South Carolina Shaddocks

If you have not read the page about the Massachusetts Shattucks, now would be a good time to read it: Massachusetts Shaddocks.

I would like to acknowledge the contribution of Linda Shaddock Rogers to this page. Linda has been a good friend and a long time family historian of this branch of the family. I would also like to acknowledge Jamie Johnson, a descendant of the Shattucks for fruitful discussions about family origins, especially Samuel Shattock of Salem, MA. All the errors on this page are my own, but my collaborators helped me avoid more errors than otherwise.

Origins of the Carolina Shaddocks

DNA tests have shown that the South Carolina Shaddocks are descended from a common ancestor with William Shattuck (ca. 1622-1672), a Puritan immigrant to Watertown, Massachusetts in the 17th century. The Shattucks of Massachusetts are in turn a major branch of the worldwide Shattocke family. To see where the Shattucks fit in the Shattocke family tree see the Experimental Shattocke Phylogenetic Tree. The Shattucks of Massachusetts have been officially designated a branch of the human family called R-Y19751. I have given the branch of the family the itle "Stogumber Area Shattocks" after the area of west Somerset they most likely originated from. Look for that node on the tree near the bottom right of the graphic.

I call this branch of the Stogumber Shattocks "the South Carolina Shaddocks" because the earliest genealogical records place their ancestors there. The South Carolina Shaddocks are a long lost branch of the Massachusetts Shattucks. Their ancestor was Samuel Shattuck born 1666 in Watertown, Massachusetts. He was the son of the progenitor, William Shattuck (1622-1672).

How We know Samuel Shattuck (1666-) Is a South Carolina Ancestor

The ancestry of the South Carolina Shaddocks has long faced a roadblock at the birth of the founder, Samuel Shaddock (c. 1760-1838). Before him there are no paper records or family legends that link his ancestors back to Massachachusetts. But DNA results from other Shattockes have steadily narrowed down the likely candidates for the parents of Samuel. The discovery of the role the CDY STR market plays in Shattocke genetics finally provided the key evidence to settle a long standing question. Did the SC Carolina Shaddocks arrive in the colony from England or New England? The SC Shaddocks have the 36-37 version of the CDY marker, which is common to all but one of the other Massachusetts Shattucks that have been DNA tested. The west Somerset Shattocks are 36-38 for this marker. In fact there is an overwhelming number of markers (11 or more) shared between Massachusetts Shattuck descendants and SC Shaddocks.

This is very strong DNA evidence for a Massachusetts Shattuck genealogy for SC Shaddocks. That means that the ancestor of Samuel Shaddock (c. 1760-1838) is to be found in the Massachusetts Shattuck genealogy so extensively documented by Lemuel Shattuck in his book "Memorials of the Descendants of William Shattuck, the Progenitor of the Families in America That Have Borne His name" (1855).

There is in fact evidence that Shattucks moved to Charlestown, South Carolina. Lemuel Shattuck in his book has this to say about Rebecca Shattuck (1682-1710). She was the daughter of Dr. Philip Shattuck (1648-1722), son of the founder William Shattuck (1622-1672). She married John Underwood (1677-1754). . "Rebecca Shattuck, daughter of Philip, (p. 73,) born in Watertown., March 10, 1683 ; married Nov. 19, 1701, John Underwood, b. in Watertown, March. 6, 1677. He is supposed to have removed to Charlestown about 1714." (p. 85, Descendants). Here is another case showing the connection between the Massachusetts Bay colony and the new colony in Charlestown in South Caronlina: Samuel Shattuck (1672-1758) married Elizabeth Longley Blood (1675-1759). She had an aunt Mary Shattuck who married Samuel Leman, who Lemuel says was "probably from Charlestown." (p. 80, Descendants). There were Shattuck family connections in South Carolina going back to the late 17th century.

There are two records of Samuel Shattucks born about 1760, but one of them moved to Michigan and the other moved to Vermont. So I looked for an earlier migration of Shattucks to South Carolina. The earliest record of a Shaddock in South Carolina is a document granting 480 acres on Bohicket Creek in Colleton county to Samuel Shaddock on August 27 1702. The fact he was named "Samuel" is significant because the name was passed down to the first born male of the family. The age of majority at the time was 21 so this Samuel Shaddock had to be born in Massachusetts 1681 or sooner. That made him most probably a son or grandson of the William the progenitor.

I was able to eliminate John Shattuck (1647-1672) and Philip Shattuck (1648-1722) and their descendants as possible candidates using both Lemuel Shattuck's Descendants and surviving genealogical records as sources.

