The Elder Pepperell Shattucks

The Shattucks of Massachusetts are a major branch of the worldwide Shattocke family. To see where the Massachusetts Shattucks fit in the Shattocke family tree see the Experimental Shattocke Phylogenetic Tree. The Shattucks of Massachusetts have been officially designated a branch of the human family called R-Y19751. Look for that node on the tree.

The Elder Pepperell Shattucks were founded by John Shattuck (1666-1709). His branch of the family is shown here (far left): (Click on image to enlarge.)

John was the grandson of the pilgrim founder William Shattuck (1622-1672) who settled in Watertown (now part of the Greater Boston area). John moved from Watertown to Pepperell and founded the Elder Pepperell Shattucks.

The first generation of Shattucks had come in conflict with the indigenous peoples around the Massachusetts Bay colony that culminated in King Philip's War, an armed conflict in 1675 and 1676. The colonists then lived in peace with their neighbors, but only for 14 years before hostilities broke out again in 1690. In the meantime new settlers and the second generation of the first generations had established themselves in the interior of Massachusetts, which had become the new frontier. This Wikipedia map shows how tenuously the English held their new homeland in North America.

The original settlement of American Shattucks, Watertown, is shown on the map. It is today part of Greater Boston. As you can see on the map, England, France and Spain contended with each other and with Native Americans for land in North America.

Escaping conflict back home in England, which culminated in the English Civil War, may have been one reason why Shattucks emigrated to the English colony, but they could not ultimately escape from the wars fought between among the European empires. The Shattucks eventually got caught up in Queen Anne's War.

Queen Anne's War (1702–1713), as the North American theater of the War of the Spanish Succession was known in the British colonies, was the second in a series of French and Indian Wars fought between France and England in North America for control of the continent. The War of the Spanish Succession was primarily fought in Europe. In addition to the two main combatants, the war also involved numerous American Indian tribes allied with each nation, and Spain, which was allied with France.

The English colonies of New England fought against French and Indian forces based in Acadia and Canada. The French and Wabanaki Confederacy sought to thwart New England expansion into Acadia, whose border New France defined as the Kennebec River in southern Maine. Toward this end, they executed raids against targets in Massachusetts (including present-day Maine), most famously raiding Deerfield in 1704. (Wikipedia).

Lemuel Shattuck provides an account of Shattuck lives lost in Queen Anne's war.

(p. 77): John Shattuck, son of John, (p. 71,) was b. in Watertown, June 4, 1666, and was killed by the Indians, in Groton, May 8, 1709, ae. 42 y. 11 m. 4 d. He was a farmer, and occupied the homestead, which had before belonged to his father-in-law, James Blood, and which, after his death, was set off to the widow, as her portion of the real estate, and by her sold to Mr. Shattuck. It was situated on the "Nod Road," so called, which runs northeasterly from the Stony-Ford-Way at Hollingsworth's paper-mills. The Shattucks and Bloods owned large tracts of land on both sides of Nashua River, in the vicinity of these mills. At the time of Mr. Shattuck's death he was one of the selectmen of Groton—an evidence of the respectability of his social standing.

An artist's rendition of Indians attacking a garrison house. (Wikipedia)

Few persons, now-a-days, can have an accurate conception of the toil, suffering, and danger endured by the early settlers of our frontier New England towns. The workmen as they went forth to their labors were not sure of returning again in safety to their homes, or, if they did, that they should find the loved ones they left there alive. The tomahawk, scalping-knife, and other deadly weapons, were in the hands of foes whose approach was often invisible, and when they were least expected. Groton, a town in Middlesex County, about forty miles northwesterly from Boston—which has ever been the residence of some of our family or their connections—was particularly unfortunate in this respect. It was first settled in 1660, but on the 13th March, 1676, was burnt by the Indians ; and such of its inhabitants as escaped death or captivity were compelled to abandon their estates, and seek protection in Concord, Watertown, and other older and more secure towns nearer Boston. In 1678, after the cessation of hostilities, Groton was resettled, and the Indian neighbors remained peaceable for several years. But about 1690 they again began to be troublesome, and for the subsequent fifteen or twenty years continued their depredations, by occasionally murdering the inhabitants, burning their houses, destroying their crops, or killing their cattle. In 1691, as a means of protection and safety, eight houses, in different parts of the town, were fortified and established as garrisons. Into these houses the neighboring inhabitants gathered at night ; and they were guarded by armed men as soldiers, ever wakeful as sentinels to warn the inmates of any approach of danger. One of these houses, situated in what is now the fifth School District, (the precise locality is not known) was occupied by Mr. Shattuck and his relatives and neighbors; and they seem to have experienced with most crushing force the calamities of the times.

Colonists defending their settlement (non-contemporary depiction) Wikipedia

Oct. 13, 1692, James Blood, father-in-law of Mr. Shattuck, was the first victim. " He was killed," says the record, " by the French and Indian enemy."July 27, 1694, William Longley,—an uncle of Mrs. Shattuck,—his wife and several of his children, were killed, and three others of the family were carried into captivity. At the same time James Parker, Jr., a distant relative, and his wife and children, were killed or captured.

Enoch Lawrence, the step-father of Mr. Shattuck, in an engagement with the Indians, was wounded in the hand, and disabled for life. In consequence of which, in 1702, a pension of £3 per annum was granted him by the Province.

About 1706, three of the children of Thomas Tarbell—John, Zachariah,and Sarah, cousins of Mrs. Shattuck,—were stolen and carried to Canada, where they lived, it is said, the remainder of their lives. Their father, in his will, executed in 1715, makes them the residuary legatees of his estate, "upon their return from captivity."

The period of 1690 to 1710, might well be called the Reign of Terror, and the Dark Age of New England. The inhabitants of Groton became so much wearied out and impoverished, that they petitioned the government several times for relief. In one of these petitions, dated in 1703, the people say : " we spend so much time in -watching and warding that we can do little else; and truly we have lived almost two years more like soldiers than otherwise." In another, dated July 9, 1707, the selectmen name several families that had been obliged to leave the town, and others "that are considering of going," being "unable to subsist any longer," on account of the Indian troubles. Among the latter were the three brothers,—John, William, and Samuel Shattuck,—and twenty others of their connections and neighbors, some of whom did actually remove, either for a temporary period or permanently. John Shattuck, however, remained. But on the 8th of May, 1709, two years afterwards, he and his eldest son, then in his 19th year, were both murdered by the Indians.

Tradition says that this massacre occurred while they were crossing the Nashua River, in the vicinity of the Stony-Ford Way, near Hollingsworth's mills, on the return of Mr. Shattuck from his lands on the west side of the river. The deaths by accident and violence in two successive generations in this branch of the family, prematurely removing two worthy and respectable men, fathers and protecting guardians of their children, were great calamities, and materially affected their condition; their fortunes, and their history. And these calamities were magnified by the times, and under the circumstances existing when they occurred. If these fathers had lived to the ordinary age of their kindred, how much could they have done for their families!

Mr. Shattuck m. Mary Blood, b. Sept. 1, 1672, dau. of James Blood and Elizabeth Longley, and granddau. of Richard Blood and Wm. Longley.* She remained a widow 47 years, and d. March 4, 1756. Her husband joined the church in 1707, and she in 1721. He died leaving her, as his own father had left his own mother, at a dark and perilous period, to rear and provide for a large family of young children, the youngest not then three months old. To her heroic virtues, and to her excellence as a woman and a mother, her posterity owe a large debt of gratitude.

Subsequent to this biography written by Lemuel Shattuck, the children of Thomas Tarbell were discovered. On the Wikipedia page devoted to Groton, we discover that:

In 1704 during Queen Anne's War, a French-Abenaki raid captured three Tarbell children among others, taking them to Kahnewake near Montreal for ransom, which was a thriving business between these opposing colonies. The two younger boys, John and Zachary, were adopted by Mohawk families and became fully assimilated, later marrying into the tribe and becoming chiefs. They were among the founders of Akwesasne, further upriver. Their sister Sarah was ransomed by a French family, converted to Catholicism and joined a Catholic order in Montreal. There are Tarbell-named descendants among Mohawk of Kahnewake in the 21st century.

Leroy Altus Shattuck went to college for a degree in horticulture. He was popular among his classmates, and involved in campus sports and politics. He inherited sole ownership of the First National Bank in Pepperell. It is possible he never used his horticultural degree, running his bank.

Bankers to Their Townsfolk

There is a Pepperell Shattuck lineage that begins with Jonathan Shattuck (1747-1835), who was born in nearby Groton, Massachusetts but moved to Pepperell where he farmed. His son, Jonathan Shattuck Jr. (1774-1862) was a millwright and was said to have built 50 mills in different parts of the country (Lemuel Shattuck). He became a major property owner. According to Rev. Mr. Bullard "he acquired more property by his own personal labor than any man he knew in Pepperell."

His son Vryling Shattuck (1774-1862) was a captain of a military company, carpenter, and farmer and was an executive of the town as a sitting member of the selectmen. At this point we pass from Lemuel Shattuck's account in his Memorials to the stories of Vryling's living descendant "townsendburial" on the "Find a Grave" site. According to townsendburial, the next generation headed by Samuel Augustus Shattuck (1825-1920) was not well loved by his descendants. The story goes: "Changed order of name so that his initials spelled ASS. Family stories say that his initials fit his temperament. He would not allow his wife to speak to her parents if they were driving past the farm, unless she went out to the street to speak to them. He did not want them on his property. May have changed his name for a more practical reason, to avoid confusion with another Samuel Augustus Shattuck, living in Groton at the same time."

It was his son Altus Augustus Shattuck (1855-1926) that would once again revive the entrepreneurial spirit of the family and used his social connections to advantage. "He, along with a Tarbell and a Boynton, were 1/3 partners in starting the First National Bank in Pepperell. When the stock market crash seemed imminent, Tarbell and Boynton got out. Alta stayed in. Sold land, lumber, etc. to pay back people, but he held on to his stock. He died just before the stock market crash. This bank never closed. His son, Leroy Altus Shattuck (1887-1965), had all the shares and held on." Leroy Altus was "president of the First National Bank in Pepperell which his father had started." His son, Leroy Altus Shattuck, Jr. (1911-2002), received a bachelor's degree at Dartmouth College in 1935 and his PhD from John Hopkins in 1938. In 1950 he received his law degree from Duquesne University. He taught at the University of Pittsburgh and became head of the economics department. He co-authored, along with William Nelson Peach, Municipal Indebtedness: A Study of Debt-to-property Ratio, John Hopkins Press, 1940, a study of banking law.

Inn Keepers for the Rich and Famous

Normally I feature people who are descendants of the branch. In a way the Shattuck Inn that was a favorite holiday getaway for New Englanders is about the Shattuck family that built and ran it.

