Royalty in the Background

Chris Tweed is very good at squirreling out of British newspapers bits about our ancestors. This tidbit from Jan. 11, 1935 shows we were awfully close to British Royalty. In the front seat as it turns out. According to Chris, the passengers in the back seat were two cousins of the Duchess of York, who became Queen of England the next year. She was the present Queen's mother. Her chauffeur, Alfred Henry Shattock (1894-1976) probably had a few stories to tell about the royals at Shattock family gatherings...assuming he was prone to gossip! Alfred is a descendant of the West Buckland Shattocks, who were wealthy, so that might be how he learned to drive and where he got his good manners from. If anybody asks if you "have royalty in your background," you can say no, but we Shattocks have had royalty in the back seat.