So I looked for a son of William among the other sons (Samuel, Benjamin and William). Samuel Shattuck born in 1666 in Watertown finally emerged as the most promising candidate. Here is the sum total of what Lemuel Shattuck has to say about him in Descendants, p. 77:

Samuel Shattuck, the youngest child of Wm., (p. 61,) was b. in Wat., Feb. 28, 1666, where he lived several years. He probably removed from thence about 1695, since his name does not appear after that date upon its records ; and his subsequent whereabouts and history I have been unable to trace. His ife Abigail "owned the covenant" in Watertown in 1687, and her three children named below were born and baptized there. He might have had other children.

1. Abigail, b. Oct. 17, 1686; m. William Shattuck, 34

2. Samuel, b. Feb. 16, 1689.

3. Martha, b. April 11, 1694.

Notice that his first born son was named Samuel. In what must have been a very religious family, the first born male son appears to have had the biblical name "Samuel." Like Lemuel, I have not been able to find any subsequent records for either Samuel or his wife or his children. Lemuel thinks he left Watertown "about 1695."

I think it is possible that Samuel and his family followed Massachusetts Shattucks down to the Quaker communities in North Carolina. After Quakers in the Massachusetts colony were persecuted by their Puritan neighbors beginning in 1659, they began to look for a place to settle far away from their Puritan neighbors, as far south as North Carolina. In 1661 and 1662 George Durant, a trapper and hunter, secured deeds for land from the Yeopim native inhabitants. It was these lands in what became Perquimans County that the Quakers would homestead. You can get an idea of how close the Quaker settlement was to Virginia from the fact that the governor of Virginia, William Berkeley, who claimed the land was located within the colony of Virginia, made the settlers purchase deeds to the land from Virginia. George Durant was from Virginia and was married there.

The persecution of the Quakers is described in the "Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England ( James Savage, V.4 p. 99) where he writes that Nathaniel Sylvester "in the higher cause of humanity shall be accorded to him to give protection to him who give shelter and protection to Shattuck and Southwick fugitives from the bloody persecution in Massachusetts under the successive rules of Gov. Endicott and Gov. Bellingham, whose zeal for the honor of God exterminated all tenderness for their fellow creatures." There were Shattucks in North Carolina at the time in a Quaker community, so it is possible he went there first and thence to South Carolina. The North Carolina "Quaker" Shattucks actually spelled their name "Shaddock." Descendants of Damaris Shattuck were found there in 1680. Perhaps Samuel spent a few years among them. They were growing tobacco and using slaves. That would turn out to be true of how the South Carolina Shaddocks made their living as well.

Damaris Shattuck and Isaac Page in the Carolinas

The fact that there were Shattucks from the Massachusetts Bay colony working plantations in North Carolina in the latter half of the 17th century is important. It is not unreasonable to assume there were family connections between Samuel Shattuck born 1666 in Watertown and the family of the widow Damaris Shattuck in Salem. I discuss this on the Massachusetts Shattucks page. There was a lot of religious strife between factions in the early years of the Massachusetts Bay colony, so a lot of families left for other places, including North Carolina. Having relatives in North Carolina might have been incentive for Samuel Shattuck and his wife Abigail to move down to North Carolina.

An example is the marriage of widow Damaris's daughter Damaris Shattuck to Isaac Page. The marriage took place in Boston, Massachusetts on 30 July 1653 or 30 September 1653. They were both 23 years of age. Isaac Page was born in Boston. They have a daughter, also named Damaris baptized in 1659 and a sister Elizabeth, either a twin baptized on the same date in 1659 or born on different dates. But here is the important fact. The baptisms occurred in North Carolina. Isaac Page and his wife Damaris, persecuted in Boston, moved to a community of Quakers in North Carolina in a settlement called Little Rivers in Perquimans county. There are other Shattucks or Shattocks or Shaddocks in Pasquotank county 20 miles by road north of Perquimans county.

Another record I found showing Shaddock as a surname records the marriage of Jean Shaddock to Samuel Heath in Perquimans, North Carolina September 1, 1697. Yet another Shaddock, Sarah Shaddock, married John Hard January 19, 1698 in North Carolina. The spelling of their last names is notable: it is Shaddock. It appears that the Shattuck who moved down to North Carolina, Damaris Shattuck, wife of Isaac page had relatives that followed her. And their name was spelled Shaddock. Shaddock is the name James Shattock, the Quaker from Milverton, Somerset, acquired when he arrived in the Pennsylvania colony in 1686. But he arrived without children, so the Shaddocks who married in 1697 and 1698 could not have been his children. They must have been Shattucks from the Massachusetts Bay colony.