The Shattuck Inn in the famous Grand Monadnock Mountain in Jaffrey, New Hampshire was built by Edmond Cutter Shattuck (1851-1933). It was known for its extremely high standards and was a favorite retreat of the American writer of pioneer life Willa Cather and clients from all over New England.

Ed Shattuck was an Elder Pepperell Shattuck descendant. His father, Edmond Parker Shattuck (1811-1904), had started a farm in Jaffrey, moving from Pepperell. Jaffrey was a popular tourist destination, which made tourist accommodation a profitable business to undertake for an ambitious man with a commitment to excellence. It is a case of a Pepperell Shattuck transplanted family adapting and applying themselves to opportunities in a new environment, just as their ancestors had done before them. See the page I have devoted to the Shattuck Inn under the Famous menu.

Lemuel Shattuck (1793-1859), Author of "The Descendants of William Shattuck"

The author of the history of the American Shattucks, Lemuel Shattuck (1793-1859) was quite extraordinary. He left behind five major publications, including a plan for public health that earned him a place in medical history and Frieze with his name on the building housing the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. He was a merchant, politician, bookseller, member of history societies, founding member of the New England Genealogical Society, public school activist and cleared the pathway for American genealogists studying their family histories. His book "Descendants of William Shattuck" is still the most authoritative source book for early Shattuck ancestry in America. See the page I have devoted to him.

Elder Pepperell Genealogy

As usual I caution that the genealogy presented here may not be entirely correct. Additions and corrections are welcome. Contact me.

Download a PDF file of the Elder Pepperell Genealogy.

Founders: John Shattuck 1666-1709 (Mary Blood 1672–1756)


1. John Shattuck 1690–1709

Lemuel in Descendants: "killed by Indians, May 8, 1709, ae. IS y. 4 m. 2d."

2. Johnathan Shattuck 1693–1771 (Elizabeth Chamberlain 1700–1771)

Jonathan Shattuck, s. of John, (p. 81,) was b. in Groton, June 29, 1693, and d. in Pepperell, Sept. 18, 1771, ae. 78 y. 2 m. 19 d. After the massacre of his father and elder brother, already mentioned, he was left, at the early age of sixteen, an only son, to take the place of a parent in providing for his mother and his six younger sisters ; and he seems to have performed the duty with fraternal faithfulness and affection. His father's estate was finally settled by him in court, March 26, 1719—ten years after his death. The following is an abstract of his account on file in the probate office:

He charges himself with the inventory, as appraised, £77 04 00 Payments allowed...

In the meantime he had built a new house near the Stony-Ford-Way, for the accommodation of his mother and her family; and he subsequently bought of the other heirs all their rights in their father's estate. This estate he held until 1751, when he sold it to Abel Parker, his son-in-law. In 1725 he bought a tract of land westerly of the present meeting-house in Pepperell, and built upon " Windfall Plain," where the late Capt. Abijah Shattuck, his great-grandson, lived. He afterwards made several additional purchases, until he possessed 400 to 500 acres, comprising the farm now owned by the town, and those owned by Jonathan Shattuck, Thomas C. Shattuck, Henry Jewett, and others. Here he acquired a considerable estate as a farmer. He was held in high estimation by his fellow-townsmen, and was often chosen into public office. He and his wife were both members of the church.

He m. June 25, 1719, Elizabeth Chamberlain, b. May 26, 1700, dau. of Thomas Chamberlain by Abigail Nutting, half sister of John Chamberlain, the hero of Pigwacket fight. (See Appendix.)

2.1 Johnathan Shattuck Jr. 1720–1804 (Kezia Farnsworth 1723–1809)

Lemuel Shattuck, Memorials, p. 115 "Jonathan Shattuck, s. of Jonathan, (p. 94,) was b. in Groton, April 2, 1720. At an early age he removed with his father to Pepperell, and afterwards settled as a farmer on the paternal homestead on Windfall Plain, about half a mile westerly of the meeting-house, where he d. Sept. 20, 1804, as. 84 y. 5 m. 18 d. He married Jan. 27, 1743, Kezia Farnsworth, b. April 17, 1723, daughter of Ebenezer Farnsworth, who married April 17, 1707, Elizabeth Whitney of Groton, and granddaughter of Matthias Farnsworth, Jr. She d. May 8, 1809, ae. 86 y. m. 21 d. They were both members of the church."

2.1.1 Kezia Shattuck 1745–1832 (Jeremiah Shattuck Jr 1726–1815) see Jeremiah Shattuck node 3.2 of Younger Pepperell Shattucks

p.41 Memorials: [Johnathan Shattuck] married 2, Nov. 25, 1767, his 3d cousin, Kezia Shattuck, b. Feb. 4, 1745, dau. of Jonathan, (p. 115.) She survived him, and m. 2, in 1821, Moses Blood, who had previously m. Abigail Shattuck, dau. of James, (p. 100.) She d. suddenly, of apoplexy, Sept. 8, 1832, as. 87 y. 7 m. 4 d.

2.1.2 Jonathan Shattuck 1747–1835

p. 167 Memorials: Jonathan Shattuck, s. of Jonathan, (p. 115,) was b. in Pepperell, March 16, 1747, and settled on his father's estate on Windfall Plain. He d. at the residence of his son Thomas C. Shattuck, March 18, 1835, se. 88. He was a millwright, and erected the mill on Sucker Brook, where his son Jonathan now resides. He is said to have been employed in building more than fifty mills in different parts of the country. Rev. Mr. Bullard used to say that he acquired more property by his own personal labor than any man he knew in Pepperell.

He m. 1, in 1769, Abia Chamberlain, dau. of Thomas Chamberlain of Chelmsford, and sister of Azubah, (p. 118.) She was b. April 22, 1740, and d. March 13, 1817, ee. 76 y. 10 m. 21 d. He m. 2, Oct. 9, 1817, Elizabeth Parker, widow of Lemuel Parker, and dau. of Mr. Nichols of Billerica. She d. Jan. 31, 1835, ae. 93.

1st wife: Abigail Chamberlain 1740–1817 Abijah L Shattuck 1770–1846 (Nancy Sanderson 1772–1831)

Abijah Shattuck, s. of Jonathan, (p. 167,) b. in Pepperell, Jan. 16, 1770, was a farmer upon his paternal homestead, where he d. Aug. 19, 1846, ae. 76 y. 7 m. 3 d. In running to drive his neighbor's cattle from his field he fell and instantly expired.

He m. March 11, 1798, Nancy Sanderson. She d. May 10, 1831, se. 57.

Abijah Shattuck 1799–1801

Andrew Shattuck 1802–1844 (Rebecca Green 1801–)

Zoa G. Shattuck 1832–1834

Imilda Leona Shattuck 1836–1845

Andrew S. Shattuck 1836–1845

Rinaldo Henry Shattuck 1838–1863 (Ellen R. Frost 1838–)

Captain Abijah Shattuck 1804–1843 (Keziah Blood 1807–1867)

Kezia Elect Shattuck 1832–1918

Nancy Sanderson Shattuck 1834–1859

Abijah Edwin Shattuck 1840–1920

1st wife: Mary A Cathcart 1844–

Charles Edwin Shattuck 1864–1944 (Julia Mae Goddard 1879–1945)

Gwendolyn E Shattuck 1915–

2nd wife: Georgiana A Lancy 1850–1914

Edith L. Shattuck 1876–

Nancy Shattuck 1806–1877 (Asahel Green 1797–1878) Jonathan Shattuck 1772–1863 (Elizabeth Giles 1771–1841)

Jonathan Shattuck, s. of Jonathan, (p. 167,) was b. in Pepperell, Nov. 9, 1771, and now resides, as a miller and farmer, on Sucker Brook, on the place of his birth.

He m. 1, Sept. 19, 1793, Betsey Giles, b. April 5, 1771, dau. of James Giles and Betsey Green of Townsend. She d. June 8,

1841, se. 70 y. 2 m. 3 d.

He m. 2, April 23, 1842, Mary Blood, widow of Nathan Blood, and dau. of Benjamin Brooks.

Betsey Shattuck 1794–1829 (Joel Tarbell)

Giles Shattuck 1797–1867 (Sally Nutting 1787–1864)

Sally Shattuck 1818–1843

William Varnum Shattuck 1822–1848

Henry Augustus Shattuck 1826–1890

1st wife: Electa W. Piper 1825–1854

Ella M. Shattuck 1851–1876 (Stedman C. Brown 1845–1901)

Charles H. Shattuck 1854–1872

2nd wife: Parnea Diana Orr 1832–1913

Sarah Ann "Anna" Shattuck 1859–1947 (F.C. Colcord, Charles Augustus Bacon 1858–1933)

Charles Edward Shattuck 1829–1855 (Elizabeth Sanderson 1834–)

Sarah Eliza Shattuck 1851– (Amos B. French 1843–, Mooney)

Charles Edward Shattuck Jr. 1855– (Francena E Daudley 1859–)

James Sumner Shattuck 1832–1902 (Ellen Maria Sanderson 1833–1917)

Francis Varnum "Frank" Shattuck 1854–1922 (Elizabeth A "Lizzie" Davies 1857–1946)

Edward A Shattuck 1857–1921 (Edith J Ryone 1859–)

Abia Shattuck 1798–1874 (Joseph Hall 1795–1882)

William Shattuck 1801–1848 (Mary Blood 1801–1901)

Mary Elizabeth Shattuck 1828–1905 (George Wood Doane 1827–1899)

Sybil Augusta Shattuck 1829–1839

William Augustus Shattuck 1831–

Abigail Lorenza Shattuck 1833–

Irving Temple Shattuck 1836–1910 (Angelia M Fisher 1839–)

Nellie Isolea Shattuck 1869–

Arletta Ellenwood Shattuck 1838–

Eugenia Sybil Augusta "Jennie" Shattuck 1842–1885 (John William Reed 1846–1892)

Lemuel Herbert Shattuck 1846–1847

Martha Shattuck 1803–1852 (Josiah S. Tucker 1805–1871)

Charles P. Shattuck 1805–1839 (Thirza Shattuck 1804–1904) (parents: David Shattuck 1779–1866, Betsey Chapman)

Charles Sampson Wilder Shattuck 1833–1893 (Sarah Ann Willard 1835–)

Charles W. Shattuck 1861–1941 (Abbie M Bush 1865–)

Leon Everett Shattuck 1886–1912

Gladys Vivian Shattuck 1890–1988 (Carleton Nelson Tanner 1883–, Weston Jenkins 1893–)

Burt Otis Shattuck 1864–1873

Thirza Anna Maria Shattuck 1835– (William A. Chapman 1829–1929)

Mary Jane Frances Shattuck 1837–1894 (Otis Jewett Tarbell 1834–1934)

Varnum Shattuck 1807–1820

Mary Shattuck 1809–1820

Putnam Shattuck 1813–1888 (Mary Ann Gibson 1814–)

Marietta Shattuck 1833–1906 (Samuel H. Chapman 1827–)

Francina Shattuck 1836–1909 (James E Butterfield 1833–1902)

Charles Putnam Shattuck 1839–1843

John Gibson Shattuck 1841–

Charles Putnam Shattuck 1843–1879

Orianna Shattuck 1848–1923 (Henry E Nutting 1846–1897)

Josephine Shattuck 1850– (Francis Hamilton 1844–) Sally Shattuck 1773–1861 (John Kemp 1771–)

Sally Shattuck, dau. of Jonathan, (p. 167,) b. in Pepperell, June 5, 1773, m. in Groton, April 10, 1798, John Kemp, b. March 3, 1771. He is a miller in South Gardner. Captain Vryling Shattuck 1774–1862 (Lucindia Parker 1784–1844)

Vryling Shattuck, s. of Jonathan, (p. 167,) was b. in Pepperell, Sept. 29, 1774, and has since resided there as a carpenter

and farmer. He has been captain of a military company, and one of the selectmen of the town.

