Much of the following information has been corrected and expanded in a book on our family history. You can download it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1H_ORSpX8YCLiqbeLnTdX8dt9scAvIXf_/view?usp=sharing

This is a kind of virtual scrapbook where I preserve the memory of Shattocke people and places who shone brightly for a moment in the collective history and then faded away. It is a rogues gallery as well. Famous and Infamous Shattockes was too long as a menu title...

I should begin by removing credit where it is not due. If you were born a Shaddock, you are likely to have grown up thinking that your most famous ancestor was Captain Shaddock, who is credited as introducing to the Caribbean a fruit related to the grapefruit, the Shaddock fruit. In fact the Oxford Unabridged Dictionary lists Shaddock:

  • shaddock NOUN another term for pomelo

  • Example sentences: ‘What is certain is that the ‘shaddock’ thrived in the W. Indies, in various forms; and it seems likely that it was there, in the course of the 18th century, that it developed into the grapefruit.’

  • ‘My failure to answer the first phone inquiry - as to when a Vietnamese grapefruit known as a ‘shaddock’ had first made a lodgement in the nineteenth-century goldfields - had instantly obliterated my credibility.’

  • Origin: Late 17th century: named after Captain Shaddock, who introduced it to the West Indies in the 17th century.

  • Pronunciation shaddock/ˈʃadək/

Not even close and no cigar Oxford:

The Myth of Captain Shaddock and the Forbidden Fruit

Every school boy or girl with the last name Shaddock sooner or later discovers that their name is in the unabridged Oxford dictionary. "Shaddock" is defined as the name of a tropical fruit. Legend has it that Captain Shaddock brought it to the West Indies in the 17th or 18th century. But his last name was not "Shaddock." It was in fact Chaddock. He is not even remotely related to us Shattocks, Shattucks, Shaddocks and Shaddicks.

Now let's read about the real Shaddocks...


Shattockes or Places in English History

Sir Henry Shattock of West Monkton

A letter in 1943 between a father in Somerset and his son in California set me on a three year search to verify the story he tells his son about the wealthy and socially prominent Shattocks of west Somerset. Did I manage to track down the Shattock who lies at the base of the story, a wealthy Somerset gentleman known as Squire Henry Shattock?

Shattocks Defending the Kingdom Against the Spanish Armada in the 16th Century

In the year 1585, three years before the defeat of the Spanish Armada, Somerset was ratcheting up its defenses against a possible invasion by the enemy. In a book written about preparations for the war, the name of one of our ancestors appears, along with a description of his proposed role. Other Shattocks appear on the Muster Roll of 1569.

A Real "Game of Thrones" Shattock in Elizabethan England

There is a Shattock who had a role to play in the politics swirling around in the garrison at Berwick close to English - Scottish border. His character was praised and vilified. Which was he: hero or villain? Read the story and decide for yourself. This is as far north as a Shattock has every been. Did he get his promotion? Was he the original Shattock knight? Fascinating.

John Shattock Visits Samuel Pepys, the Diarist

English families often increased their fortunes and rose up the social ladder through marriages. This is the tale of rich merchant families.

Shattocks and the Monmouth Rebellion in 1685

History are shown that Shattocks were either nonconformists or Church of England protestants. They would not be pleased that a Roman Catholic was sitting on the throne. We don't know if they participated in the west country rebellion against the king. But there is one incident after the rebellion was put down that gives us an idea.

John Gregory Shaddick (1775-1823) Celebrated Sportsman and Clerk of the Chancery Court in London

I have not been able to develop a genealogy for this much gossiped about member of the English upper crust. What we know is that he was extremely wealthy, was known as sporting man and died without issue, disappearing into the obscurity of history. But a famous English portraitist and hunting sports captured his image for posterity.

The Stogumber London Shattocks

The Shattocks of London rose to the highest social circles in London. They trace back to Somerset. They also show a surprising DNA connection to Shattucks of America.

John Swithun Shattock (1907-1993) Witness to History

A member of the Southwark London Shattocks, John Shattock spent most of his career in the British foreign service, with posts from India to Washington. He worked with many famous people before retiring to Kingston St. Mary, a village close to Taunton.

A Famous Shattock Maker of Saddles and Other Leather Goods

James May Shattock (1813-1895) was a founding partner in Shattock, Hunter and & Co. in Bristol, described in his obituary below as one of the finest "in the provinces." Interest to note is that an Australian branch of the family also became saddlers, perhaps learning the trade in James' shop. His factory was on Frogmore street in Bristol.

The Amazing Journey of Captain Shaddick, 1842

This is a story that is Hollywood size, of a Captain of an old wooden sailing ship, his crew sick and dying, alone on the high seas of the Atlantic in August 1842. This is not the story Captain Shaddock and the forbidden fruit, not actually true of Shattockes. This story of Captain Shaddick struggling against great odds is even more amazing and it is true.

Gerbestone Manor, West Buckland, Somerset

This grade II listed medieval manor was once owned by the Malachi Shattock of the Milverton Shattocks. In the early 20th century it was owned by a member of the Fox family, who lovingly restored it to its former glory. A wonderful place.

Royalty in the Background?

I have found no evidence of royalty in our background, there have been a few royal backseat drivers in our background.


Prominent Shattucks or places in American history.

Captain Job Shattuck and Shay's Rebellion

Job Shattuck was one of two key figures in a tax revolt in his native Massachusetts. He participated in the removal of the French from Nova Scotia at the behest of the British crown. He was an industrious and skilled farmer, building an estate of 500 acres to become Groton, Massachusett's largest landowner, he took up arms against the British in the American Revolution, and then took up arms against the Massachusetts government in what became known as Shay's Rebellion, a rebellion against unfair government taxes.

