Colorado Shattucks

The Shattucks of Watertown Massachusetts are a major branch of the worldwide Shattocke family, whose common ancestor lived about 1300 AD. To see where the Shattucks fit in the Shattocke family tree see the Experimental Shattocke Phylogenetic Tree. The Shattucks of Massachusetts have been officially designated a branch of the human family called R-Y19751. Look for that node on the tree.

The Colorado Shattucks are in the John Shattuck (1647-1675) branch of the family, descending from his son Samuel.

The Colorado Shattuck descendant we feature here is a Colorado Shattuck. He took the FTDNA Y-DNA 37 level test, but he was unresponsive to my attempts to have him join the FTDNA project and share his DNA data. To see where Donald M. Shattuck and the other Shattucks fit within the Shattocke family tree, please see the Experimental Shattocke Phylogenetic Tree.

He is descended from William Shattuck (1621-1672) the "progenitor" of Shattucks in America. He descends from William's son John Shattuck (1647-1675). Arthur Shattuck, another descendant of John Shattuck, has participated in our Shattuck DNA project. You can read about him here.

Tablet erected by the nineteenth century genealogist and Shattuck family historian Lemuel Shattuck, honouring his ancestors. It is found on the road to the town William Shattuck settled in, Watertown, Massachusetts, now part of greater Boston. The inscription reads: "To perpetuate the memory of WILLIAM SHATTUCK, who died in Watertown, Aug. 14, 1672, aged 50; The progenitor of the families that have borne his name in America. And of his son, JOHN SHATTUCK, who was drowned in Charlestown Ferry, Sept. 14, 1675, aged 28. This simple memorial was erected in 1853, by Lemuel Shattuck, who holds in grateful veneration the character of the Puritan Fathers of New England."

Donald M. Shattuck is descended from the first born son of the Massachusetts Shattucks founder William Shattuck (ca. 1622-1672). He was John Shattuck (1647-1675) and died very young (age twenty-eight) in King Philip's War.

You can read about John Shattuck's life here.

John Shattuck and his wife Ruth had four children, John, Ruth, William and Samuel. Donald M. Shattuck descends from Samuel.

To read about Samuel Shattuck go to this page. The Colorado Shattucks are descended from Samuel and Elizabeth's son Jeremiah.

Captain Jeremiah Shattuck (1703-1798)

Lemuel writes this about Jeremiah: "Capt. Jeremiah Shattuck was bornin Groton, June 11, 1703, and settled in the centre of Pepperell as a blacksmith, where he died Aug. 2, 1798, ae. 95 y. 1 m. 21 d. He was often chosen a selectman, and to other town offices; commanded a military company ; and was otherwise distinguished as a leading public man, and as a valuable citizen.

He married July 2, 1723, Sarah Parker, b. April 12, 1705, daughter of Nathaniel and Lydia Parker, granddaughter of Joseph, and great-granddaughter of Joseph Parker, one of the original proprietors and settlers of Chelmsford and Groton. She diedJune 8, 1789, having lived in the marriage state nearly 66 years."

Captain Jeremiah was to marry a second time, a younger woman by 15 years! Lemuel: "He married Feb. 28, 1792, Ruth Bixby. The Columbian Centinel newspaper of March 10th following, chronicles his second marriage thus :—" In Pepperell, Capt. Jeremiah Shattuck, aged 90, to Mrs. Ruth Bixby, aged 75."

Donald M. Shattuck is descended from the second child of ten born to Jeremiah and Sarah, Jeremiah junior.

Jeremiah Shattuck Jr. (1726-1815)

Lemuel: "Jeremiah Shattuck was born April 11, 1726, and was a farmer on "Oak Hill" in Pepperell, on the place now occupied by Benjamin Williams, where he died of paralysis, March 26, 1815, ae. 88 y. 11m. 15 d.