He m. Feb. 15, 1S08, Lucinda Parker, b. Aug. 27, 1784, dau. of Lemuel Parker of Pepperell. She d. of typhus fever, Jan. 13, 1844, ae. 59 y. 4 m. 16 d. They both united with the church in 1820. She was an eminently worthy woman,—an ornament to

her sex in all stations of life in which she moved.

Vryling Davis Shattuck 1809–1890 (Sally Maria Cutter 1810–1886)

Josephine Maria Shattuck 1837–1923 (Edwin Richard Spaulding 1837–1910)

Edward Cutter Shattuck 1839–1842

Henry Vryling Shattuck 1841–1925 (Clara E. Mixer 1847–1874)

George H. Shattuck 1874–1874

Lucy Vrylena Shattuck 1844–1919 (Austin A Spaulding 1843–1925)

Edmond Parker Shattuck 1811–1904 (Rachel Rebecca Cutter 1815–190)

Mary Abbie Shattuck 1840–1917 (Leonard Erastus Spaulding 1840–1915)

Sarah Jones Shattuck 1842–1872

Elizabeth Parker Shattuck 1844–1922 (Joel Hobart Poole 1842–1926)

Susan Maria Shattuck 1846–1848

Lucy Marie Shattuck 1848–1919 (Albert Augustus Marshall 1860–1933)

Edmond Cutter Shattuck 1851–1933

1st wife: Nellie Adams Anderson 1861–1900

Margaret S. Shattuck 1890–1961 (Fritz Brahm 1890–1968)

2nd wife: Helen Ellenette Spofford 1882–1954

Eleanor Constance Shattuck 1903–1994 (George Simon Austermann 1899–1982)

Edmund H Shattuck 1905–1911

Daniel Cutter Shattuck 1907–1995 (Marjorie E Knight 1915–)

Daniel Cutter Shattuck Jr. 1934–

David Knight Shattuck 1937–

Diana Helen Shattuck 1941–1997 (Gallup)

Richard Spofford Shattuck 1910–1971

1st wife: Janet R Murphy 1913–2008

Jonathan Spofford Killam Shattuck 1937–2012

Shaun R Shattuck 1939–

2nd wife: Phyllis Vosburg 1921–

Daniel Cutter Shattuck 1854–1883 (Deborah M Underwood 1858–1933)

Daniel B. Shattuck 1883–1886

Dr. Jonathan Chamberlain Shattuck 1813–1868 (Phebe Ann Cummings 1819–1908)

Nellie Vrylena Shattuck 1855–1944 (Dudley Snow Brainard 1851–1893)

Lemuel Parker Shattuck 1816–1818

Lemuel Parker Shattuck 1819–1843

Mary Lucinda Shattuck 1821–1912

Elizabeth Shattuck 1824–1824

Samuel Augustus Shattuck 1825–1920 (Mary Clarinda Tucker 1825–1887)

Alta Augustus Shattuck 1855–1926 (Mary Emma Shattuck 1863–1946 see

Leroy Altus Shattuck 1887–1965

1st wife: Lillian May Gray 1887–1957

Leroy Altus Shattuck Jr. 1911–2002

Rosamond Myrtle Shattuck 1913–1967 (Ralph William Francis Shreiter 1913–2002)

Robert Vryling Shattuck 1916–1970 (Cecelia Agnes Hillery 1916-1999)

Jane Cecelia Shattuck (1943-2011) (Allan Earl Woodward 1943-2011)

Elizabeth Pike 1919–

2nd wife: Aethra Winona Winship 1905–1986

Russell Ralph Shattuck 1891–1967 (Florence Adella Durgin 1893–)

Roswell Lincoln Shattuck 1915–1971

1st wife: Mary Elisabeth Howe 1910–1987

James Dexter Shattuck 1936–1942

David Howe Shattuck 1939–1998

2nd wife: Mary H. Poquette

Carolyn Lee Shattuck 1944–

3rd wife: Mildred Beatrice Beal 1916–2007

Leonard Shattuck 1954–

Helen Linda Shattuck 1956– (William Fiorella 1955–, Carl Stager 1957–)

4th wife: Lisa

June Miriam Shattuck 1919–2002 (Hartwell Griffin 1908–1996)

Roger Vryling Shattuck 1897–1954 (Dorothy Helen Blood 1897–1969)

Doris Alta Shattuck 1921–2010 (Burton Hugh Lynde 1919–2017)

Phyllis M Shattuck 1925–2009

Elizabeth Nichols "Lizzie" Shattuck 1828–1893 Lucinda Shattuck 1776–1779 (Twin) Polly Shattuck 1776–1785 (Twin) Thomas Chamberlain Shattuck 1779–1858 (Lucy Blood 1787–1872)

Thomas Chamberlain Shattuck, s. of Jonathan, (p. 167,) was b. in Pepperell, Oct. 22, 1779, and settled as a carpenter and farmer upon a southerly portion of the old Shattuck estate, where he now resides. He and his wife are members of the Baptist Church.

He m. Nov. 8, 1812, Lucy Blood, b. July 5, 1787. Her father, Capt. Edmund Blood, s. of John Blood, was b. July 5, 1764, and d. Nov. 26, 1843, as. 79 y. 4 m. Her mother was Lucy Taylor, dan. of Daniel Taylor and Elizabeth Burge.

Lovell Shattuck 1814–1866 (Martha Clark 1814–)

Martha Ann Shattuck 1843–1847

Albert Thomas Shattuck 1845–

Carrie Frances Shattuck 1851–

Lucy Ann Taylor Shattuck 1817-1872 (Shubael Ross Herrick 1820–1885)

Edmund Thomas Shattuck 1820–1848

Caroline Abia Shattuck 1829–1908 (Charles Crosby 1816-)

2nd wife: Elizabeth Nichols 1742–1835

2.1.3 Annis Shattuck 1749–1831 (Jona Fitch 1741-1808)

pp. 167-8 Memorials: Annis Shattuck, dau. of Jonathan, (p. 115,) was b. in Pep., Oct. 2, 1749, and d. there, Dec. 13, 1831, sb. 82 y, 2 m. 11 d. She m. Oct. 11, 1775, Jonas Fitch, s. of Zachariah Fitch. He was a farmer in Pepperell. On the 11th June, 1S08, he fell into a brook in Groton, and was found dead, probably stunned and drowned. He was buried in Pepperell.

2.1.4 Eleazer Shattuck 1751–1844 (Mary Blood 1753–1825)

p. 168 Memorials: Eleazer Shattuck, s. of Jonathan, (p. 115,) was b. in Pepperell, Oct. 26, 1751, and settled as a farmer, carpenter, and millwright in Ashby, where he d. Aug. 19, 1844, as. 92 y. 9 m. 23 d. He m. in 1776, Mary Blood, b. March 10, 1753, dau. of Dea. David Blood and Abigail Farnsworth of Pepperell. She d. Feb. 11, 1825, 03. 71 y. 11 m. 1 d. Joshua Shattuck 1777–1870 (Kezia Blood 1775–1855)

b. Feb. 26, 1777; m. Nov. 21, 1801, his cousin Kezia Blood, dau. of Joshua B., b. March 12, 1775; lives in Ashby; no issue. Nathan Blood Shattuck 1781–1864

Nathan Blood Shattuck, s. of Eleazer, (p. 168,) was b. in Ashby, April 27, 1781, and has since resided upon the paternal farm.

He m. 1, March 15, 1815, Artemesia Wilkins, b. March 10, 1785, in Wilton, N. H. She d. in Ashby, Nov. 3, 1822, ae. 37 y. 7 m. 23 d.

He m. 2, May 22, 1823, Esther Smith, b.'March 25, 1787, in Winchendon, dau. of John Smith and Sarah Lawrence of Lexington.

1st wife: Artimesia Wilkins 1785–1822

David S. Shattuck 1817–1898

1st wife: Elizabeth W. Marshall 1822–1863

Helen Maria Shattuck 1844–1844

Ellen Sophia Shattuck 1844–1844

2nd wife: Maria L Tilden 1834–

Harriet "Hattie" Shattuck 1859– (Bennett)

Frank Atherton Shattuck 1864–1948 (Carrie N Terry 1871–1954)

Albert Lucius Shattuck 1889–1970 (Bertha A Hartman 1892–1968)

Kenneth Hartman Shattuck 1912–1921

Donald Albert Shattuck 1913–1999 (Lucy Irene Chamberlain 1915–1990.