Perquimans is a county south of Chesapeake on the coastal plain. I discovered that the Perquimans had plantations and saw evidence of tobacco sales from examining local court records. There is also evidence that the Carolinas were settled by Quakers as early as 1672 (Friends in the Carolinas, by J. Floyd Moore; North Carolina Friends Historical Society, Greensboro NC, 1997; pp. 9, 15, 19-20, 22). According to David Goldfield, Professor of History, University of North Carolina at Charlotte (, North Carolina up to 1710 was first settled by migrants from Virginia, who cleared the forests for farming in the Albemarle region east of Charlotte, then the Pamlico district about 120 miles south of the Perquimans, where Jean Shaddock had married Samuel Heath in 1697. We know there were Shaddocks in Virginia at this time. There is a record of a John or Jonathan Shaddock who was an indentured servant in Virginia in 1637. Jean and Sarah could be his descendants. And a Peter Shadock arrived in Virginia in 1654. However a DNA test of one descendant of Shaddocks in Virginia showed him to be descended from the Milverton Shattocks of west Somerset, England.

The fact a member of the Shattuck family moved down to the plantations in North Carolina in the Pimlico district is the smoking gun that makes it highly plausible the South Carolina Shaddocks are descendants of Massachusetts Shattocks or Shaddocks. Damaris Page was a Salem Quaker related to Salem Shattockes. And we know from Lemuel's account that the Samuel Shattuck (1666-), son of the founder, that the family was very devoted to religion.

This section of a map from around 1700 shows the locations of the three areas, Chesapeake, Virginia, the Pamlico district in northern Carolina, and the Charles Town (Charleston) settlement in Carolina.

History of the Carolina Shaddocks

As I said already, the earliest record of a Shaddock in South Carolina is a document granting 480 acres on Bohicket Creek in Colleton county to Samuel Shaddock on August 27 1702. The other names indexed to the document are James Shaddock and Mary Shaddock. Remember these names, because Christian names tend to be inherited in families like genes and we encounter them again in Linda's ancestors. They are an important clue to the genealogy of a family surname.

Bohicket Creek is about 23 miles along the coast south from Charleston. The original name of Charleston was "Charles Town," after King Charles II, who had rewarded men who helped restore him to the throne in 1660 by giving them land (Proprietors) in the Carolina province. In fact the county of Colleton was named after one of the "Lords Proprietor of the Province of Carolina," the province's landlords, Sir John Colleton, 1st Baronet (1608–1666).

We cannot be absolutely certain which branch of the Massachusetts Shattucks that the Samuel Shaddock, the one was granted 480 acres on Wadmalaw Island in the Carolinas descended from. But the fact that you had have reached the age of majority (age 21) before you could legally own land in the Carolinas at this time, means the Samuel who acquired the land had to have been born prior to 1681, so if he was a Massachusetts Shattuck he was most likely a son or grandson of the founder, William (c. 1622-1672). In fact the DNA evidence supports this, giving us an estimated date for a common ancestor between the South Carolina descendants and other Massachusetts Shattuck in the 17th century.

I think the fact that the first Samuel Shaddock to settle in the Carolinas bought or otherwise acquired the land suggests that he was not an indentured servant, but had enough money to develop a plantation. The son of William, Samuel Shattuck (1666-), was likely to have had money to buy land in South Carolina. He had received a portion of his father's estate when he died in 1672. And he received a portion of his mother's estate in 1687 when she died. (She had a pre-nuptial agreement with her new husband Richard Norcross that passed her original portion of William's estate on to her living Shattuck sons, in this case, Samuel, William and Philip.) Also he had money from the sale of his property in Watertown, according to Lemuel Shattuck in Descendants. There is no record of him in New England or Virginia, or anywhere else. The land transaction signed by Samuel Shaddock in South Carolina is most likely Samuel Shattuck (1666-), formerly of Watertown. And the fact his name was spelled "Shaddock," is characteristic of the way the name was spelled in the south, especially if Samuel had lived in North Carolina in the years previous to settling in South Carolina, near Charles Town.

Other Evidence

An important clue is the legacy of legal documents that span the period 1702 to 1761. They record property transfers, land transactions, mortgages, and wills. The Carolinas were under English law and the manorial system, where the Proprietors acted as feudal landlords, ruling over the civil affairs of the people within their counties. This system might explain how Samuel Shaddock acquired 480 acres from the Colleton family. The Proprietors held the land from the King as "tenants in chief." Samuel would in turn be a type of tenant with certain rights granted him by his Proprietor in exchange for services or money.