He married Aug. 10, 1749, his cousin Lydia Lakin, daughter of John Lakin and Lydia Parker, and granddan. of Nathaniel and Lydia Parker. She was born Jan. 8, 1734, and died Feb. 19, 1767, in childbirth, with her 8th child, as. 33 y. 1 m. 16 d. He married Nov. 25, 1767, his 3d cousin, Kezia Shattuck, born Feb. 4, 1745, daughter of Jonathan. She survived him, and married in 1821, Moses Blood, who had previously married Abigail Shattuck, daughter of James, (p. 100.) She died suddenly, of apoplexy, Sept. 8, 1832, ae. 87 y. 7 m. 4 d."

Jeremiah had 17 children, 8 with Lydia Lakin, and 9 with Kezia Shattuck. Donald M. Shattuck is descended from Abraham, fifth child of Lydia Lakin.

Abraham Shattuck (1759-1841)

Lemuel: "Abraham Shattuck was born in Pepperell, Oct. 12, 1759, and died in Washington, N. H., in 1841, ea. 82. He was in the service in the Revolutionary War, and received a pension from the United States government. He was a farmer and first settled in Pepperell, but in 1797 removed, and

resided ten years in Wilton, N. H., ten in Temple, and a less time each in Nelson, Dublin, and Washington.

He married Dec. 2. 1790, Mary Wright, born Feb. 9, 1766, twin daughter of Benjamin Wright. She died Jan. 31, 1800, ae. 34 y."

Abraham married twice more, but all five of his children were with Mary Wright. Donald M. Shattuck is descended from Abraham Jr."

Abraham Shattuck (1791-1818)

Lemuel: "Abraham Shattuck was born in Pepperell, Oct. 29, 1791. He is a blacksmith; and in 1814 settled in Dublin, N. H.; in 1831 removed to Marlborough; and in 1835 to Peterborough, where he now resides. He weighs 254 lbs.

He married June 22, 1814, Sophia Kendall of Dublin, b. Nov. 1792. She d. Oct. 10, 1815. at the birth of her first child.

He married Nov. 22, 1817, Jerusha H. French, b. Dec. 17, 1798, daughter of Whitcomb French of Dublin and Sally Patrick of Fitzwilliam. She died almost instantaneously by a rupture of a blood vessel, July 8, 1839, ae. 40 y. 6 m. 21 d. He had 10 children: 8 oldest born in Dublin, the 9th in Marlborough, and the 10th in Peterborough."

Donald M. Shattuck is descended from the last born child, Joseph Commings Shattuck.

Joseph Cummings Shattuck (1835-1921)

We are now past the point where Lemuel's book was written. We get a snapshot of Joseph Cummings Shattuck from a book titled "Alumni Record of Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut," page 446. "JOSEPH CUMMINGS SHATTUCK Born Feb 28 1835 in Marlborough Cheshire Co NH. 1857 Sept Left College in Sophomore year Studied in Easton Pa. 1869 County Treasurer. 1874 Member of Colorado Legislature. 1876-81 State Superintendent of Public Instruction Denver Colorado. 1858 Married Hattie M Knight of Marlborough NH Children Fannie McC. Herbert Lincoln Orville Frank 1881 Address Denver Colorado."

That makes him a very successful college drop out. His subsequent dedication to education belies that fact. As a legislator he held the following committee positions: "1874 -- Education; Elections & Appointments; Irrigation (Chair); Rules & Joint Rules; Territorial Library."

He was a Republican. His occupation was listed as "educator." In the 1910 census, at the age of 75, he is listed as the "Secretary of Dunn University," although he is not listed as employed there.

You can see Joseph C. Shattuck on the porch of his house in this undated photo. Is that his wife in the chair in the foreground? And his grandchildren?

Donald M. Shattuck is descended from Joseph's son Hubert Lincoln Shattuck.

Hubert Lincoln Shattuck (1865-1939)

Hubert Lincoln Shattuck is Donald M. Shattuck's grandfather. He was born Aug. 20, 1865 in Philipsburg, New Jersey.

His father's devotion to education is reflected in Hubert Lincoln's occupation. In the 1900 census we find he is a Clerk of the Colorado Court. From 1906-1912 he is a District Court Judge.