Jared Shattuck, Merchant of the West Indies (Meadville Pennsylvania Shattucks)

It may have been the father of Jared Shattuck (1773-1837) who drew him as a young man to the West Indies. He married very well, the daughter of the governor of Haiti, and would eventually get caught up in the Quasi-War between the USA and France. When his ship and cargo was seized by American naval ships he fought the case all the way to the Supreme Court and won. His case is part of the case law of the United States Supreme Court.

The Town That Grew Up Around George Clinton Shattuck (1786-1876)

George Clinton Shattuck is recognized as one of the true American pioneers in the Old West. He was a restless explorer of the American frontier. And when he did plant his log cabin on the open prairies, a town grew up around him.

Captain Samuel Walker Shattuck, Civil War Hero and Professor of Mathematics

Born in the Shattuck town of Groton, Massachusetts, Samuel Walker Shattuck (1841-1915) was wounded during the American Civil War at the Battle of Cedar Creek. He survived the war to lead a distinguished career as a Professor Mathematics and regent of the University of Illinois, helping shape its character and growth.

The Scottish Giant Who Was a Fremington Shaddick

He was billed by P.T. Barum of Ringley Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus as "Randall the Scottish Giant," but the only part of his billing he lived up to was his size, about seven feet four inches tall and around 400 pounds. It is probably safe to say that he was the tallest Shattocke ever born and may have been one of the tallest men in the world at the time, in early nineteenth century.

The Law and Order Shattucks of San Francisco

A pioneering judge arrived in San Franciso in 1850, the spring after the 49ers had turned the once sleepy little town into a chaotic, crime ridden metropolis. His name was Judge David Olcott Shattuck (1800-1889). He would be credited with helping to put the wild west city back on the path to law and order and would found a prominent, well-respected family.

Cowboy Shattucks of New Mexico

A son of Judge D. O. Shattuck went home to Mississippi and got caught up in the Civil War. He became a teacher in Texas, moved his family to New Mexico and became the superintendent of schools for Eddy County. Both of his sons were ranchers. One became a sheriff, than judge.

The Pepperell Shattucks

The Shattucks founded by Samuel Shattuck (1672-1758), grandson of the pilgrim immigrant William Shattuck (1622-1672) are the most numerous Shattuck "tribe" in the family tree and produced some of the most famous Shattuck descendants like Francis Kitteridge Shattuck (1824-1898) of Shattuck Hotel and Avenue fame in Berkeley; Judge Erasmus Darwin Shattuck (1824-1900) who was a pioneering judge and educator in Portland, Oregon; George Otis Shattuck (1829-1827) who was another famous member of the legal profession, mentor to Oliver Wendell Holmes, Aaron Draper Shattuck (1832-1928) the White Mountain School artist and more!

Lydia White Shattuck, Pioneering Botanist

Lydia White Shattuck (1822-1889) was a world famous botanist and a pioneer in the field. There is a building named after her on the campus of Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts. She was a professor of botany and chemistry there.

Truly Shattuck, Vaudeville Singer and Silent Film Actress

Truly Shattuck (July 27, 1875 – December 6, 1954) was a soubrette star of vaudeville, music halls and Broadway whose career began in tragedy and ended in relative obscurity.

Shattuck Inn, Jaffrey, New Hampshire

Opened in 1910 after the original Inn burned to the ground, this Inn was a favorite retreat for busy New Englanders. The winter scenes depicted on post cards remind me of the inn featured in the Christmas classic film "Holiday Inn."

Clearwater, Minnesota 1888 - Where Shattucks Were Related to Everybody Else

There is an article written in 1888 in the local county newspaper, The Wright County Times, that may ring a loud bell for anybody who has gotten their autosomal DNA results and discovered that they are related somehow to their wife's cousin. Well this article shows you how that happened. This article prompted me to look into the family history. I discovered that the brother's father, John Shattuck (1786-1867) had served in the War of 1812. After the war he settled in Brandon, Franklin County, New York.

Shattuck Barons of Arizona Ranching, Mining, Banking and Beer

The steady march of the Shattucks from their first foray into the virgin land of North America is encapsulated by the story of the Arizona Shattucks, whose ancestors moved from Massachusetts, to Connecticut and then all the way to Arizona. The Shattuck story becomes entangled with Butch Cassidy and the Hole-in-the-Wall gang. A Shattuck son rises from ranch hand to a mining and banking baron. This is stuff Hollywood movies are made from.

Fredrica Van Trice Shattuck - An Everlasting Presence

Frederica Van Trice Shattuck was a professor and seminal figure in the University of Iowa's drama and public speaking studies. But her presence on the stage appears to have continued long after her death. A Shattuck ghost story.

Shattuck Rags to Riches: Schrafft's Restaurants Were Once a New York Institution

They are gone now, but Schrafft's were once a favorite stop on a ladies shopping excursion. Some of the restaurants had impressive architectural style. And they were started by a descendant of the Groton Shattucks.

AR Shattuck and the Sensational New York Robbery

A descendant of the Littleton Shattucks, and its famous American Revolutionary war hero, William Shattuck, AR Shattuck was a banker and a member of the New York elite in the early 20th Century who married the mayor's daughter. But it was not his fabulous wealth and social status that put made him and his wife Mary a legend in New York. It was a robbery at this New York residence. After the robbery he preferred his Massachusetts retreat. Nothing less than the famous "The Mount" estate, former home of Edith Wharton.

The Watertown Chronicles Book Series by Nancy Shattuck

Nancy Shattuck writes about William Shattuck, the founder of Shattucks in America, using the pseudonym "William Sherborn." This is a book review of the first book in the series. A fascinating recreation of life in early colonial America. It belongs right next to Lemuel's 1855 "memorials" of the lives of William Shattuck and his descendants.