Around the time the province of Carolina was sold back to the crown (1729) by the Proprietors, there is a flurry of legal documents that appear to substantiate Samuel Shaddock's claim to his 480 acres, along with other land owners in the area. In 1732 a document again cites Mary Shaddock as a party to the brief, as well as Abigail Shaddock. (Apparently Samuel was deceased at this point. It is possible Mary is a surviving child born to Samuel and Abigail in the Carolinas.) To understand why they would have to do this, it is necessary to know that there was no land registry office. People proved their right to the land by dragging dusty records (or rolls) out of storage and showing how the deed had passed from one party to the next through time.

In an email to me, Linda Shaddock Rogers provides information that suggests there is a third Samuel Shaddock descendant, grandson to Samuel Shattuck born in Watertown in 1666 : " A Memorial of Edmund Jarvis dated 22 March 1734 for 100 acres out of the 480 acres mentioned above states that the tract was given to him and his wife, Sarah Jarvis, by his son at law, Samuel Shaddock and his wife Abigail, by Deed of Gift dated 13 Sep 1712."

The fact he calls Samuel Shaddock is son-in-law suggests this is in fact not Samuel Shattuck born in 1666 in Watertown, Massachusetts. In order for Samuel to be in his son-in-law, he would have to be about 90 years old. The more likely scenario is that he was his grandson. What the document does confirm is that the original Shaddock settler is linked to a son called Samuel who had a wife called Abigail.

The next flurry of legal documents happens between 1749 and 1753 regarding mortgages and land transactions. There is a record in 1749 where a Shaddock apparently sells the land on Wadmalaw Island to John Laroche and registers a mortgage in the sale and sells the slaves the next year to Thomas Winbourn. However in 1752 with the mortgage apparently paid off, it is Sarah Shaddock who enters a "renunciation" in the records confirming the retiring of the debt by John Laroche. Apparently Samuel Shattuck jr., born in 1689 in Watertown, was dead at this point and his widow Sarah had inherited his property. He would have been 63 in 1752.

The Bohicket Creek property was probably a plantation with slaves. A 1749 document names a Samuel Shaddock as a "Planter." The document is a mortgage on his slaves, and there are other documents detailing transactions with slaves. It appears that the original plantation was sold off in pieces and perhaps members of the family started farms in the back country. A 1740 jury list has Samuel Shaddock on a "Petit Jury List" of Wadmelaw Island (U.S. Census Reconstructed Records, 1660-1820), in Colleton County, St. John Parish. This puts this Samuel Shaddock in the same county as the original Samuel Shaddock in the 1702 land document. He is on the list again in 1750. Thus suggests to me there was a third Samuel, possible the father of the Samuel Shaddock born c. 1760, who had inherited the plantation from his father, also named Samuel.

There is a John Shaddock, in the Charleston District, South Carolina Estate Inventories and Selected Bills of Sale; 1732-1872 for 1750.

There is a Samuel Shaddock who is recorded in the Charleston District, South Carolina Estate Inventories and Selected Bills of Sale; 1732-1872 for 1751-3. This puts a Samuel Shaddock in the Charleston district in 1751. There is a Samuel Shaddock, Sr., who is found in a record of a court case dated 1761 in South Carolina. He is the administrator of a will that is in dispute:

Series: S136002, Box: 054A, Item: 0269A

Date: 1761


There is obviously a Samuel Shaddock Jr. Was Samuel Shaddock "junior," the father of Samuel Shaddock born in 1760, who married Prudence in 1790?

The tradition in English families has been to name the first born male after the father's Christian name. In examining the records for all Shaddocks found in the major databases, including the South Carolina Department of Archives and History, I have come up with a tentative South Carolina family tree.

Samuel Shaddock b. 1666 married Abigail

Samuel Shaddock b. 1689 married Sarah

Samuel Shaddock b. abt 1710 married Abigail

Samuel Shaddock b. abt 1732 married Susannah

Samuel F. Shaddock b. abt 1760 d. 1838 married Prudence

Samuel F. Shaddock, born in 1760 in South Carolina died in Perry, Alabama in Aug 15, 1838. His birth date is provided in the death document. And part of his will survives, naming his children. So we have good documentation on him that anchors the family lineage after him.

There appears to be only two families in the early part of 18th century then five in the late part of the 18th century. The fact female Shaddocks are married in 1697 and 1698 in North Carolina and Samuel Shaddock is granted land south of Charles Town in 1702 in South Carolina suggests there may have been an original Shaddock family that arrived in South Carolina shortly after it was settled, and in subsequent generations sons acquired land in the back country. Perhaps these are Shaddocks who moved down from North Carolina or Shattucks who moved down from Massachusetts.