Gloria Elizabeth Roehling 1928–2006)

Ruth Geraldine Shattuck 1916–2003 (William R. Zollinger II 1913–1991)

Harold Matthew Shattuck 1922–2011 (Doris Virginia Seward 1921–2002)

Blaine Martin Shattuck 1951–1994

Virginia Shattuck 1925– (Davidson)

Eleanor L Shattuck 1892–1986 (William J. Reed 1890–)

Elizabeth Shed Shattuck 1820–1897 (Charles L Blood 1836–1910)

Seth Chapin Shattuck 1821–1873 (Lucinda J. Irish 1822–1910)

George Washington Shattuck 1843–

1st wife: Isabel D "Bell" White 1850–1879

Perley Edward Shattuck 1874–1948 (Bernice E Kenyon 1883–1962)

Ethelyn I Shattuck 1908–2007 (Clifford L Downs 1886–1949)

Lois P Shattuck 1911–

Charlotte Elsie Shattuck 1920–2003 (Avery)

2nd wife: Sarah Angeline White 1856–1908

George Albert Shattuck 1883–1944 (Clare Emelia Smith 1885–1954)

Ashley L Shattuck 1907–1986 (Helen M Leonard 1908–1992)

Joan Helen Shattuck 1932–1997 (Bruce A. Newcomb 1927–2008)

Irma May Shattuck 1908–1987 (Ralph Weiss 1907–1987)

Carleton W Shattuck 1909–1985 (Margaret Kearney 1901–)

Marion M. Shattuck 1924–2010

Chester Ellsworth Shattuck 1914–1965 (Gertrude C. Martin 1912–1993)

George William Shattuck 1934–2001 (Eileen M. Robinson 1935–)

Richard Shattuck 1936–

Chester Robert Shattuck 1939–2013 (Jean Marie Robinson 1940–)

Robert P. Shattuck 1965–

Daniel M. Shattuck 1968–

Sean C. Shattuck 1969–

Beverly J. Shattuck

Clara Dela Shattuck 1915–1973 (Thomas S Lavin 1911–1986)

Harold Leon Shattuck 1922–2013 (Gladys J. Sadoski 1926–)

Harold Leon Shattuck Jr. 1948–1969

Betty Shattuck 1929–1987 (John Francis Powell 1929–2009)

Forrest Lynwood Shattuck 1892–1993 (Lorenza May Lamoureux 1890–1940)

Josephine Marie Shattuck 1909–1980 (Clarence William Castor 1903–1976)

Dorothy May Shattuck 1913–1985 (Warren Julius Ball 1905–1985)

Margaret M. Shattuck 1915–1930

Mabel Lorenza Patricia Shattuck 1915–1985 (Albert Henry Lancey 1914–1993)

3rd wife: Judith Bunker Goodwin 1847–

Elestus R. Shattuck 1845–1877

Harriet Elizabeth Shattuck 1846–

Lester R. Shattuck 1847–

Maria Artemsia Shattuck 1848–1896 (Andrew Z. Fuller 1828–1880)

Albert Emery Shattuck 1850–1917 (Eva Eunice Woods 1854–1910)

Mabel Cordelia Shattuck 1881–1885

Herbert Theodore Shattuck 1884–1919

Cordelia Shattuck 1852–1875

Herbert C. Shattuck 1856–1945 (Ellen Mary Nellie Cornwell 1857–1923)

Nellie Maude Shattuck 1879–1931 (Frank Edgar Bradford 1880–1927)

William Cornwell Shattuck 1882–1965 (Ethel Frances Holden 1881–1950)

William Clarence Shattuck 1908–1937 (Dorothy Gertrude Bonner 1913–1988)

Herbert I Shattuck 1884–1885

Rebecca Shattuck 1822–1822

2nd wife: Esther Smith 1787–1861

1st wife: Elizabeth Hilton 1828–1886)

Gertie A. Shattuck 1858–

Lena Ruth Shattuck 1862–

John Webster Shattuck 1866–1942

2nd wife: Ella A Wilson 1839–

Maria Rice Shattuck 1826–1826

John Smith Shattuck 1828–1902 (Meta Emma Hovey 1872–1946)

Lyle Hilton Shattuck 1915–2005 (Charlyne Bethel Norman 1922–2015)

Albert Shattuck 1831–1864 (Julia Irena Foster 1832–1900)

Luella Jane Shattuck 1855–1949 (David Adriel Jefts 1854–1913)

Clara Augusta Shattuck 1857–1862

Frederick Oswald Shattuck 1860–1943

Will Gardner Shattuck 1862–1944 Lydia Shattuck 1782–1821 (Amos Lawrence 1781–1855)

Lydia Shattuck, dau. of Eleazer, (p. 168,) b. in Ashby, Nov. 9, 1782, m. Amos Lawrence, and lived sometime in Cavendish, Vt. Joel Shattuck 1784–1871

Joel Shattuck, s. of Eleazer, (p. 168,) was b. in Ashby, Aug. 21, 1784, and settled as a farmer in Pepperell, where he now resides.

He m. 1, Jan. 21, 1808, Betsey Jewett, dau. of Caleb Jewett and Mary Green of Pepperell. She was b. Dec. 10, 1778, and d. Dec. 8, 1846, ae. 68.

He m. 2, April 14, 1847, Nancy Parker, b. Feb. 20, 1795, widow of Charles Parker of Provincetown, and dau. of William Bell of Boston.

1st wife: Betsey Jewett 1778–1846

Betsey Shattuck 1808–1888 (Nathan Lawrence Jr. 1798–1868)

Joel Jewett Shattuck 1810–1862 (Mary Jane Spaulding 1817–1870)

Sarah A. Shattuck 1847–

Mary Elizabeth Shattuck 1848–1920 (George H. Stark 1842–1895)

Asher Shattuck 1812–1812

Caleb Shattuck 1813–1861

Mary Green Shattuck 1815–1816

Mary Blood Shattuck 1817–1896 (Nathaniel Ring 1795–, Joseph N. Huff 1811–1850)

Phila Ann Shattuck 1820–1846

Sarah Shattuck 1822–1846

2nd wife: Nancy Bell 1795–1855

3rd wife: Almira Robbins 1811–1866 Abigail "Nabby" Shattuck 1786–1862 (Jonathan Blood 1781–1839)

Nabby Shattuck, dau. of Eleazer, (p. 168,) b. in Ashby, Feb. 22, 1786 ; m. Feb. 21, 1809, her cousin, Capt. Jonathan Blood, b. Nov. 12, 1781, s. of Joshua Blood of Pepperell. He d. in Townsend, Feb. 5, 1839; interred in Ashby. Mary Shattuck 1787–1876 unmarried, in Ashby. Ruth Shattuck 1790–1862 (Isaac Damon 1785–1847) David Shattuck 1794–1820 (Hepzibah Shattuck 1794–1873) see below

David Shattuck, s. of Eleazer, (p. 168,) was b. in Ashby, May 11, 1794, and d. of consumption, in Jerusalem, Yates Co., N. Y., Nov. 1, 1820, ae. 26 y. 5 m. 20 d.

He m. Oct. 13, 1816, his cousin Hepzibah Shattuck, b. in Mason, N. H., Feb. 27, 1794, dau. of Ebenezer, (p. 169,) by whom he had 2 children.

She m. 2, in Rushville, Ontario Co., Feb. 27, 1823, Thomas Finney, b. Jan. 6, 1781, in the city of New York. He is a farmer.

In 1834 they removed from Jerusalem to Redford, Wayne Co., Michigan, where they now reside.

Mary Alzina Shattuck 1817–1841 (Anson Burrell Chipman 1812–1898)

Alonzo Madison Shattuck 1820–1893 (Clarissa Nichols 1827–1879)

Rufus Grant Shattuck 1853–

Mary Mae Shattuck 1855–1899 (Jacob Emery 1844–1899)

Antoinette "Nettie" Shattuck 1858–

Sarah Shattuck 1858–

George D. Shattuck 1860–1940 (Minnie Catherine Feakes 1879–1958)

George F Shattuck 1912–1985 (Gertrude "Trudy" Zingg 1916–2012)

Jesse Shattuck 1861– (Alwida S. Unknown 1875–)

Clara J Shattuck 1907–

Jessie Lee Shattuck 1914–

2.1.5 Alice Shattuck 1754–1840 (Abel Wright 1750–1802, Moses Blood 1750–1838)

p. 168 Memorials: Alice Shattuck, dau. of Jonathan, (p. 115,) was b. May 8, 1754, and d. in Pepperell, May 8, 1840, se. 86. She m. 1, Nov. 30, 1773, Abel Wright, s. of Benj.W. of Hollis. She m. 2, Moses Blood, having been his 3d wife.

2.1.6 Joshua Shattuck 1756–1776

p. 115 Memorials: died Sept. 10, 1776, in the army at Ticonderoga, ae. 20.

2.1.7 Ebenezer Shattuck 1760–1840 (Lucy Woods 1766–1844)

p. 169 Memorials: Ebenezer Shattuck, s. of Jonathan, (p. 115,) was b. in Pepperell, Dec. 25, 1760, and first settled as a farmer in his native town, but, in 1788, removed to Mason, N. H. ; and, in 1816, to Jerusalem, Yates Co., N. Y., where he d. July 30, 1840, ae. 79 y. 7 m. 5 d. He m. Dec. 29, 1784, Lucy Woods, b. March 22, 1766, dau. of Aaron and Rebecca Woods of Pepperell. She d. in Jerusalem, May 27, 1844, se. 78 y. 2 m. 5 d. Ebenezer Shattuck 1785–1840 (Cynthia Sweetland 1792-)

Ebenezer Shattuck, s. of Ebenezer, (p. 169,) was b. in Pepperell, Oct. 15, 1785, and removed with his father to Jerusalem, Yates Co., N. Y. He was a mason, and d. in Mendon, Monroe Co., Aug. 3, 1840, ae. 5yr. 9 m. 18 d.

He m. Dec. 20, 1813, Cynthia Sweetland, dau. of Benjamin Sweetland of Sangerfield, Oneida Co.

Andalucia Shattuck 1816–1837 (James A. Marshall 1814–1891)

Rosanna Marcia Shattuck 1820–1909

Mary Melicia Shattuck 1822– (Edwin Judson DDS 1809–1889)

William Alvah Shattuck 1833– Sewall Shattuck 1787–1866 (Rebecca Updengreffes 1791–1870)

Sewall Shattuck, s. of Ebenezer, (p. 169,) was b. in Pepperell, June 1, 1787. He is a blacksmith, and now resides in Jerusalem.

He m. Oct. 19, 1820, Rebecca Updengreffes, b. Dec. 30, 1791, dau. of Jacob Updengreffes.

Darwin Shattuck 1822-1888 (Christiana Henderson 1827–1900)

Charles Emerson Shattuck 1848–1905 (Delphins Marion "Della" Hawley 1856–1942)

Lulu Mary Shattuck 1879–1971 (John Leland Miller 1864–1933)

Ethel Roxie Shattuck 1886–1972 (Leroy Howard Baker 1885–1962)

Hazel H Shattuck 1888–

Levena Shattuck 1892–

Mary Isabella Shattuck 1852–1855

Sarah Abigail Shattuck 1852–1907 (William B Wheeler 1839–1926)

Lucy Ellen Shattuck 1858–1929

Sewell Emerson Shattuck MD 1825– (Harriet Jane Hinman 1827–)

Harriet Mary Shattuck 1855–

Catherine Shattuck 1859–

Carrie E Shattuck 1864–

Sarah Mahala Shattuck 1827-1891 (John Townsend 1817-1881) Lucy Shattuck 1789–1836 (Joseph Baker 1787–1825)

Lucy Shattuck, dau. of Ebenezer, (p. 169,) was b. in Mason, N. H., Dec. 4, 1789, and d. at Manlius, Onondaga Co., N. Y., Dec. 6, 1836, ae. 47 y. m. 2 d.

She m. Jan. 9, 1814, Joseph Baker, a farmer in Pompey, s. of Elder Nathan Baker, a Baptist Clergyman in that place. Mahala Shattuck 1792–1829 (Nathan Baker 1793–1862)

Mahala Shattuck, dau. of Ebenezer, (p. 169,) was b. in Mason, N. H., Jan. 29, 1792 ; and d. in Modena, Plattekill, Ulster Co., N. Y., June 6, 1829, se. 37 y. 4 m. 7 d.

