Melbourne, Australia Shattocks

by Bob Shattock

Bob Shattock, a direct descendant of Edward Foster Shattock, tells the story of his ancestor:

First Class Passenger ticket from London to Auckland for Edward Shattock, Esq. Passengers travelling? "One." Edward was 20 years old.

Edward Foster Shattock was born on Mar 29, 1846 at Peckham in the county of Surrey England. Presumably he graduated as an accountant in England as that was his occupation in Australia. At the age of 20, he emigrated to Auckland, New Zealand leaving London on Dec 5, 1866. I have no idea why he would leave an upper middle class home for the other side of the world at such a young age but would love to know.

Edward Foster Shattock (1846-1920)

He would have arrived in Auckland mid-to-late 1867 and shortly after that married Agnes Montgomery McEwan on Oct 10 1868. Agnes was the daughter of Isaac and Janet McEwan. They were both from Glasgow in Scotland and must have emigrated to New Zealand as Agnes was born in Auckland in 1848. Agnes was the eldest of 7 children.

Agnes Montgomery Shattock (1848-1931)

Edward and Agnes’s first child, Edward Foster Junior arrived a little over 2 years later. Born in Auckland in 1871. The exact date is unknown but it must have been very early that year as later that year they moved to Melbourne, Australia where Frederick Andrew was born on Nov 14 1871. Then followed Agnes Montgomery Florence in 1873. After their daughter Agnes was born they moved to Geelong, a town 75 kms south west of Melbourne where a further 3 children were born: Tom Harvey 1875; Herbert Alexander 1876 and Cecil Ambrose 1880. Also, while in Geelong their first born Edward Foster died in 1876 aged just 5 years old. They then moved back to Melbourne where Dora Lavina 1882, Albert Foster 1885 and Sylvia Constance 1890 were born.

Family photo at "Addiscombe" about 1908. Edward Foster Shattock is sitting beside Agnes on the far right.

Large families were not uncommon in those days and this practice was repeated with the next generation as well, resulting in an explosive family tree. The family photo taken at “Addiscombe,” the family home in Ascot Vale, in 1908, shows just how much the family had expanded. And this photo does not show all of Edward and Agnes’s grandchildren, more were to come in subsequent years.

Edward and Agnes at their “Addiscombe” home in Ascot Vale. Ascot Vale is a suburb 5 km north-west of Melbourne, Victoria.

For many years a large portrait of Edward Shattock hung in the council chambers at the Essendon town hall. He had the honour of being the first Town Clerk of Essendon when it upgraded from a Borough to a City in 1909.

There is no record of when he moved to Ballarat but he died there on Nov 21, 1920 at the age of 74.

Edward seated, with his son Tom Harvey Shattock (1875-1956) behind him and his grandson Tom Montgomery Shattock (1903-1942) in front. Three generations of Melbourne, Australia Shattocks.

You can explore Edward Foster Shattock's genealogy at the bottom of the Stogumber London Shattocks page. He is located at node 3.9 in the family tree.

John Shattock in his history of the Shattock family in Australia, provides many stories and facts about the Australian Shattocks. It includes letters exchanged between the children of Henry Mark Shattock (1803-1872). Makes fascinating reading...

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