There are a number of possible scenarios and few probably scenarios for the origins of the South Carolina Shaddocks. But the DNA is pretty clear about the descendants of Samuel Shaddock born c. 1760 in South Carolina. His ancestry was Massachusetts Shattuck. And the genealogical evidence clearly makes him a descendant of Samuel Shattuck, born 1666 in Watertown, the son of the William the founder.

Samuel F. and Prudence Shaddock

Samuel F. Shaddock married Prudence in 1790. Samuel's youngest child, Jane, was born in South Carolina in 1808, so Samuel moved his family to Alabama some time after that day. Since he is a landowner when he died, he must have had the means to purchase a substantial parcel of land, 160 acres. The 1830 census finds him in Dallas county in Alabama with his family. He dies in Perry, Dallas county in 1838.

Here is a copy of the second page of the will where he names his successors, including his "beloved wife Prudence." It was written by an official in 1838.

We know that Samuel Shaddock was literate because we have a copy of his signature on a record of a land transaction.

While his wife appears to have been illiterate (as this legal document shows with her "mark"), their son Benjamin was able to sign his own name.

Benjamin, his oldest son, would have helped his father, and his mother after his father died, to conduct the family business. He is called an "attorney" which does not mean he was an officer of the court. Rather in a time when every man was his own lawyer, most people appeared in court on their own behalf. That Benjamin was able to oversee the legal affairs his family speaks volumes about the sophistication of Samuel Shaddock's family.

It appears that the large Shaddock estate at Bohicket Creek in South Carolina had fallen out of the hands of the family by the time of this Samuel's birth in 1760. However Samuel born in 1760 had a fairly large farm (160 acres). So it is possible the original estate and subsequent properties had been divided among the various descendants. Samuel in 1838 divides his Samuel's estate package equally among his children. The list of his worldly possessions shows that he lived a modest and simple life.

According to his will, this neighbors were to appraise his possessions, so John Welch, Sam Ross, and Harry Overton must be the said neighbors. His perfect spelling contrasts with the poor spelling of his neighbors. He must of had a good relationship with his neighbors to entrust them with such an important duty. And it is interesting that he chose somebody outside the family to do so. Perhaps this shows he was a wise man.

It is alarming to read that he lists humans as property. Slavery would be the fundamental issue that the Civil War three decades later would settle. He would lose several descendants and the descendants of relatives on the confederate side.

Linda Shaddock Rogers adds these comments regarding the various purchases he made to accumulate his land.

I also have a land document for Samuel Shaddock dated 1821 which shows that he was represented in this filing by his attorney, Benjamin Shaddock. Samuel's son, Benjamin, was born in 1796 and is the age of majority. Was this Benjamin really an attorney or did that mean a 'representative'? The 1850 census says Benjamin is a farmer, not an attorney so I think what is meant is "representative." This filing was done in Alabama and there has been no evidence that another Benjamin Shaddock exists in Alabama. I just thought this was an interesting document. Samuel got his Alabama land through several of these low-cost purchases.

Linda is descended from Samuel F and Prudence Shaddock. So he is my distant relative as well since Linda's male relative and I came up as a genetic match on Family Tree DNA. I am obviously distantly related to all of Samuel and Prudence's descendants and perhaps at some point in the future we will discover if the other Shaddocks in North and South Carolina are related as well. I suspect they are because of the spelling of the surname and because of the Christian names that were used.

Linda has very kindly provided me a map of the western migration of the Shaddocks that are descended from the Samuel Shaddocks of South Carolina.

It is useful reference as you follow the Shaddocks of South Carolina down through the years.

Descendants of Samuel F and Prudence Shaddock

The interesting observation is that Samuel and Prudence's children have Christian names that are very familiar to me from my genealogical research in my own branch of the Shaddock family.

Note I list Shaddocks on this page. The children of Shaddock women are found in the tree I maintain at

Samuel F Shaddock 1760-1838 (Prudence 1770-1849) born in South Carolina, moved to Alabama

1 Sarah Shaddock 1790–1860 (Frederick Mize 1774–1860 ) born in Alabama, married and moved to Georgia, died in Alabama

2 Mary "Maxey" Shaddock 1795- AFT1860 born in South Carolina, lived and died in Alabama

3 Benjamin J Shaddock 1796- (Martha "Patsy" Seales 1801–1880) born in South Carolina, lives in Alabama, moved to Winston, Mississippi


3.1 Elizabeth "Betty" Shaddock 1822–1870 (James Daniel McFarland 1820–1908) born in Bibb county Alabama moved to and died in Texas.

