Clearwater, Minnesota Shattucks

In an article titled "We Are All One Family," published in The Wright County Times, Minnesota, February 2, 1888, the author shook her head in amazement at the realization that all but three of the residents in that town were related to each other through marriage.

This included Shattucks. Curtis David Shattuck (1824-1921) and his brother Chauncey Monroe Shattuck (1829-1911) and their families. The brothers were born in Brandon, New York and raised on a farm there. They went off to the Civil War together, returning to Brandon.

The Shattuck brothers participation in the Civil War was in the tradition of the family. Their father, John Shattuck (1786-1867) was a volunteer in the War of 1812 between the U.S. and the British of Canada. John Shattuck was born in Chesterfield, New Hampshire, and the fact he settled in Brandon, Franklin County, New York state after the war. He served in the 1st Regiment (Colonel Martindale's) Vermont Militia, organized to protect Vermont, especially from marauding Indians. Many Vermont farmers left their farms during this period.

Here is what the Vermont Historical Magazine, No. XI, October 1867, p 188 writes about the CO of the regiment:

Col. Stephen MARTINDALE settled in Dorset [Bennington County, Vermont] in 1783; came from Stockbridge [Berkshire County], Massachusetts; was a volunteer at the Bennington battle at the age of sixteen, weighing at that time just sixty-six pounds. He joined Colonel WARNER's regiment. The Colonel on seeing such a stripling in the ranks ordered him to take care of some horses, greatly to the mortification of MARTINDALE. Though thus prevented from participating in the first action he was gratified with a chance of engaging in the second. After the enemy had fled, a fellow soldier called to him for help to secure several prisoners, some eight in number, of whom two were inclined to be obstinate. All, however, were finally successfully "surrounded" and secured by one or two sturdy and gallant yeomen. During the War of 1812 he was Colonel of the regiment composed of drafted men and volunteers, and marched them to the lines for the defense of the State. Having received orders not to cross the lines he did not participate in the action at Plattsburgh. In person he was very tall and spare, courteous and gentlemanly in address, very energetic and active in all his movements, and one of the most graceful riders we ever saw mounted on horseback. He several times represented the town in the Legislature, and died in 1825, aged eighty-five years.

Store on East Main Street, Malone, Franklin County, New York state

John Shattuck's father Johnathan Shattuck (1746-1821) had moved to and died in Townshend, Vermont, which explains why John Shattuck volunteered to come to the defense of Vermont. John Shattuck was a private in Colonel Martindale's regiment. Part of the way soldiers volunteering for the War of 1812 were compensated was land grants, which probably explains why you find him in Franklin County, New York, right after the way in 1815. Franklin County was in part of an old Military Tract where volunteers in the Revolutionary War received land grants, so an alternative possibility is that John Shattuck may have joined some relatives there.

When their father, John Shattuck (1786-1867) died, John's sons Curtis and Chauncey moved their mother (Marinda Rawson Shattuck 1797-1877) and their families to Clearwater, Minnesota, which had been founded in 1856. They must have sold the family farm in New York to homestead two larger farms in Minnesota. The two brothers farmed in Wright county for the rest of their lives.

Clearwater, Minnesota must have been a very small community. In fact the newspaper article, presumably listing everybody in the town, makes that clear. By 2010 it only had 1700 people living in it. In such a small farming community, finding a life mate must have been difficult. But the author of the newspaper article is still amazed when she goes through all the marriages in the community over the years.

Not a good idea to get into a fight about who arrived first at the parking spot. May be your 2nd cousin!

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