She m. Nathan Baker, a brother of Joseph. He first settled in Pompey, but removed to Racine, Wisconsin. Hepzibah Shattuck 1794–1873 (David Shattuck 1794–1820 see above for children) George Wheeler Shattuck 1799–1885 (Twin) (Rachel Davis 1806–1901)

George Wheeler Shattuck, a twin with the [below], (p. 169,) first settled as a farmer and bricklayer in Jerusalem, but in 1843 removed to Farmington, Oakland Co., Mich., where he now resides.

He m. Jan. 8, 1824, Rachel Davis, b. April 26, 1806.

George Keith Shattuck 1824– (Jane Francis 1830–1872)

George Shattuck 1848–

Matilda Shattuck 1851–

Rachel A. Shattuck 1852–

Orin Baker Shattuck 1828–1870 (Sarah Van Brocklin 1831–1897)

Helen M. Shattuck 1851–1853

Joel Davis "Joseph" Shattuck 1852–1893 (Cora L Ackerman 1858–)

Josephine Shirley Shattuck 1882–1952 (Chester White 1887–1964, Leonard A. Warren 1869–1959)

Emma Shattuck 1857–1880

Joel Davis Shattuck 1829–1915 (Phebe E Kelly 1834–1926)

Benjamin Holmes Shattuck 1854–

Jerome Shattuck 1858–1948 (Alicia Anna ? 1858–1932, Cora ? 1871–)

Byron L Shattuck 1860– (Cora ? 1866-)

Emma Louise Shattuck 1863–1966 (Redman, Thomas A Vunck 1862–1938)

Charles E Shattuck 1866–1959 (Rosalie M ? 1866–)

Jesse Shattuck 1873–1895

Floyd E. Shattuck 1879–1956

1st wife: Josephine Burley 1900–1979

June L. Shattuck 1921–2016 (Charles M. Markham 1916–2002)

Eldora L. Shattuck 1924–2010 (Sacco)

Durwood Leroy Shattuck 1928–1991 (Dessie D Jones 1930–)

Orin Shattuck 1935–

2nd wife: Laura E. Van Amberg 1881–2000

Neva A Shattuck 1907– (Richard Andrews 1907-)

Katherine Maxine Shattuck 1908–2000 (Delbert J Beam 1906–)

Erwin J Shattuck 1910–1919

Margaret Anita Shattuck 1913–2005 (Russell Dwight Allen 1906–1964, Julian A Antolin 1912–)

Roland Shattuck 1914–

Loren Shattuck 1915–1937

Donald R Shattuck 1918–1920

Harrison Wheeler Shattuck 1833–1916 (Amanda N. Brown 1833–1920)

Robert B. Shattuck 1858– (Della B Hosier 1863–, Mary A Weis 1861–)

Helen Adora Shattuck 1859–1916 (Oscar S Merfeld 1860–)

Guy Alanson Shattuck 1835–1932

1st wife: Helen Prudence Remington 1854–1938

Effa Mae "Effie" Shattuck 1879–1962 (Harry Titus Hart 1878–1934)

Clara Lille Shattuck 1882–1972

Rex Edmund Shattuck Sr. 1887–1961

1st wife: Edith M Lisle 1889–1955

Rex Edmund Shattuck Jr. 1923–2005 (Eleanor Alice McDonald 1924–2003)

Lisle Jean Shattuck 1925–1991 1st husband: William Nelson Harvey 1906–1972

2nd husband: Eugene Clifford Bartmess Jr 1929–2000

2nd wife: Merle Alice Emans 1895–1979

Claude Emerson Shattuck 1915–2003

2nd wife: Mary Yeager 1842–1876

George Francis Shattuck 1863–1925 (Ellen Harkness 1877–1929, Nellie K. Allport 1870–1947)

Allison B. Shattuck 1864–1948

1st wife: Sara J. Tucker 1870–

Ida Shattuck 1887–

Earl J. Shattuck 1890–

Margrett Shattuck 1893– (Kofotplin)

Celia Belle Shattuck 1899–

2nd wife: Sally Angeline Fuller 1860–1947

Joel Wesley Shattuck 1866–1896 (Lola A. Page 1874–)

Charles E Shattuck 1875–

Caroline Amanda Shattuck 1841–1903 (William S. Brown 1835–1916)

Angeline Corwin Shattuck 1844–

William Francis Shattuck 1847–1932 (Abigail Sophia Morgan 1854–1917)

Effie Celestial Shattuck 1876–1910 (Alla Adrian Aldrich 1875–1943)

Alta Melissa Shattuck 1879–1969 (Frank Westley Brooks 1875–1928)

Dora M Shattuck 1883–1974 (Eddie Melvin Cooper 1871–1929)

Angeline M "Angie" Shattuck 1887–1963 husbands: William Arthur Greenwood 1876–1927

David A. Taylor 1877–1966

Alvin I. Williams 1877–1947

William Francis Shattuck Jr. 1891–1968 (Carrie Jane Reames 1888–1974) Aaron Woods Shattuck 1799–1865 (Twin) (Lydia Cole 1800–1869)

Aaron Woods Shattuck, s. of Ebenezer, (p. 169,) was b. in Mason, N. H., March 26, 1799, and is now a bricklayer in Jamestown, Chautauqu, N. Y.

He m. Nov. 27, 1824, Lydia Cole, b. in Fairfield, Feb. 5, 1800, dan. of Joseph Cole of Jerusalem.

Margaret Shattuck 1825– (Alvin Bullock 1823–1902) Rebecca Shattuck 1802–1851 (Zadock Base 1800–)

b. May 31, 1802; m. . She d. at Porto Rico, West Indies, May 11, 1851, ae. 49, leaving a child in New York. Clarissa Shattuck 1804–1896 (Joseph Fitch 1802–1865)

Clarissa Shattuck, dau. of Ebenezer, (p. 169,) b. in Mason, N. H.. May 16, 1804, m. Joseph Fitch, a cooper and farmer in Fayetteville, Manlius, Onondaga Co., N. Y.

2.1.8 Joel Shattuck 1763–1782

p. 115 Memorials: He entered the marine service of the Revolution, on board the frigate Hague, commanded by Capt. Manly, and d. in the West Indies, March 16, 1782, bb. 18 y. 3 m. 23 d.

2.2 Elizabeth Shattuck 1722–1782 (Jedediah Jewett 1719–1804)

p. 115 Memorials: Elizabeth Shattuck, dau. of Jonathan, (p. 94,) was b. Jan 12, 1722, and d. in Pep., July 25, 1782, ae. 60 y. 6 m. 13 d. She m. Jan. 17, 1745, Jedediah Jewett, b. Sept. 8, 1719, s. of Joseph and Jane Jewett. He d. in Pep., May 12, 1804, ae. 84 y. S m. 4 d. They both united with the church in 1756, of which his son Edmond, and grandson Henry Jewett were deacons.

2.3 John Shattuck 1724–1807 (Elizabeth Shattuck 1728–1805)

p. 116 Memorials: John Shattuck, s. of Jonathan, (p. 94,) was b. March 12, 1724, and d. in Pepperell, Dec. 31, 1807, as. 83 y. 9 m. 19 d. His name appears upon the records as John Shattuck, Jr., (p. 102.) He was a farmer, and built and first occupied the house now owned by Henry Jewett, about a mile southwesterly of the meeting-house.* He was one of the selectmen in 1769, '70, '71, '78, and '79 ; one of the Committee of Correspondence, Inspection and Safety in 1774, and was otherwise respected for his worth as a man and a citizen. He left a will, dated April 6, 1805, but his estate was settled without the aid of the probate court. His son Nathaniel inherited the principal part of his property left at his decease. He educated his youngest son, Caleb, at Dartmouth College. He m. Aug. 16, 1750, Elizabeth Shattuck, b. May 17, 1728, his second cousin, dau. of Jeremiah Shattuck, (p. 101.) She d. suddenly of apoplexy, April 9, 1805, se. 76 y. 10 m. 22 d. She and her husband were both exemplary members of the church. She was a woman of remarkable intelligence, industry, and excellence of character ; performed the usual household labors and duties; brought up her family of nine children respectably, without a death before their marriage ; and spun and wove the cloth for their clothing, without assistance. Girls and wives of our day, look at this picture !

2.3.1 Elizabeth Shattuck 1751–1844 (Simeon Blanchard 1747–1822)

p. 169 Memorials: Elizabeth Shattuck, dau. of John, (p. 117,) was b. in Pepperell, June 11, 1751, and d. in New Ipswich, N. H., April 9, 1844, Ee. 92 y. 9 m. 28 d. She m. Feb. 28, 1776, Simeon Blanchard, b. in Groton, June 11, 1747, and d. in New Ipswich, June 29, 1822, as. 75. He was a farmer in the southwesterly part of that town; his sons are farmers; and his daughters have m. farmers.

2.3.2 Olive Shattuck 1753–1837 (James Bennett 1736–1808, Nehemiah Hardy 1750–)

p. 170 Descendants: Olive Shattuck, dau. of John, (p. 117,) was b. in Pepperell, Jan. 27, 1753, and d. in Nashua, N. H., April 20, 1837, ae. 84 y. 2 m. 23 d. She united with the church in Pep. in 1784.

She m. 1, Dec. 14, 1784, Capt. James Bennett, b. in Groton, Dec. 5, 1736, s. of Moses Bennett and Anna Blanchard, who were m. Aug. 11, 1719. He was nearly 18 years older than his 2d wife, and had had by his first wife—1. Betsey, b. April 5, 1766; 2. Hannah ; 3. Asa ; 4. Mille ; 5. Sewall ; 6. Gluincy ; and 7. Amos, b. Sept. 10, 1778. He settled in the northwest corner of Ashby, near Wautatic Mountain, adjoining the bounds of Ashbumham and New Ipswich. He d. of consumption, April 9, 1808. ae. 71 y. 4 m. 4 d. In 1775 he was stationed at Lechmere Point, (East Cambridge,) and was in the battle of Bunker Hill; and commanded a company engaged in other battles of the revolution.

She m. 2, Jan. 25, 1816, Nehemiah Hardy of Hollis. He d. in Nashua, N. H., Feb. 4, 1837, ae. 86.

2.3.3 Sarah Shattuck 1755–1785 (Ebenezer Ball Jr. 1756–1837)

p. 171 Memorials: Sarah Shattuck, dau. of John, (p. 117.) was b. in Pepperell, Feb. 23, 1755, and d. in Townsend, July 8, 1785, as. 30 y. 4 m. 15 d. Her death was supposed to have been occasioned by an imprudent administration of an emetic by her physician.