3.2 Thomas Shaddock 1822– (Lizzie ?)

3.3 Kathryn Shaddock 1826–1912

3.4 Samuel Shaddock 1826–

3.5 Richard D "Dick" Shaddock 1828–1893

3.6 James Samuel Shaddock 1832– (Emmaline Seale 1839-1879)


3.6.1 Thomas Perry Shaddock 1868–1941 (Martha Christiana Koon 1868–1952)

Children: Prudence Virgie Shaddock 1892–1962 (Nelson Duke Thurman 1889–1974) John Perry Shaddock 1894–1962 (Zoraida L Shaddock 1910–)


Gilbert Perry Shaddock 1931-2014 (Marguerite Louise Ragan 1918–1983)

Gilbert "Wayne" Shaddock Mary Jane Shaddock 1898–1972 (Alfred Claire Murphy 1894–) James Ira Shaddock 1900–1977 James J Shaddock 1901– (Vera Mae Branam 1903–1993)


Martha Virginia Shaddock 1925–2013

Marcus Thomas Shaddock 1927–1993 William Ben Shaddock 1906–1961 (Iris Harris 1920–2009)


Erba L Shaddock 1909–

Doyle G Shaddock 1927–

3.6.2 James Rufus Shaddock 1870–1936 (Katie "Euphema" Bell Miles 1877–1902)

3.6.3 Martha Augusta Shaddock 1873–1908 (John Porter 1863–)

3.6.4 Lucy Emmaline Shaddock 1875–1967 (Carsie Yale Gorman 1867–)

Carsie Yale Gorman Jr. 1901-1982 (Geneva Marshall 1908--)

3.6.5 Benjamin Richard Allen Shaddock 1878–1943 (Rittie Green 1882-)

3.7 Burrell Shaddock 1833–1862

3.8 Susan Shaddock 1837– (Bob Nowell)

3.9 William Henry Shaddock 1839–1915 (Sarah Elizabeth Koon 1847–1930)


3.9.1 Ben Ephraim Shaddock 1874–1945 (Willie A Jenkins 1882–1940)


Jewel Shaddock 1909 – 1970

3.9.2 Fanny Sue Shaddock 1877–1972 (James H Kennedy 1876–)

3.10 Sarah Lucy Shaddock 1842–1901 (Richard Love "Dick" Dunlap 1820 – 1867)

4. Thomas Shaddock 1797–1855 (Martha Ann Herndon 1809–) born in South Carolina, raised and died in Alabama


4.1 John J Shaddock 1830– (Elizabeth Isibell Freeman 1847-1925) (married previously as Elizabeth Coker)

4.2 Benjamin Shaddock 1833–

4.3 Lydia Shaddock 1835–1853 (William N Killingsworth 1833–1860)

4.4 James Shaddock 1837–1918

4.5 Thomas Shaddock 1840–

4.6 Amanda Shaddock 1842– (James Ellis 1830-)

4.7 Mary Jane Shaddock 1843–1870

4.8 Ann Penelope Shaddock 1845–1915 (Henry W Banes 1841–1919)

4. 9 William Shaddock 1846–

4.10 Rebecca Shaddock 1848–

5. Abigail Ann Shaddock 1798–1864 (James W Grant) born in South Carolina, raised and died in Coosa County, Alabama

6. Susannah Shaddock 1799–1864 (Thomas Peterson 1784–1847) born in South Carolina, raised and died in Coosa County, Alabama

7. Samuel S Shaddock 1801–1861 (Sarah Seymore 1804–1866) born in South Carolina, raised in Alabama, died in Ouachita, Arkansas, United States

8. Burrell Shaddock 1804–1876 (Sarah Reynolds 1796–1891) born in South Carolina, raided Alabama, moved to Arkansas, died in Holly Springs


8.1 Louisa Jane Shaddock 1833 – 1923 (George Jack Dean 1828–1898)

8.2 Mahala Ann Shaddock 1835– (Leander Mahan 1836–1909)

8.3 James Shaddock 1838 – 1865 (Martha Ann Elizabeth Hogue 1845– )


8.3.1 James Samuel Shaddock 1865–1939

1st Wife: Leurena Douglas 'Duggie' Fortson 1871–1906)

Mattie Leu Shaddock 1891–1965

Royle Dale Shaddock 1894–1967

Lee Edwin Shaddock 1895–1900

James Newton Shaddock 1906–1907

2nd Wife: Mary (Bessie) Griggs 1891–

Mildred Lee Shaddock 1914–2000

Burrel Sammie Shaddock 1917–2006

Byron Marion Shaddock 1919–1997

3rd Wife: Vista Clara Davis 1881–1964

8.4 Mary Matilda Shaddock 1840–1901 (John Calvin Sinquefield 1816–1897 )

8.5 Samuel Edmond Shaddock 1843–1917


8.5.1 Minnie E Shaddock 1872–1958 (James Beauregard Gatling 1861–1924)

8.5.2 Burrel Borkin Shaddock 1874–1957 (Minnie Locket Mann 1885 – 1959)


Dora Shaddock 1903– (William Clarence Smith 1905–)