In the "History of Colorado", edited by Wilbur Fisk Stone, published by The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co. (1918) Vol. II p. 252, 254 photo p. 253 Hubert Lincoln's biography is recorded:

Hubert Lincoln Shattuck, attorney at law and former judge of the second judicial district of Colorado and well known as a leader in republican circles, was born in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, August 20, 1865. His father, Joseph C. Shattuck, is a native of New Hampshire and was a teacher by profession, in which field of activity he won prominence. He became the first state superintendent of public instruction in Colorado, having removed to this state in 1870 with the Union colony. He settled at Greeley and through the intervening years has had an important part in shaping public interests of the commonwealth. In 1874 he served as a member of the Colorado legislature and was influential in formulating the school laws and land laws of the state. He is now living retired at University Park at the age of eighty-three years. His wife, who bore the maiden name of Harriet Mason Knight, was a native of New Hampshire and died in January, 1910. Hubert L. Shattuck was a pupil in the public and high schools of Greeley, having been a little lad of but five summers at the time of the removal of the family to Colorado. He afterward attended the University of Denver, in which he completed a course of study in 1889 with the Bachelor of Science degree.

He next entered the Denver Law School and won his LL. B. degree as a member of the class of 1893. During his college days he became a member of Beta Theta Pi. Admitted to the Denver bar in the year of his graduation, he practiced alone for a time and then joined Halsted L. Ritter in the firm of Harris, Ritter & Shattuck. A later change in the partnership relation led to the adoption of the firm style of Hitter & Shattuck, the partners concentrating their efforts and attention upon general law practice. Mr. Shattuck was made clerk of the county court on the 15th of February, 1898, and so served until May 1, 1901. He has done important work along political lines as secretary of the republican central committee of his county in the year 1906 and for many years as committeeman in his precinct. He has labored untiringly to advance republican successes because of a firm belief in the party principles and in 1906 he was elected district judge of the second judicial district, taking his place upon the bench in 1907 and so serving for a term of six years. He then resumed the practice of law, entering into partnership with Greeley W. Whitford, under the style of Whitford & Shattuck, an association that was maintained for two years, at the end of which time the partnership was dissolved and Mr. Shattuck has since practiced alone.

In January, 1900, Mr. Shattuck was united in marriage to Miss Katharine Porter, a daughter of Robert Porter, a California pioneer of 1853. Mrs. Shattuck was born in Hydesville, California, in January, 1869, and by her marriage has become the mother of five children: Edith Virginia, who is a student in the South Denver high school, belonging to the class of 1919; Robert C., born June 7, 1904, now in the South Denver high school with the class of 1922; and Katharine Porter, Frances Elizabeth, and Margaret Ritnor. The younger children are also in school. Mr. Shattuck is well known in Masonic circles, belonging to Temple Lodge, No. 84, A. F. & A. M.; Colorado Chapter, No. 29, R. A. M., of which he is past high priest; and Colorado Commandery, No. 1, K. T. He is past master of his lodge and he is identified with the drill corps of the Knight Templar commandery, which took the three thousand dollar prize at Louisville, Kentucky, in August, 1901, competing against crack companies throughout the United States. Mr. Shattuck is also a very active and prominent member of the University Park Methodist Episcopal church. He was formerly identified with Trinity church and for two years was Sunday school superintendent. He has also served on the official board of the church and has long had a class of boys in the Sunday school. He does everything in his power to promote moral progress and to establish in the minds of the young standards that will mold character throughout life. His father was a distinguished pioneer and legislator of the state and through all the years down to the present time the name of Shattuck has figured conspicuously and honorably upon the pages of Denver's history, Hubert Lincoln Shattuck being today widely recognized as an able lawyer and as a progressive citizen, who throughout his entire life has measured up to the highest standards of manhood.

Robert Cummings Shattuck is Donald M. Shattuck's father.

Robert Cummings Shattuck (1904-1996)

Robert Cummings Shattuck followed in the footsteps of his father and acquired a good education. For this generation it was the practice of medicine. He was a physician.

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