She m. Oct. 18, 1781, Ebenezer Ball, a farmer of Townsend, b. Sept. 2, 1756, and d. Dec. 5, 1837, ae. 81 y. 3 m. 3 d. He m. 2, June, 1786, Hannah Smith, who d. April 7, 1787. He m. 3, Oct. 10, 1787, Phebe Watson, b. Dec. 19, 1767, d. Nov. 2, 1848, ae. 81.

2.3.4 John Shattuck 1757–1816 (Betsey Miles 1758–1798)

pp. 171-2 Memorials: John Shattuck, s. of John, (p. 117,) was born in Pepperell, July 7, 1757, and d. in New Ipswich, N. H., Saturday, April 26, 1816, as. 58 y. 9 m. 19 d. He was a farmer and shoemaker, and first settled in 1783, in the northwesterly part of Ashby, near his two elder sisters. He brought a portion of the farm, since known as the Bedlow farm, under cultivation, and erected on it a dwelling-house and other buildings. This dwelling-house was burned in 1807. Suffering inconvenience from its remoteness from public worship and other town privileges, he sold this estate in 1794, and bought another southerly of the present meeting-house in New Ipswich, N. H., now partly occupied by Mr. Willard. This farm was enlarged by subsequent purchases, additional buildings were erected, and other improvements were made; but though it contained some good land, and yielded a comfortable subsistence to its owner, yet it was generally rocky and unproductive, and gave a comparatively poor return for the labor expended. The same amount of toil and good management would have produced on some farms a considerable fortune. He and his wife united with Rev. Mr. Farrar's church in New Ipswich in 1786. and he bore the character of an intelligent, industrious, honest, upright, Christian man, eminently a peacemaker in his family and among his neighbors. He was often known to perform the usual day's work on his farm, and in the evening to enter his shop, and earn enough before retiring to rest to pay his hired man the next day; and to repeat this labor day after day.

He was often solicited to take public office in the town, but uniformly declined. Private life was more congenial to his unobtrusive, amiable, and excellent temperament.

He m. 1, Dec. 11, 1783, Betsey Miles, b. in Concord, Mass., Dec. 4, 1758, dau. of Abel Miles and Elizabeth Adams, then of New Ipswich. She d. of consumption, Jan. 3, 1798, se. 39 y. m. 29 d. She was a woman who possessed uncommon intelligence and piety, and excelled as a housekeeper and a mother. Her ancestors were among the first settlers and leading men of Concord.

He m. 2, Nov. 14, 1799, Sarah Potter of Rindge. She survived him, and m. 2, James Saunderson of New Ipswich, who d. two years after marriage. She d. in N. I., Feb. 11, 1851, se. 91 y. John Shattuck 1785– (Hepzibah Jones Prescot 1784–1847)

John Shattuck, s. of John, (p. 172,) was b. in New Ipswich, July 10, 1785, and has been a farmer and stone mason. He lived in Concord and Lincoln from 1806 to 1812, and at the latter date settled upon the paternal estate in New Ipswich. He removed from thence in 1823, and has since lived principally in Lowell, Cambridge, Boston, and Marblehead.

He m. Oct. 14, 1813, Hepzibah Jones Prescott, b. in Concord, Sept. 20, 1784. She d. in Boston, Jan. 17, 1847, se. 62 y. 3 m. 27 d., and was interred in Mount Auburn Cemetery. She was the dau. of Willoughby Prescott and Elizabeth Heywood, granddau. of Col. John Prescott and Anna Lynde, and great-granddau. of Dr. Jonathan Prescott. Elizabeth Heywood was a descendant of John Heywood, one of the earliest settlers of Concord. Anna Lynde was dau. of Nathaniel Lynde, Esq., who m. Susanna, dau. of Governor Willoughby, and s. of Simon Lynde, who m. Hannah Nudigate, from London.

Marianne Hubbard Shattuck 1815–1848

Elizabeth Prescott Shattuck 1816–1883

John Shattuck 1818–1818

John Henry Shattuck 1818–1902 (Sarah White Shattuck 1827–1863, see

William Henry Shattuck 1851– (Lucy M Barney 1859–)

Ernest Edwin Shattuck 1877–1981 (Grace Ellen Jamison 1883–1957)

William Sterling Shattuck 1903–1972 (Vera J. Powell 1903–1983)

Garnet Juaneta Shattuck 1905–1997 Thomas Andy Laprath 1902–1972,

Marvin Rossow 1912–1983

Berl Earnest Shattuck 1908–1975

Clayton Paul Shattuok 1911–2002 (Rome Mildred McConnell 1911–1997)

Harold Edwin Shattuck 1914–1988 (Dorothy Leola Snider 1915–1980)

Karen L Shattuck 1939– (Lewis Hansen 1937–)

Lloyd Elvin Shattuck 1917–1987 (Luella Maxine Lewis 1921–2014)

Beth Ellen Shattuck 1923–1943

William Henry Shattuck Jr. 1879–1967

1st wife: Plausa L. Stas 1879–

Ralph Leroy Shattuck 1900–1986

1st wife: Pearl Rose Givens 1900–1990

2nd wife: Alta Viola Jeppesen 1900–1991

Harold Leroy Shattock 1921–1977 (wives: Helen B. Ramey 1923–2007,

Leah Maxine Peterson 1936–1994)

William R Shattuck 1931– (wives: Glenna Lee Walley 1932–1983,

Addie L Heiberg 1931–)

Lucille Shattuck 1903– (Claude B. Wilson 1904–1974)

Helen Shattuck 1906–

Clifford C Shattuck 1908–1989 (Margery Mckinney 1909–)

2nd wife: Elizabeth Josephine Byrne 1886–1944

Wilma Marie Shattuck 1915–1989 (Eugene Petersen 1913–, Anthony F Baulo 1909–)

Lawrence Paul Shattock 1917–1989 (Ruth Alice Muenz 1923–1980)

Larry Edward Shattuck 1941–1999 (wives: Judy E Forburger 1943–,

Beverly Diane Boddy 1946–1999)

John Leroy "Roy" Shattuck 1885–

Helen Shattuck 1907–

Elmira D. Shattuck 1856–1928

Sarah E. Shattuck 1866–

Edward E. Shattuck 1877–

William H. Shattuck 1879–

Caleb Shattuck 1821–1825 Abel Shattuck 1788–1842 (Mary Bedlow 1790–1867)

Abel Shattuck, s. of John, (p. 172,) was b. in Ashby, June 14, 1788. He was a shoemaker, and first settled in New Ipswich, but in 1826 removed to Lowell, where he d. June 2, 1842, Ee. 53 y. 11 m. 18 d. He was interred in the cemetery at Nashua, N. H. He and his wife united with the church, Feb. 2, 1812, and he was ever active and influential in the various benevolent and religious movements of the day.

He m. Oct. 22, 1811, Mary Bedlow, b. April 17, 1790, dau. of Stephen Bedlow of Ashby, and granddau. of Stephen Bedlow and

Ellen Webb of Weymouth.

Mary Eleanor Shattuck 1812–1904 (Joseph Nahor 1807–1871)

Abel Hervey Shattuck 1814-1826

Harriette L. Shattuck 1818-1898 (Caleb G. Weaver 1820-)

George Shattuck 1816-1818

George Waldo Shattuck 1821–1880 (Sarah Jane Holden 1824–1892)

Emma Harriet Shattuck 1847–1905 (William Elliot Barrows 1842–1901)

Jennie Holden Shattuck 1851–1929 (Reginald Canning 1850–1895)

Mariann Shattuck 1854–

Helen M. Shattuck 1859–1950 (Arthur Monroe Parent 1859–1902)

Horace B. Shattuck 1825–1908 (Mary Frances Comins 1835–)

Laura F. Shattuck 1859–1883

Edward Horace Shattuck 1861–

Bertha Comins Shattuck 1864–1940 (Frederick W Ely 1862–1936)

George Burbank Shattuck 1869– (Annie Belle Gibson 1868–1950)

Jane B Shattuck 1899–

George H. Shattuck 1899–

Louise B Shattuck 1902–

Olis E Shattuck 1904–

Frances G Shattuck 1906–

Elmira Shattuck 1830-1906 (Moses Allen Johnson 1826-) Col. Daniel Shattuck 1790–1867 (Sarah Edwards 1794–1858)

Col. Daniel Shattuck, s. of John, (p. 172,) was b. in Ashby, July 10, 1790, and for the last forty-nine years has resided in Concord. It was a favorite wish of his father and himself, that he should receive a public education, and be qualified for professional life; and in his early youth he went through, at the New Ipswich Academy, the studies preparatory to his admission to college. Circumstances, however, transpired, which led to a relinquishment of their original design. In 1806 he left home, and entered the store of Messrs. J. and J. H. Davis in Concord, as an apprentice and clerk, and continued there six

years. In 1812 he purchased, entirely on credit, in company with Bela Hemmenway, the stock and stand of Dea. John White,

who had long been a trader in that town, and commenced business for himself, under the firm of Hemmenway & Shattuck. Mr. Hemmenway died Jan. 17, 1816, and Mr. Shattuck afterwards conducted his business either alone, or in company with Dea. White, or his brother, under the style of Daniel Shattuck & Co., until 1844, when he retired from its active management. By his integrity, sagacity, and strict attention to business he has been distinguished for his success as a merchant, and for his skill as a financier. Although in politics a uniform and consistent whig, and belonging to the party generally in the minority in the town and county, he has been considered one of the leading citizens, and has often been selected to execute various important public trusts. He was a representative in the legislature in 1831, and a member of the senate in 1834 and 1836, and has held a commission of justice of the peace. He was chosen treasurer of the Middlesex Agricultural Society in 1821, and many subsequent years, and was afterwards three times elected its president. He has been a director or president, and the principal business manager, of the Middlesex Mutual Fire Insurance Company, from its first foundation in 1826; and during his administration has introduced several improvements in the general regulations of such institutions. He has been president of the Concord Bank from its first incorporation in 1832. He procured the act of incorporation of the Middlesex Institution for Savings in 1836, and has since been one of its trustees and principal managers. He was chairman of the committee for the erection of the Concord Monument, to commemorate the events of the 19th of April, 1775, and was the author of the inscription on its tablet. These are some of the public stations he has held. His motto of life has been, to "consider well and then execute faithfully all matters entrusted to him.'"'

He m. April 23, 1816, Sarah Edwards, b. Sept. 28, 1794, dau. of Abraham Edwards, Esq. and Rebecca Houghton of Ashby.