Samuel Doyle Shaddock 1903-1941 (Allie Bernice Shambley 1908–1999) (Ella Ree Pearce 1906–)

Elizabeth Carolyn "Lizzie" Shaddock 1905–1974 (Robert M Henderson 1894–1974)

Versa Maylene Shaddock 1907–1999 (Lennie Young Shirron 1907–1985)

Allie Drew Shaddock 1910– (William Clarence Smith 1905–1989)

Sadie Beatrice Shaddock 1912–1999 (James Charles Oliver 1903–1972)

Dorothy Corene Shaddock 1914–2002 (John Henry Brown 1924–1969)

Price Carlton Shaddock 1916–1998 (Florence Gertrude Terry 1921–2004)

Ruby S Shaddock 1920–2005 (Nathanial Mickey William 1913–1981)

Lyndell Olivia Shaddock 1923–2013 (Henry Wilson Clemons 1914–1997)

Clifton Murry Shaddock 1926–1979 (Iva Mae Brock 1930–)

8.5.3 Byron Paul Shaddock 1877– (May Pennington 1884–1975)


Athleen Shaddock 1903-1991 (C E Bell 1898–)

Cleora Shaddock 1906 – (Melker Hamm)

Odie Shaddock 1908-2005 (Olin Ray Benson 1903–1993)

8.5.4 Margaret (Maggie) Shaddock 1880–1975 (Ed V Russ 1870– )

8.5.5 Mary V Shaddock 1882– (Luther Brice McDonald 1884–1938)

8.5.6 Ellen E Shaddock 1885–

8.5.7 Sidney Shaddock 1887–

8.5.8 Nellie Shaddock 1889–

8.5.9 Joe Jordon Shaddock 1891–1939 (Lucy Oma Turner 1898–1930)


Sammie Shaddock 1924 –

Jerry Shaddock 1928 –

8.5.10 Vessie S Shaddock 1892–

8.5.11 Sterling Price Shaddock 1894–1930 (Anna Barbara Brown 1903–)


Donald Price Shaddock 1923 – (Joyce Louise McKnight 1929–2011) (Shirley Louise Sefcik)

8.6 Susan H Shaddock 1844–1929 (Charles P Jones – 1910)

8.7 Octavia P (Omealia) Shaddock 1846–1884 (John Wesley Sinquefield 1851 – )

8.8 Sarah Lucinda Shaddock 1847–1942 (John R Rowland 1847 – 1930)

8.9 Thomas Jefferson Shaddock 1852–1906 (Sarah Jane Willis 1856–1912)


8.9.1 Quinnie Shaddock 1874–1957 (Ira J Hogg 1874–)

8. 9.2 James Jefferson Shaddock 1877–1934 (Vista Clara Davis 1881–1964)


Buford William Shaddock Sr. 1902–1968 (Winnie Ophilia More 1908–)

James Oral Shaddock 1904–1992 (Cathleen Matilda Frizzell 1905–)

Cleo Clara Shaddock 1909–1983 (Daniel Lafayette Prescott 1904–1985)

Chloe Shaddock 1912–2004 (Darcey Pierce Faircloth 1905–)

8.9.3 William Garland Shaddock 1879–1958 (Minnie L. Higginbotham 1884–1957)


James P Shaddock 1905 –

Louise Shaddock 1908 –

Margerette Shaddock 1910 –

Nell Rose Shaddock 1914-1981 (Lites)

Dorothy Shaddock 1919 –

Thomas Shaddock 1921 –

8.9.4 Katie V Shaddock 1881 – (William Ezell 1877 – )

8.9.5 Labia B Shaddock 1882 –

8.9.6 Sallie Shaddock 1886 –

8.9.7 Burrel Shaddock 1888 –

8.9.8 George Washington Shaddock 1890 – (Edna K 1903 –)

8.10 Amanda Virginia Shaddock 1855–1936 (Benjamin Franklin Goodgame 1852–1932)

8.11 Burrell Shaddock Jr 1857–1931

Children: (First wife: Lula Octavia Crowder 1875–1928)

