north of England. So possibly the photo is from Devon where the village of Burrington is located. It was probably taken in the late 19th century after James Shaddock Jr. moved up to Yorkshire.

I asked Margaret to tell me a bit about her family. "Before I met Billy he worked for a grocery shop called Hinton's and a carpet firm as a driver. Then he left Middlesbrough and came to Dudley to live with his grandparents (Florry and Bob Simpson). I met him in 1964 through work at Broughs, another grocery shop. He had to drive the traveling shop and I had to show him the route. Later he got a job driving tipper lorries (1972). The firm Stanley Millers went bust in1989-90. He wasn't able to get work after that. They were asking for heavy goods drivers class 2 aged 25. So from him being 45-6, he never worked again. (I did just cleaning). He died in 2000 with stomach cancer. Never saw much of his dad so I'm not much help apart from the fact he was in the army, in the desert."

I found a 1939 census for Billy's father Jack. He was living 71 Barritt Street , Middlesbrough C.B., Yorkshire (North Riding), England. He was working in an iron foundry in 1939, two years before he married Ada Florence "Florry" Simpson (1920-1996). He was age 29 and living with Sarah Jane, his mother. This is the Sarah Jane Vincent I wrote about in the page about the Western Ontario Shaddocks, who looked after John Shaddock of Tiverton, her father-in-law's brother until he died. Jack was also living with his sister Lena, who had married Walter Bunting Peacock (1912-1982). She was working in a candy factory.

I have always had a special fondness for this branch of the family. Sarah Jane Vincent, who cared for John Shaddock until he died and then married his nephew is the thread that knits the story together for me. It was great finding her in the records and bringing her back from the obscurity of memories lost with the lives of the people who preserve them.

Yorkshire Shaddocks Genealogy

These are the farthest north in England of the Burrington Shaddocks.

James Shaddock, jr. 1832-1913 (Maria Richards 1838–1922)

Lucy Ann Shaddock 1865–1919 (John James Townsend 1860–1937)

Guy Storey Townsend 1892–1918

Mary Maria Shaddock 1867–1946 (John Flowers 1864-1951)

Henry Shaddock 1869–1922 (Lucy Annie Knight 1872–1919)

Dora Shaddock 1897–1986

Florence Shaddock 1900–

William Shaddock 1870–1913 (Sarah Jane Vincent 1876–1946)

John James "Jack" Shaddock 1910–1987 (Florence Ada Simpson 1920–1996)

William "Billy" Shaddock 1942–2000 (Margaret S. Wilkinson 1947–)

Donna Louise Shaddock 1966– (David Job)

Lucy Job 1995–

Ross Job 1997–

William Shaddock 1969–

John James Shaddock 1944– (Ada)

David Shaddock 1948–

Thomas Shaddock 1950– (Linda Sanders)

Thomas Elcid "Cid" Shaddock 1974–


Tabbatha Lorraine Shaddock 1976–


Lena Shaddock 1912–2002 (Walter Bunting Peacock 1912-1982)

William Shaddock 1914–1915

Frederick James Shaddock 1873–1964 (Mary Julia Holroyd 1876–1964)

Lilian Shaddock 1899–1993 (Albert Tetlow 1900–1993)

James Albert Tetlow 1925–2013 (Nancy Rose Christine Peterson 1941–)

Andrew Mark Tetlow 1963–

Graham Tetlow 1964–

Stephen James Tetlow 1968–

Denys David Tetlow 1928–2002 (Olive Moody 1926–2002)

David Nigel Tetlow 1952–

Christopher Roy Tetlow 1954–1991

Mary Shaddock 1902–1974 (Joseph William Legge 1900–1976)

Alice Maud Shaddock 1878–1937 (Charles Sill 1875–1954)

Harry Douglas Sill 1914–1999

Maud Sill 1916–1989

Yorkshire Shaddock Family Gallery

Billy Shaddock (1942-2000)

Billy again. Margaret commented on his striking resemblance to his great grandfather James Shaddock jr. It is remarkable.

Margaret Shaddock (née Wilkinson), Billy's wife (1947-)

Donna and William, Billy and Margaret's children.

John James "Jack" Shaddock (1910-1987) and Ada (née Simpson) (1920-1996), Billy's parents.