Charles Henry Shattuck 1817–1817

Sarah Elizabeth Shattuck 1818–1844

Henry Livingston Shattuck 1823–1892 (Mary H. Barrett 1827–1891)

Kate Elizabeth Shattuck 1852–1861

Frances Jane Shattuck 1829–1913 (Louis A Surette 1818–1897)

Ellen Miles Shattuck 1838–1921 (Albert E. Wood 1830–1911) Betsey Shattuck 1792–1822 Lemuel Shattuck 1793–1859 (Clarissa Baxter 1797–1871) Author of "Memorials of the Descendants of William Shattuck"

The book Lemuel Shattuck wrote on early Shattuck history in America is still the authoritative source for family historians. He was a truly early Victorian gentleman in the breadth and depth of his interests and accomplishments. I have devoted a page to him.

Sarah White Shattuck 1827–1863 (John Henry Shattuck 1818–1902 see for children)

Rebecca Elizabeth Shattuck 1829–1851

Clarissa Baxter Shattuck 1831–1858 (Isaac F. Dobson 1828-1914)

Miram Stedman Shattuck 1833–1909

Frances Minot Shattuck 1835–1850 Rebecca Shattuck 1796–1817

2.3.5 Sybil Shattuck 1759–1820 (Nathaniel Sartell 1760–1847)

p. 172 Memorials: Sybil Shattuck, dau. of John, (p. 117,) was b. in Pep., Sept. 23, 1759, and d. of typhus fever, Sept. 21, 1820, as. 61.

She m. in 1783, Nathaniel Sartell, b. Oct. 27, 1760, s. of Nathaniel S. and Catherine , and grand nephew of Josiah S., the donor of the Groton Ministerial Fund, (see Family 174.)

2.3.6 Emerson Shattuck 1761–1817 (Susannah Shattuck 1768–1846 d. of Zaccheus Shattuck 1761-1817)

p. 157 Memorials: Emerson Shattuck, s. of John, (p. 117,) b. Oct. 12, 1761, was a farmer in Pepperell, and d. of consumption, on the

anniversary of his birth, Oct. 12, 1817, ae. 56.

He m. Susanna Shattuck, b. April 7, 1768, dau. of Zaccheus, (p. 118.) She d. in Townsend, Nov. 12, 1846, 83. 78 y. 7 m. 5 d. Henry Shattuck 1789–1826 (Azubah Bowers 1794–1875)

He was executor to Emerson Shattuck's will, and settled upon his place; m. March 9, 1815, Azubah Bovvers, who after his death m. Eliphalet Bailey. Henry Davenport Shattuck, their only child, resides on the homestead.

Henry Davenport Shattuck 1823–1901 (Mindwell Green Lawrence 1828–)

Louella Velroy Shattuck 1850–1913

Elmer Ellsworh Shattuck 1861– (Grace Carolyn Young 1866–) Winthrop Shattuck 1793–1858 (Betsey Shattuck 1787–1870 d. of Joseph Shattuck 1747-1813 and Betsey Grimes 1749-1814)

Olive H. Shattuck 1823–1878 (Reuben Wyman Jr. 1822–1897)

Hannah T. Shattuck 1827–1881 (Reuben Symonds 1826–1912)

Fanny Shattuck 1828–

Mary Jane Shattuck 1831–1912 (George Whitaker 1824–)

John Shattuck Sophronia Shattuck 1795–1862 (Marshall Atherton 1795–1883) Sabra Shattuck 1797–1861 (Bolter Colson 1793–1887) Emerson Shattuck 1800–1882 (Chastana Woods 1801–1841)

Bradford Woods Shattuck 1824–1914 (Abigail Wood 1830–1912)

Edgar Wiley Shattuck 1854–1914

Henry Willis Shattuck 1855–1928 (Adalaide Elizabeth Martin 1859–1909)

Katie Emma Shattuck 1884–1968 (Rupert Lyman Blood 1884–1955)

Florence Gertrude Shattuck 1887–1977 (husbands: Alfred Star Barnaby 1885–1940,

Earl Hemenway Mention 1889–)

Jesse Martin Shattuck 1889–1950 (Isabelle Blanche Yeo 1897–1966)

Marion Elizabeth Shattuck 1918–1997 (Marcel Rudolph Marti 1912–1990)

Forrest Everett Shattuck 1898–1993 (Marion Elaine Osborne 1905–1995)

Patricia May Shattuck 1925–2006 (Everett Charles Sloat 1924–2010)

Barbara Adelaide Shattuck 1928–

J Sally Shattuck 1937–

Anna Chastina Shattuck 1856–1896 (Judson James Willoughby 1852–1916)

Elmer Fiske Shattuck 1861–1893 (Minnie E Galvin 1866–)

Carrie E. Shattuck 1890–1976 (Willard Ellsworth Gray 1890–1965)

Emma Mary Shattuck 1863–1946 (Alta Augustus Shattuck 1855–1926 see

Albert Byson Shattuck 1864–1914

Abigail Maude Shattuck 1867–1921 (Charles Walter Baker 1862–1953)

Lucy Belle Shattuck 1876–1953 (Aaron Bradshaw 1868–1950)

2.3.7 Nathaniel Shattuck 1764–1847 (Hannah Ball 1762–1833)

p. 173 Memorials: Nathaniel Shattuck, s. of John, (p. 117,) b. Jan. 5, 1764, first settled upon the paternal homestead, but removed and

afterwards lived in other places in Pepperell. He d. there June 14, 1847, a3. 83 y. 5 m. 9 d.

He m. March 22, 1786, Hannah Ball, b. Oct. 20, 1762, dau. of Ebenezer Ball of Townsend. She d. June 5, 1833, se. 70 y. 7 m. 15 d. Both were members of the church. Hannah Shattuck 1789–1811

b. Oct. 29, 1788 ; d. unm., of the dropsy, April 30, 181 1, ae. 22 y. 6 m. 1 d. During the last four years of her life she was "tapped" many times; and between 600 and 700 pounds of water was taken from her side. Betsey Shattuck 1790–1823 (Rowland Shattuck 1788–1842 s. of Elijah Shattuck 1754-1841 and Olive Reed 1754-1826) Nathaniel Shattuck 1792–1863 (Betsey Shattuck 1785–1855 d. of Elijah Shattuck 1754-1841 and Olive Reed 1754-1826)

Eliab Bennett Shattuck 1817–1892 (Indiana Spaulding 1819–1876)

Orrin Varnum Shattuck 1845–1890 (Mary Ann Ray 1843–1930)

Charles Shattuck 1874–1875

Arthur Shattuck 1876–1880

Lottie Belle Shattuck 1877–1967 (William Green Robie 1869–1946)

Nathaniel Vernon Shattuck 1819–1825

Thirza Ann Shattuck 1821–1825

Betsy Ann Caroline Shattuck 1828–1854

Charles Elijah Shattuck 1830–1902

1st wife: Elizabeth Nichols "Lizzie" Shattuck 1828–1893

Charles Shattuck 1865–1865

2nd wife: Ellen A Seward 1855–1905 Gardner Shattuck 1795-1854 Rebecca Shattuck 1797-1849 (Lemuel Hall 1796-1871) Olive Shattuck 1799–1848 (Bryant Lawrence 1795-1822) Abel Shattuck 1802–1870 (Deverd Verder 1798–1840)

Mary Elizabeth Shattuck 1827–1863 (William Henry Mention 1822–1873)

Abel Kendall Shattuck 1829– (Mary Charlotte Nutting 1834–1898)

Harriet Maria Shattuck 1854–

Mary Sophia Shattuck 1854–1903 (Farley M. Wilkins 1850–1934) Mary Shattuck 1804–1875

b. Aug. 23, 1804 ; unm., in Pepperell. In youth one of her hands and arms was accidentally caught in her father's cider mill, and so badly injured that amputation above the elbow became necessary.

2.3.8 Eunice Shattuck 1767–1829 (Nehemiah Jewett Jr. 1762–1820)

Eunice Shattuck, dau. of John, (p. 118,) b. July 23, 1767, d. of apoplexy in Pep., Nov. 4, 1829, se. 62 y. 3 m. 11 d.

She m. Dec. 26, 1791, Nehemiah Jewett, Esq., b. Sept. 1, 1762, s. of Nehemiah Jewett and Sarah Green. (Family 46.) He lived on his farm in the northwesterly part of Pepperell, near the bounds of Brookline, where he d. of a fever, April 11, 1820, se. 57 y. 7 m. 10 d. He was much employed in public business; was many years one of the selectmen ; town clerk eleven years, 1806 to 1816; representative in the legislature seven years, 1811 to 1819, excepting 1817 and 1818; and for a long period a justice of the peace. He d. in office, laden with honor, and his death was considered a great public loss.

2.3.9 Dr. Caleb Shattuck 1770-1811 (Martha "Patty" Kelley 1773–1824)

p. 174 Memorials: Dr. Caleb Shatttjck, s. of John, (p. 118.) was b. in Pepperell, April 26, 1770, and graduated at Dartmouth College in 1794. He studied medicine, and settled in his profession in Paxton, Worcester Co., but d. in Lebanon, N. Y., while on a visit to that place, Oct. 24, 1811, se. 41 y. 5 m. 28 d.

He m. Martha Kelley of Rutland. She d. in Gardner, June, 1824. Martha Caldwell Shattuck 1801–1825 (George Fay 1783–1853) Harriet Jennison Shattuck 1803–1862 (Dr. David Hitchcock Field 1792–1833, Lyman Johnson 1784–1864) Calistia Shaw Shattuck 1805–1805 Hannah Caldwell Shattuck 1806–1876 (Otis Stone 1795–1850) Richard Kelley Shattuck 1809– (Dolly Gleason)

2.4 Esther Shattuck 1726–1759 (Abel Parker 1723–1791)

p. 117 Memorials: Esther Shattuck, dau. of Jonathan, (p. 94,) was b. May 21, 1726, and d. in Groton, April 5, 1759, se. 32 y. 10 m. 14 d. She m. May 10, 1750, Abel Parker, b. Jan. 17, 1724, s. of John Parker and Mary Bradstreet. He lived in Groton; and in 1751 bought of his father-in-law, for £333, the house he built for his grandmother Shattuck, in the vicinity of the Stony-Ford-Way, (p. 93.) He m. 2, Sarah , and had 5 other children. He was wounded' in the battle of Bunker Hill.

2.5 Kezia Shattuck 1728–1747 (John Green 1720–1796)

p. 94 Memorials: b. June 19, 1728 ; m. July 16, 1747, John Green of Pepperell. She d. in childbirth, Dec. 7, 1747, ae. 19 y. 5 m. 18 d., leaving no living issue.

2.6 Mary Shattuck 1730–1810 (Simeon Greene 1729–1813)

p. 117 Memorials: Mary Shattuck, dau. of Jonathan, (p. 94,) was b. Sept. 22, 1730, and d. in Townsend, June 27, 1S10, as. 79 y. 9 m. 5 d. She m. Sept. 12, 1753, Simeon Green, b. Sept. 15, 1729, s. of William Green and Hannah Holden, of Groton. He and his wife united with the church in Pep. in 1768, and were dismissed from thence to the church in Townsend, in 1793, where he afterwards resided. He d. Sept. 16, 1813, ae. 84. He was wounded in the battle of Bunker Hill.