8.11.1 Harold Dean Shaddock 1903–1984 (Hazel Beatrice Autrey 1911-1996)

Harold Shaddock Junior 1932–

Donald Shaddock 1934–

Wallace Shaddock 1935–

8.11.2 Henry Dolphus Shaddock 1903–1990

1st wife: Sally Rene Walthall 1908–1933

Dolphus Talmadge Shaddock 1927–2005

Emorene Shaddock 1929–2009 (David Bolton Miller 19267-1988)

Martha Jean Shaddock 1931–1931

2nd wife: Eula Mae Harper 1917–2003

Dwight Louis Shaddock 1937–2009

8.11.3 Richard Harley Shaddock 1904–1982 (Naomi E Shaddock 1918 –)

8.11.4 Elsie Shaddock 1905–1906

8.11.5 Jessie Goodloe Shaddock 1907–1981 (Maggie Lou Anthony 1912–1981)

Margaret Lou Shaddock 1935–

Jessie Oliver Shaddock 1935–1981 (Nellie Virginia "Jitter" Walker 1938–1974)

Robert Joe Shaddock 1959–

Johanna Gail Shaddock 1963-

Janet Rene Shaddock 1964–1966

Norma Jane Shaddock 1940–

8.11.6 Adam Clark Shaddock 1908–1969 (Betty Lou Russell 1910 –)


Betty Clark Shaddock – 2000

8.11.8 Kate Prudence (Katie) Shaddock 1910 – 2001 (Samson Leonard Walthall 1903-1996)

8.11.9 Charles Elmer Shaddock 1911–1990

8.11.10 Cora Eleanor Shaddock 1911–2008 (Claude Henry Williams 1909–1994)

8.11.11 Daniel Kenneth Shaddock 1914–1990 (Maudie Sue Gentry 1921–1999)

Daniel Kenneth Shaddock, Jr. (1942-) (Mary ?, Sandra G. Mcfadden 1941-)

8.11.12 Marjorie Lucinda (Margie) Shaddock 1913–1997 (William Graham Hawkins 1910-1996)

8.11.13 Amy Shaddock 1916–1998 (Hugh H Rogers 1913–1996)

(Second wife: Ella E Sinquefield 1861–1898)

8.11.14 John Burrel Shaddock 1883–1957

1st wife: Era Ann Young 1884–1914

Dewey Shaddock 1906–1997 (Christine Stone 1903-1996)

Sadie Christine Shaddock 1911–1966 (John Irving Looney 1909-1985 )

2nd wife: Inis J Shirron 1894 – 1988

Recie Opal Shaddock 1917–2006 (Neil Walstein Key 1914-1998)

Mary Doris Shaddock 1919–2015 (Homer Lafayette Brazeale 1914-1981)

John Emmett Shaddock 1925–1989 (Vivian C. Harrison 1929-2014)

8.11.15 Sarah Louise "Sallie" Shaddock 1885–1967 (James Thomas Shirron 1877-1959)

8.11.16 William T Shaddock 1886–1889

8.11.17 Mary Virginia Shaddock 1888–1903

8.11.18 Edmond Eugene Shaddock 1891–1972 (Clara Belle Mann 1893–1960)


John Burrel Shaddock 1916-1980 (Lucille Tubervill 1922- )

James Monroe 1917-2000 (Lena Lavernia Wages 1917-2004)

Adele Shaddock 1934– (Nix)

Janet Shaddock 1936– (Sebourn)

James Leo Shaddock 1938–2017 (Anne Castleberry)

Rhonda Marie Shaddock 1960– (Stevenson)

Teresa A Shaddock 1961– (Tom Groce)

Kenny Shaddock 1963–

Renee Shaddock 1965– (Chenault)

Edmond Leon Shaddock 1919-1995 (Mary Inell Wages 1923-2000)

Mary Ellen "Ella" Shaddock 1921–2004 (Felix Fonzo Brown 1926-1991)

Sallie Elsie Shaddock 1923-2000 (Preston Dean Woods 1901-1978)

Maxine Shaddock 1925 – (Waybon Shambley 1925- )

Raymond Eugene Shaddock 1927-2002 (Katie Lou Stone 1934-1976)

Cecil Shaddock 1933 –

8.11.19 James Soule Shaddock 1893–1979 (Fannie Mae Cawthon 1899–1970)


Frances Kathryn Shaddock (1930-)

8.11.20 Cecil Chase Shaddock 1895–1964 (Bessie A. Green 1898 – 1994)


Margaret Cecil Shaddock 1921 – 2001 (Norton)

8.11.21 Ella Bree Shaddock 1898 –1918

9. Jane Shaddock 1808– (David McCanless) born in South Carolina, raised in Alabama, moved to Louisanna

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