2.7 Zaccheus Shattuck 1734–1819 (Azubah Chamberlain 1734–1815)

p. 118 Memorials: Zaccheus Shattuck, s. of Jonathan, (p. 94,) was b. March 26, 1734, and first settled on the farm now owned by the town, but subsequently removed to the westerly part of Pepperell, where he d. March 29, IS 19, se. 85. He was sometimes subject to depression of spirits; and some peculiar traits of character in a few branches of his family seem to have originated with him. He m. July 12, 1759, his cousin Azubah Chamberlain, dau. of Thomas Chamberlain, and niece of Elizabeth Chamberlain, (p. 93. ) She was a worthy woman, a member of the church, 1795. Died Jan. 8, 1815, ae. 81.

2.7.1 Azubah Shattuck 1760–1835 (William Blood Jr. 1748–1813)

2.7.2 Zaccheus Shattuck Jr. 1761–1840 (Hala Parker 1768–1853)

p.118 Memorials: b. Sept. 8, 1761 ; m. April 29, 1798, Hala Parker; lived in Townsend; had Edmund, who d. unm. She d. June 21, 1853, ae. 91.

Edmund Shattuck 1802–1835

2.7.3 Jacob Shattuck 1763–1786

p. 118 Memorials: d. July 6, 1786, unm., insane, se. 23 y. 3 m. 17 d.

2.7.4 Esther Shattuck 1764–1834

p. 118 Memorials: d. unmarried, ae. about 70.

2.7.5 Noah Shattuck 1766–1801 (Sarah Spaulding 1770–)

p. 174 Memorials: Noah Shatttjck, s. of Zaccheus, (p. 118,) was b. in Pepperell, Feb. 21, 1766, and settled in Townsend, where he d. Aug. 19, 1801, 8e. 35 y. 5 m. 28 d.

He m. Nov. 7, 1793, Sarah Spaulding, Noah Shattuck 1794–1797 Sarah Shattuck 1795–1838 (Jeremiah L. Perham 1797–) Lovell Shattuck 1797–1801 Morrill or Murill Shattuck 1799–1801 Azubah Shattuck 1801– (James Lancey 1800–) Noah Shattuck 1801–

2.7.6 Susannah Shattuck 1768–1846 (Emerson Shattuck 1761–1817 s. of John Shattuck 1724-1807 and Elizabeth Shattuck 1768-1805)

2.7.7 Silas Shattuck 1770–1848 (Polly "Sally" Bailey)

p. 118 Memorials: m. Polly Baily ; d. insane.

2.7.8 Thomas Shattuck 1771–

p. 118 Memorials: d. unmarried; insane.

2.7.9 Ezra Shattuck 1773–

p. 118 Memorials: d. unmarried of the dysentery.

2.7.10 Rachel Shattuck 1776–1849 (Jonathan Perham)

p. 118 Memorials: m. Jan. 29, 1807, Jonathan Perham, a cousin of Jonathan, (p. 119.) She d. about 1849.

2.8 Eunice Shattuck 1736–1815 (Ezekial Perham 1744–1807)

p. 118 Memorials: Eunice Shattuck, dau. of Jonathan, (p. 94,) was b. March 5, 1736, and d. in Athens, Yt., Dec. 13, 1815, ae. 79 y. 9 m. 8 d. She m. 1, David Turner. He and his only dau. d. about 1756. She m. 2, Feb. 15, 1759, Ezekiel Perham, s. of John Perham. He was a farmer in Pepperell until 1800, and afterwards in Athens, Vt., where he d. Dec. 14, 1807.

2.9 Timothy Shattuck 1738– (Hannah Nutting 1738–)

p. 119 Memorials: Timothy Shattuck, s. of Jonathan, (p. 94,) b. Aug. 8, 1738; first settled in Pepperell, but in 1769 removed to Conway, Franklin Co.; in 1778 he returned to Townsend, where his son David was born; and afterwards is said to have removed to Lynesborough, N. H., where he died. He was dismissed from the church in Pepperell in 1769, and the next year united with that of Conway, where four of his children were baptized. The history of this family is imperfectly known. He m. Jan. 7, 1762, Hannah Nutting, b. Sept. 4, 1738, dau. of Nathaniel N.

2.9.1 Timothy Shattuck 1762–

p. 120 Memorials: He was a soldier in the Revolution.

2.9.2 Caleb Shattuck 1764–1766

p. 120 Memorials: d. of rickets, Aug. 1, 1766, ae. 2 y. 5 m.

2.9.3 Silas Shattuck 1765–1765

2.9.4 David Shattuck 1771–1775

2.9.5 Nathaniel Shattuck 1773–

2.9.6 Elizabeth Shattuck 1775–

2.9.7 Joel Shattuck 1777–

2.9.8 David Shattuck 1780–1820 (Orra Merwin 1782–1860) Stephen C. Shattuck 1802–1884 (Sarah Hammond 1800–1882)

Seth Clark Shattuck 1827–1912 (Mary Jane Buck 1844–1889)

Minnie Elinor Shattuck 1869–1916 (Reuben Frank Barber 1866–1940)

William Henry Harrison Grant Shattuck 1871–1953 (Minnie Harringa 1865–1939)

Calysta Edith Shattuck 1891–1967 (Lester Peter Rasmussen 1894–1942, Peter Anderson 1900–1968)

Margaret "Maggie" Shattuck 1894– (husbands: Isaac James Martin Jr. 1877–1939,

Milo McFanuel Wright 1894–1964)

Florence Shattuck 1898–1903 (Viola Mae Rosio 1908–1984)

Herbert Shattuck 1901–1901

John Howard Shattuck 1902–1964 (Viola Mae Rosio 1908–1984)

Marion Lucille Shattuck 1928–1928

Calysta Evelyn Shattuck 1930–2005 (Robert Harold Little 1923–1995)

Donald L Shattuck 1932–2007

Lester John Shattuck 1938–2010 (Teresa ?)

Mary Louise Shattuck 1940–2011

Susan Jane Shattuck 1946–2008 (Leon Alfred Barber 1945–2008, Glen P. Bowen 1953–)

Grace Sarah Shattuck 1905–1962 (Milburn C. Smith 1905–1961)

Seth Clark Shattuck Jr. 1874–1929

1st wife: Ruhama Elizabeth Knapp 1873–1919

Vera L Shattuck 1914–

2nd wife: Nellie Helen Garrow 1886–1921

3rd wife: Lulu Rachel Albright 1884–1929

Alonzo Fay Shattuck 1923–1939

4th wife: Myrtle Jemima Shattuck 1925–1994 (husbands: Delbert James Hull 1927–2006,

Edward Leroy Jensen 1915–1994)

John Shattuck 1877– (Emma Strawhecker 1881–)

Rosalle Shattuck 1906–

Rosa Shattuck 1880–1888

Alonzo Shattuck 1882–1888

DeWitt Clinton Shattuck 1829–1914 (Marie Antionette Bettis 1831–1901)

Florence Eliza Shattuck 1864–1946 (Charles Marion Sias 1865–1942)

Inez Shattuck 1868–1883

Leon Ernest Shattuck 1869–1873

Hugh Wilber Shattuck 1872–1927 (Alice Ella Crittenden 1874–1938)

Vere Goodale Shattuck 1894–1949 (Ruth Margaret Headson 1895–1979)

Franklin H Shattuck 1917–

Margaret Ruth Shattuck 1919– (Wilbert Guy Clack 1928)

Jane Alice Shattuck 1920– (Robert H Closs 1921–)

Helen Shirley Shattuck 1928–2001 (Henry Stanley Kolodziejczak 1922–2005)

Ken Shattuck 1898–

Jerome L Shattuck 1901–

Keith C Shattuck 1910–

Mary A Shattuck 1831–1920 (John Hartwell 1831–1920)

Rodney Shattuck 1834–1851 Alma Shattuck 1804– Timothy Shattuck 1805– Jemina Shattuck 1810– Samantha Shattuck 1812–1845 (Elansing Parsons 1806–1879) Martin Luther Shattuck 1818–1910

1st wife: Lucy A. ? 1833–

Ellen Shattuck 1856–

2nd wife: Miranda Parsons 1820–1863

Camilla Shattuck 1842–1888 (Jonas Lott Palmer 1844–1914)

Elisa Jane Shattuck 1844–1909 (William C. Rose 1843–1907)

Allen Richardson Shattuck 1848–

1st wife: Ida Dunham 1848–

2nd wife: Amanda Margaret L. Robbins 1847–

Maude Elm Shattuck 1879–

Sarah A. Shattuck 1849–1936 (Peter W Cooper 1831–1914, Josiah R. Humphrey 1843–)

Rodney A. Shattuck 1851–1929

1st wife: Lucy Ella H. Allen 1859–1916

Bertha W Shattuck 1879– (William T Cook 1873–)

Earl W. Shattuck 1881– (Opal Grace Dunlap 1892–1962)

2nd wife: Fannie E Teter 1860– Polly Shattuck 1820–

3. David Shattuck 1696–1709

p. 81 Memorials: died young before his father.

4. Mary Shattuck 1699–1753 (John Gilson 1697–1753)

p. 94 Memorials: Mary Shattuck, dau. of John, (p. 81,) b. April 11, 1699; m. Dec. 8, 1722, John Gilson, b. March 7, 1697, s. of John and Sarah, and grandson of Joseph and Mary Gilson, one of the original proprietors of Groton.

5. Sarah Shattuck 1701–1702

6. Lydia Shattuck 1704–1783 (Isaac Williams 1699–1773)

p. 94 Memorials: Lydia Shattuck, dau. of John, (p. 81,) was b. March 1, 1704, and d. in Pepperell, Oct. 23, 1783, ce. 79 y. 7 m. 22 d. She m. May 22, 1723, Isaac Williams, b. June 19, 1699, s. of Thomas and Elizabeth, and grandson of Thomas and Mary Williams, one of the first settlers of Groton. He d. in Pepperell, May 14, 1773, se. 75 y. 10 m. 25 d.

7. Elizabeth Shattuck 1705–1784 (Isaac Lakin 1702–1759)

p. 95 Memorials: Elizabeth Shattuck, dau. of John, (p. 81,) m. Jan. 2, 1726, Isaac Lakin, b. Dec. 11, 1702, s. of William, and grandson of Ensign John Lakin. Isaac was one of the six companions of John Chamberlain, from Groton, in the Pigwacket Fight, and was wounded on that occasion.

8. Hannah Shattuck 1707–1709

p. 81 Memorials: died in infancy before [her] father.

9. Patience Shattuck 1709–1791 Nathan Fish 1694–1760

p. 81 Memorials: probably died young.